What Has Gotten Into Tamahome?

BY : Makoto_Sagara
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Title: What Has Gotten Into Tamahome?
Author: Makoto Sagara

"Used Miko for sale!"

That was the call that rang out from the square. All the people in the town square turned to face the owner of the voice. A tall, handsome, green-haired young man stood there, holding the hand of a cute, brown-haired girl in funny clothes.

"Tamahome! What are you doing? Let me go!" The girl squirmed and still couldn't get free of the boy's grasp.

"Well, Miaka, you told me to get everyone's attention. That's what I've done," the boy replied nonchalantly.

"NURIKO!!!! TASUKI!!! HOTOHORI!!! CHICHIRI!!! ANYBODY!!! HELP!!!" Miaka rang out.

In an instant, four men appeared, none looking too happy, except for the blue haired monk. He looked ecstatic, and was the one who the people backed away from first.

The men glared at Tamahome. "Tama-kins, why are you trying to sell Miaka?" the purple haired one asked.

"She told me to get the people's attention, Nuriko, and I've done that."

"Excuse me, how much do you want for the Miko?" a bold man asked Tamahome.

"50 gold pieces."

"Is that all I'm worth to you?" Miaka asked.

"Tamahome, that is enough, no da!" the monk responded.

"I quite agree. This has gone on long enough, Tamahome. Either apologize to Miaka, or you will be sorry," the tall brown-haired man said.

"Damn straight, Tama. Cut the crap or I'll set you on fire," was all the orange haired man said.

"Here is your money. May I have my miko now?" the stupid man asked the doomed Tamahome.

"Yep," Tamahome replied happily.

"Tamahome!!!!!" Miaka screamed, deeply hurt.

Before anyone saw anything else, the monk had taken the miko back, and the other men had jumped Tamahome. The cry of 'Rei-kai-shen' was heard, and a big fire ball appeared. The purple haired one jumped out of the way, taking the serious one with him.

"Are you ok, Hotohori-sama?"

"I'm fine, Nuriko-san, but it looks like Tamahome is a little burnt..."

"Serves him right!" With that, Nuriko kicked him and walked off with Chichiri and Miaka.

"I quite agree." He looked up to see Tasuki still burning the fallen Tamahome. "He will become a real spectre if you keep that up, Tasuki!"

"I'm not done with him, though, Emperor."

"You can drag him to the castle and beat him more there, if you want, but there are crowds, and I don't like the looks of them."

"Okay." Tasuki grabbed a burnt leg of Tamahome, and dragged the unconscious boy off to the castle....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The End.....

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