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Title: Oblivious  ***Soft Smut***

Author: Alyndrya (Princess Destiny)

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Rating: NC 17+

Couple: Usagi And Mamoru

Summary: 'One Hour Challenge #107:  Response Fanfic. A blast from a Youma has hit Sailor Moon and now she's invisible! She decides to torment her worst enemy, thinking he can't see her, but he can!  She decides to follow him back to his apartment and the two discover a sexual desire between them.  Now Mamoru has to help Usagi become visible, while trying to hide the fact that they are becoming intimate from her Senshi.  They'd kill him!

Chapters:  1/?

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Year Completed: 2012

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By Alyndrya

[ princessdestiny@destinysgateway.com ]




Chapter One

Usagi was on her second bottle of shampoo, and finally the yellow goo the Youma had shot at her in battle was washed away. She grimaced at the dry feeling of her long hair and quickly reached for the conditioner.

Battling the Dark Kingdom was certainly very bad for the body. Goo in the hair, if it hadn't been blasted or frozen by the badly-aimed firepower of her own Senshi, bruises on the body, concussion's that made you say weird things to stupid little brothers and annoying jerks by the name of Chiba.

The Senshi of the Moon rinsed her long golden locks one more time and then stepped out of the shower. She dried off her body and wrapped a towel about herself as she dried her hair

It was Saturday and she wanted to go shopping with Luna. For some reason, no one ever commented about a girl with a feline on her shoulder in the Mall. Juuban was weird for many reasons.

"Okay," She murmured, slipping her silky pink chemise over her head. She had a pretty pink and white dress to wear, and she was looking forward to showing it off to Rei and the others. Usagi's eyes brightened. "I wonder if Motoki will notice?!" That would just make her day, as she sort of had a crush on the older man.

Oh, but damn, Mamoru would be at the Arcade too, and they would get into one of their usual arguments. She just bet that he would make fun of her dress too!

"Usagi, are you done with the water dear? I need to put the dishwasher on!" Ikuko called out to her daughter through the bathroom door.

"I'm done!" Usagi slipped on her underwear and her bunny slippers. Her feet would be cold otherwise!

"Usagi?" Her mother called out again, sounding a little worried.

"Mom, I said I'm done," The small blonde girl called back, eyes absently scanning herself in the mirror. She sure did look different with her hair down. Older maybe. If only it wasn't so long that she couldn't wear it down in public!

"I'm coming in, dear," Ikuko said, the doorknob turning as she spoke.

Usagi saw the door open, and expected to see her mother smile at her. Instead, the worried look in her eyes increased. She quickly scanned the room, then backed out.

"Where is she?" She said, shaking her head. "I could have sworn Usagi was just in here."

"I'm right in front of you," Her daughter whispered, a chill going down her spine. She stepped forward, grasping her mother by the dress. Ikuko stopped dead and tugged at the dress as if it was caught on something. "This isn't funny, mom." The blonde said, waving her arms madly in front of her mother's face. There was no response. In fact, she had to step back hastily, because her mom went to walk into her!

"Shingo have you seen your sister? She isn't in her room."

Usagi watched numbly as her mother looked into her room, then spoke with her brother. Shingo looked right at her and didn't respond either. "I'm...invisible?" The blonde swallowed hard, then hastily raced back into the bathroom. She looked in the mirror-but saw nothing. "I'minvisible!" She shrieked in disbelief.

Goo...Youma...oh dear. The Senshi made the connection rather quickly. Ami would have been so happy if she knew her friend's brain was actually pretty sharp!

"So, they can't hear me, or see me..." First, she was horrified and panicked, but then curiosity sank in. From there, mischief formed. She could do anything! And no one would know it was her.

At a later stage, she would wonder why in hell her hated enemy had been the first thing to pop into her head.

Mamoru almost spat out his mouthful of hot coffee when his nemesis walked into the Arcade. He had been enjoying a drink while studying for an exam. Usagi had crossed his mind that morning, as she usually did, and he wondered when he would get an opportunity to taunt the blonde. It was half the enjoyment of his day if he had a fight with the airhead.

And so, he watched in disbelief, aware that his mouth was gaping like a fish, as the Odango Atama stepped casually into the place wearing only a silky, and very revealing pink chemise and...bunny slippers? "I'm not seeing this," Was the first thing that came to mind. His mouth snapped shut, and his eyes followed her every movement as she carefully manuvered through the crowd of people in front of the counter. She scanned the place, seemingly looking for something. And then her eyes met his and she grinned.

It wasn't a nice grin, or even a friendly one. In fact, if he could accurately describe it, it would be seen as more of a vicious or triumphant curve of her lips. As to why she was giving him this look, the upperclassman couldn't comprehend.

"What the hell is going on here?" Mamoru managed in a choked voice. He covered his eyes with his hands, then dropped them and stared. She was still there. Half-naked Usagi. Amazingly long legs, and good god, where had she been hiding that chest?! Her long golden hair was loose about her too, falling past her knees. If he hadn't known exactly how he felt about Usagi right then, he would have believed that he was asleep and having some kind of kinky dream.

He did not like Usagi...right?

"Mamoru, more coffee?" Motoki asked casually, pouring in the hot beverage. He looked inquiringly at his best friend, as dazed, darkened blue eyes were turned in his direction.

"Tell me I'm not seeing things?" Mamoru said, voice rough. He turned to gawk at Usagi, who was almost at his table, that smirk still on her face.

"What? Seeing what?" The blonde man asked, turning to look the same way. He didn't see anything particularly interesting, and so turned back to Mamoru.

"Usagi!" The dark-haired man choked out, wondering what the hell was wrong with Motoki's eyes.

"Oh, is she here?" Motoki again looked around the place. "Where?" He frowned.

Mamoru stared in the direction Usagi was, and he frowned also as he saw that she had stopped behind a group of people in her way. But she wasn't asking them to move. Instead, she was cautiously inching between them. If that wasn't more bizarre behaviour, then he didn't know what was. "Behind that lot!" He pointed right at her when she wasn't looking.

His best friend gave him a concerned look. "Mamoru, buddy, Usagi isn't here."

"Sheis here!" The upperclassman almost roared, wondering if he was going bonkers. He hastily lowered his voice. "She's behind that group of people, wearing nothing but a short little top that is barely decent. And slippers, god damn it!"

Motoki backed off a little and held up his hands. "I think I'll warm up that coffee," He said calmly, snatching the cup off the table. "And bring you some tea or something instead." He muttered under his breath, turning to leave. Mamoru had finally snapped and was seeing half-naked Usagi's. Okay, that was very disturbing more more than one reason.

Motoki didn't see her, even though she was right in front of him, and no one else seemed to be paying any attention to the girl in her underwear. Add in the way she was inching through the crowd, and the occasional excited stares she was shooting his way...

It was then that Mamoru finally made the connection. Usagi was invisible...and only he could see her! And the Odango Atama was going to do something to him!

He was a smart guy, and it was blatantly obvious that Usagi was headed his way for nefarious reasons. Obviously, she had been getting dressed when she realised that no one could see her.

"Hmm," His fingers drummed thoughtfully on the tabletop as he watched her finally get past the people without them feeling her touch. She looked pretty annoyed actually. Mamoru's eyes went to her slender legs, and he couldn't help it as they went upwards to where the low top was riding her breasts. Sixteen year old Usagi was really rather...yummy. Why had he never noticed before?

The Odango Atama had suddenly skyrocketed from the position of 'annoying younger brat' to 'hot babe' in a matter of minutes. "I guess I have known her for a couple of years now," The dark-haired man whispered, letting a wolfish smile creep across his face. "She isn't fourteen any more."

Usagi stopped dead in her tracks a few feet from Mamoru's table as she saw that look on her hated foe's face. He almost looked like he saw her! She licked her lips nervously, suddenly regretting mightily that she had exited her house in only her underwear. But she had been in a hurry because Shingo was leaving and she couldn't open the door herself without her father seeing from the couch. Oh shit. Could the jerk see her?!

Mamoru carefully stared right through the blonde as she moved closer, as if he was looking at something beyond her. For a minute, pure horror had spread over her features, making him feel an intense satisfaction. For a minute, Usagi had wondered if he could see her. And of course he could, but he would pretend for now that he couldn't, just to see what she did.

"I almost had a heart attack," The Senshi of the Moon said, clutching at her heart. She stopped across the table from Mamoru and sank into the chair. She quickly waved a hand under his nose just to check, but he wasn't looking at her. Thank god! "You jerk! I thought that you could see me!" Usagi glared balefully at him.

The dark-haired man swiftly looked back down at his text books before he could glare back. How exactly was this going to play out without his face giving away the game?

Usagi sighed deeply, hen leant forward to look at Mamoru's books. Revenge was all very good, when planned, but when it came to actuallydoing it...well, now that she was there, she had no idea what to do to the jerk. He was studying for an exam by the look of it. "Boring."

Boring?! Mamoru's teeth grinded together. His classes were not boring! He was totally thrilled at the thought of being a doctor, and so he studied his butt off. And now she said-

God damn it! Did she have any idea what it did to her chest when she leant over the table like that with such a low top?!

"I guess I can't eat, or drink or play games," The Senshi of the Moon grimaced. "I could have at least come out with my purse, but I didn't know if it was invisible too."

Bingo blondie! Okay, so Odango wasn't as dumb as they all thought she was. Mamoru listened to her in some interest as Usagi ranted on, not knowing anyone could hear her.

"And I finally got to wear my hair down," She ran her fingers through the long locks, not knowing a hungry gaze was watching her every movement. "And this pretty top too. I had the shoes to match." Usagi's fingers drummed on the table top in an unknowing mimic of Mamoru's movement from earlier. Her blue eyes went to Mamoru's and she had a little shock when she saw that he seemed to be looking right at her. "If you really could see me, I'd die of embarrassment, Mamoru."

Oh god, he was just dying to let her know that he could!

Usagi ran a hand over her hip, liking the feel of the silky top. "I came here to get some sort of payback for all the times you've taunted me. My hair took a really long time to grow you know. And I can't help how bad I am in school," she leant forward and spoke to him earnestly. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to fight and then go to school the next day and study?!"

She was killing him with her unconscious stroking over her body. Why wasn't she this uninhibited usually? And what did she mean by fighting exactly? Mamoru's eyes narrowed on her face. Was Usagi in a gang? Her friend Makoto looked like the type to be a gang leader, although Ami was the last person to join something like that, and Rei was a Priestess.

"Okay, okay. I admit I was never really good at school, but I'm getting older and I really have some things I'm interested in," She bit her lip, wondering why she was talking to someone who couldn't hear her. It was just that...well, Luna never really understood, and as close as her friends were, they didn't totally know the real her either. Mamoru was the only constant in her life. "I can rely on your arguments with me, right?" The Senshi of the Moon appealed to him. "In a world gone mad from attacks from an alien dimension, I can still meet you every day and shout at you?"

Oh, that was sort of sweet. Usagi liked their fights? Mamoru fought to keep the happy grin from his lips, knowing she would wonder why. Whoever knew that the blonde was so intelligent either? She wasn't whining about school right now, or pigging out, or mooning over Motoki. And without any of that, she was actually attractive as a person.

"I sort of wish I could pound on you sometimes too," Usagi told him baldly, grinning.

Mamoru glared at the table, unimpressed. He took it back! She wasn't attractive at all!

Usagi stared at the upperclassman's face with a little unease. She could almost think that glare was in response to what she had said. "I feel like I'm walking on a mine-field here, idiot." She had to check- "Motoki! Hey, can you see me?" She shouted across the room. Nope, he didn't look and neither did anyone else. Smiling in relief, she turned back to her silent companion-

And caught him ogling her chest!

"W-what the heck?!" The small girl squealed, covering her breasts with her arms. He could see her! Oh my god!

She was jiggling. And oh god, those globes of flesh looked good encased in ice pink silk. Mamoru knew he was staring at her bust even when she turned back towards him, but for some reason he was unable to move his gaze above eye level! He wasa man of twenty one, after all. What guy could sit there and see her amazing chest bounce up and down like that and not have his eyes glued there?

"Mamoru! Idiot! Can you see me?!" Usagi demanded, still covering herself with her arms. But then Mamoru suddenly looked down with an absorbed expression on his face and muttered a math formula. He picked up his pencil and wrote a couple of things down, as if he had been working it out in his head. The blonde's suspicion faltered about then, and she finally huffed in exasperation and relaxed.

That had been close. Damn his eyes. Why was he all of a sudden completely drawn to the Odango Atama? Seeing her as a woman, not a girl? Mamoru wanted to get up and leave, but he knew this would look suspicious.

"Well, this was a bad idea. What if my invisibility wears off all of a sudden?" She gave him a searching look. "I sort of want to see where Mamoru lives though."

Oh, did she now? Mamoru's eyes gleamed under his lashes and he revised his decision to leave. He would do so in a few minutes, and let her see his apartment. Maybe she would get trapped there, unable to open the door without him seeing it.

When did he turn into such a pervert anyway?

"You're actually a really gorgeous guy," Usagi went on, giving him a thorough head to toe look. "I really love your hair too. I wonder if it's as soft as it looks."

The upperclassman couldn't escape the groan that rose to his lips at the thought of her running her hands through his hair. She would have to lean up and he would have to bend over. But her breasts would be pressing against his face because she was so short. He quickly absorbed himself back into his studies, hoping that Usagi wouldn't glance at his lap and see how turned on he was.

"But your personality needs some work," She informed him, grinning again. "You're always so cold and haughty, like a Prince or something, and you don't let anyone close to you."

She had noticed this? Mamoru found himself frowning at his books again.

"Only me..." The Senshi of the Moon's voice trailed off. But only because they fought. But sometimes, when his eyes flashed in annoyance, or his arrogance would show through, she was really attracted to him. He was sort of like Tuxedo Kamen in some respects, which was probably why she was drawn to them both. Distant, unreachable, handsome men. One fought with her, one rescued her, but neither of them got very close.

"You're my worst enemy, but...I think you're my best friend." Usagi whispered, staring at his bent head. "You know me better than anyone."

Damn it, she was being all touchy-feely and he was being sucked right into it, feeling all elated and happy at her words. He thought about it for a long minute, then concluded that maybe she was his best friend also. The sort you could say anything to and know that they wouldn't stop talking to you. When the hell had this all happened?!

"But you don't know my best kept secret," The blonde felt like opening her heart to him, even if he couldn't hear. It was good that he couldn't actually. "I'm not used to just talking to you, you know. And I wish we were arguing."

Secret? What secret? Mamoru couldn't help it when he glanced up. He looked into her absent expression and wondered what she was thinking about.

"Ami and Rei and Makoto and I, we all share a big secret," Usagi leant forward and met his eyes, even though he seemed to be staring at something beyond her. Could people actually see through her while she was invisible? A scary thought. "I wish I could tell you about it, and have you joke and tease about how much I'm lying."

The dark-haired man stared at her in surprise. Was this secret so very bad then? Was she in a gang after all? Usagi looked so very serious. So why would she think that he would tease her and say she was a liar? He sighed deeply, as if in thought over a problem in his studies. Just how long could he keep up this pretence that he couldn't see her?

"You wouldn't believe the emotional baggage that I'm carrying," She mused, fiddling with a strand of her hair. Her eyes zeroed in on a milkshake at the next table and she stared at it wistfully. She couldn't order anything, or eat or drink where someone could see it. There were some definite down-sides to -being invisible. "But you're not my psychiatrist, so I won't bore you-not that you would hear it anyway."

What emotional baggage? She went to school, stuffed her face and played video games here at the Arcade afterwards, and went shopping with her friends on weekends? Mamoru's mouth firmed. What could a fifteen year old possibly be worried about? Now himself, he had a troubled past with an orphanage and had lost both of his parents in one fell swoop, he was also attending college in order to be a doctor. His life would only get more complicated and busy as he got older. Not to mention that he was a superhero on the side.

"Maybe I should find Ami and ask her to find out what the heck that Youma sprayed on me."

The words were so shocking that Mamoru looked up right into her face involuntarily, mouth slack. 'What Youma?!' He almost shouted at her. And how the hell did a girl like her even learn that term? It was something that the Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen had picked up from the Dark Kingdom. It wasn't common knowledge as far as he knew.

Usagi stared at Mamoru uneasily, as he seemed to look right at her once again. He looked astonished, or even something a little more extreme. Shocked even. Her skin crawled as it again occurred to her that he could hear her. But that was impossible. Why would he, out of everyone in Motoki's place, be able to see past her invisibility. "You're freaking me out, jerk," She told him, eyes narrowing. She leant over the table again, threatening, even though she knew he wasn't aware of it. "Those eyes of yours seem to stare right at me. If you really could see me, you would have said something-right?" She said, frowning. He looked back down at his books just then, muttering under his breath. She felt relief flood her.

When the blonde leant forward like that, he could see almost down her top! The stunned feeling over her mentioning a secret term about the Dark Kingdom monsters had once again faded into disbelief over what she was wearing. Okay, he'd had quite enough of this. Not only wouldn't she stop talking and let him study, but she was constantly flashing him! He got to his feet and gathered up his books.

Usagi shot to her feet also, her chair scraping. But her nemesis didn't seem to hear it as he headed right past her and definitely seemed to be leaving. "Damn it, wait for me!" She yelled, knowing he couldn't hear it and unable to help herself. He wasn't her first choice for a companion, but he was the only one around right now. Motoki was there, of course, but he was constantly moving around serving people. At least her jerky enemy would be inclined to sit still for a while, and she could get an inside look at his life. She was rather curious.

Mamoru heard her calling out behind him and ignored her. He stepped outside and breathed in the fresh air, then turned towards home. A warm bath and a good meal would do wonders for him. He was exhausted from pulling an all-nighter and studying left him feeling down and rather fuzzy-headed.

After a few steps, he turned to see if the Odango was behind him. She wasn't there and he hesitated. After another moment, a couple left the Arcade the blonde came out after them, looking a little frantic. His lips curved. "Can't get out of anywhere unless someone opens the door, huh?"

And how sweet, it looked like she was missing him already.

The Senshi of the Moon's blue eyes went left and then right, and fell on his form with a comical look of relief. He seemed to be standing there, looking in her direction. How weird. But at least he had stopped, and she rushed up to him. "Thank god, I thought I'd lost you." She gasped out, a hand going to her chest.

Mamoru didn't respond, of course, and after a moment he turned in the opposite direction and began walking.

Usagi trotted along beside him, occasionally forced to get out of the way of the people who couldn't see her. This invisibility thing was getting old fast. "I wonder if he's going home?" She wondered aloud, looking about her as they entered the more posh side of town.

Soon enough, Mamoru was entering an apartment building, and she barely had time to squeeze into a corner of the elevator before it closed. She glared at his back until the lift stopped and he walked out.

She trailed down the hallway, admiring the royal blue carpet and the white doors with gold knobs that just screamed quality. As he unlocked the door and turned to close it, she slipped by, almost crashing into the wall as she tried to avoid touching his body. The blonde noted how narrow the hall was and she quickly rushed ahead of him. Mamoru would be very suspicious if he knocked into something he couldn't see.

"Whoa," She breathed, getting a look at the living room, with it's giant TV. The rest of the decor was equally expensive. "You're totally loaded, Mamoru. With that horrible green jacket you wear, I'd never have guessed."

The dark-haired man dropped his keys and wallet on the coffee table and frowned in resentment. His jacket was nice! What was Odango Atama talking about?

"I would kill to have a TV like this!" She almost squealed, tempted to grab the remote and see what channels he had. A lot of cartoon and anime, she would guess. She saw Mamoru head into the kitchen and decided to explore the rest of the place. He had two bedrooms, and a bathroom, as well as some roomy closets-oh and a study with all the latest high-tech computer ware. "Impressive." She muttered, knowing Ami would love all of this.

When Usagi got back to the living room, he was sitting on the couch with a coffee. She looked about for somewhere to sit that would betray the depression her body would make, and finally decided on the comfy leather chair across from him. Her feet almost went onto the table, but she felt bad relaxing like it was her own place. He couldn't see it, but she would know she'd done it. "So, this is your place huh?" She began, pleating the bottom of her pretty camisole. "It's...nice."

So Odango liked his apartment? For some reason, Mamoru was pleased. And then he cursed himself, because why the hell would he even care about her opinion in the first place?

He watched the Discovery Channel for a while, until he noticed that his guest had almost fallen off her chair, eyes glazed. Apparently, it had been a bit too much for her watching a show about Japanese history. Or had it been the program about engineering? His gaze was scathing. Would she prefer cartoons or shows about fluffy animals?

To test his theory, he turned to the Cartoon Network and the Power-Puff Girls came on. As if she had been shot by a canon, Usagi bolted upright and turned eager eyes on the TV. Mamoru groaned under his breath and left her to it, going down the hall to his bedroom and laying down on the bed. "Man, I'm so tired."

"Wow, you're a real hard guy to figure out," The voice from the doorway almost made him jump out of his skin, and he cracked his eyelids open to stare at her as she sauntered into the room. She started peering into his closet and all about the room with keen interest. Okay, so maybe she was a little mature after all. She had abandoned her cartoons for him, after all. And, he remembered with surprise, Usagi was sixteen.

"I never would have taken you for the type that likes cartoons." She scolded, grinning in his direction briefly.

'That's because I'm not!' He thought back angrily, trying not to glare in her direction.

The blonde girl sat down on the end of his bed and smiled mischievously. She delicately reached out and tweaked his big toe.

Mamoru shot up with an oath and aimed a dirty look in Usagi's direction. And then when he realised that she was starting back in shock, he quickly inched down the bed and began searching all over the cover and then on the floor, as if trying to find out what had grabbed him. Odango was really pushing it, damn it! He was this close to yelling at her. "What on earth?" He said with surprise, knowing he was acting very badly.

Usagi quickly muffled her laugh with her hand, and then remembered that he couldn't hear her anyway. She fell off the bed, chuckling.

"I'm having a bath!" The jerk suddenly announced, jumping off the bed. He went into his closet for a robe, then out into the hall. Mamoru sensed his nemesis trailing him curiously down the hallway and a wicked thought entered his mind. What if he left the bathroom door open as usual and she got an eyeful? It would certainly get her back for wearing something so sinfully revealing! He had lost count of the times she had flashed those amazing breasts at him, not to mention the amount of leg showing when she had sat on his bed.

And Tsukino Usagi was no longer a young girl. She was totally legal... He slapped his forehead mentally over that thought.

"A bath?" The Senshi of the Moon squeaked out in disbelief, unable to understand why her legs were following Mamoru down the hallway, like she didn't have any control over them. Did she really want to see him in the buff? She nibbled her lip, eyes going left and right in abject panic-and then she groaned and rushed after him.

Hell yes! Yes, in spite of the fact that she hated his guts-she did right?-Usagi had to admit to being insanely curious about what he looked like without his shirt.

And his pants.

And hmm, even the underwear...

Oh my god, was she drooling?!

"I am a slave to passion!" She moaned, halting at the open bathroom door. Her hand went over her eyes as he put his robe on the side rack along with a towel. He hesitated for a moment and then began to strip down, his back to her.




To Be Continued...

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