Ano Sa

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 ■Theme: #5 - "Ano sa"
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"Ano sa, Yohji..."

I heard those words from him several times a day.

"Ano sa, Yohji... can you make sure you sweep when you close up tonight?"

"Ano sa, Yohji... can you please not make dates when you're supposed to be working?"

"Ano sa, Yohji... the sign says no smoking."

"Ano sa, Yohji... bringing your dates back here isn't such a good idea."

I heard those words so often, I had begun to associate them with criticism. I started flinching every time I heard anyone say "ano sa" to anyone else. I started hating those two little words - especially when my name was attached to them. Omi's voice had a way of saying them, with my name, that made them sound like he was smiling even when he was delivering yet another blow to my dignity by implying that I didn't know my job, or when I was supposed to work, or how to read, or anything else he was so sweetly censuring me for. I started tuning him out, after a while. If I heard "ano sa" from his lips, I didn't hear the rest, just nodded and smiled, waving him off without a care. So, I missed the most important thing he ever said to me.

"Ano sa, Yohji..." he started, and the rest was lost, as I was already waving my hand over my shoulder at him. Smile and nod, pretend it doesn't hurt that he's criticizing me again and go my own way as I walk out of the Koneko for the evening.

When I got back, Aya was waiting up for me with a frown that made me flinch and rapidly cleared the remaining alcohol buzz from my system. I sat across from him at the table when he waved his hand at the chair and waited. What had I done now?

"Ano sa, Yohji..." Those same words, this time in Aya's deep baritone instead of Omi's sweet voice.

"Ano sa, Yohji... you hurt his feelings this afternoon."

I looked up sharply at that. Whose feelings had I hurt? Omi? I hadn't done anything different than I always did, and he was just telling me off again in that non-threatening way of his, so what did it matter?

"You completely brushed him off. He had finally gotten up the nerve to tell you how he felt, and you brushed him off."

"I've been brushing him off for months, he only ever criticizes me, anymore. How on earth could this afternoon have been any different?"

Aya looked at me like I was idiot, and once he'd answered me, I understood why.

"He's been working up his courage for months to tell you he loves you, you moron. He finally said it this afternoon and you blew him off and didn't pay him any attention. He's been crying in his room for hours."

Aya got up while I just sat there, opening and closing my mouth, doing a great imitation of a fish out of water. Which is exactly what I felt like. I'd been picked up out of my comfortable pond and left to dry on the pavement, my cheeks burning, the flush spreading down my chest as I realized just exactly what I had done. Since I presented so very many opportunities for criticism, those were of course the first things he had latched on to when he lost his nerve and had to say something - anything else. I suddenly felt I'd been dashed in cold water, plunged back into a new pond where I was now such a very, very small fish, and I was scared and unsure. Omi loved me. What the hell was I supposed to do with that?

I didn't do anything that night. I went to bed and spent an hour laying there, quietly smoking one cigarette after another, listening as his sobs slowly calmed and he finally fell asleep. It was a luxury I didn't get that night. I stayed up all night trying to decide what to do about this. If one of the many women I dated told me she loved me, I calmly informed her that she must be mistaken and simply ended things. If a girl in the shop declared she loved me, I kindly told her she needed someone her own age, and that she'd find her prince someday, but this frog wasn't him. I'd never been declared to a man before, and I'd never imagined that one of my teammates would have such sentiment, though in some ways, it only made sense. We were able to offer one another a complete acceptance, so I could imagine how my rejection would have seemed to him.

Morning came, and I still wasn't totally sure what I was going to say. I was supposed to have the opening shift with Omi, since he had a school holiday that day. I got up, having never gone to sleep, showered, dressed and perched my sunglasses on my head then took a cup of coffee and sipped it as I made my way down to the shop, fully expecting to see Ken or Aya taking Omi's shift so he could avoid me. I nearly spilled my coffee when I saw him counting the till for the start of shift. I opened my mouth to try to say something, but the words got caught when he looked over his shoulder at me, his eyes looking puffy and red, and asked me to please get the potted plants outside on the walk. I nodded, and did the job without complaint or words.

That whole afternoon I found myself watching him, listening for every word he spoke in my direction, flinching repeatedly at the decidedly bland note to his voice. I hadn't realized what was inside my own heart until his heart had been shoved to the forefront of my attention. It hurt to see his careful indifference. He had obviously decided that since I was going to brush him off, he'd simply stop hoping and return exactly what he'd been given. If I wanted his love, I'd have to show my own. It was scary, but I thought then of the last several months, of how often I had heard the words "ano sa," of how many, many times he had tried so very hard to get my attention, to have the courage to say what he felt. If he could show that courage, so could I.

I waited until we closed the doors for lunch. We'd sat down and shared take-out Udon with vegetables and shrimp. It was one of my favorites, which surprised me that he would order it. It gave me courage - apparently, try as he might, he still wasn't able to be completely indifferent. Once the trash had been thrown out and we were relaxing for a few minutes, I looked across the table at him, then took a deep breath and got up, kneeling down next to him and taking his hand in mine as he looked at me like I'd grown another head.

"Ano sa, Omi..." I looked up at him, took a deep breath, and then kissed him softly. "I love you, too."

I'd whispered the words against his lips, another gentle kiss with each syllable. My eyes were focused entirely on his, on the tears that filled them, at the sparkle that lit them, at the way they closed as his lips pressed closer to mine. We kissed like starving men, passion and love flowing from one to the other, and I wanted nothing more than to carry him upstairs and show him everything I'd been hiding, everything his missed confession had brought out of me. We broke apart reluctantly when Aya cleared his throat behind us and announced that it was almost time to open for the afternoon. I kissed him once more, gently, a whispered promise for that evening against his lips before I got up and went to open the doors and turn the sign around.

It was later, while I was tying up a bouquet for a customer, that a heavy arm fell across my shoulders and Ken muttered in my ear.

"Ano sa, Yohji... break his heart, and Aya and I will break you."

Seems I still can't get away from those two little words.

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