How did you prove your haircolor?

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“How did you prove that is your natural hair color, Haru?” Tohru asked liquid brown eyes staring into devilish black ones.

Haru lay in his bed in a lustful state. Tohru’s innocence was charming but something about her spoke to Haru’s black side. Both sides of his persona wanted to claim her. Thoughtfully Haru decided to get lost near Shigure’s house and see what happened. After all who knew what he could get the trusting innocent to do. For once, Haru’s black side agreed with his white and he slumbered peacefully.

At school the next day:

“Tohru, can I speak with you?” Haru asked quietly.

“Sure, Hatsuharu”. Tohru replied waving to her friends to continue on to lunch without her. “What’s wrong?” She asked curiously.

“I have a problem…” Haru said quietly strolling down the deserted hallway. He could feel Tohru following along behind him quickly, struggling to keep up. Haru had led her to a part of the school that had fallen into disuse recently. The area was clean but deserted. With an exaggerated sigh, Haru stopped and leaned against the wall beside the boy’s bathroom door.

“Haru…?” Tohru asked stopping behind him. “You can tell me anything, I will help you if I can.” Tohru ran around to stand in front of him eager helpfulness shining in her eyes.

“Why does no one believe without proof that this is my real hair color?” Haru sighed ruffling his hair.

“I think it suits Haru considering…”Tohru broke off bright red with embarrassment about bringing up his zodiac ox status. “I mean really with your nature…” Tohru’s sense of self-preservation kicked in and she stopped short.

“I think I shall go cut off my hair.” Haru said aloud entering the bathroom and waiting for what he hoped would happen. There was maybe a second lapse between his statement and subsequent entrance into the bathroom when Tohru burst through the doors.

“Don’t do it…you should be proud of who you are no matter what.” Tohru exclaimed hands clutched willing Haru to understand. Haru understood all right. He had her where he wanted her.
“My mother used to say that no matter what you have to be true to who you are to be happy.” Tohru finished.

“Well does my hair color match from head to toe then?” Haru asked as his black side took over and he dropped his pants. He watched delighted when Tohru started to blush. He watched amused as it spread up from her toes. He had never known someone’s knees could blush and as the blush rose steadily to her face, Haru’s member followed and pulsed.

“Haru what…?” Tohru could barely think straight through her embarrassment and curiosity. Somewhere in her mind, she thought that he matched perfectly. Where his hair on his head was white on top and black at the bottom, the hair surrounding his sex was dark under his shaft and light over it. His happy trail was hardly visible unless you were looking at it hard enough.

“Tohru you haven’t answered my question” Haru reminded gently. Both sides of his personality were getting a thrill out of her reaction as he stepped out of his pants and slippers. Walking towards her, he leaned forward slightly and whispered in her ear. “Do you match Tohru?”

Tohru was sure this is what dying felt like. Her whole body was tense, her temperature was high and her mother had never told her what to say or had any advice on something like this. Tohru was sure her mother or any of her friends could come up with something to do in a moment like this. “Yes I—I mmmatch.” She stuttered, stepping back only to come up against a stall door.

“Well prove it.” Haru replied raising an eyebrow and smiling. Crossing his arms over his chest, he waited not expecting much. His black side was wagging bets with his white side on when she would bolt. As he was about to speak again he heard loud voices outside the restroom door. Swearing he grabbed his pants and pulled them on. Slipping on his slippers, he turned to see Tohru had her eyes scrunched up tight, skirt lifted up and her strawberry print panties around her thighs.

Haru swore viciously, his little game was over, as he walked into the stall that Tohru occupied and shut the door. Covering her mouth with his hand, he pressed a figure to his lips. Tohru’s eyes widened in recognition of the danger they were in. The door to the bathroom opened and who ever entered the bathroom was still carrying on the conversation, albeit in the bathroom doorway. Haru carefully switched their positions and sat down on the toilet. Pushing Tohru’s panties down further, Haru sat her on his lap, with her back to him and forced her to lean forward with her hands pressed against the stall door.

“What have I gotten myself into?” Haru gripped. Looking down he realized that Tohru’s feet could be seen if someone were to look under the stall dividers. Without thinking about it, Haru shifted one foot out of her underwear put it behind him. The other one soon followed. Haru barely managed to stifle a moan.

Tohru was sure she was going to die. Balanced precariously on Haru’s lap with both legs tucked around his waist and her arms holding on to the stall door she imagined the laugh people would get. Her skirt was up and her underwear hung from one of her ankles. She felt something hard against her special place. She shifted around try to move of it and heard Haru’s quick intake of breath. Glancing over her shoulder she looked at him askance, only to find him smiling devilishly with eyes twinkling as he worked his pants down enough to reveal his member standing at attention.

Haru was sure when Kyo and Yuki found out about this he was going to be slaughtered. Placing a finger over his lips, he signaled again for the need to be silent and Tohru’s mouth pressed into a firm line as he slid his fingers over the lips of her nether region.

Distantly Tohru could hear whoever was in the bathroom humming a song. She however could not focus on anything but Haru’s touch between her legs. She burned and shivered as he slid his fingers back and forth. Her nipples hardened under her shirt and sensations she had previously only felt in her bed at Shigure’s house flowed through her. Biting her lip she glanced over her shoulder and watched as Haru inserted a finger into her passage. Not being able to watch him touch and not make a sound. Haru turned her attention back through the slits on the side of the stall door and looked out.

Leaning back, Haru inserted another finger into Tohru’s body and watched her body taking and dampening with moisture. Listening he heard the sound of their bathroom companion using the urinal and smiled ideally. Waiting for the right moment as he felt Tohru spasm around his fingers and watched her bite her hand to keep from crying out he entered her.

There was a brief moment where a sharp pain filled Tohru’s gut as Haru entered her. Biting down on her hand harder Tohru tasted blood as the pain faded and pleasure returned.

Haru lifted and lowered Tohru slowly onto him. When she walked her hands up the stall door, he noticed that one was bleeding slightly. Haru stopped moving briefly to make sure it was not serious. Tohru however was not to be deterred and slowly began to push herself back and forth onto Haru’s shaft. Leaning back, Haru watched in amusement and Tohru worked herself up and down his shaft. Her breathing was getting louder and Haru neatly reached out and grabbed a ponytail.

Tohru could barely hold in a scream. She never knew why she enjoyed when people pulled on her hair until now as it sent her crashing over the edge into a hard climax. Crashing onto the floor Tohru shuddered and waited for her actions to receive notice, only to find that whoever had been in the bathroom had left. Panting Tohru looked up to find Haru looking down at her with heavy lidded eyes as the bell rang.

“Saved by the bell.” Haru thought grumpily as he adjusted himself for what must have been the hundredth time.

The minute the bell had sounded for lunch ending the bathroom interlude had ended. Tohru had hastened to be off. Leaving Haru sitting on the toilet and painfully erect. With a sigh, he had wiped himself off and decided not to finish off what Tohru had started. Once he had been restored back to his calm and orderly appearance he had been about to leave when he spotted Tohru’s underwear had fallen off her legs and were currently resting on the floor behind the commode. Picking them up Haru smiled, and had an idea.

“Tohru what did that dumb ox want to talk to you about?” Kyo asked irritated with how shaken Tohru had looked when she had re entered the classroom after lunch. Now on their walk home Kyo was determined to get answers.

“It was p-pppersonal.” Tohru stammered shivering again as a cool breeze went up her skirt and reminded her again of her panty less state.

“Will you just tell me already!” Kyo hissed hair seeming to stand on end.

“Stop harassing her and she may respond.” Yuki responded for her as he caught up with them. Yuki’s comment served the dual purpose of giving Tohru time to think of an excuse and drawing Kyo’s anger and attention.

“Listen Rat I don’t think I asked you a question!” Kyo responded his hackles successfully raised by his long time nemesis.

As the two began to verbally attack and berate each other Tohru wondered about what had happened in the bathroom. She knew she liked it a lot, but had Haru liked it? Had he been as satisfied as she was? Was he now thinking she was wanton for what had happened? As a million thoughts went through her head, she began to feel dizzy and slightly ill.

“Tohru-san!” an exuberant voice yelled right before Momiji jumped at her for a hug. Haru had be slowly walking behind Momiji got an eyeful as she lay on the ground with her legs spread slightly from the force of Momiji’s greeting.

“Momiji, get off of her!” Kyo growled picking up the rabbit by the scruff of his neck. Tohru sat up slowly as Yuki bent to see if she was all right. Tohru waved off his concern with a laugh until she spotted Haru and realized where he was looking.

“Ms. Honda what is wrong?” Yuki asked when he noticed the flush that had washed over her skin.

“I’m fine.” Tohru replied shaking herself out of her stupor and getting to her feet. With a smile at Yuki, she called a greeting to Haru. Haru nodded response and he waited patiently for her to notice.

“Haru why are you wearing a strawberry patterned ascot?” Yuki asked dusting himself off.

“A>>!” Tohru squeaked recognizing her undergarment now parading as an ascot. She began to overheat and the last thing she heard before she passed out was Haru replying it had been a gift.

Waking up slowly Tohru recognized she was in her room. Momiji was curled up at her feet fast asleep and sitting in her chair was a highly amused Haru. Haru grinned when he realized she was awake. Standing he picked up his sleeping cousin and placed him in the chair and covered him with a blanket.

“What are you doing here, Haru- sama?” Tohru queried nervously. Staring at her underwear that peeked out of his shirt.

“Shigure and the others didn’t want to leave you alone while they went out so Momiji and I stayed to make sure you were okay.” Haru explained looking at her pert breasts under the nightgown Hatori had put on her. “Hatori said you had a mild fever so you had to stay in bed.”

“Can I have my underwear back?” Tohru asked quietly embarrassed by his perusal of her person in nightclothes.

“What will I get for returning them?” Haru asked reaching forward and undoing a button on the nightgown. Leaning back, he waited.

“Momiji is here.” Tohru whimpered.

“There was someone else in the bathroom,” Haru chuckled. “You like the idea of almost getting caught.” Haru rasped as he felt his black side shift into dominance. Standing by Tohru’s bed, he removed his clothes and stood beside her bed. His hair cast shadows over his eyes and Tohru could only stare at his body in awe.

Casting one final glance at the sleeping Momiji, she removed her nightgown and layback down waiting. Haru watched her actions with amusement, through his hair he could just make out the tremor running up and down her body as she forced herself to relax.

Placing his hands behind his back, he drew closer to Tohru not quite touching her. Lowering to his knees, he continued his approach. “Put you legs on either side of my head.” He murmured noting that Momiji had shifted his position in the chair.
“This has the potential to be very interesting.” Haru thought glancing over at his sleeping cousin with a smile as Tohru adjusted to his demands.

Tohru realized she might be in dangerous territory about an hour later when Haru tied her hands together with her own underwear. He had commanded and she had willing done everything he asked. It seemed she would do anything he asked. “I want him to be happy.” Tohru thought as she complied with his newest set of demands. Glancing over she noticed that Momiji’s eyes were slightly open. Tohru blushed, and started hurriedly sitting up so fast Haru had little time to react. The top of her head connected under his chin and both he and Tohru fell off the bed.

Unfortunately, Tohru had managed to touch the stunned Haru in such a way that he changed into his zodiac form and lay stunned on the ground. Momiji jumped up eyes wide with amusement.

“Tohru, Momiji and Haru we are back”. Shigure called from the front door.

“Shut up Tohru is probably still asleep.” Kyo yelled.

“If not you probably already woke her up.” Yuki admonished with disdain. A vein in Kyo’s forehead pulsed as he yelled a reply.

Meanwhile upstairs, Momiji’s amusement vanished. Leaning down he smacked Haru as hard as he could causing the ox to groan lightly.

“I think I will go check on our patient.” Shigure told the fighting duo. “Try not to destroy anything Kyo.” He called over his shoulder as he headed up the stairs.

Momiji heard Shigure’s footfalls on the steps with his rabbit hearing and quickly dragged the unconscious Tohru onto the bed. There was a poof and Haru was back in his human form naked but slowly coming back to his senses. Momiji stuffed him under the mattress and just had enough time to stuff Tohru’s nightgown under the covers and curl into position by her feet.

Feigning sleep Momiji watched Shigure open the door and saunter in quietly. Pulling a sheet of paper from his robe, he leaned a little out in the hallway to catch the light.

“Be sure to check temperature and pulse to make sure Tohru is alright.” Shigure read aloud thinking. Momiji stiffened but maintained his sleeping posture. Walking over to Tohru Shigure leaned down and felt her forehead. “Still warm”. He mumbled to himself. Trailing his fingers down Tohru’s face, Shigure felt for the pulse in her neck and could not find it.

“Well I guess I am going to have to remember how to find it on the wrist.” Shigure sighed. Momiji’s eyes opened in horror as he recalled that her own underwear bound Tohru’s wrists under the covers.

Momiji jumped up suddenly startling Shigure in the process of reaching for Tohru’s wrist, which her underwear held together.

“I don’t feel so good.” Momiji whined coughing exaggeratedly to make his point. Standing he wobbled towards the door grabbing on to Shigure and beginning to cry piteously.

Haru immediately realized what Momiji was doing and with a yank untied the drowsy Tohru’s wrists. Moving quickly he managed to get Tohru’s head in her nightgown and one arm as Momiji continued his dramatics. Throwing the other arm to the appropriate armhole Haru noticed that Tohru was blurrily watching him. Smiling gently at her, he kissed her forehead and forced the gown down over her chest.

“Momiji I have to check on Tohru so you are going to have to wait.” Shigure reasoned. Turning around he noticed that Tohru’s eyes were open.

“Come on Momiji, Hatori can check you out when we get home.” Haru commented. Feigning a yawn for Shigure’s benefit and scratching the back of his head.

“Alright. Bye Tohru-chan.” Momiji replied tiredly and allowed Haru to lead him out of the room.

Tohru propped herself up on the pillow while Shigure checked her pulse. “Well everything seems almost back to normal.” Shigure smiled happily leaving Tohru to sleep. Tohru was just about to do just that when she shot straight up in bed and looked around wildly.

“Oh no! Not again!” She cried distraught.


“Here you go Momiji.” Haru said handing him his prize for assisting in his seduction scheme.

Momiji smiled idly, putting his prize in his pocket.

“What do you intend to do with those?” Haru asked putting both hands behind his head in a relaxed gesture. He waited patiently for Momiji response as they trekked home from Shigure’s house.

“I think I shall start a collection.” Momiji replied sweetly. Haru stopped and looked at his cousin. “Everyone occasionally needs a good wingman, someone to cover their asses when things get rough.” Momiji kept walked leaving a stunned Haru to follow.

“Well who knew?” Haru commented to no one in particular.

“Getting a free show out of the deal isn’t too bad either. Now that I think about it is especially good until the time when my body catches up with my mind.” Momiji continued. Haru waited patiently for Momiji to say something else but when nothing else was forthcoming, they continued in silence.

“It is late.” Hatori commented as they entered his home to report on Tohru.

“We went underwear shopping and forgot the time.” Momiji retorted brightly before saying, “and I think I am sick.” Haru promptly fell out on the floor laughing, as Hatori sighed.

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