Carnal Rivalry: Master & Servant

BY : Sensual-Amber
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Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing; this is only a fanfic meant to entertain. I recieve no monetary gain for these writings.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing; this is only a fanfic.

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Integra/Seras

Carnal Rivalry:
Master & Servant

By Sensual Amber

“Miss Victoria!”

The young woman shot from her seat and then turned to the gentleman addressing her. One ‘Walter C. Dornez’s well modulated, heavily accented British voice echoed through the vast halls of the Hellsing manor.

“Yes, sir!” Seras Victoria answered promptly and stood at attention.

“Sir Integra will see you now,” Walter informed the young vampire.

The retainer had served two generations of the Hellsing family; however, it appeared that he was much more than that. Seras realized that no one, with the exception of her master,
was more loyal or dedicated to the current head of the estate. As the vampire apprentice walked past the gentleman, she bobbed her head in silent thanks.

Seras military boots made soft thuds as she headed down the corridor, facing the elegant, double cherry wood doors at the entrance to the study. Reaching for the crystal door handle, the young vampire took a deep breath, turned the knob and pushed open the door.

It was late evening; the sun had set nearly an hour ago and the room was cast in a semi-darkness. Behind a massive desk, positioned between a set of glass-paned terrace doors sat an imposing figure. One ‘Integra Wingates Hellsing; the only child, sole inheritor and matriarch to one of the most prestigious families in England.

The well-oiled hinges gave no indication of entry; however, as the door opened, Integra looked up from the official document she was reading. The mistress of Hellsing peered through stylish, rimless glasses. Ice blue eyes lifted and zeroed-in on the figure hovering in the doorway.

“Good evening, Sir Integra,” Seras managed to produce a nervous smile. “You sent for me?”

“Sit down, Police girl!” Integra was blunt. Used to giving commands, both her eyes and tone froze the young vampire on spot.

Setting aside the document, the head of the Hellsing Organization laced her fingers together and leaned forward on the desk. Her blue eyes narrowed, as they settled on the halfling in front of her.

Seras Victoria was an ex-police officer and, according to record, she hadn’t been very experienced or proficient in her duties. The girl was also a victim and sole survivor from the massacre in the town of ‘Cheddar’. Her presence here at the mansion was due to an unusual request by Hellsing’s most prized vampire… Alucard.

“Are you enjoying your stay, police girl?” Integra asked suddenly, her British accent resounding in the room.

The woman’s voice was colder than the arctic winds and the young vampire shivered at the sound. It was clear how someone of Integra’s caliber could control her master, Alucard, with such ease.

“Yes, mum,” Seras answered and her head bobbed in confirmation.

“Hmmm…” Integra murmured, as she continued to assess the vampire. What had Alucard seen in this girl, she wondered? What had occurred in that blasphemous church in Cheddar that the ultimate vampire had decided to turn this slip of a girl?

“Are the accommodations to your liking?” Integra continued. Her eyes never left Seras as she reached for and extracted a ‘Hendi Wenzeman’ mini cigar from the box. Placing the slender smoke to her lips, Integra waited.

“Oh…” Seras gasped, as realization dawned. Jumping to her feet, the vampire grabbed the lighter from the desk and flicked it open. The flame from the lighter was reflected in Integra’s eyes, as Seras leaned over the desk and moved it closer to the tip of the expensive stogy.

“My lodgings are more than adequate, Sir Integra, I assure you,” the vampire stated.

Alucard’s master exhaled and the sweet scent of tobacco filled the room. The aroma was not overpowering, as Seras expected, but subtle. Closing the posh lighter with a snap, the vampire realized this was the closest she had ever been to the mistress of Hellsing.

Although British, Integra’s platinum blond, waist-length tresses and clear ice-blue eyes hinted at a Nordic heritage. There was also a bronze tint to her skin, when compared to a pale Seras.

By normal standards, Integra was considered neither beautiful nor feminine. She dressed in elegant men’s suites, wore a cravat bearing a cross - the insignia of the Christian faith and smoked cigars. The woman was bold, arrogant, had a commanding presence that one could not ignore and that most found challenging.

Is this what bound master and servant? After all, Alucard loved a challenge and Seras had always wondered about his connection with Integra. Did the ultimate vampire also have a desire to tame the mistress of Hellsing… to have this human master bow to his will?

“Is there a problem, police girl?”

“Ah… no… no, mum,” Seras mumbled a response to Integra’s question, before sliding back into her seat.

Through the haze of smoke from the slender cigar, Integra continued to survey the young vampire. It was still a mystery how this Seras Victoria was able to capture Alucard’s attention.

The police girl sat primly in her chair; her knees were clasped tight together, as were her hands, which rested in her lap. Even though Seras had the strength of vampirism and immortality, Integra intimidated her.

Pushing back her chair, the mistress of Hellsing stood, walked around the desk and leaned against it. Looking down on the vampire, Integra again wondered about Seras and Alucard. Her servant had repeatedly stated that the police girl had made the choice to become his personal ghoul.

Why would any human make that choice, Integra wondered? Seras, herself, was finding the transition difficult. The young vampire could not even stand the sight of blood, for pity’s sake, and had refused to feed on the medic packs provided her. Was it possible that the girl’s acceptance had something to do with Alucard himself?

“Tell me,” Integra addressed the vampire, “What do you think of your master?”

“My m-master,” Seras stuttered. “Master Alucard?”

“Yes, police girl, is there any other?” Integra was unable to keep the biting sarcasm from her tone.

“No, mum,” Seras answered readily. “I was… a bit thrown off by the question, is all? Now let’s see…”

As the young vampire took time to formulate her thoughts into words, Integra noticed the light in Seras’ crimson eyes. The girl’s normally pale cheeks took on a rosy hue as she thought about the Hellsing Organization’s top assassin and her actions had, unknowingly, set Integra’s teeth on edge.

Something dark and feral unfurled within the mistress of Hellsing. It had been there… since the moment Alucard had made the request to keep the girl within the organization and it had only grown overtime. Just knowing that he had claimed the girl’s soul had irritated Integra. It was something that she… that she had…

“… sometimes he’s a bit strange and a little scary, well… a lot scary, actually.” Seras’ laugh broke through Integra’s musings. “Even though he is sort of an enigma to me, I think I’m beginning to understand him a little better,” the girl ended.

Integra sniffed with disdain at her words. The woman reached over and began grinding the butt of the cigar into an ashtray on the desk. Although her movements were slow and precise to conceal her annoyance, Integra resisted the urge to stab viscously.

“So… you think you understand him; do you?” the woman asked stoically. Clasping her hands behind her back, Integra walked behind Seras chair. “Are you, by chance, professing to know him as well as I, police girl?”

Seras jumped on hearing the woman’s voice so close to her ear. If she did not know better, she would have thought Integra was… angry.

“Oh no, mum,” the vampire began, “I didn’t mean… after all, you and my master… well, you two are… ah… you two…”

“We’re what?” Integra’s low voice was amused.

Appalled at her loose tongue, Seras clamped her lips tight together at her superior’s question. In a moment of weakness, the vampire had revealed her curiosity and suspicions about both master and servant.

Although Alucard was Seras master, Integra was his. Did the ultimate vampire harbor the same protectiveness and desires for the leader of Hellsing that Seras held for him? Unreciprocated feelings, she reminded herself and was glad that the woman behind her could not read minds.

“You fancy him, police girl?” Integra mocked. The words were undoubtedly a statement, not a question.

Pale hair fell forward and spilled over the vampire’s shoulder, as Integra leaned over the girl. She was amused, as well as, annoyed on seeing Seras grip the arms of the chair, unsure how to answer.

“I would not entertain such thoughts regarding Alucard, if I were you,” the mistress of Hellsing sniffed. At the vampire’s silence, Integra actually felt a twinge of pity towards the young girl.

After all, Integra understood the girl’s strange and, somewhat, heretical attraction for Alucard. It was not as if she had not entertained similar thoughts regarding Hellsing’s ultimate weapon. However, the fact remained that although she and Alucard were bound by loyalty, he and Seras were bound by blood.

Placing both hands, encased in kid gloves, on the vampire’s shoulder, Integra squeezed gently and heard Seras release a sigh. As she looked down, Integra took in the girl’s short-cropped, reddish-orange hair. Seras skin was quite fair; the typical English rose complexion so popular with the British. With her head slumped forward, two small indentions on the side of the girl’s neck were clearly visible. The mark of the vampire … Alucard’s mark.

How many times had Integra dreamed of obtaining such an insignia? How many nights had she lain awake wondering what would happen if the role of master and servant were reversed? As always, her orders to Alucard were “Search and Destroy”. If he were her master, what would his orders be for her?

It was sheer impulse that had Integra leaning over Seras and settling her lips over the same spot where Alucard’s had been. She felt the vampire jump slightly as her tongue flicked out and lap gently at the marks, before her mouth closed over them.

Although a soldier, Seras smelled quite feminine. She smelled of rose water and Integra took a deep whiff. Not once would she consider such a fragrance herself. The spicy scent of sandalwood was much preferred for the head of the Hellsing Organization.

Seras stiffened on feeling Integra’s lips on her exposed skin and could not believe what was happening. Had Integra gone mad? Feeling the first nip of the woman’s teeth and her response to it, Seras began to wonder if she had also gone mad.

Possessing super human strength, the vampire could have easily pushed Integra away. However, it was the memory of Cheddar village… the night that she had died and was reborn that Seras did not. Alucard had taken her life that night, but he had also resurrected her.

Seras remembered his warm breath on her cheek. She recalled pain from the initial bite, before the warmth pooled through her body. She remembered Alucard’s scent, as he held her that night and drank of her blood.

Leaning her head to the side, Seras reveled in Integra’s assault. In her mind, it was not the mistress of Hellsing giving her pleasure, but her own master.

“Alucard…” Seras whimpered, sounding as if she were in pain. “My master.”

“Yes…” Integra hissed a response, “Alucard…” she moaned her servants name, but continued to use the police girl to enact her own fantasies. Everything she had ever imagined Alucard doing to her, Integra was now doing to Seras.

“You want him,” the mistress of Hellsing stated forcefully in the vampire’s ear.

“No, Sir Integra, I… it’s just…” Seras denial fell short as the gloved hands on her shoulders slid down to cup her full breast.

“Liar!” Integra accused. As punishment, she squeezed the vampire’s ample bosom together, creating a tantalizing cleavage. Roughly massaging the clothed mounds, Integra saw that Seras nipples were so erect that they pushed against the fabric of her shirt.

A gurgle of pleasure escaped the turned on vampire’s throat. Arching back, Seras gripped the seat of her chair and thrust her breast forward, allowing Integra better access. Suddenly, she felt the woman’s hands at her throat, slowly unfastening the buttons of her uniform top.

Peeling the shirt from Seras shoulders, Integra then slid her gloved palms beneath the vampire’s heavy breast, pressing them up and causing them to spill over the top of the simple white-laced bra. The hands that reached for the front clasps of the frilly material were not her hands, but Alucard’s. In Integra’s mind, the white lace supporting Seras’ overly endowed bosom was actually the black silk that encased her own average sized breast.

“You want him to touch you; don’t you, Seras Victoria?” Integra’s voice was thick with passion, unaware that she had used the girl’s name for the first time. “Do you expect him to be gentle? He won’t,” she said firmly, as she fully removed the bra and tossed it somewhere behind her. “He wouldn’t know the meaning of the word.”

To demonstrate, Integra cupped Seras’ huge tits with the crimson centers and, once again, lowered her head to suckle Alucard’s mark. Capturing the nubs between the thumb and forefinger of both hands, the woman began manipulating the vampire’s sensitive nipples.

Slender gloved fingers stroked and caressed quivering flesh; the silken fabric only added to the stimulation. Integra heard Seras labored pants; she felt the slow rocking back motion, as the girl began squirming in her seat. Slowly rocking back and forth, the vampire threw back her head in ecstasy and responded to natures call.

With each thrust the mini-skirt of Seras uniform slid higher up her legs, exposing her creamy thighs and the black panties underneath. Opening her legs wide, she moaned with delight at the sensation and thoughts of Alucard. Capturing her bottom lip between her teeth, the young vampire tried to stop the string of incoherent mumblings escaping her throat.

“Please…” Seras whimpered and Integra smirked.

“Please what?” The authoritative tone of Hellsings mistress rang in the vampire’s ear. “What do you want, police girl?”

“Mmmm,” Seras moaned, “Please… ma… master…”

Integra knew the young vampire was not referring to her. There was only one master as far as Seras was concerned and that master was… Alucard.

Releasing her hold on the girl, Integra walked around the chair and stood in front of Seras. Looking down on her disheveled appearance, she took in the vampire’s heaving breast and engorged nipples. Seras eyes, in this heightened state, reminded Integra of Alucard’s. Hers reflected the same blood red crimson of her master when facing a worthy opponent.

“Get up!” Integra snapped.

The half clad vampire immediately jumped to her feet to stand at attention, her large breast bobbing at the sudden movement.

“Now… come here,” Integra’s voice was low, but it was a command nonetheless.

Used to following orders, Seras did not hesitate as she began moving towards Integra. As she approached, she noticed that the woman had removed her gloves. She had also unraveled the impeccable cravat at her neck and was now shrugging out of her suit jacket.

Tossing her discarded clothing in the empty chair, Integra’s ice-blue eyes never left Seras crimson ones. Once the vampire stopped directly in front of her, Hellsing’s mistress placed a hand at the small of her back and then guided the vampire to the large mahogany desk.

In a sudden movement, Integra swung the vampire around and slid elegant, slender fingers through Seras hair. The girl cried out on feeling her head pulled roughly back, her hair held in the tight grip of Integra’s fist.

Although fully capable of breaking free, Seras allowed Alucard’s master to ease her back on the desk. She even allowed, and responded to, the hot breath on her neck… to the bare fingers that pulled, tweaked and pinched her nipples. Seras cried out again, as Integra’s mouth left her neck and traveled to the base of her throat.

Suddenly, she felt the heat of the woman’s warm breath hovering just above her right nipple and Seras held her breath in anticipation. She did not have to wait long, as Integra wasted no time drawing the hardened nub into her mouth.

Hellsing’s mistress sucked loud and hard, imaging it was Alucard’s magnificent cock inside of her mouth instead her rivals breast. Her tongue swirled over heated flesh and lapped at the vision of a throbbing, rock hard vampire erection.

“Aaah… yes… master!” Seras gasped, totally enraptured. Straining to prolong the sensation, the girl arched back with her head dangling over the side of the desk. Her hands reached out, clutching at Integra’s shoulders to maintain her balance.

Need, so raw and intense, uncoiled in the pit of Seras stomach. Unconsciously, the vampire lifted her legs and dug the heel of her boots onto the surface of the expensive desk. Her legs fell open at the knee and her hips thrust upward, demanding more.

Seras silent plea was not lost on Integra. Reaching down, the woman grabbed onto the hem of the vampire’s mini-skirt, pulling it up to her waist. Integra’s lips never left the girl’s breast, as her hand searched for and found the flat plane of Seras belly.

Hellsing’s mistress hand dipped lower. They slid into the waistband of the vampire’s black panties, cupping the mound of heated cunt in the palm of her hand. Seras responded by inhaling sharply and then thrusting her hips from the desk.

“M-master… please… my master,” the girl groaned over and over, as Integra began stroking her wet pussy. Nimble fingers parted the lips of her cunt and Seras stiffened on feeling the tips of two fingers at her opening.

“Ooohhh… right there!!!” the vampire moaned again.

“Is this what you want, you little bitch?” Integra let go of Seras tit and looked up into the girl’s flushed face, the release of suction resulting in a loud popping sound. “Admit it, Seras Victoria, admit that you want Alucard,” the woman snarled.

“No… I…” Seras whimpered; the vampire then felt Integra bite down on her nipple at the obvious lie.

“Yeeesss!!!” The girl squealed, torn between pain and pleasure. “I want him… my master… Alucard,” Seras professed passionately.

Integra smirked triumphantly and shoved two fingers deep inside Seras tight, wet cunt. He glasses were fogged from the heat rising from both their bodies, as she delivered the final blow.

“You can’t have him!” Integra declared as her fingers pumped furiously and were quickly saturated in Seras feminine juices. In and out… back and forth, she stroked the vampire’s silken walls and her thumb brushed tantalizingly over the girl’s swollen clit.

“Alucard is mine… I own him, every ghoulish inch of him,” Integra hissed. “Enjoy this moment of bliss, police girl, as this is the closest you will ever get to my servant.”

Seras did not respond… she could not. Even though Integra’s words stung, the vampire rode wave after pleasurable wave of sensation. So caught up in the rapture building within her, the girl’s hips thrust up from the desk and gyrated in rhythm with the pace Integra created.

The mistress of Hellsing basked in her own pleasures. It was she, not Seras that lay upon this desk enjoying this act of foreplay; it was Alucard’s fingers, not Integra’s that had her spiraling to a higher plane… to an ethereal existence.

Thoughts of Alucard and the moans escaping Seras throat only increased the momentum. Integra’s fingers moved faster… thrust deeper as her own orgasm peaked. Tossing her head back, the woman’s glorious platinum tresses rippled down her back as a guttural sound tore from her throat. It occurred the same moment Seras lower body lifted from the desk and the vampire screamed her release.

Other than heavy breathing, the room was deathly silent.

Seras slid from the desk on unsteady legs. Gripping the lapels of her uniform top, she pulled them together and began straightening her attire. Integra leaned forward, placing her palms flat on the desk. Her head was lowered and her hair fell forward, shielding her face. Once presentable, the fully satisfied vampire turned to a highly satiated mistress of Hellsing.

“Sir Integra…” Seras began tentatively.

“You may go, police girl,” the woman responded.


“I said leave!!!!” Integra snapped furiously, as a hand slammed down hard onto the desk. Her head whipped in Seras direction and hostile ice-blue eyes shimmered intensely. “That…” she emphasized, “… is an order!”

Without a second thought… without another word, Seras turned to leave. As she headed for the door, the girl paused for a brief moment to look back at Integra’s form still standing at the desk. On seeing the woman stiffen, the vampire decided to make a quick exit.

As the door clicked shut, Integra finally moved. Reaching over the, the woman grabbed another cigar from the box and lit it herself. Propping a hip a hip on the desk, she enjoyed her smoke as she thought about what had just occurred.

“Damn you, Alucard!” Integra whispered. “Damn you to hell!”

A sinister laugh echoed throughout the room. That familiar sound grating on Integra’s nerves, knowing he had witnessed the scene from a moment ago.

Reigning in her fury, the woman managed to maintain her poise.

“Show yourself, Alucard,” the mistress of Hellsing said with more calm than she felt. Integra watched him materialize from the shadows, taking in his dark masculinity and lifted her chin a notch.

“I didn’t know you were into watching,” she taunted Hellsing’s weapon of mass destruction. “You’re more of a freak than I imagined.”

“You should talk.” Alucard retorted, clearly amused. “You humans are such strange creatures,” the vampire murmured.

Integra knew what he meant. He was reading her mind… again and she braced herself for the unwanted philosophy he always felt the need to bestow upon her.

“It is beyond me why you settle for less, Sir Integra, when what you want is well within your reach,” Alucard asked.

“Since you are able to read my mind, then you already know the answer to that,” Integra snapped.

“Unfortunately… I do.” The vampire smirked at his master’s evasiveness. “It’s always the same with you, my master,” Alucard said, licked his lips and began merging into the shadows of the darkened room. “I’ve been waiting for you, Sir Integra,” he laughed before disappearing completely. Only the echo of his voice was left behind as he taunted her.

“All you need do, my master, is make a choice!”

The End

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