Train Stop

BY : Sara
Category: Sailor Moon > Het - Male/Female > Usagi/Mamoru
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Disclaimer: Sailor Moon isn't mine, I don't intend to make any money off this.

When she'd come to pick him up at the train station, she'd planned to hug and kiss him senseless. But he was pulling her into the vestibule, his hand sliding under her blouse as they kissed.

"Mamo-chan," she gasped as they broke for air, "I've missed you, too, but shouldn't this wait until we're home...?"

"We're the only ones here," he assured her, "no one will see us." She started to protest but could only manage a moan as his fingers pressed into her breast, caressing her through her bra. His other hand slid slowly up the length of her leg, coming to rest on her thigh...Usagi felt the heat rising between her legs and began to unbutton his shirt, pressing her body against his.

Normally they would take their sweet time undressing and pleasuring one another; he would kiss and nuzzle her sensitive breasts, suckle her hardened nipples, move his mouth down between her legs to explore her with his tongue. In return, she would run her tongue over the planes of his chest and run her fingertips along the length of his cock before finally taking him in her mouth...

But he didn't have that kind of patience tonight; he needed to feel himself inside her, to hear her moan and feel her writhe in his arms. She stepped back for a moment to remove her panties as he unzipped his pants, and let him guide her onto her back on the floor.

"I love you," she whispered as he slid into her, and he kissed her to tell her the same.


Despite the noise they had made and how disheveled their clothes looked as they came out of the vestibule, anyone waiting at the station was none the wiser. If they did notice, they pretended not to.

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