Last Meeting

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This Is Au As Does Not Follow The Death-Note Time Line

A few years after the Kira case is over, Matt and Near were living in their countryside place, Mello was moving from place to place not really settling down and L and Misa were in there own house with their son Jay who was a few months old, in the outskirts of Winchester.
Only time they would come together were big gatherings at Wammys, This time the call to gather them was not a happy one.

L and Misa were the first to arrive at the old orphanage L once called home....He stood looking up at the tall building in front of him lost in the memories going through his mind, He was brought out of them by a hand touching his arm.
“Do you know why we were called here today.” Nears quiet voice asked, Matt was standing by his car smoking a cigarette.
L shook his head “Roger wasn’t clear on the phone just said that it was important.”
Near nodded and like so many years ago took L’s hand as they waled inside.
Matt stubbed his cigarette out before following inside Misa and Jay close behind them.
Roger was waiting for them “It is good to see you all made it here today...” He looked around as if looking for someone... Just then a motorcycle pulled up outside “It would seem Mello brought a guest.” They all turned to watch as someone got off the bike and removed their helmet Their stood Mello his guest moved to park the bike.
Mello placed his helmet down “What are we here for Roger, Do you know how long travelled to get here.”
Roger sighed at Mello s impatient behaviour still “And who is your guest Mello?”
“Don’t worry he’s an old house member, so to speak” Mello said as he turned to the door as Fenian walked in clutching his own helmet and stepped up beside Mello not looking up.
“ Nice to see you again Fenian it has been along time....And as for why you are here you were brought here at Watari’s... As some of you know “ He glanced to L and Near “Watari has been sick for some time now.”
Mello looked up and growled out, “What do you mean sick? Why wasn’t i told this”
Near spoke up quietly. “Because he didn’t want us to worry, He decided to deal with it alone, Well until he couldn’t then he enlisted Roger’s help.”
Mello growled but bowed his head his hand clutching his rosary.
“Near is correct, And Watari is a lot weaker now and wanted to see you all as a family one last time.” Roger said calmly.
L nodded and walked to where he knew Watari would be “L....” Misa said quietly making to go follow him, Matt laid a hand on her arm stopping her “He needs to be alone, Our time will come to say our goodbyes.” He said his head lowered so his hair covered his eyes.
“There is no-one but Madeline and Ann here so you have free roam of the house you will be called when needed.” Roger said, Each of them nodded and walked away.
Roger lead Misa to a quiet sitting room with a small basket in there for Jay. “I’ll make some tea.” He said before going to the corner of the room where a small kettle and tea things where already laid out.

L walked into the old large office it had been converted into a bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The only thing that remained from the old office was the sofa’s.
On the bed Watari lay sleeping, L walked slowly over to the bed and climbed up crawling over and laying his head down on Watari’s chest.
Watari opened his eyes and smiled down at L “Welcome Home L”
L whispered back “Thank you, Rest up i’m not going anywhere”
Watari laid his hand on L’s hair before closing his eyes he was grateful for the sleep.

Mello, Fenian, Matt and Near all made their way to Mello’s old room.
Matt and Near climbed on his old bed, and Mello climbed on his, Fenian stood beside it until Mello spoke up “Sit Fenian” Fenian did as he was told.
“Did you both know about this.” Matt shook his head.
“I found out by accident, Watari asked me not to say anything. Not even to Matt so i didn’t.” Near replied quietly.
Mello growled and slumped, Fenian moved behind Mello and started to massage his tired shoulders, Mello leaned into the touch slightly. “How bad....” Was all he said knowing Near would understand what he meant.
“There is no treatment, He can be made comftable but that is all. If he wanted one last meeting it means he doesn’t have long as we were all due together in 3 weeks” Near said quietly playing with his hair...
Matt moved and hugged Near “You shouldn’t of dealt with knowing alone” He said.
“What else could i do,” Near said tearing up slightly “He’s family, and he asked me because he trusted me” Near finished, holding Matt close.
They all went silent, Matt hugged Near and rubbed his back and Near silently cried against his shoulder and neck.
Fenian continued rubbing Mello’s shoulders both pretending they could’t tell Near was crying both knowing that he doesn’t show emotion much.

After Roger poured Misa’s tea he had Ann make her some snacks as he went into Watari’s room and he took his seat by the bed letting Watari and L sleep.... upstairs Near had cried himself to sleep, Matt laid him down and pulled the covers ups before cuddling into Near and following Near into sleep. Mello was laying down his rosary in his hand silently praying as stared up at the ceiling. Fenian lay fast asleep curled up at Mello’s side.

( A few hours later once everyone had woken )

They were all in the small sitting room that Misa was taken to earlier that morning... L was still in with Watari
Roger placed drinks down in front of each them. “Soon Watari wants to speak with each of you... Afterwards we’ll be eating in there around to sofas.” He said as stood near the door.
“He doesn’t know i’m here i wasn’t invited.” Fenian said quietly.
“He knows, He was informed while you were all asleep, He wants a word with you to Fenian.” Roger said before adding “I don’t know the order he wants to see you yet so please be patient.” They all gave a short nod and took sips of their drinks as they waited.

( With Watari )

L was standing next to Watari, Watari began to sit slowly, L helped rearrange the pillows before helping Watari sit back against them.
“Thank you L” Watari said a gentle smile on his face.
“Its ok, You looked after us for so long its my turn to look after you.” L Said as he straightened the covers around Watari.
“That is what Roger and Madeline are for” Watari said...
“I’m here now and i want to...” L Said stubbornly before adding “You really think i’m going to leave now of all times.”
Watari shook his head and smiled “Not really you always were stubborn and got your own way.” Watari paused and took a sip of his own drink. “L i want to talk to the others first ok..”
“But...” L lowered his head “Yes Watari... who shall i send in first.” He asked quietly.
“Mail he’s the calmest of all of them. And L i will talk to you to i promise please don’t get down”
L smiled and nodded “I’m sorry and i’ll send in Mail..” L turned and left the room closing the door behind him, He went down the hall and entered the sitting room. Looking around he saw Misa on one sofa, Jay asleep in his basket. Mello on the chair Fenian on the floor near the table, Matt and Near sat together.
“Matt he wants to see you first.” L said looking to Matt.
Matt stood and handed his hand-held computer the Near as he left the room making his way down the hall with his head lowered. He paused briefly outside before entering silently.
Matt looked to the bed noticing Watari’s eyes shut. “ Watari...”
Watari opened his eyes and smiled to Matt. “Come sit Mail.” Matt did as he was told and sat bed the bed on a small chair.
“Do you know you three boys are more special then the other children, I always saw you three as family right from the beginning.”
Matt smiled as he listening before speaking up in a quiet voice, “ Mello and Me were always like brothers, we were inseparable and you were like our grand father ...” Matt paused pulling a face and looking down hiding his face with his hair.
“Shh Mail i know it’s hard for you to use certain terms when it comes to family, Just knowing you think that makes me so happy.” Watari said showing that same gentle smile as Matt raised his head a little. Watari continued “And you were always smarter then you let on ... Your a very strong boy Mail you always have been.”
Matt shook his head “No i’m not...”
“Yes you are, You were strong at 4 years old when i came and picked you up in Spain, Your strong for dealing with everything you went through, and your strong now dealing with a love life that most would give up on.... How are you and Nate getting on ?”
“We’re ok he still has bad days but were coping better, I love him so much” Matt said.
“Things might become a roller-coaster when i go Mail... With both Near and Mello..”
Matt bit his lip... Before saying “I’ll be there for them...No We’ll be there for each other”
Watari smiled and said “I hope so, and check in with L more, I noticed that you guys don’t get together very often.”
Matt lowered his head again “We’ll try but L has the New baby and Misa, He won’t need us there.”
“L will always need and want you Mail...Now more then ever, This will hit him harder then he realizes, He’s more stubborn then Nate at times.” Matt nodded his head in understanding at that. “Mail i know you’re not one for contact unless it is needed but i could really use a hug right now” Watari asked quietly, Matt looked up before climbing gently on the bed. “Thank you Mail..” He said as he wrapped his arms around Matt in a loose hug.
“I know its a lot to ask you, with you still been young but i’m grateful of you trying to keep the others together once i leave... I believe in you Mail.”
Matt held Watari a little tighter not quite trusting his own voice to respond to that.
They remained in the hug for a few minutes before Matt pulled away gently.
He looked to Watari noticing the changes the illness caused “I’m going to miss you, I often imagined that you’d be around forever, when ever we needed you.” Matt said quietly but honestly.
Watari smiled a little at that. “I wish i could at times but i can’t. I’ll miss you all so much and if it’s possible i’ll watch over you all.” Watari replied and he lay further into the pillows.
Matt stood up off the bed and bowed his head. “Mail please can you send in Fenian, I think i should save Nate and Mihael till near last if possible.”
Matt nodded his head slowly “Is there anything else you need.. Food or drink”
“I’m ok thank you Mail, We’re having dinner soon.” Matt just smiled and lent down giving Watari one last hug, surprising Watari. Before leaving the room.
As he re-entered the sitting room everyone turned to look at him.
“He wants to see Fenian next.” Matt said his head bowed enough to hide his eyes.
Fenian stood and bowed before leaving the room without saying a word.
“He wants to see Fenian before me or cue-tip” Mello said slight anger and disappointment in his voice.
“He wants the calmest ones first, Matt, Fenian and Misa then me and you finally L because he is like Watari’s son.” Near said leaning into Matt as he sat down, Matt took the touch from Near gratefully.
Mello huffed but didn’t verbally reply this time. L Picked up the sleeping Jay before standing and hugging him quietly by the window, Misa watched quietly not knowing what to say or do.
Fenian walked down the hall and knocked on Watari’s door and waited.
“Come in Felix.” Watari called and sipped some more of his drink.
Fenian entered and closed the door “I’m sorry i came without an invite but i was with Mello at the time when Mello received the call”
“It’s ok Felix, I know you and Mello are sexual partners, but are quiet and don’t want it announced” Watari said knowing Fenian might panic.
“What?...How?... Who told you?” Fenian said slight panic in voice.
“No-one told me, But i saw how you two acted when in the house, I’ve been around so many people it was only time before you 2 got it together.... I’m happy for you, and happy that you have each other especially now...” Watari noticed small bruises here and there on Fenian. “He doesn’t hurt you does he?” Watari both said and asked.
“We have a strange relationship” Was all Fenian replied.
Watari sighed before replying “If it ever goes beyond you’re boundaries can you promise me you’ll tell him, talk to him.” he said seriously.
Fenian looked Watari in the eye. “I will i promise, But i enjoy the relationship we have, i know most don’t understand it...I love Mi...Mello and i know he feels the same.”
“I’m glad Mello found someone he could trust enough, Mello is like family to me. I worry how this whole thing will effect him.” Watari said sighing.
“I’ll look after him, and him and Matt are still close..”
Watari smiled “Thank you Felix, I know Mello often pushes people away but it’s his way of protecting himself from getting hurt.”
Fenian smiled sadly “I know, But he allows me to hug him from time to time, Not often but still...”
Watari nodded and sipped his drink again before placing it down. “Just never give up on him, I know he’ll never give up on you.” Watari said holding his hand out. Fenian took it and squeezed slightly.
“With all you went through Felix I’m glad you found someone you could trust and love...”
Fenian smiled “He’s not my dad i know that now, It was hard in the beginning but i talked to Mello about it.... about him.”
Watari returned that smile, “I’m going to miss you, You and Mello always gave us trouble and then asked innocently to go to church.”
Fenian laughed a little, “Only you let us off with going to church, we normally had to pray in our rooms or read from the bible we were allowed to have.”
“Do you still get to church much” Watari asked.
“Yes, We even found a small catholic church that doesn’t mind us been homosexual, To a degree... As long as we attend regularly and unify our Love to each other.” Fenian said an honest smile on his face.
Watari smiled to... “Shame i’ll have to miss that, But i’ll be watching from where-ever i go when i pass on”
Fenian nodded and lowered his head at the thought and gave a little squeeze to Watari’s hand. “I hope that where ever you are, and go that’ll you’ll always be happy. You saved me and i’ll always be grateful for that...I don’t want you to die...”
Watari gave a squeeze in return “I’m glad i found you in time to save, And everyone dies eventually Felix, it’s my time now. Please always look after Mello for me, He’s more fragile then he lets on”
Fenian nodded his head “I’ll always look after him.”
“Thank you Felix, can you please send Near in.” Watari asked taking a deep breathe to keep calm.
Fenian nodded and stood up letting go of Watari’s hand “Can i ask something before i go”
Watari nodded gently.
“You used my real name.?” He said
“No i didn’t use it in front of Matt so he doesn’t know, If you ever chose to tell each other you can but it is not my place to.” Watari said.
Fenian smiled and nodded “Thanks it’s just i only want Mello knowing” He bowed and made his way to the door. “I’ll send Near in “ he said quietly before leaving Watari’s room, He made his was slowly down the hall back to the sitting room his rosary in hand as he prayed silently as he walked. When he entered the main room he finished his prayer dropping his rosary.
“He wants to see you next Near.” Fenian said sitting back near the table.
Near pulled a face before standing from Matt’s embrace and made his way out the room and down the hall.
Mello stood glancing to Fenian, “I need the bathroom, excuse me.” He left and soon after Fenian stood and followed quietly behind.
Once they entered the bathroom “What did he say?” Mello asked
Fenian lowered his head “Not much, He knows about me and you though, He won’t say anything. He asked if we still go to church, and asked if i’ll keep an eye on everyone once he dies.”
Mello sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “As he knows and our church and God knows, I don’t want to hide it from anyone....I don’t want to announce it, but we won’t hide it understood?”
“Yes Mello..” Fenian replied immediately.
“Good boy...Let’s head back.” Mello said walking to the door.
“Mello i need to use the bathroom.” Fenian asked meekly
“Fine but join us when your finished.” Mello said before walking out of the bathroom.

Near knocked on Watari’s door before entering.
“Nate good to see you..” Watari said patting the bed beside him.
Near moved to the bedside before climbing up, “I thought Misa would be next, not me” Near said a puzzled loo to his face.
“You’re a smart boy Nate, Misa is next after you. Then Mello and then finally L.”
Near nodded his head and inched closer to Watari.
Watari moved his hand out for Near to hold. “I hear you and Matt are doing well.” He asked.
“Yes, I annoy him at times though, He deserves someone normal he just won’t look” Near said taking Watari’s hand and began drawing shapes on it with his fingers.
“That’s because he loves you Nate, He doesn’t want anyone else... He wants you for who you are..” Watari said kindly
“Suppose but if he did find someone normal he wouldn’t get upset, as they wouldn’t make the same mistakes i make.”
“Nate, You’re intelligent, Caring, Kind ok yes you have medical conditions.....Do you love Matt?” Watari asked giving a slight squeeze to Near’s hand to get his full attention.
“Yes i love him, we’ve created a strong bond.” Near said and pulled his hand free.
“You’re the most logical out of all of them Nate. When i die things will change...L will change”
Near frowned at the idea and Watari carried on “I know it will be hard to adjust, But i know you can, You’re a lot stronger then you let on. And people will start relying on you at times. Can you be strong for me Nate.? Can you keep that logical head of yours to keep people together..You’re all a family. My family and i love you i want you to stay together after i’m gone”
Watari said calmly.
“I can try to do that for you.” Near sighed “I thought you’d have longer..”
“I’m old Nate, Old and tired it makes it harder to fight” ....Watari took Near’s hand again. “You’ve been tired at times. Tired of the medicines and not feeling like yourself.” Watari continued as Near nodded his head in agreement. “Well i’m tired... I’ve lived a long life a full life, I have an amazing family.”
“I understand, i think....It’s not that you want to die but your ready to because you’re so loved by your family.” Near said quietly
“Exactly Nate” Watari replied “Can i please have a proper hug...while no-one else is here to see” Watari asked hopefully a small smile on his face.
Near paused briefly before moving forward to hug him, Laying his head on Watari’s chest.
After a few minutes of silence Near spoke up “Your heart is slower then normal.”
Watari sighed and rubbed Nears back.. “I know, As my body grows weaker so does my heart”
Frowning Near replied quietly “I should let you continue saying your goodbyes then”
Watari held on to Near for a little longer.... “I know you don’t see me as family but your like a grandson to me, I hope when i leave you continue to be happy and that you always stay in touch with L and the others, Because they need you and i know you can’t admit it out loud but you need them to.” Watari said.
Near pulled away from the hug he was getting to look Watari in the eye. “I promise, I’ll keep our family together even Mello.”
Watari smiled at that “Than you so much Nate... Can you please send Misa in on her own.”
Near nodded as he slowly climbed back off the bed and making his way to the door. Before he opened it he turned back to face Watari. “I know i don’t know what a real family is....But i’m glad i got to be a part of yours...” Near pulled a face and paused.
“It’s ok Nate i know what you’re trying to say, I’ll miss you so much” Watari said a small smile on his face, Near returned the smile and turned continuing out of the door going back down the hall to the sitting room where everyone was waiting.
Upon entering Mello looked up to him expectantly, Near shook his head “Watari would like to see Misa alone..” Misa nodded and finished feeding Jay before handing him to L, She stood and straightened her clothes slightly before leaving the room going down the hall.
For a few minutes Near stood still looking around all the people in the room.
“Near come here” Matt said shutting his game off and opening his arms.
Near moved over and climbed into Matt’s lap.
“So Mello and L are last” Fenian questioned quietly. Mello gave Fenian a small glare and Fenian bowed his head.
“Yes Fenian it would appear so, Then after Ann will finish dinner.” Roger said, Fenian nodded but didn’t verbally reply again. “As these talks with Watari last a different amount of time if you require a snack let me know.” He added
L sat humming quietly an unknown lullaby to Jay.
Everyone sat quietly and listened as L started to sing quietly to Jay helping him to nod off.
After a short time Misa came back with tears in her eyes. L put Jay down in his basket before standing and embracing her.
Mello stood up “I Guess that means it’s my turn.” He straightened his clothes and rosary before putting on a poker face before he walked out of the sitting room.
“Fenian are you ok? you’ve been quiet” Roger asked as he placed the fresh drinks down.
“I’m fine” He smiled “I’m just thinking and am tired was a long trip down here.” He took his tea and sipped it gratefully hoping Roger wouldn’t question it any more.

Mello opened Watari’s door slowly and stepped inside.
“Mihael good to see you after so long.” Watari said in a quiet voice. Mello bowed his head politely “And you, So sorry i didn’t come sooner, If i knew ...” Mello paused and walked to the bed.
“If you knew? what could of been different, I’d still be ill. it would of stopped you all from living your lives.... Which is why i didn’t tell you.” Watari countered.
Mello sighed and sat down “You’ve always been there for us, you stayed by our beds when we were ill or when we had a bad dream, it’s our time to take care of you.”
Watari smiled “It was my job to take care of you, you were my boys.”
“And your like our grandfather, Family are supposed to care for each other” Mello said...”I would of to of known that someone i care about is dying.” He added lowering his head so his face couldn’t of been seen.
“I’m sorry i didn’t tell you, i didn’t want you to worry and stop living your lives, While mine was shortened.” Watari patted the side of his bed. Mello climbed up “How many see this side of you hmmm Mihael. You all had to grow up so fast you never had a real childhood before, Is it so wrong for me to want to protect you... from something i know will be painful.” Watari asked stroking Mello’s hair.
Mello shook his head in Watari’s chest. “But we could’ve had longer with you...”
“I’m sorry Mihael, But we have now and it’s not like your alone now, You have Mail who is like a brother to you. You have Near who no matter how many times you hit him, he still tries with you. You have L who see’s you as a son, His wife Misa and their son...And you have Fenian “
Mello smiled against Watari “Yeah i do have a family now.”
They sat in silence for a short while, Watari happy to stroke Mello’s hair.
Suddenly Mello mumbled something....
“Say again, But a bit louder so i can hear please” Watari asked.
“How long...” Mello trailed off...
Watari sighed and held Mello tighter “Not long a day or so...”
Mello shuddered as he let the tears fall onto Watari’s chest. “Shh Mihael, It’s ok from all your stories on god, I’m in safe hands” Watari said soothingly letting Mello cry it out.
Soon Mello sniffed and wiped his eyes “Can i pray for you?”
“I’d be honoured Mihael.” Watari said a gentle smile on his face.
Mello took hold of his rosary in one hand and one of Watari’s hand in his other, and started speaking in Croatian ... After he finished he repeated in English. “Our Father in heaven, watch and guide Quellish Wammy, Mine and our Grandfather, Into your waiting arms he is loved by many and will be missed by all. And let each moment he is with us be happy so that it will create memories that will last forever....Amen.”
Watari smiled and said “Amen.” Before raising his head “Thank you Mihael, That was beautiful” Watari stroked Mello’s cheeks wiping the tear marks from his face, Mello hugged Watari again, “I know i didn’t say it often but i love, and want to thank you for everything you did.”
Watari smiled “It was my pleasure Mihael, I’m so grateful you accepted me into your family” Watari said before yawning.
“I should go send in L, so you can get some rest.” Mello said in a small voice.
Watari nodded “I think that’s an idea”
Mello stood slowly and carefully re-straightened himself before leaving the room quietly.
On re-entered the sitting room, He looked around, Matt was hugging Near who was asleep on him, L was stroking Misa’s hair as she lay sleeping on the sofa, Roger wasn’t there so he probably was with Ann. Fenian was where he had left him head bowed.
“Watari is starting to get tired but he wants to see you L” Mello said quietly as not to wake anyone. It caused Matt and L to look at him. L stood and whispered “Thank you” Before walking past Mello out of the room.
Mello waled past Fenian tapping his shoulder as he sat down, Fenian stood and followed the silent command, He climbed into Mello’s lap, Mello buried his head in Fenian’s shoulder while Fenian stroked Mello’s neck and shoulders.
Matt raised an eye before going back to stroking Near’s back.
L opened the door silently, Watari had his eyes closed. L made his way to the chair and he too Watari’s hand in his and sat in silence while Watari slept.
When Roger returned to the sitting room. Misa was still asleep on the sofa, Jay beside her in the basket, Mello and Fenian were asleep on the chair Fenian on Mello’s lap resting his head on Mello’s shoulder. and Matt had buried his head in Near’s shirt as Near slept.
Roger smiled ‘Well Watari, you have your family you dreamed of’ he thought before turning and left the room again.

Watari opened his eyes to a faint humming sound, He saw L humming beside him, He joined in. L looked up and smiled and continued with Watari until the end.
“You used to sing that to me.. It helped me sleep after the Nightmares came.” L said quietly
“You used to hold the blanket so tight as i started to sing, then you slowly fell back asleep. I used to sit by your bed just in case they came back”
L smiled at that “You always made me feel safe....You too me in and raised me as your own son, Yet you never once asked me to call you dad?” L questioned.
“It was your choice and even though you never called me dad i still felt like you were my son.” Watari said smiling and squeezing L’s hand.
“When i found out you were dying i was angry, At the doctors, At myself...I wanted to help but i couldn’t.”
“You helped L. You helped by accepting my choice, You helped by visiting me, And by giving me a grandson.” He said honestly.
L crawled onto the bed, kneeling at Watari’s side. “But you’re still none of that helped...”
“You and i both know L that everyone dies, I’m old L... And i’ve lived a long life, I’ve seen so many amazing things that people can only dream about, And i’ve helped so many people and i did all that because of you.” Watari said putting his hand in L’s hair and pulling him into a hug. L sighed and nuzzled closer. “But who will i have now...”
“Don’t you see it L., You have a family. Misa your beautiful wife and your son Jay, You have Mihael, Mail and Nate yours boys... they see you as their father. and you also have Fenian who is now Mihael’s boyfriend.... They all need you just as much as you need them.” Watari paused before continuing “I love you L, And life teaches us that sometimes ‘Goodbye’ Is the hardest thing to say.”
L nodded his head in agreement to that.
“It hurts, Knowing your won’t always be here.” L said wiping his eyes before the tears could fall.
“I know it hurts, It hurts me to but i’ll always be in here” He touched L’s chest “And in your memories...As long as you don’t forget, I’ll always be here my son.”
L didn’t hold back the tears this time “I love you... You were a great father to me, So sorry i didn’t tell you that more..” Watari smiled and let a few tears fall himself as he held L close. “You told me now... that’s all i need.”
They held each other close as they both let the tears fall silently, Watari soon feel asleep from exhaustion. L laid him down and stayed with him not wanting to leave his side.

After 30 minutes Roger came in and gave Watari his medicine, After taking them Watari looked down at the sleeping L who was curled into his side.... “Roger, please ask Misa if you can bring Jay in here on his own before dinner.”
“Of course Watari.” Roger whispered collecting the dirty cups and leaving the room...
Watari stroked L’s hair from his face...
Roger re-entered the room, Everyone had re woken. Mello was still in the chair Fenian now by his feet reading, Matt was playing his hand-held game as Near stroked his hair.
“Misa...Watari wanted to know if I could take Jay into him. Just until lunch is served.”
Misa nodded and stood carrying Jay to Roger.
Roger took Jay carefully and bowed his head “Dinner will be shortly” He said before carrying Jay down to Watari’s room.
He laid Jay down “Dinner will only be 5 minutes.”
“I know” Watari said looking down at Jay in his arms. Roger nodded and walked out of the room quietly.
“You’re still so young Jay, You won’t remember me when I’m gone.” Jay just looked up at Watari grabbing at his fingers stroking his cheek “You’re going to be so loved by everyone, Mummy and Daddy, Your uncles and Me... And you’ll have to be a strong boy for grandad, Cause just for a little bit your daddy and uncles will be a little down. But if anyone can keep them smiling you can little one.” Watari leaned down and kissed Jay’s head. “You can your daddy smiling for me ok, been along time since i saw him smile.” he whispered into Jay’s ear before raising his head.
He noticed L watching him, L smiled slightly and sat up beside Watari. They sat in silence as the hugged each other Jay in the middle, who slowly drifted into sleep.
So after Roger came in carrying Jay’s basket, “We’re ready to serve dinner.”
Watari nodded “L please place jay in his basket.” L took Jay and laid him gently down before covering him over and moving the basket to the end of the bed.
Roger held Watari and walked him to the few feet to the large chair. L carried over Watari’s blanket and covered his legs and waist with it.
“L come sit next to me.” He pointed to the small sofa next to him.
“I’ll go and fetch the others.” Roger said and walked out of the door as L took the seat by Watari.
After a few minutes everyone filed into the room taking a seat around the coffee table.
Ann was next in wheeling in a trolley, She laid plates around the large coffee table in front of each person, before wheeling a table in front of Watari before placing his plate down. She soon left only leaving Watari and his family in the room.
“As we have 2 Catholics i ask please that we all lower our heads as Mello lead us in prayer.” Watari said quietly and lowered his head.
Mello smiled and bowed his head, everyone followed. “ Lord we thank you you for the food we are about to eat. And lord bless each of us around the table tonight Amen.”
Everyone whispered their own “Amen” before raising their heads and began eating slowly.
Small conversations were started through desert... Watari smiled as he listened to the stories of what everyone had been up to... When Jay woke up Watari held him as the stories continued.
Mello was sat by Watari’s other side and noticed Watari yawning and having trouble keeping his eyes open for long. “Do you want to rest” He whispered so he wasn’t over heard. Watari opened his eyes and nodded. Mello took Jay quietly and stood up “Watari needs some rest now...” Gaining everyone’s attention. everyone gave Watari a hug as they filed out of the room slowly only leaving L and Watari in there.
After everyone was gone and the door was shut L helped Watari back to the bed. Watari stumbled a few times but as soon as he was there he laid down against the pillows. “I guess today took more out of me then i expected” He said panting a little.
L sighed and covered him over before laying next to him. “Rest now, none of us is going anywhere.”
Watari closed his eyes. Soon Madeline came in and started checking him over, L watching closely.
“Is he ok?” L said
“Honestly sweetie....No unless his Blood pressure and heart rate pick up soon he might not make it through the night.” Madeline said quietly and covering Watari with an extra blanket. “Do you want me to stay with him, I don’t mind.” Madeline said noticing L worried look.
“No, He’s my Dad, i’ll stay with him....Please can you inform Misa that i’ll be spending the night in here” L said more calmly then he felt inside.
She nodded before leaving the room quietly... she walked to the sitting room where everyone had returned,everyone was gathered round drinking hot chocolate.
Misa looked up when the door opened then sighed when she realized it wasn’t L.
“Miss Amane..” Madeline said,
Misa looked up “Yes?...”
“L asked me to inform you that he will be staying by Watari’s side tonight”
“Oh ok thank you” Misa said looking down to the floor.
Near stood and walked to stand in front of Madeline “Is Watari ok?” He asked quietly
She placed a fake smile on her face before replying “Of course sweetie”
“That smile is false...and L wouldn’t stay unless it was bad.” Near replied
Mello turned and stood and walked to stand behind Near “We’re not children any more Madeline, We stopped been them a long time ago....” He added
Matt spoke up from the sofa.. “He is our family... We as in everyone here” He said
Madeline sighed and glanced at Roger who gave a slight nod.
“His blood pressure and Heart rate are to slow... If they don’t pick up soon” She paused and looked to each of them.... “If they don’t pick up soon he won’t make it through the night.”
Near lowered his head to hide his face..
Mello growled “He was fine....”
Near spoke quietly Mello and the other strained to hear him “No he wasn’t....His Heart was slower then it should be when i hugged him...”
“you mean...” Mello started
Near nodded and dropped to his knees holding his head in his arms. Mello stormed out of the room pushing past Madeline Fenian stood and followed apologizing as he passed Madeline.
Matt moved to the floor behind Near and pulled him into a hug. to stop the shaking.
Madeline left the room quietly not wanting to upset them any more.

Mello stormed up to his room yelling something in Croatian.
Fenian winced and entered the room behind Mello. “Mello please calm down”
Mello stormed over to Fenian slapping him against the cheek “Don’t you dare start telling me what to do..” Mello growled out.
Fenian whimpered “I’m sorry Master, It’s just Watari needs you to stay strong and calm... please take out your grief later on me ... please” Fenian started shaking.
Mello took a few calming breaths “I’m sorry Fenian” He said stroking his reddened cheek, before pulling him into a hug. “I knew he was ILL but i thought he had longer then one night.” Fenian started stroking Mello’s back “This might not help much now, But we could pray for him, Pray that god watches over him and protects him till the end.”
Mello nodded slightly “I’d like that” Mello pulled away from Fenian and sat down on the ground, Fenian followed suit and sat in front of Mello. He offered one hand to Mello and he other went to his rosary. Mello took Fenian’s hand and grabbed his rosary also. Before bowing there heads as they started to pray silently.
Matt had carried Near to the sofa and held him close as he broke down... Misa held Jay as he slept in her arms, Not wanting to put him down yet.
After a while Mello and Fenian rejoined the room silently no-one wanting to break the silence, as they waited.

L was sat by Watari and held onto Watari’s hand as he slept.
“I never told you how much you mean to me...I wish i could of told you sooner That i love you dad.” He whispered quietly and bowed his head “I was so scared to call you dad, Because i knew it would hurt when i lost you, But it hurts either way... i manage to lose 2 dads.”
Watari squeezed his hand, L looked up to see Watari watching him.
“I’m sorry i woke you” L said softly, fresh tears running down his cheeks.
“Don’t worry” Watari panted out.
“You should rest, Your still tired and it’s late” L said.
Watari smiled gently “Seems i’m in good hands.” He took a few breaths “But if i go to sleep again, I don’t think ill have strength to wake up again.”
L nodded sadly... “I guessed as much, Your Heart beat has been dropping really low and picking up slightly.”
“Thank you for staying with me, I know this is hard on you” He took a deep breath before continuing “I was scared i’d die alone.”
L stroked his hand “shh i’m not going anywhere.... your not alone. I love you dad... Just sleep. I’ll be here holding your hand”
Watari smiled slightly and squeezed L’s hand before yawning and re-closing his eyes.
L squeezed back and couldn’t stop the tears from falling. as Watari’s breaths grew deeper...
About an hour later L looked up and Watari let go of his hand, He saw Watari chest rise and fall a few more times before stopping altogether.... L laid his head on Watari’s chest not hearing his heartbeat and started crying.... “I love you dad...” He held on Watari crying before taking a deep breath and fetching Madeline who pronounced him dead... “Do you want me to inform the others... Everyone but Jay is in the sitting room.”
L shook his head feeling numb “Wheres Jay?”
“With Ann he’s safe L” Madeline replied.
L Nodded and walked out the room and down into the sitting room....
Everyone looked up at L... Near noticed the tears in his eyes and shook his head “ No...”
L shook his head and broke down... each of them clung to each other as they broke down losing a father and grand father... Misa hugged L as he dropped to the ground crying... Fenian Held Mello as he cried he had tears running down his cheeks also... Matt held Near close as Near openly cried Matt shook with silent tears falling onto Near’s head and shirt...

‘Quellish ‘Watari’ Wammy
May he rest in peace forever more
A loving Father and Grandfather
Forever in our hearts’

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