Crimson Thread, Indigo Blush

BY : Broken Phantom
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"Listen Kafka," Nami said, her voice shaking, "I... I like you. As a friend I mean. But this..."

She was silenced by a deep kiss from the other girl. Kafka's warm, insistent mouth worked Nami's resistance relentlessly even as she cupped the girl's breasts through her uniform top.

"W.. wait!" Nami cried, pushing the aggressive girl back. "I thought you wanted to talk to me about something."

"Oh I did," Kafka said sweetly, stepping back so quickly Nami lost her seat on the edge of the desk and slid off into the floor. The shock of crashing to the floor on her butt stunned her for second so she didn't realize, until she couldn't move her hands to stand up, that something was wrong. Looking to the right she saw a pair of handcuffs, one end bolted to the side of the desk, locked firmly in place on her wrist.

Looking quickly to her left Nami saw Kafka gripping her wrist in both hands. She watched in shock as Kafka cinched the second pair of handcuffs closed around her other arm with a "ka-click", chaining her to the desk at the front of the class.

"K-k-k-kafka! What are you d-doing!"

"Hmm," she smiled at Nami, "Oh, we're just going to take care of some things. We're getting you what you need so you can stop bothering Sensei."

"What you talking about!" Nami said, yanking hard on the cuffs. They were sturdy, and the desk heavy; the cold pit in her stomach grew as she realized she wasn't going anywhere until Kafka let her go.

"You've been bothering Sensei. Being absent from school, causing problems, you're a distraction for poor Sensei."

"It can't be helped!" Nami said in frustrated tears, "I'm a delinquent student! Ill tempered troublemaker, that's me! But surely that's something for the school to take care of."

"Delinquent Student?" Kafka said, her eyes softly glistening, "Impossible. How could something I've only seen in Manga and on TV be here in my own classroom. No, you're just hungry for attention."

"Hungry for..."

"Yes. Positively starved for it. I can tell. I can always tell when people need special attention," Kafka said cryptically, turning around and opening her shoulder bag. "Unfortunately, though, your cries for attention are distracting Sensei." Kafka turned around, setting metal clamps and a heavy, leather crop on the desktop. "He has to take up the slack for you, you know; defend you to the Principal. And he already has so much on his mind." Kafka's eyes narrowed darkly at two perpetually empty desks in the class, "So very much already."

"So," she continued brightly, all traces of her recent dark demeanour gone again, "I've decided that to make sure you don't bother the Sensei, I'll give you the attention you crave." Picking up the leather crop, Kafka slapped it lightly against Nami's cheek, making the chained girl squeal in shock. Kafka traced the crop down Nami's jaw to her breast, twisting it into her nipple painfully through the blouse. "Oh yes, you're going to get all the attention you'd ever want."

Nami, sobbing fearfully, turned her eyes up to her captor. "Kafka please. Please! I'm s-s-so s-scared..."

Kafka's dark eyes shimmered in the fading twilight. "Of course you are, dear. It's only normal."

Kafka traced a delicate figure eight across Nami's bust, holding the crop pinched between her thumb and first two fingers. Tears ran down Nami's face as she tried to shy away, pushing herself against the teacher's desk with her face turned away from Kafka. The crop continued its delicate trail, Kafka's guiding it lovingly, like a conductor's baton,

"Please Kafka," Nami pleaded, "You really don't have to do this. I'll stop being delinquent. I'll be here every day, just please, stop this."

The crop halted at the top of Nami's breast and snapped with frightening speed to her right cheek. Though she flinched, the crop did not strike her face. Instead, Nami felt it dig in painfully as her head was forced around to look up at Kafka.

"Of course you won't be absent anymore, silly," Kafka said smiling, "I just said I was going to take care of your attention problem."

"Then why?"

"Simple," Kafka replied, snapping the crop backhanded across Nami's cheek, making the bound girl wince in pain. "Punishment."

"P-punishment?!" Nami cried, her cheek stinging, " For what?"

"For causing problems for Sensei of course." Kafka worked the crop into the scarf on Nami's uniform top, dragging the tie slide down with tip, letting it jangle to the floor beside Nami.

"You see, love is everything," Kafka said, pushing the crop up under the topmost button , snapping it free with an audible pop with a vicious upward flick of her wrist. The audible clatter of the button skipping across the floor echoed eerily through the twilight classroom "The deep crimson threads of love bind us all together," she continued, freeing the next button with same pop and clatter. "It's what makes the world go around," Pop, clatter. Placing the crop under the hem of Nami's blouse, Kafka smiled again, "Love," she finished with a soft smile, ripping upward and snapping off the last of the buttons to punctuate her words, "Is U- Ni- Versal!" Pop, pop, pop. And clatter.

Nami's face flushed in fear and embarrassment as Kafka delicately pushed aside the blouse to revel her white cotton brassier. "Love means you're willing to do whatever it takes to make someone else happy, even if they don't know that's what they want." She briefly teased Nami's nipple through the bra with the tip of the crop, flicking it with short, upward strokes. "The crimson strands that lift us up also hold is down... that means paying Penance when you've done something wrong. My family taught me all about penance."

"But... but I don't LOVE Itoshiki-Sensei," Nami whimpered with frustration and fear. She struggled, also, to fight the electric tension growing in her tormented breasts, holding her breath against her will as Kafka continued her teasing assault. "He's just a teacher! He's probably a nice guy, but that's all." Nami gasped sharply as Kafka dug the crop into her breast, lifting the nipple as one might catch the chin of a naughty child to turn it to your face.

"Oh it's ok," Kafka said, flipping the crop up against the hardening nipple and then snapping down across it, eliciting a squeal of shock and pain from Nami, "You see, whether you believe in the threads of love or not, I can see them," Kafka said, smiling sagely as she turned her attention to Nami's neglected other breast. "All of us are bound to each other in strands of love, whether platonic, romantic... sexual," Kafka said with an arch grin, "So any time we do something to hurt someone else, Love expects due Penance."

Nami whimpered as Kafka's crop pushed the cup of her bra up over her nipple, exposing it to the cold classroom air as she ran the braided black leather crop across Nami's sensitive pink flesh. "Poor thing," Kafka said in a distinctly maternal tone over the sound of Nami's moaning, "We just need to get through this together," Kafka said soothingly, setting down the crop and reaching over Nami for one of the small metal clamps. Nami's eyes went wide in shock as she realized what was in store for her. Thrashing around against the desk, Kafka quickly seized a fistful of Nami's hair as she crouched down over the frightened girl. "Now, now," Kafka chided, "I know it's bitter medicine, but the sooner you take it, the sooner you'll feel better." Pinching the clamp ready. Kafka smiled saintly into Nami's tear-streaked face as she moved the clamp into position over her nipple. "Get ready for you medicine, Nami-chan."

With a quick flick of her thumb, Kafka let the clamp snap shut across Nami's exposed nipple, dragging a keen wail from the poor, cuffed girl on the floor. Kafka pulled Nami to her, hugging her softly as her chest heaved with sobs. Whether it was her intention or not, it caused the tightly fitted clamp to bite even harder to it's purchase as Kafka pressed her body against it.

"There, there," Kafka fretted, comforting Nami by gently stroking the back of her neck as tears trickled onto Kafka's uniform top. "It's only going to get worse from here on," Kafka said sweetly, brushing matted hair out of Nami's face with a gentle hand, "But now that we've really gotten started, it will all be over that much sooner."

"And now then," Kafka said, standing up and reclaiming the crop from the desktop, "It's time to finish getting you ready." Bending down, she began to unfasten Nami's skirt. Scrambling feebly, Nami shifted her hips and tried to force herself to stand despite her bound hands. Clucking disapprovingly, Kafka delivered a full force blow with the crop to Nami's outer thigh. With a sharp yelp, Nami lost her footing and fell back to the floor. Kafka gripped her loosened skirt and yanked, pulling it down to her knees in one motion. Stepping back, she finished pulling the skirt off.

"Ok Nami-chan, I need you to pull your legs up underneath you. Can you do that for me?"

"No," Nami moaned, "Please just let me go Kafka."

"Now that's a little rude, Nami-chan," Kafka said, lashing Nami's bared left hip with the crop. "I'm trying make this as easy for both of us as I can," she continued, laying an identical welt on Nami's right hip. "I just need a little help. Now come on, just pull your leg up underneath you and sit on it," Kafka instructed, snapping the crop against Nami's left calf. "This one here, let's go."

Sobbing silently, Nami bent her knee, wrenching it behind her. The jerky movements were made all the more painful as the weighted clamp on her nipple swung freely when she bent forward. Kafka's impatient snap of the crop on her other calf prompted her to follow suit with her other leg.

"There," Kafka smiled, "See how much easier this is when we co-operate." The ratcheting sound of a third and fourth pair of cuffs filled the room as Nami realized Kafka had just chained her ankles to the desk as well.

"That's just to keep you still," Kafka said reassuringly, "Girls tend to thrash about towards the end. I'd hate for you to hurt yourself. Oh," Kafka said, snapping the crop on Nami's cotton covered bottom, causing the girl to bolt upright, "Don't slouch. It's not good for you."

Twirling smoothly around Kafka dropped unceremoniously down into Nami's lap. The sudden weight made Nami's knees and hips ache. Kafka lounged backward, letting her cheek rest softly on Nami's shoulder. Reaching up with the crop's frayed tip she gently caressed Nami's face, while the frightened girl tried to shy away. "Now then, where should we begin."

Nami's sobs had ceased, but her tears still ran now and again down her face, leaving twinkling streaks against her flushed cheeks. "Please," Nami begged, "I just don't want it to hurt."

"Now, Nami-chan," Kafka admonished, "It has to hurt. It's not Penance otherwise. But there's no reason it has to be completely unpleasant. After all," she continued, planting soft kisses along Nami's neck, "I'm doing this for you."

Kafka's eyes lit up. "I promised I'd show you some special attention," she said, her face angelic even as she absentmindedly flicking the weighed clamp on Nami's nipple, causing the bound girl to grit her teeth to keep from moaning. "I suppose it would be all right if we indulged a bit and combined the two... Penance and Pleasure?" Kafka sat up, her dark eyes catching Nami's in the dim classroom. "Wouldn't that be nice," she said with a faint smile.

"Why won't you let me go..." Nami whispered, but was stopped by Kafka's fingers gently laid across her lips.

"Oh Nami-chan," Kafka said with a trace of sadness, "That really hurts. I'm trying absolutely everything to make this better. For YOU," Kafka said, pressing gently on Nami's lips to emphasize her words. "If you keep fighting me, it's only going to get worse. You have to accept Penance to understand Love, to see the soft red strands that bind us all." Kafka leaned in close to whisper in Nami's ear, "Don't you want to feel Love, Nami-chan?"

"I just want it over," Nami murmured.

"That's not what I need to hear," Kafka breathed into Nami's neck, reaching up and seizing the clamp. She pulled it downward with slow, gentle pressure until nipple and breast were stretched taught.

Nami moaned, "Please, Kafka..."

"Please. Kafka. WHAT."

"Ah! Please... I... I want see them," Nami cried in desperation. "The Red threads... I... I want to see them..."

Kafka held the clamp for a few beats more before releasing it. Beaming, she seized Nami's jaw and brought her head forward into a delicate but sensuous kiss. Nami didn't resist, opening her mouth to Kafka's searching tongue. Kafka broke their kiss with a gentle grin.

"That was lovely, Nami-chan," Kafka said as she sat down on her knees beside Nami, mimicking her posture. "Shh, don't cry," Kafka whispered softly as Nami's head drooped in humiliation. She encircled Nami with her arm and ran her hand gently over the cuffed girl's stomach. "Let me show you what I meant about Penance and Pleasure."

Kafka brought her left hand up to Nami's brassier, pushing it up out of the way and fully exposing both breasts. The nipple pinched cruelly in the clamp was an angry red, but the other was still a soft pink. She rolled the newly exposed nub in her fingers gently as Nami struggled to deny the erotic warmth spreading through her breasts.

"They're beautiful you know," Kafka said wistfully, startling Nami. "Your nipples I mean," she finished, pinching the nipple and tugging it outward with a swift motion before letting it snap it back into position. Nami jerked, and the clamp on the other nipple swayed painfully, "They're such a lovely colour. And so large," Kafka said, pinching the nipple and rolling it gently, "I notice them every time we change for gym, it's what made me think to bring the clamps. They really stand out." Nami flushed with a new surge of embarrassment as Kafka ran the tips of her fingers rhythmically across the tip of her breast, alternately teasing and tugging.

Kafka's right hand had been tracing a gentle path across Nami's abdomen, following a delicate trail down past her naval to the top of her panties. Nami gasped as she slipped the tips of her fingers below the elastic band, gently massaging the slightly rounded mound beneath it.

"It's smooth," Kafka commented, resting her head on Nami's stretched shoulder. "You must wax. I bet your pretty little pussy is just adorable like that, Nami-chan."

Nami shuddered at the intimate assault, "Please don't talk like that, Kafka... it's embarrassing."

"But its the truth," Kafka said emphatically, caressing Nami's mons in gentle circles. "Perfectly smooth, nothing to hide your pussy lips... you must like showing off for someone? A boyfriend maybe?"

"No!" Nami said emphatically before blushing a deep red.

"Be honest," Kafka said, fanning her hand out around Nami's pussy, lightly massaging the skin beside Nami's slickening folds "Why go to all the trouble of waxing if don't want to show it off. You love the thought people's eyes on you, don't you."

"Cut it out Kafka," Nami pleaded.

"I bet," Kafka continued in a sultry tone as she continued to caress Nami, "I bet you think about that while you touch yourself. I bet you pet your little clitty while imagining the whole class watching you."

"Stop it! Stop talking like that," Nami cried again, moaning as Kafka's gentle touch continued to excite her against her will.

"I bet you dream of spreading your legs and pleasuring yourself on top of Sensei's desk while a thousand anonymous eyes watch your ever move, staring at your swollen pussy lips as your hand works furiously in and out of your cunt for their amusement."

"Stop it, STOP IT!" Nami cried in tears, "Don't... don't say things like that.. it's not right! It's not..."

"Not what," Kafka said with a smile, "'Normal'?"

Nami froze up with Kafka's comment, which gave her the chance she was waiting for to take Nami to the next level. Nami gasped, then moaned deeply as Kafka slid her middle two fingers quickly up Nami's slit to moisten them, then sank them up to the second knuckle in her pussy, cupping Nami's swollen clit in the palm of her hand.

"See," Kafka said with a light voice, pulling her hand back slightly, rubbing Nami's clit before rocking her hand forward to drive her fingers back inside, "All I had to do was talk about it and you're absolutely soaking. It's even leaking into your panties. Go on, look"

Nami moaned despite herself at Kafka's sexual touch as she realized Kafka was telling the truth, she could see a spreading wet stain overtaking the crotch of her panties.

Kafka laughed, "Nami-chan, you're such a dirty little exhibitionist... and you didn't even know!"

"Don't laugh at me!" Nami demanded, fighting the urge to thrust her hips up onto Kafka's probing hand. "And don't... oh! Don't s-s-say weird things like that about me."

"You know, Nami-chan," Kafka said with a playful lilt, "As hard as you work to convince people you're not just a normal girl, you're fighting this awfully hard... did we find your real dirty little secret."

"S-shut up," Nami said, biting her lower lip to keep from moaning. She couldn't believe what she was feeling. She'd never been this horny before and a thousand ideas raced through her mind. Was it just because she was with someone else? She'd never been with anyone before. She wondered if she was a lesbian, if that's why Kafka's touch excited her like this or if, and she shuddered at the thought, maybe Kafka was right about her... that she was some sexual freak.

Kafka cupped Nami's breast and craned her neck around, seizing the engorged nipple between her teeth and pinching down, pulling it up into her mouth. Nami cried out as Kafka sucked the swollen bud of her breast, rolling the thick nipple between her teeth and flicking it with her tongue.

Nami was lost to the sensation; without realizing she was doing it she spread her legs to allow Kafka's hand easier access to her inner folds. Kafka obliged, increasing her pace and driving her agile, questing fingers even deeper into Nami's core. She continued to moan under Kafka's assault, rolling her hips to drive the other girl's probing fingers even deeper. She felt the clamp on her tormented nipple swaying rhythmically with the motion, anticipating it's electric shock of pain as it swung freely from her breast.

"Kafka..." Nami panted brokenly, "I can't believe it.. I'm going to come.."

"You're going to come soon?" Kafka asked, lifting her head from Nami's breast.

"Y-yes!" Nami moaned, "Yes! NOOO!" she cried suddenly as Kafka's thrusting hand stopped it's ministration. She withdrew it from Nami's panties with a delicate flourish, bringing it briefly to her lips to sample the flowing juice. "You stopped!" Nami wailed, thrashing against the restraints that held her in place, trying desperately to find a way to push herself over the edge. "Why did you stop!"

Kafka turned, sitting down on Nami's lap facing the bound girl and seized her hair in both fists to turn Nami's face to hers. Surging fear nearly stopped Nami's heart as she looked up at her captor. She'd forgotten her predicament, forgotten just how much power Kafka actually had over her. The smile on Kafka's face was angelic as always, but her steady grip was cold as steel. "Because," Kafka said staring directly into Nami's eyes, "This is punishment. And we've still got the whole night to go..."

Kafka stood, loosening the tie-clasp on her own blouse. "Lets see about getting ready," she said, carefully lifting the uniform blouse over her head. Nami was shocked to see an intricate net of red cord tied in a complex robe bondage pattern across Kafka's chest and extending below her skirt. Loops of rope encircled Kafka's breasts, keeping them tautly upturned, and Nami saw a golden, heart-shaped piercing through one of her nipples. Kafka undid her skirt next, sliding it down past her legs revealing her mound. Not only was she not wearing panties, Nami noticed she was neatly trimmed and shaved... in fact, she had shaped her pubic hair into a little heart framing her folds, which glowed in the dim light of the classroom with a thin sheen of fluids.

"We'll just put these away," Kafka said, folding her uniform and turning to place them on a desk behind her. The crisscrossed spiderweb of brilliant red welts Kafka revealed on her back as she turned made Nami gasp... she could see more than a dozen red, painful lines of different sizes, a few with a fine speckling of dried blood where they broke the skin.

"Kafka, your back..."

"What? Oh this," Kafka said smiling over her shoulder, "It's nothing."

"But you... I mean..." Nami started, lost as to where to go... something Kafka said earlier about her family make her continue, "Did... did someone in your family.. did they hit you like that?"

"What?" Kafka asked, genuinely surprised, "Oh, no, I did that."

"You did it to yourself?" Nami asked, watching Kafka lay her clothes aside and walk back to the bound girl. "Why?"

"Because," Kafka said with the same soft smile, "Of what I was going to be doing to you. My family taught me a long time ago, 'The only one who knows how much you hurt others is yourself.'" Kafka bent down and cupped Nami's face, "Even if this is your Penance, I knew I was going to hurt you. I paid my Penance already."

A swirl of conflicting emotions ran through Nami's mind, not the least of which was a renewed fear of what Kafka was capable of. A newcomer, though, was a growing sense of sympathy for Kafka... 'She's so dedicated to her idea of love,' Nami thought to herself. 'Ok, yeah, she's currently got the "scary whack-job" part on display, but in her own twisted way she's sort of showing her love.'

Unsure of what to say to break the silence, Nami lead with her growing empathy. "I'm sorry, Kafka-chan." When Kafka looked at her quizzically, she pressed on. "I mean, the only reason you had to go through that was because of me... I... didn't realize how much I was hurting other people, and now I've made you hurt yourself for me... I didn't want that. I'm sorry."

Soft tears welled in the corners of Kafka's eyes, she wiped them away with the back of her hands, "Oh, Nami" she said, hugging the girl, inadvertently shoving the nipple-clamp painfully to the side. "Oh, I'm so happy. You're really starting to understand now. It was so hard to train some of the others, but this is going so well."

'Others?!' Nami thought.

"Oh," Kafka said, leaning back and taking a look at the clamp, "This is still here. It's time to take that off." Nami sighed in relief, which quickly turned to a hiss as Kafka gripped the clamp and pulled back on it, stretching the tortured nipple even further. Kafka twisted it gently to the right, as though unscrewing a drink cap. Nami strained against her bonds, whimpering, as her breast was pulled taught until Kafka finally pinched the clamp ever so slightly, allowing the swollen nipple to slide painfully through the teeth. Nami sagged down, gasping for breath, held up only by the chains cuffed to her wrists.

Kafka worked the clamp briefly, making sure it was still well springy, "Now then, we just move it to the other side."

"The.. the other side," Nami said plaintively.

"Oh yes," Kafka responded, gently pinching Nami's other nipple "See, you leave these things on too long, and the whole area just goes numb, so I like to alternate sides. After all," Kafka said, lifting her hands to her head and parting with them in imitation of another classmate, "You have to do it properly." Kafka tittered at her own joke briefly before covering her mouth with her hand. "That was a mean, wasn't it... just a bit." Picking up the riding crop, Kafka slapped herself on her exposed ass with surprising force, leaving a rapidly growing red welt visible to Nami, who swallowed hard as her Empathy for Kafka fell back to a distant third again behind Fear and Pressing Desire to Change Schools.

Kafka once again sat side-saddle on Nami's lap, teasing her untouched nipple with the clamp, letting it pinch and slide off the eraser-thick tip with a practiced hand. Nami jumped a bit each time, the repeated electric jolts of pain leaving her jittery until Kafka got the clamp into final position, letting it snap shut sharply like the last time, dragging a similar high-pitched whimper from the abused girl.

"There now, " Kafka said, smoothing Nami's hair gently out of her face, "Now then, I think it's time we worked on giving."

"Giving?" Nami asked hoarsely.

Kafka sat up on her knees, straddling the bound girl and raising her chest even with Nami's face. "Oh yes, learning how to give without expecting anything in return is an important part of the training." Kafka pressed herself close to Nami, who could feel the warmth of Kafka's rope-framed mound as she pressed it against her abdomen. "You pick things up so quickly it's time to move on to the next lesson." Nami felt herself flush with humiliation at being praised like a dog, which deepened as Kafka patted her head with a gentle hand.

"And now," Kafka said, as she gripped the back of Nami's head, "Let's get started." She pulled Nami's face into her chest, pressing it against the knotted ropes that crisscrossed her body as she pressed Nami to her breast.

"But Kafka," Nami spluttered, wide-eyed, as Kafka forcefully stroked her cheek across her pierced nipple. "I've never.. I mean.. not even with a guy..."

"It's ok, Nami-chan," Kafka said reassuringly, "That's why we're practicing." Kafka lay the crop down on top of the desk before cupping Nami's chin and gripping her jaw, squeezing it open. "Don't fight it, Nami-chan, and this will go much better."

Her eyes clenched shut in shame, Nami opened her mouth, extending her tongue to Kafka's heart-pierced nub. Unsure of what to do, Nami flicked at it half-heartedly with her tongue for a few moments. Kafka sighed at Nami's initial awkward fumbling.

"No, no Nami-chan," Kafka scolded gently, gripping Nami's ear and twisted it sharply, making the girl yelp faintly. "There's no feeling behind that." Kafka pressed herself against Nami more forcefully, stuffing her breast into Nami's mouth. She tweaked Nami's ear again firmly as she continued, "You'll have to do better than that."

Nami struggled as Kafka continued to press her breast firmly against her mouth, making it difficult to catch her breath. Nami, already taxed by the position she'd been held in, was wheezing and trying to breathe through her nose as Kafka, heedless of Nami's teeth, continued to press herself against Nami's face. "You'd better start doing something," Nami chided, "The harder you struggle the more difficult breathing is going to be."

Frantic for air, Nami gave in, attempting to caress the stiff peak of Kafka's breast with greater enthusiasm. Unsure of what to do, Nami desperately tried to remember what it felt like when she touched herself. Feeling lewd and shameful, she began to flick her tongue more rapidly, flicking it over the tip of the Kafka's nipple, occasionally, she would stop and circle it with her tongue. The metallic taste of Kafka's piercing was making her feel ill, and she soon realized that a thin trail of drool was running from the corner of her mouth, dribbling down her and Kafka's chest.

Nami choked for air through her nose, keenly aware of the stale smells in the air as her captor pressed herself against her; sweat and sex filled the air along with Kafka's scent of ginger and cream.

Without warning Kafka pulled back, and Nami instinctively gulped air as she found her mouth unobscured, coughing as she struggled to catch her breath.

Kafka smiled patently as Nami's coughing subsided, "There now, that's better." she said, gripping Nami's head by the hair at the back again and pulling it toward her other breast. "Let's try again."

Realizing she had little other choice, Nami brought her head forward, engulfing the proffered nipple with her mouth. She began to trace the same pattern with her tongue, flicking it lightly before circling it. Without a piercing to get in the way, she was able to feel the whole length of it, rolling it gently with her tongue.

Kafka gripped Nami's ear again, twisting it painfully as Nami uttered a muffled whine. "That won't do," Kafka said gently, "It's nice, but it's boring... try and surprise me."

Whimpering faintly, Nami began to trace figure-eights around Kafka's stiff peak. After a few seconds, with another twist to her ear form Kafka, she turned her head to the side, opening her mouth wide and engulfing a large section of Kafka's breast with her mouth and running as much of her tongue as she could over Kafka's nipple.

"Good," Kafka said, administering another tweak to Nami's ear, moving the girl back to her pierced breast. "Good, but timid."

"I've never done this before," Nami said softly. A few new tears ran down the sides of her face, still red with shame. "I just... I don't know what to do."

"Shh, shh...." Kafka soothed, "I know." Kafka still gripped Nami's ear and pulled her down to the golden charm dangling from her breast, "But that's why we're learning, isn't it? Remember, you've got more than just your tongue... don't be afraid to use your lips, or your teeth.. I'll let you know if you go too far."

With her hesitation pushed aside with another painful twist of her ear, Nami sobbed softly and returned to Kafka's breast. This time she lifted the golden charm with her tongue, sucking it into her mouth. Sucking gently on the nipple, Nami continued to tug gently at the charm with her tongue, pinning it against the roof of her mouth.

Backing off a bit, she turned her head and began to tease the underside of the nipple with soft kisses and flicks of her tongue. Kafka continued to press her head hard against her own chest, dragging the red silk ropes around her breasts across Nami's cheek.

Nami whimpered as Kafka gave her ear another twist and pull, moving almost instinctively across to Kafka's other breast. She moved slowly, trailing delicate kisses across the valley between Kafka's breasts. A spur of inspiration stuck in Nami's mind, and she gave Kafka's breast a quick nip, playfully, letting her teeth scrape across her captor's areolae before glancing fearfully up at Kafka's face.

"That's fine," Kafka said, still giving Nami's ear a corrective pinch, "But don't let up... I'll let you know if I think you can do better."

So she continued to pleasure Kafka's breasts, one after another. Nami teased her friend's breasts, covering them with kisses, teasing the nipples with her tongue, her teeth, all the while guided by Kafka's stern hand. Nami realized with shame she was being trained to please Kafka; punished and praised like a dog depending on her actions.

"That's good, Nami-chan," Kafka said, kissing her softly on the top of the head before standing up, "Very good. But now, it's time to move on." Stepping close, Kafka took Nami's head in hand once again, pressing it toward her glistening mound. "Or, at least down."

"Kafka-chan I... I..." Nami began, looking up at Kafka's face, still sporting the same angelic smile she started the evening with. Nami's voice failed her, unable to think of anything that could sway Kafka she hadn't already said. The last of Nami's resistance faded, and she simply leaned forward and placed a kiss at the top of Kafka's mound, just above her hood. "Whatever you say," she murmured quietly.

As she moved to take Kafka in her mouth, the first thing she noticed was her scent. It wasn't bad, like the jokes she heard some of the boys making when they thought they were out of earshot. But it was powerful, a deep musk that flowed into the air around her pink folds. Nami saw a thin trail of fluids that had streaked Kafka's thighs. "Are you that turned on," Nami said softly, gasping as she realized she'd spoken out loud.

"Mmm.. yes." The throaty voice surprised Nami, who looked up to see a look of hunger creeping over Kafka's face. She reached down, sliding her fingers along the lips of her sex, opening them slightly and collecting a thin sheen of her moisture. "I told you, you are very good. This is all because of you," she said, holding her fingers down to Nami's mouth, "It's all for you."

Reddened at Kafka's praise as much as her lewd behavior, Nami still opened her mouth, letting Kafka spread her slick fingers across her tongue and sucking at them gently.

"Oh Nami-chan, you're such a dirty girl!"

Nami, still suckling at Kafka's fingers, continued to grow flush, the red blush extending well down her neckline. Now, though, it wasn't just shame, or anger that brought out her colour. She could feel the heat spreading through her belly, as her arousal grew again.

" I didn't think it would be this easy to open you up," Kafka said a she withdrew her fingers from Nami's mouth, eliciting a wet smack as they left her lips. Nami turned away and cast her eyes downward as she crinkled her brow in embarrassment, finding it difficult to believe she was being this vulgar. But, it didn't feel wrong... more and more she was becoming numb to Kafka's lascivious acts.

The whistle and crack of the crop, followed by the stinging on her ass-cheek made Nami start upright. Kafka lectured Nami softly, "You're not paying attention. Let's not have any more dawdling."

"S-sorry, Kafka-ch-chan," Nami spluttered. Kafka kept her grip on the crop, and Nami realized she was going to have to keep her happy to avoid further strokes. With as much enthusiasm as she could muster she leaned in and began to trail a line of kisses along Kafka's inner thigh, moving slowly upward toward her pussy.

She took care to lick at the trails of nectar running along Kafka's thighs, changing to the other thigh, dancing her lips across the sensitive flesh as she approached Kafka's mound.

Kafka gripped the silk ropes which crossed between her abdomen and mons and pulled, the taught silk cord digging into the flesh between her legs and making her pussy-lips part slightly exposing the core of her sex to Nami. Nami hesitated only for a moment before leaning in to taste Kafka for the first time.

Running her tongue along the folds of one side of Kafka's pussy, Nami turned her head, pressing her lips inside to gently kiss the inner wall. Trailing her tongue upward, she caressed the delicate pink flesh with her tongue. She froze, unsure for a moment, when she reached the top of Kafka's cleft, but a painful swat on her backside from the riding crop spurred her to action and she began gently circling Kafka's hooded clit with her tongue.

"Good, Nami-chan, good," Kafka sight softly, pulling rhythmically on the ropes around her crotch, reveling in the sensation as the tension flexed the petals of her sex open and closed. Putting her hand on the desk to help support her, Kafka shifted her weight to one foot. Lifting her other leg, she began to caress Nami's crotch through her panties with her foot.

Moaning softly, Nami continued to try and please her captor. She steeled herself, and began to lick Kafka deeply, slowly working her tongue into the girl's inner core. Kafka's soft mews of pleasure became louder as Nami traced the other girl's pussy with her tongue.

"Ah, Nami-chan," Kafka moaned softly as she raised her foot and slid it down into Nami's underwear, teasing the contours of Nami's nether lips with her toe, "You're amazing... I never dreamed you were such a lewd little girl."

Kafka was getting more and more wet; nectar filled Nami's questing mouth as she moaned in pleasure. "Nami-chan, Nami-chan... I need more," Kafka said, withdrawing her foot from Nami's panties. Kafka hooked her leg over Nami's shoulder and pulled the girl forcefully to her, grinding herself against Nami's face. "My pussy needs you, Nami-chan..."

Rolling her hips, Kafka began to grind against Nami's face, flexing her leg and pressing Nami's face deep into her pussy, cutting of the bound girls air for a few seconds. Nami tried to pull back, but Kafka grabbed a fistful of her hair, crushing the girls face into her sex. "No," Kafka hissed, more plaintive than commanding, "I need you deeper." Kafka jerked Nami's head forward as she leaned in, putting her balance on Nami's shoulder, making the joint ache with the extra weight. As she forced Nami's face as deep into her sex as she could, she struck down with the crop whipping Nami's outer thigh and calf with the crop.

Nami cried out, muffled by Kafka's sex as Kafka leaned back, rotating her hips and pulling Nami's face back. The tormented girl gasped briefly for air, Kafka's juices smeared across her face, when Kafka thrust her hips forward again, grinding Nami's face deeply into her pussy, and whipping her across the hips with the crop.

Kafka repeated her movements, grinding her aching pussy against Nami, who struggled to breathe, pacing herself around Kafka's rhythm. "Nami-chan, Nami-chan," Kafka panted, delivering another stinging clap of the riding crop, "I need it, Nami-chan, I need to come, Nami-chan... Make me come, Nami-chan."

With no other choice, the next time Kafka drove Nami's face into her dripping snatch, Nami dove in, extending her tongue as deeply as she could into the depths of her captor's sex. Kafka bit her lower lip to keep from crying out, and increased her pace, grinding against Nami's questing tongue as she sought release.

Nami found a working rhythm, bobbing her head forward in time with Kafka's thrusts, driving her face into Kafka's sex with abandon. Her hips and shoulders burned with exertion, and the weighted clamp still on her nipple swung freely from the motion, sending jolts of pain on one side as Kafka's crop followed suit on the other. The crop now, though, no longer bit as deeply, rather Nami realized shamefully, it was more of a prompt, urging her faster and forcing her deeper in her exploration of Kafka's secret core.

"More, Nami-chan, more... you make my little pussy feel so good," Kafka moaned, releasing Nami's hair. Instead, she cupped the back of her head more gently, urging her higher toward her clit. Nami, unable to help herself, pushed back her hood with her lips and sucked gently at the engorged peak. Kafka squealed in pleasure, rutting against Nami's face with abandon.

Thin trails of Kafka's honey ran down Nami's chin as she struggled to keep pace. Goaded on by a few strokes of the crop, Nami began to circle Kafka's inflamed clit with her tongue, making her cry out. "Nami-chan, amazing... I never dreamed you were such a filthy girl... I'm getting so close to coming..."

Kafka shifted, laying much of her weight on the leg draped over Nami's shoulder and gripping the sides of the desk. Nami groaned in protest as Kafka lifted her other leg, draping it over her captive's shoulder, fully straddling Nami's face. "Now, Nami-chan," she said, panting, "Now Nami-chan just a little more." Digging her heels into Nami's shoulder-blades to keep seated, Kafka crushed Nami's face hard into her aching pussy, holding herself up on the edges of the desk.

Struggling for air, Nami tried to match the tempo of Kafka's rutting, struggling to free her mouth or nose from Kafka's folds. She gasped for breath where she could as Kafka continued to fuck herself against her captured prey. "I'm so close, Nami-chan, so close to coming!" Kafka cried, releasing the desk corner and whipping Nami's legs again with the crop to urge her on. "I want you to make me come, Nami-chan! Make me come with your lewd mouth, Nami-chan!"

Driven by the lashes of the riding crop, Nami continued to lick the inmost parts of Kafka's sex, caressing the petals of her sex with her tongue and lips as Kafka crushed her sex to Nami's face. Nami found her rhythm again, timing her questing thrusts of her tongue to the thrusts of Kafka's hips, sometimes letting her teeth scrape ever so gently against the exposed tip of Kafka's clit.

Kafka's swats with the crop were erratic now, eventually she missed completely, losing her balance and falling backward. Even so, she never released the grip of her legs, straining Nami's shoulders painfully as she fell back. Without spoiling her rhythm, she reached down with both hands, propping herself up, still intent on finding her climax. Chanting "A little more, a little more..." in a mewling voice in time with her thrusts, she arched her back sharply an continued to thrust against Nami.

Aching shoulders and impromptu acrobatics proved momentary distractions, but Nami struggled to stay with with Kafka's galloping pace. Desperately afraid that Kafka's frantic thrashing was going to pull her shoulders from their sockets, she tried anything she could to help her to orgasm. Burying her face deep in Kafka's snatch, she lashed her tongue wildly against the bucking girl's soft inner folds. Without anything else to work with, Nami dug her nose into Kafka's clit while she continued to lick as deeply as possible in Kafka's tunnel.

Kafka's litany had faded to a high-pitched moan as, biting her lower lip in concentration, she locked her ankles behind Nami's head, pinning the girls face deep in her pussy. Unable to free herself from Kafka's desperate grip or draw clear breath, Nami panicked, turning her head to one side and biting the sensitive flesh of Kafka's sex.

"Yes, Nami-chan, Yes!" Kafka shrieked, thrashing wildly, locked into position around Nami's head, " YES! I'm... I'm coming!" Wild spasms wracked Kafka's body in orgasm, her back arching sharply as beads of sweat and her own juice rolled down her stomach, back, face each leaving a salty-sweet trail behind as they dripped onto the floor.

Nami wailed in desperation, releasing her grip on the twitching inner walls of Kafka's snatch. Unable to swallow cleanly, much less breathe, Kafka's juices trickled into Nami's mouth and nose and ran in thin streams down either side of her cheek as Nami thrashed her head left and right trying to free herself. A smaller climax overcame Kafka amid Nami's frenetic thrashing, and she yelped her release as her muscles strained.

Quivering, her arms gave out first and she collapsed, banging her shoulder on the floor. Her knees trembled once, then again, finally unlocking from around Nami's skull as her tension faded. Untangling her legs she slid down Nami's frame, her rear finally resting on the bound girl's lap, one leg on her shoulder the other with it's heel hooked on her elbow.

Freed from Kafka's iron grip, Nami gasped and choked on Kafka's honey before coughing and spluttering, spraying Kafka's front with gobs of spittle and her own pussy nectar. A thin, glittering strand hanging perversely from the corner of her mouth as Nami, humiliated, watched Kafka bask in the afterglow of her orgasm, humming quietly to herself.

Kafka's eyes turned upward to meet Nami's, and the softly panting girl smiled widely. "Oh, oh, oh Nami-chan," she sighed, caressing Nami's cheek with the sole of her foot still resting on Nami's shoulder. "That was divine; this is the most fun I've ever had breaking in a virgin."

Nami, her panting subsiding, hung her head and said nothing as Kafka continued to playfully massage her cheek, rubbing the slick juice between her toes. Nami, exhausted, said nothing as Kafka held her foot by Nami's mouth, pressing the nectar-slick toe to her lips. Almost without thinking Nami's lips parted and she gently sucked at Kafka's toes, even going to far as to lick gently between them.

Kafka withdrew her foot from Nami's mouth, tracing her toe down a slick line of sweat and sexual juices streaking Nami's chest and staining her crumpled bra to Nami's breast. Placing her heel on the ribs just below it, Kafka pinched the clamp between her toes and tugged it playfully few times. Nami bit her lip against the pain, but didn't respond. Kafka took her other leg and caught Nami's chin to turn her face to the front.

Kafka's stare was steady as she met Nami's eyes, making the bound girl cast her gaze down. A painful jerk of the clamp attached to her breast made Nami sob painfully, and she turned her eyes back to Kafka's. Nami was transfixed, unable to look away from Kafka's piercing eyes, and unwilling to risk further pain to try. She still said nothing, waiting for Kafka to continue.

A few moments later, Kafka laughed and let go of Nami, sitting up and embracing the girl lovingly. "We did it!"

"W-what?" Nami stuttered in confusion.

"We did it," Kafka repeated softly, brushing the sweat-matted hair back from Nami's face with a supremely gentle touch once more. "I think you really understand now... you stopped fighting, whining, begging... You were waiting for Penance like a good girl. You really do understand now, so it's over."

Sagging against her bonds in relief, Nami laughed and sobbed at the same time. Kafka took the key from the desk and unlocked the cuffs on her legs, helping her captive stretch her legs back out. Nami leaned back against the desk, waiting for the cramps to subside from her very sore calves with her eyes closed.

Tapping the relaxing girl on the shoulder, Kafka waited for her to open her eyes, then seized her in another passionate kiss. Nami's eyes widened in shock as she felt Kafka's hand slip below the band of her panties, which were stained with a wide, damp spot of her own juices from earlier in the night. Pulling her head back, she looked at Kafka imploringly, "I... I thought you said we were done..."

"Oh your Penance is done," Kafka said, her eyes glinting, "Now it's time for your Reward."

"R-r-rew..." Nami tried to start, but was cut off by another forceful kiss from Kafka.

Too weak to struggle, Nami didn't resist as Kafka probed her mouth with a gentle tongue. She cupped Nami's sex, rolling her palm softly across it, leaving a trail of soft kisses on Nami's jawline as she moved down over her bra, her tongue taking in the rolling beads of sweat and sex that still ran down Nami's chest.

Nami sighed in pleasure despite herself as Kafka seized her free nipple, rolling it gently between her teeth as she flicked the thick tip with her tongue. She felt the familiar dampness growing between her legs again as Kafka's gentle touch excited her teased pussy for the third time that night. Kafka took her hand away from Nami's dewy folds, reaching behind back to pick up the riding crop. Nami's eyes widened, but Kafka merely chuckled. "Don't worry, Nami-chan... like I said we're done with the Penance... I won'd be hitting you any more."

Gripping the crop upside down from about the middle, Kafka rubbed Nami's pussy through her panties with the well-wrapped handle, pressing the soft cotton into the slit as Nami's wetness spread across their front. Nami whimpered as the wide handle parted her lower lips, teasing them through the material of her underwear. Kafka's practiced hand twisted the handle of the crop, pressing Nami's pussy open wider as Nami spread her legs wider instinctively.

"Mmm," Kafka said, still tending to Nami's heavy nipple with flicks of her tongue, "Doesn't it feel nice, Nami-chan? Don't you think it's fun being dirty?"

Nami shifted to one side, turning her head guiltily. "Please don't say things like that," she said, struggling with her shame again... without Kafka's looming threat Nami's mind raced back over the nights events, guilt, shame, and anxiety pooling in her stomach and fighting with her growing sexual excitement. "It's... it's not right..."

"Oh," Kafka said archly, giving Nami's nipple a gentle tug with her teeth, making the poor girl jump again, "You said that before... since when did YOU want to be boring and normal..."

"It's not, ah," she yelped, interrupted by another tug, "it's n-not about n-n-normal... it's just n-not right," she finished, biting her lower lip against the rising moans she was feeling.

"What's not right about it?" Kafka asked, moving the crop to gently circle Nami's clit which was now visible through the soaked material of her panties. "Doesn't it feel good?"

"Y-yes," Nami said weakly.

"I'm sorry," Kafka said, pressing the crop down harder, sawing the braided leather over Nami's clit and slit, pressing her panties even deeper into her sex, "What did you say?"

'Yes!" Nami cried, arching her back, "Yes it feels good!"

"Then," Kafka said, withdrawing the crop, "What's not right about saying it?" Nami whimpered faintly as Kafka moved down to her waist. "Honesty with your feelings is very important." She slipped her hands into Nami's waistband and began pulling her panties down out of the way. She peeled the damp, cotton material out of Nami's slit eventually sliding them all the way down Nami's legs and off. She spread Nami's legs gently, taking in her view of Nami's smooth, glistening sex.

"Aww," Kafka said playfully, "What an adorable little pussy. I knew it would be."

"Don't look at it like that," Nami said, trying to clench her legs together. They were held well apart by Kafka, however.

"Why not, it really is pretty," Kafka said, leaning in close, "It's so pink and sweet-looking." Placing her head at the very top of the bare skin, she gave it a delicate kiss. "I haven't seen one this well shaved and clean before." Nami's blush returned at Kafka's comments, her cheeks burning. She could feel Kafka's eyes watching her, but she was too humiliated to look up at her. "You really do take good care of it," Kafka continued, adding a second and third kiss, moving down Nami's mons toward the lips of her sex. "Doesn't it feel good to show it off?"

Nami didn't respond as Kafka brought her mouth to Nami's pussy, drawing her tongue along the full length of the slit. She moaned softly as Kafka continued, pressing deeper into Nami's sex with her tongue. Kafka brought her hands up, pressing Nami's legs apart with little resistance. She propped her forearms on Nami's inner thighs, moving her hands to Nami's pussy to gently spread it open.

"It's just as pretty inside, Nami-chan," Kafka said, opening the petals of Nami's sex with practiced hands. "Did you know?" She ignored Nami's half-hearted protests, earnestly teasing the soft pink folds with flicks of her tongue. She pushed back the hood, exposing Nami's clit and taking it into her mouth ever so gently. Nami cried out, biting her lip to try and restrain herself as Kafka tended gently to her sensitive bud.

Kafka chucked softly to herself and gripped Nami's hip, rolling her onto her side. She protested faintly, twisting her torso to the side. Kafka propped Nami's leg on her shoulder, holding it up with one hand.

Nami glanced down, watching Kafka lick delicately at her pussy as she flicked gently on her clit with the thumb of her left hand. She moaned again, more deeply this time as the last of her resistance crumbled. She propped her foot on Kafka's shoulder to give her better access to her pussy.

Kafka's pace slowed, however, and her movements became more teasing. Nami whined softly, knowing what Kafka was going to make her say, "Kafka... Kafka please..."

"Please what?" Kafka said, impishly, flicking her tongue gently over Nami's smooth sex.

"P-please... please m-make me c-c-come," Nami stuttered softly, humilated tears welling in the corners of her eyes again.

"Make you come?" Kafka said playfully, "Why, I thought that's what I was doing."

"Please," Nami implored, looking down in Kafka's eyes, 'Please I want you to go faster... t-to make me feel better."

"Oh," Kafka said dramatically, as if putting the pieces of a puzzle together, "You want me to fuck your pretty little cunt, right?"

Nami winced, shocked at Kafka's vulgar language. "Yes... yes, please make my p-p-pussy feel good."

"No, no no," Kafka chided, flicking at Nami's clit with her thumb and making the girl whimper out loud, "What you want is for me to fuck your pretty little cunt."

Nearly at her limit, Nami struggled with herself for only a few moments before she gave in. "Yes, Kafka-chan," she shouted, "Fuck me! Please f-fuck my little c-cunt.. I want you to f-f-fuck me until I come!"

Kafka smiled serenely, taking the crop in her hands again. Parting the folds of Nami's pussy, she began to insert the handle. "Wait!" Nami cried, stopping Kafka, "Wait, please!" she sobbed, tears running freely on her face again, "It's.. my virginity I mean..." Nami whimpered, rambling, "I don't want to... I mean, we can still... I just don't want to lose it like this...please..."

Kafka pouted cutely, but slowly pulled the crop from Nami's pussy, "If you want to keep it that badly, I'm not going to take it from you," Kafka said. Slowly grinning, however she turned the crop around the other way and began rubbing the thin striking tip over the slick fold of Nami's sex.

"Wait... I thought you said you wouldn't.. "

"And I won't," Kafka said, "But that means we have to change things up just a bit." Removing the slightly lubricated tip, Kafka moved it away, positioning it at Nami's ass.

"No way," Nami cried, 'You wouldn't... "

"But you were the one that told me you wanted to be fucked hard," Kafka retorted, twisting the crop against Nami's rear more and more firmly. "This is the only other option if your sweet little cunny is off-limits."

"B-b-b-but... " Nami began, trying to think of some way to have Kafka back off.

"Sorry," Kafka said with a smile, "Times up." Swooping her head down, she opened Nami's pussy with her left hand, capturing her clit with her mouth and sucking it. At the same time, with a quick twist, she inserted the juice-slick leather of the crop into Nami's ass.

Howling, Nami struggled against the chains that still held her wrists as best she could, an unfamiliar mix of pain and pleasure radiating from both of Kafka's targets. Though not exactly gentle, Kafka was careful with the crop, inserting only a scant inch or two and very gently twisting it, slowly letting Nami get accustomed. Her mouth worked at Nami's clit, breaking off her contact now and again to tease it gently with her tongue. She kept her hand busy, rubbing the outer folds and the hood with her thumb and finger, gently stroking the length of it.

Nami's sexual fire was building despite herself, even the crop intruding perversely into her ass was starting to send her pleasure. She sucked in her lower lip as the pleasure grew, moving her hips in time to Kafka's deft touch and stoking her building climax.

"I think I'm coming," Nami moaned as her body stiffened, "I am coming, Kafka-chan I'm coming!" Nami said, her body spasming as her legs scissored together, pinning Kafka.
Kafka never stopped, however, and continued to gently tease Nami's pussy and ass. The shock of Nami's orgasm was slow to fade, every shudder drug out by Kafka's careful attention. Finally spent, Nami sagged backward against the desk panting, not sure if she could move.

Kafka gently withdrew the crop from Nami's rear, setting it aside as she sat up. "My, my, Nami-chan," She said with a smile, "That was some show we put on." Turning her head to look over her shoulder at the door she added, in a raised voice, "WASN'T IT". A dark shadow withdrew from under the doorway with a frightened squeak, accompanied by the rustle of heavy cloth. Kafka smiled to herself.

Standing, Kafka carefully unlocked the two cuffs on Nami's wrists freeing her arms, which hung limply at the girl's side for now. Carefully tucking the cuffs under the desk, Kafka gently opened the clamp on Nami's nipple, and put it and crop away in her bag, drawing out a hairbrush and some clean, damp wipes in their place.

She dabbed carefully at Nami's face with a clean cloth, wiping away streaks of sweat and sex while speaking in a clear, motherly tone. "Now then, Nami-chan, here's what's going to happen. You're going to be absent for at least one day to recover," Kafka said, now gently brushing the unresisting girl's hair with the brush, "If you need it, you can take up to three, but that's all. I don't want any more truant student nonsense." Smiling as Nami shook her head to show she understood, Kafka embraced her. "And if you think you need any more special attention, I'll always be ready to give it to you."

Gingerly lifting Nami's face with the crook of her finger she gave Nami a soft kiss, and was pleasantly surprised that she responded in kind, twining her tongue with Kafka's. Kafka broke of the kiss after a few seconds before gently sucking Nami's lower lip into her mouth and biting down on it playfully. Nami moaned in pleasure softly before gasping and withdrawing, raising her hand to her mouth in shock and blushing brightly.

"Oh, Nami-chan," Kafka chuckled, "This is going to be so very much fun."

* * *


Itoshiki surveyed his classroom in dismay, as usual, taking attendance. "Hitou, Nami" he called, not expecting an answer.

"Sensei," Kafka said, raising her hand, "She told me yesterday she wasn't feeling well."

"Yes, yes," Itoshiki said wearily, shaking his head and checking off other names.

"Sensei," Kafka said, her arm still raised, "If you'd like, I'd be willing to take her assignments to her today."

"Oh. Well, that would very nice, Fuura-san. Please stop by at the end of the day."

"Yes, Sensei," Kafka said with an odd smile, "She's been learning so many new things recently, I'd hate to see her fall behind."

Fully half the class shuddered in a cold chill, which Itoshiki missed completely. "Well... yes. Ok then," Itoshiki said, "Free study this morning, Amuse yourselves."

Used to his often brusque manner, the class simply took out their supplies and started to work. Itoshiki sat down at his desk and picked up the newspaper. A few moments later, he happened to glance down.

"Good morning, Sensei."

"Tsunetsuki-san, you were down there?"

"Yes... Always. I just wanted to thank you for the presents, they're very thoughtful. I'm sure they're going to be put to very good use."

"Ah, of course. You're certainly welcome and I'm glad you appreciated them," Itoshiki said, slightly confused as he turned back to his paper. "Hmm... looks like rain at the end of the week," he muttered softly to himself, turning the page. A few beats later, he glanced back down. "Um.. exactly what presents did you mean, Tsunetsuki-san?"

Ka-click, Ka-click...

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