A new maid

BY : Nin-Kun
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Prince Of tennis. It is credited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no money what so ever by writing this.

Title: A new maid
Disclaimer: I don’t own Prince Of tennis. It is credited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no money what so ever by writing this.

Rating: NC-17, XXX explict sex, nyah you know the usual.

Pairing(s): Sengoku Kiyosumi x Kikumaru Eiji x Atobe Keigo


Sengoku Kiyosumi drew a deep breath observing the boy in front of him, the little redhead was Atobe Keigo’s latest maid, and unfortunately he wasn’t doing to good, on many things, the orange haired boy had been pointed out to train the new boy.
Sengoku lightly rubbed the brink of his nose and sighed, in truth all the boy was good on was cooking and he sucked on pleasing someone, the taller boy gently stopped the red haired boy’s actions, wide blue eyes looked up to him, cheeks coloring softly.
”Kikumaru-kun you’re a mess..” Sengoku sighed bringing the small, softly nyahing boy up to his feet and straightened the maid costume he wore, then tucked himself back into his slacks.

”Nya, I know that..please give me a second chance!” the redhead Kikumaru Eiji pleaded, taking out his best puppy eyes and pout, a devious hand stroking lightly over the others meekly concealed bulge.
Sengoku stiffened slightly to that teasing touch, smiling he reached down to softly take that hand and brought it up to kiss each knuckle and finger tip gently, getting the smaller boy to purr.
”Sorry kitten, my patience is low..we’ll check it with Atobe okay?” the green eyed boy asked purring a little himself, even if Eiji was a hopeless case, he was still adorable enough for Sengoku to want him to stick around.

”O-okay..” Eiji squeaked softly, smiling softly Sengoku laid an arm around the boy’s slim waist and head headed towards Atobe’s office, the small redhead almost bouncing along with him.
Sengoku couldn’t stop smiling, Eiji was always so cheerful, and that was at least one good thing about him.
Soon the two stopped by their masters office and knocked quickly a few raps on the door, until a muffled ‘enter’ reached their ears, together they opened the door and walked inside, bowing slightly after closing the door behind them.
”Atobe-sama..” Eiji uttered softly being immediately hushed by his companion, he blushed and stayed submissive then.

Atobe lifted his head from the book he was reading over in his couch, he smiled and put his book down, regarding both his maids.
”Well what brings both Ore-sama’s lovelies here?” the flamboyant purple haired boy purred, patting the seat beside him.
The two approached, Sengoku sat then pulled Eiji into his lap, the smaller boy still blushing.
”Ah, we still have a few problems…” the orange haired boy sighed softly, green eyes searching Atobe’s blue ones for guidance.
Eiji made small tiny sounds, having two pairs of eyes staring him down made him uncomfortable, he stiffened a little when he felt a hand slide into his hair, stroking the red locks gently, instantly calming him and made him purr once more.

”Still lack of some experience in pleasing right?” Atobe asked smugly, it was hard not to notice the bulge in Sengoku’s slacks.
Sadly Sengoku had to nod at that “I am afraid so and I am ready to give up..” the orange haired boy mumbled.
Eiji pouted his blue eyes darting between the two other boys, he knew he could do better if he got a chance, for the meantime no matter how much he wanted to say his meaning he sat quiet, just listening to their conversation.
Atobe made a low thoughtful sound, twirling a few red locks around a finger.
”Well I guess I will have to take over..” the purple haired boy mused, it was apparent Sengoku didn’t want to send Eiji away, either did Atobe.

Sengoku lightly lifted an eyebrow and then nodded, he gave Eiji a small glance.
”Do you want me to leave?” the orange haired boy asked lowly.
Atobe smirked softly “Then I wont have anything to teach my pet with..” he purred delighted, watching new blushes seated upon both the boys cheeks.
”I hope to do better this time..” Eiji mumbled softly, locking his eyes with Atobe’s.
The flamboyant boy smirked and reached out, softly grasping the tiny redhead’s chin he leaned in taking the cattish boy’s lips in a heated kiss.
”You’ll do fine..” Atobe husked into Eiji’s ear, then whispered softly into it, something that had the redhead nyahing softly, tilting his head , glance to the puzzled green eyed boy, blush and then finally nod.

”What am I missing here?” Sengoku asked lifting a brow, blinking as Eiji shifted out of his lap and kneeled in front of him, small hands quickly undoing the slacks and pulled them down.
”You’re about to experience it..” Atobe husked into the green eyed boy’s ear, chuckling as the former boxer gasped suddenly as Eiji’s hand closed around him and a moist mouth descended on him, heatedly starting to suckle and stroke it wantonly.
Sengoku’s breath hitched out on a moan, his toes curling slightly and a hand reached down to lightly grip the red locks of the now slowly bobbing head.
Atobe watched feeling the heat rise in his room, he leaned in and took a deep from the orange haired boy’s lips.
”So is he better..” the purple haired boy asked heatedly, licking along Sengoku’s lips

”Y-yes…oh gods…” Sengoku cried out softly, Eiji’s tongue teased around the tip of his cock lightly, licking over the leaking slit there, his other hand had started to fondle and massage the heavy balls, urging the green eyed boy to come.
Atobe smiled, the instructions he had given the redhead worked magically.
”Eiji don’t make him cum yet..” the flamboyant boy ordered softly, he then easily shifted Eiji up on the couch over his lap, lifting up the short pink skirt, exposing the smallest boy’s panty clad ass, he stroked the firm flesh of both the cheeks, he swiftly lowered the frilly material and spread the cheeks, leaning down the taller blue eyed boy licked over the tiny puckered hole he found there, easily sticking the slick muscle inside he smirked at the trail of moans leaving Eiji’s throat and shudders going down the curved back.

Eiji had obediently paused his sucking, barely holding off his need to buck back on the others teasing tongue, his hand still lazily stroking the throbbing flesh he held and he exchanged heated kisses with Sengoku to keep both their hormones at bay.
Which only worked until Atobe added two fingers into the cattish boy’s tight heat.
”P-please..” Eiji rasped out in a shy voice, hips jutting back against Atobe’s talented fingers.
”If you wish Eiji..” the taller blue eyed boy purred, shifting up behind the little redhead he positioned himself quickly pushing inside, hissing at the clenching heat around his pulsing cock.
Sengoku smiled he knew damn well how tight the redhead could be.

”Eiji..suck me please..” Sengoku rasped into the boy’s ear, leaning to kiss him softly.
The playful boy let out soft pants and needy moans as Atobe pounded him from behind.
Eiji once more started sucking descending his mouth and heatedly sucked and licked on the heated, pulsing flesh.
Atobe leaned over, the trio was becoming loud as the pleasure rose, and the pace increased, the slaps of flesh against flesh surely could reach out through the door.
The purple haired boy locked his and Sengoku’s lips in a heated kiss, right about then the orange haired boy’s control snapped , with a muffled cry he let release rip through him, shooting copious amounts of cum into Eiji’s eager mouth, the boy swallowing what entered his mouth obediently.

The green eyed boy slumped back a bit, panting hard and satedly, he noticed the painful erection bobbing between the redhead’s legs and reached to stroke it in time with Atobe’s quick pounding.
”Nya..Sengoku!” Eiji mewed and arched, his body tensing as his own release came quickly, shooting over the orange haired boy’s hand, the same time he heard the soft grunt of his name and hot liquid filled him up.
They slumped then in a heated heap of sweaty skin and a slack limb, panting roughly in their aftermath, Eiji was instantly out cold, snuggling to Sengoku’s body.
”See it’s easy to train him..” Atobe said grinning with satedness as he pressed to the sleeping boy between them.

The green eyed boy mumbled something while leaning down to kisses the napping boy’s forehead, smiling at the soft nya that came from the small redhead.
”Speaking of that, what exactly did you tell him..” Sengoku asked, then yawned slightly.
Atobe smiled to that and leaned in close, whispering into the green eyed boy’s ear.
”that Kiyosumi-kun, will remain a secret..”


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