Am I Not Good Enough

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~* Good Enough*~


Seiya could not believe his ears. The sorrow in her voice broke his heart as she talked of her boyfriend not being with her, of how he did not write or return her calls. How could anyone do this to her? To Odango? Who could possibly put Odango though so much pain. Before him Odango crumbled to ground as did the rain. It was almost as if the earth was crying with her. Slowly he knelt before her and placed his hand upon her shoulders. Slowly his dark navy blue eyes met her bright blue ones.
“Am I not good enough…” Seiya asked her softly.
Usagi’s eyes became wide as she looked up at the man before her. In an instance her tears stopped, but unfortunately the rain did not. Even so neither of them cared.
He couldn’t possibly mean… no he is my friend… but I…
“Am I not good enough…” he asked once more as the roof door opened and four girls appeared in the door way.
All four girls stared in shock as they heard the question leave Seiya’s lips. None of them moved as if waiting for Usagi’s response.
The only sound that could be heard was that of the rain hitting the roof.
Usagi thought to herself as she continued to look up at Seiya… He does… love me… but I love Mamo-chan…I have a future with him…but what is this feeling… my heart is beating so fast… could I possibly…
“Seiya...I…ummm….” Usagi started to say but then turned to look at her friends standing only a few feet away.
“Ummm…thank you for coming to look for me… but …Seiya ….and I need to talk…he can walk me home…”
Rei started to protest “But Usagi-”
“Please Rei…”
“Fine, but you will call the shrine as soon as you get home!”
“Thank Rei-chan,” Usagi said with a weak smile.
Slowly the four girls turned to leave the couple alone on the roof.
“Come on Odango, we need to get you inside. You are soaked.”
Usagi could only nod her head as Seiya helped her to her feet.
Slowly the pair made their way through the school corridors. Both of them remained silent as they traveled. They both were deep in their own thoughts until they found themselves standing in front of the exit for the high school.
“Odango…I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you…I just want to protect you…”
“No Seiya. You did nothing wrong, thank you for everything you did up there.”
Seiya could only nod as he reached for the handle of the door.
“You are.”
Seiya stopped and turned to look at Usagi in confusion.
“What Odango?”
“You are good enough.”
Seiya’s body froze to the spot upon hearing those words. He looked into her beautiful eyes and saw nothing but honesty.
“Seiya… my future is set in stone…I am suppose to marry Mamoru and have a child with him. We are suppose to be King and Queen of Crystal Tokyo…but sometimes I wish I did not know the future… that I could make a choice with out thinking I was suppose to do this. It is already planned out before me. So even now I wonder has this happened already…”
“Odango…your future is not written in stone. You seem so burdened by this future… as if it was a duty instead of a choice. Odango more than anything I want you to be happy. I want you to make choice with your heart. If it makes you happy to be with Mamoru… then be with him… if not… then don’t,"Seiya said as his eyes began to water, but he did not shed a tear as he continued, "I can not make that choice for you… But I will do whatever it takes to see you happy… wither I am part of your life or not. Odango… you are simply just that. You are not Sailor Moon… you are not a Princess and you are not a future Queen. Granted those things are part of you…and you may become Queen, but only time will tell… but I feel in love with Odango, everything is a plus… so be Odango…be happy for yourself. Not for everyone else. Besides if it there is one thing I have learned about you it is that if you are happy so is everyone else around you. Make your own choices… even if they go against this future you speak of...”
“Seiya…I... I think I want... you in my life.”
“Then I will be in you life.”
“But what about your Princess and rebuilding your home planet?”
“I will not lie I still have a duty to my Princess…but I will speak to her. I will make it work Odango.”
“Seiya… I can not ask you to that,” Usagi said as she started to open the door to the school to leave.
Seiya reached out and grabbed a hold of her arm and pulled her back. With out a second thought he wrapped his arms around her and held her close.
“I love you Odango… if all you want is to be friends, then your friend I will be. And if you want me by your side, then that is where I shall be,” he whispered into her ear.
Suddenly the door to the school opened and there stood Seiya’s princess.
Seiya looked up at his princess but did not let go of Usagi.
Usagi quickly pushed out of Seiya’s arms and turned to look the Princess Kakyuu.
“I’m sorry…I…”
“No need to apologize Princess Serenity…I have seen Fighter’s desire to be with you for a while now. Fighter… you have done much to help me and your home… but I can see one thing… you heart will always be here… and as the humans of this earth say ‘your home is where you heart is.’ I want you to stay here with Princess Serenity after your last concert. But I must ask that you both come to visit,” Kakyuu said with a tear in her eye.
“Princess… are you sure?”
“Yes Fighter… and in fact I want to give you something. Let me see your transformation mic.”
Seiya reached into his pocket to pull out the ear piece mic with a bright golden star and one white wing on it and handed to his princess. Kakyuu took the mic and put both hands over it. Suddenly her hands began to glow red making Seiya and Usagi cover their eyes. Once the light disappeared, Kakyuu removed her hand to reveal than the gold star was now ruby red and that also the wing had a few red feathers mixed in.
“Seiya… now when you transform you will remain a man. Of course your outfit will change, but other than that everything will be the same.”
“Princess… I can not thank you enough,” Seiya responded as he took back the newly transformed mic.
“Just sing tomorrow night and that will be thank you enough,” the princess responded before turning to leave.
Seiya turned around to look at Usagi.
“You hear that…Odango… I’m yours.”
“Odango…what is wrong…”
“I…I’m glad that you are staying… I don’t know… what…what I would have done if…if you had left,” Usagi said as she started to cry.
“Odango,” Seiya said as he pulled Usagi into a hug
“Seiya… I want to make my own future… a future with you in it…can I be with you… tonight.”
“Odango… I will do anything for you…but before we do anything you need to change out of those wet clothes. I will take you home and then you can get a spare set along with some pajamas.”
“Arigato Seiya.”

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