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Rating - NC17

Pairing - Gojyo/Sanzou

Disclaimer - I do not own and make no money off of this.

Summary - Reaching. Vivid Colours of Garnet and Violet intermingle with soft skin and pleasurable moaning.

Vivid colours of garnet and violet intermingle with soft white skin a pleasurable moaning. Arching back and gasping breath. A hand tingling sensitive skin, a tongue following after. Leaving a streak of hot water, then cool wind. He closes his eyes. Lips capture his and a tongue softly makes its way inside his mouth. He lets it in to explore and to mingle with is own. Lover tastes of the wrong brand of smokes, the wrong brand of beer. But there is something more to this Kappa. And underlying sort of taste that is part salt, part ocean and mostly trees.

He feels as if he is drowning in a torrent of pleasure. The hand on his cock tickling. Finger covered in precum for him to taste when those lips pull away. He takes the fingers into his mouth. Sucking and moaning. His thoughts and compunction have taken a vacation and right now all he wants is for Gojyo to take him. Take him fast and hard, or soft and slow. It doesn’t matter.

Those fingers migrate, trailing his own saliva down his neck to his chest and abdomen. Then he feels something soft and cool pushing at his entrance. He relaxes muscles, lets the fingers do their work of stretching him for the final volley of this need of physical attraction. How had he ended up in this position anyway? Where were the insults? The gags? The….

He gasped. Lightning hot pleasure raced through throbbing veins and he felt as if he were dead. Then he came alive when Gojyo slowly inserted his own needy cock inside him. He growled when the pace took to long for his body to wait. He grabbed at liquid fire hair, pulling the other down for a hard kiss. This seemed to do the trick. Gojyo started pumping erratically. As if he had lost it and was doing whatever came naturally to his brain and body.

Sanzou gasped and arched his body into Gojyo’s. Opening his legs and angling himself so that he could take all of it in. His thoughts ran rampant in his head, but he ignored all the insecurities. He could smoke and brood once they were done. He had promised Gojyo to try and let it all go during these times of stolen pleasure that no one would know about. He didn’t call out a name as his seed spent across his abdomen and Gojyo’s chest. Nor did Gojyo gasp out his own as he came deep within the Priest. Instead they kissed each other as they came. A long, languid kiss which spoke all of their emotions. Love and Trust intermingled with un-surety and tingling guilt.

When all was said and done. When the sun broke over the horizon and life returned from its darkened and forgotten place. Gojyo and Sanzou avoided each other like the plague. Picked at one another and stole each others lighters. Neither of them dwelt on the sex that took place when both were too tired and hurt to bother with words of explanation.

All they knew was that whatever sort of “love” and “trust” they held for each other that one day, it would shatter; and they would be alone.

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