At the break of dusk

BY : Nin-Kun
Category: Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Ohjisama > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Prince Of tennis. It is credited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no money what so ever by writing this.

Title: At the break of dusk
Author: Tzusuki
Pairing: Kamio Akira x Mukahi Gakuto
Rating: NC-17, plain PWP
Requester: Hamburgerjack
Disclaimer: I don’t own Prince Of tennis. It is credited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no money what so ever by writing this.


It’s still dark, only a thin line of pinkish blue alining the far off mountains, the cicadas are all ready chirping their serenades in the early morning, the summer breeze is still warm, fluttering the thin fabric of a boy’s night shirt as he sits watching the early begining of the day.
He only turns his head when he feels soft arms slide around his waist and warm lips connects with the skin on his neck.
”Come back to bed Akira..” the smaller boy standing with him whispers softly.

”Just a while longer Gakuto..” Kamio Akira would whisper in return, pulling his lover, Mukahi Gakuto, to his front, leaning his head down to kiss the others blood red locks, listening to the small flutter of kittenish purrs the simple move brings.
”Aa..” is the soft purred answer and silence once more fell over them, as they stand watching the sunrise together.
Several minutes pass until the blue sky mixed with the morning suns yellowish red light seep into their bedroom.

Only then does Kamio easily lift his smaller lover into his strong arms, giving him a heated kiss and carries him back to the bed, laying on it he wastes no time giving the Hyoutei boy just what he wants.
”You could have woken me, if you wanted to see the sunrise..” Gakuto mumbled then moaned, his lithe chest arching as Kamio’s lips closed around a pebbled nipple, gently sucking on it.
”I didn’t have the heart to..” Kamio paused licking over the tiny hurt he had caused sucking to hard.

“You are so cute sleeping..” the Fudomine player husked smugly, his fingers now giving the same attention to the shorter boy’s other nipple, enjoying the wanton sounds leaking off the purple eyed boy’s tongue.
”Che, don’t give me that fluff stuff...” Gakuto huffed, sitting up quickly and pushed the younger redhead back, then pounced on him, attacking his lips with his own hungrily, hands easily slipping clothes off and soon gripped hard, bare flesh “I can’t stand it..” the bitchy redhead whispered roughly against the taller boy’s lips.

”Gakuto..” Kamio rasped out pleadingly, feeling a slight blush staining his cheeks, his eyes shimmering with need, bucking his hips up slightly, feeling himself start to ache in his lovers firm hand.
The smile fluttering onto Gakuto’s lips could be described best by sadistic or predatory, sliding down Kamio’s body he trailed a heated path of kisses and nips, pausing only to tease the writhing boy’s navel, giving it a few playfully rough nips, soothing the hurt with a wicked tongue, he then continued down further, he intentionally skipped the place his boyfriend wanted him the most and softly kissed along the sensitive skin of Kamio’s inner thighs.

”Gakuto..Please!” Kamio near whined, a hand reaching down to gently fist into those soft blood red locks.
Glancing up, Gakuto smiled teasingly, dragging the tip of a finger along the rythm loving boy’s cock then lightly gripped it, giving a few light pumps.
”What do you want me to do, Akira..” Gakuto purred heatedly, eyes exploring his lovers body, consuming him hungrily almost.
Kamio only had to think for a few seconds, maybe one or two, before he uttered the words the smaller actobat wanted to hear.

”Suck me off..please, suck my cock..” Kamio pleaded wantonly, and not being the one to waste time on further usless pleads, Gakuto simply smirked before dipping his head down, mouth descending on his boyfriends heated shaft, starting a slow pace, licking and sucking on just the right places, to bring the most delicious sounds out, and make him wriggle with need, having him moan for more.
Flicking his tongue over the tip, he expertly teased the slit found there, drinking down the flow of precum he caught and hummed with pleasure.

He dipped further to deep throat, his head bobbing, putting more sucktion in play, his tongue following the vains on the throbbing underside.
However, he would stop soon, Kamio’s body were tensing so was the hand in his hair and he wanted Kamio to come inside of him.
” ’Kira..” Gakuto husked, removing his mouth with a wet pop, chuckeling at the whimper of dispare from the taller boy.
”Do you want more..” the sneaky Hyoutei player asked coyly, stroking the pulsing shaft, making sure to slick the skin with the left over saliva and precum.

”Yes!” Kamio answered directly, bucking up, he wanted to come damn it, if Gakuto wouldn’t let him he might as well take the matter into his own hand.
Gakuto leaned up, keeping his smaller body above Kamio’s, he purred into his ear “Do you want to fuck me, Akira..” those words was provoking enough.
Faster than Gakuto could react, he was turned over, legs quickly put on slim shoulders, their eyes meeting breifly.
”What do you think?” Kamio growled huskily and slammed inside hard, seating himself fully in on push, both crying out at the sudden sensation.

They paused slightly, Kamio letting Gakuto get used to his girth and the smaller slightly catching his breath, the Fudomine player leaned down and gently kissed him, husking an ‘I love you’ into Gakuto’s ear.
”Finally caught my rythm?” Gakuto asked smirking in the smug way that had Kamio shuddering with need, it rewarded the boy with a new mire heated kiss, those words were simply Gakuto’s way of saying ‘I love you’, he was no big fan if romance after all.
Kamio grinned “You bet..” he whispered posessively into the smaller boy’s ear, delighting at the shudder he felt going through him.

Gakuto cried out the next second as Kamio pulled back and then pushed inside hard, starting a fast and deep pace into his willing body.
”Akira..” the Hyoutei player mewled loudly, one arm slung over the taller juniors back, the other cluching in the sheets as his body rocked along with Kamio’s movements.
”I love your voice..” Kamio panted softly, pushing in faster so he struck the boy’s sweet spot at each shove of his hips, ignoring the nails digging into his shoulder as Gakuto’s voice grew louder and louder.
Gakuto’s cheeks flushed slightly, the hand in the sheets quickly abandonned them and closed around his leaking and neglected cock, starting to stroke it.

His walls were starting to close down around the other boy’s invasion more and more, a bit of drool running down the side of his mouth as the sounds of pleasure never stopped trailing from him.
Kamio swallowed softly, then closed his eyes, the second later they cried out each others name as orgasm took them over and consumed them.
Kamio would blink his eyes open again, moments later, morning was on in it’s full glory, the blue eyed boy sighed softly, sated, feeling the soft and warm breath on his neck, he knew Gakuto had fallen asleep.

Kamio gently pulled his soft cock out and leaned to place a soft kiss on the smaller boy’s lips, smiling as his name fluttered off of them, he laid down beside his lover and pulled him close.
This was one of those beautiful days he watched the sunrise, that he delighted so much and Gakuto was always there to make them even more perfect.


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