Feel the Rain

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Feel the Rain


With every drop that fell, L could sense it coming. Everything was put into place, and if he was correct, everything would end that night. One way or another, he would be done with the Kira case.

For once, for all. For better or worse. It made him think of weddings, of funerals while the bells tolled, as the sound built inside his mind.

The sight of Yagami Light, the man he firmly believed, no, knew was Kira. It hurt him, just to gaze into that beautiful, innocent face. Such a devil lay beneath, it twisted his stomach into knots just thinking of how he was crumbling.

Falling prey.

He didn't even register what he was saying, not really. The rain, the bells were too much for him to hear, to think, to know. In a way, he already did.

Did he want Light to be Kira? Did it matter, either way? Justice was blind, so his wants didn't matter. Only the facts.

The weight that pulled at him was unlike any other he had ever felt. It wasn't fear, just a strange sort of dread, of hopelessness.

Of foreboding.

There wasn't as much pain as he'd thought there would be, when his heart stuttered. Choked on something that hadn't been there a second ago, sputtered, spasmed... stopped.

Light was holding him. Such a strange sort of comfort, those arms gave him. He knew it. He'd known it, all along. But he hadn't been able to avoid it. He was thankful that Light's expression remained dazed until his eyes were closed.

He didn't think he could have dealt with the devil's smile being the last thing he saw. This way, he could pretend that Light was never really Kira. That they really had been friends, if even for just a moment.

He thought, fleetingly, of Watari. Wished that he had been spared, but it was not meant to be.

He was cremated, lowered into the ground and laid to rest. The rain had stopped by then, but he could not rest. Could not simply lay it aside, as if nothing had happened.

There was still something left for him to see out. Rest was good, it was pleasant, and for a few years, he let it take him, let himself drift.

Until he felt that familiar rush, the puzzle being presented. He was roused then, let his consciousness wander, heading for the place where he had died.

His heirs had made their move. Light would not win this time. Something inside him knew it, some fiber deep within. So, he watched, he observed, he silently cheered Near and Mello on. The deaths piled up, but he seemed to be the only one wanting to stick around.

See it through. Finish it.

Then again, he'd been the one to begin it, hadn't he?

He was there when it happened, when Light finally laid himself to rest in an abandoned warehouse. When a shinigami, too, wrote his name in the book. He was the lone witness in those last moments, and he knew, somehow he knew that Light could see him.

The gaze that settled on him was not unkind, was not angry. Awed was closer to what L would have called it. Perhaps just a little grateful.

When Light passed on, L stood watch over the body. He followed it through the rituals that would free him from the flesh.

And when Light was lowered into the ground as he had once been, L was there.

It was raining, at the funeral. A heavy rain that blanketed the entire world in silence, leaked into the crypt where his ashes were so carefully placed.

And when Light rose, just a spirit from the grave, L was there.

He held out his hand and, in silence, Light took it. There was no anger, no hate, no bitterness left. They were dead and such things would do them no good.

Together, they stood in the rain. They could feel it, as only the dead could. Tears from the sky that streaked through them. Took from them the hate, the anger, the impurities of life.

Hand in hand, they slowly walked away from the graves, from the past. Into the future, if you could call it that.

They could feel the rain, as it washed away the last traces of them.

As it ushered them into Mu.

Light, the innocent, kind Light who knew nothing of the Death Note, had been worth the wait.


A/N: I was listening to Gravedigger by Dave Mathews Band and it made me think of L's death in the anime, and this just sort of... popped out. Like a baby, but without the screaming labor pains. =3

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