Thirty Years Isn\'t Really So Long

BY : SystemAurora
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Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing or make any money off of this.

AN: This is meant to be the epilogue to an alternate ending for Hellsing I wrote. The only thing you really need to know about it is that Seras is raped during the course of that fic.


"Safeword, safeword!" Seras shut her eyes tightly. Integra pulled her hips away from her, sliding the dildo out of her, and Seras sighed in relief. "Sorry."

"Nonsense." Integra said. "I was surprised you even suggested it." She sat back on her heels and helped Seras sit up.

They were on the carpeted floor of Integra's office, boxes and torn gift wrap littered all around them. The less interesting birthday gifts, primarily from the remaining members of the Round Table, lay in piles near the desk while Seras's presents were closer at hand. The Manor had been rebuilt in record time, and Seras and Integra had finished moving back in just in time for Integra's twenty-third birthday.

"I wanted to try it." Seras fiddled with her lingerie. "I thought maybe it had been long enough."

"Time may heal all wounds, but I suspect it takes longer than a few months." Integra chided her lightly. "At any rate, it was worth a try." Seras glanced at her slender body, which was adorned with a leather corset and harness, and her distress melted into a mix of love and desire. Selfish or not, she was quite pleased with the gifts she'd bought for Integra using the money she'd stashed away from her "pay cheque" each month.

"I suppose we can play with the other toys." Seras rifled through the pile. "You can take the strap-on off, if you like."

"I'd rather leave it." Integra took a pair of leather cuffs from Seras. "It's rather... different. Turn around."

Seras did, and Integra took her hands and fastened them behind her back. Seras struggled against them, testing their strength. The silver nestled underneath the leather would restrain her in all but the most panicked situations, she decided with satisfaction. "I can't get out of them." She said cheerfully. "Not unless you order me or your life is in danger."

"I see." Integra kissed the back of her neck, causing Seras to shiver. "Silly little Police Girl. She's gotten herself handcuffed. Whatever shall I do with a helpless, half-naked vampire?" She reached down and cupped Seras's arse cheeks. "Bend over and spread your legs, Seras."

"Yes, Sir." Seras did as she was told, supporting herself on her left shoulder.

"Good." Integra patted the vampire's bum. Seras heard her opening then closing a container, and squirmed in apprehension. "Nervous, Police Girl?"

"A little," Seras admitted. She trusted Sir Integra with her unlife and knew she would stop immediately if Seras used the safeword. Still, her Mistress loved nothing more than to keep her in suspense.

A lubricated finger slid into her arse. "You have more than one orifice here." Integra said pleasantly. "Perhaps I'll be able to penetrate you after all."

Seras wiggled in protest. "No, Mistress, please," She whimpered playfully. "Not there."

"Yes, there. I'm well aware that vampires have the cleanest arses of any creature, living or dead. Now be a good girl and lie still." Integra pressed her well-lubricated "erection" against the entrance. Seras beared down against it until it slipped in, eliciting a grunt from her. "That's a good girl." Integra took her by the hips and gently began grinding into her. She reached around and massaged Seras's clitoris as she moved.

"Oh God," Seras breathed. "Faster, please, my Mistress."

Integra complied, driving Seras to the edge of ecstasy. "Don't come yet, Seras." She slowed her massaging. "You're to wait for me to finish first. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mistress." Seras moaned. "Please fuck me, my Mistress."
She knew that Pip and Walter were quietly observing as usual. They'd quickly learned that if either of them (usually Pip) made any perverted remarks about her being intimate with Sir Integra that she would block them from watching until she was finished. It was all the same to her if they watched or didn't watch, although blocking them out was annoying when she wanted to focus completely on the encounter at hand.
Perhaps one day she'd let them join in, but not today.

Integra was breathing more heavily now, and Seras decided to encourage her. "Do you like giving it to me in the bum?" She asked seductively. "Do you like me bent over and submitting to you while I'm all tied up and helpless?"

That seemed to do the trick. Integra groaned and moved faster, pressing her fingers against Seras's most sensitive spots. "Come now, Seras," She gasped. The vampire obeyed immediately, crying out as relief flooded her. The two women collapsed in a pleasured heap on the floor for a moment, then Integra sat up and released Seras from her restraints.

"I think this may be my best birthday yet," She declared as she laid down next to Seras. "Thank you." She kissed her on the cheek.

Seras wrapped her arms around Integra. "You're welcome." She rested her head on her breast.

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