Blood and Sugar

BY : Lucid Dreamer
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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note: A flashback is opened and closed by a song quote. The quotes in this chapter are from Delain. Also..forgive any spelling errors, I'm pretty tired. I haven't written fanfiction in a long time, so I'm rusty. :


"Blood and Sugar"

I looked out to the rainy afternoon in Tokyo through the metro train, which I had been riding on for four hours since arriving in Japan on a plane. I came in search of someone I loved. Someone I admired. He had left me all alone in London, with no explaination.

Misted windows hide your empty eyes. Every moment, every whisper separates me from you.

I looked into two wide, espresso-black eyes, only kept living by caffeine. I played with his hands loosely. He just stared at his naked feet, twitching his toes. I sighed, and dropped his unresponsive, long fingers back to his side. "I don't understand why you can't tell me where you're going. I thought you trusted me." He bit his lip and looked back up at me, and said softly, "It doesn't matter if I tell you that I'm trying to protect you or I don't want you there, I know you're going to try to follow me. And I'll do everything in my power to stop you."

I took one step back, and looked at him, slouching, depressed and exhausted. "Well," I said, "You can't get rid of me that easy. I will find you, and you know it." He sighed, frustrated, and looked away. "Please don't. Just don't. I have reasons, and you know my reasons are always good enough. That should be enough for you." I frowned and looked down at my own slightly abnormally large feet. "It's not enough. I love you too much," I said. "My feet are huge." He picked up his bag and turned to the door.

"I happen to like your feet," he said, as he began to walk towards the door of the apartment. "Hey," I called after him. "I love you."

And he didn't say a damn word.

Eyes wide open, but still blind to see what really matters. And insecurity won't go...See me in shadow.

I stepped off into a puddle, in front of a very tall building. If this was indeed the Kira investigation headquarters, it would be heavily monitored. I moved as casually as I could to the fire escape ladder. I began to climb up, and after a few stories, was beginning to regret the decision to wear black heels. At last I reached the top, collaspsing upon the roof and ripping off the wretched shoes.

I couldn't believe my luck. He was standing right there. In the open. I began to step towards him. Thunder rolled and light flashed in the dark clouds. "Hey!" I called. He turned, with a tepid, saturnine face, with no surprise. I reached him, and I stood still, feeling nervous. After a few seconds of silence, I said, "I told you I would find you."

He walked towards me, and suddenly, collapsed into me with a hungry embrace. "I love you. I love you so much," he said, with barely a voice to speak with. I stood, holding him, in shock. He was completely broken down, near defeat. I closed my eyes, and grapsed lightly at his hair. "You''re L, aren't you?"

"Yes," he said. "I am L." I closed my eyes. "I'm L..." he whispered. "I'm motherfucking L.." At this point, all I could think is how much this once mighty person, a god among men has abosolutely lost it. I reached into the pocket of my dress and pulled out a hard candy. I broke the embrace and unwrapped the candy, and placed the candy on his waiting tongue. He lightly grasped my hand and licked the sugar off my finger.

At this point, I couldn't hold back my insane lust. My skin was burning, my heart was racing and my fingers were tingling for him. I grasped his dark hair in my fingers and kissed him with the passion of Venus herself. We collasped onto the ground, kissing, and biting at soft skin.

I pulled him ontop of me, and I tore at his shirt. He looked at me, and whispered softly, "You want to do this here? On the roof?" I sucked his lip and growled into his ear, "Yes. Yes please." He sighed, this time, with no sadness or dismay, and buried his face into my black, curly hair. His fingers delicately unbuttoned my dress. Soon, our clothes lay beside us, as he kissed me softly.

I cried out in pain and pleasure as we became one. The affair was long and sweaty, involving teeth, hair, lips and lots of pleasure and cries and moans. After he finished, we began to dress again, in silence, but with smiles and naughty glee. Secret sex is always fun.

But it came to an end to fast. We heard footsteps coming up the stairs to the roof. "You have to go, now!" he said, frantically, pulling on his shirt. He quickly helped me over the side of the roof onto the fire escape without a goodbye. Without an "I love you," without a kiss, not even a look. As I began to climb down, rain poured down, drenching me, and probably L too. I heard voices speaking, a young man's voice.

I couldn't leave without seeing this boy. I climbed up back to the top, and peeked over. The young man was tall, with light brown hair. The conversation was almost impossible to hear. But I managed to catch the name. Raito Yagami.

Raito Yagami. I would remember that.

I climbed back down the side of the building, down onto the sidewalk. I began to walk for the metro station, but a black car pulled up beside me. It was a BMW, with tinted windows. The window in the back rolled down, and a blonde girl began yelling at me gleefully in Japanese. I said, nervously, "I don't understand, I don't speak Japanese." She smiled. "Sorry. Won't you get in, it's pouring down rain. Mogi-san, let this girl ride with us." 'Mogi', a tall, very masculine man grunted and nodded, and the girl opened the door.

"I'm Misa! Amane Misa," she said sweetly. "What's your name?" I smiled politely and said, "Xian Xi, I just came here from Hong Kong." Misa looked down at me feet and said in surprise, "You're not wearing shoes? You must be like my friend Ryuzaki. He never wears shoes." Mogi scolded her in Japanese. L never wore shoes, ever. I knew it was a little assumptous, but Ryuzaki must be L. But then, another thing came to mind, that made my stomach turn over.

I left my shoes on the roof! I couldn't ask to go back and get them, Misa might wonder what I was doing on a roof. I would have to risk coming back tomorrow for them. "My hotel is on the next right. Thanks," I smiled, and corrected myself cutely, "I mean, Arrigato."

I made it back into my hotel room. It was desprately cold, because I was drenched from heavy rain. I took a hot shower and changed into a t-shirt and sweat pants. I grabbed the hotel stationery pad, and scribbled down,

1. Raito Yagami

I had a gut feeling this information would help me somehow. I placed the pad back down on the desk, and collasped into my bed. The clock said 11:37 PM. I closed my eyes, and drifted to sleep.

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