Autumn Rain

BY : Nin-Kun
Category: Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Ohjisama > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Prince Of tennis. It is credited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no money what so ever by writing this.

Title: Autumn Rain
Author: Tzusuki
Pairing: Mizuki Hajime x Kisarazu Atsushi
Rating: NC-17, plain PWP
Requester: Sure there was someone. Or it was a dedication…
Disclaimer: I don’t own Prince Of tennis. It is credited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no money what so ever by writing this.


He listened to the rhythm of the falling rain, pitter-patter-pitter pattering on the window glass, the rustle of falls leaves blowing past in the wind, sometimes sticking to the glass.
”Atsushi, ah there you are..” Mizuki Hajime smiled, sauntering up in his purple robes, looking like a prince from a far off land.
The shorter boy turned his head from the window and smiled, shifting his stocking clad legs and tipped his pointed hat slightly.

”That costume is so like you..” Atsushi said grinning, purring as the St Rudolph manager swept him into a soft embrace.
”It fits my little witch well..” Mizuki said smugly, tracing his fingers along the blue and black frilled short skirt of a corset dress, with long netting arms and high collar, a medium sized, blue witch hat sitting on the doubles player head.

The boy’s slim legs was adorned with blue/black striped stockings and black pumps, a complete witch indeed.
”You plan not to go on that party?” the doubles player asked, catching the familiar glint in Mizuki’s blue eyes.
”Oh come now..” Mizuki purred one hand curling his black locks around a finger while the other slipped up to a bare patch of skin on Atsushi’s thigh “There is enough for a quicky”

Atsushi’s dark eyes regarded his lover for a moment, only a couple of small minutes before he sighed, leaned forward and kissed him.
”I’ll bend my cute ass over the table, you find lube..” Atsushi husked softly, shifting from the counter and swayed his hips to the kitchen table, slowly taking the black silk panties he wore off.
Then he leaned his upper body, bent to the table and stuck his bare ass out temptingly.

Mizuki had of course planned it all ready, he easily plucked a travel sized bottle of lube from his pocket, shifted to press his chest to the smaller boy’s back and pelvic to his ass, kissing the pale neck softly.
”What does my little witch want?” the manager asked, running his tongue along the lobe of his lovers ear, unfastening his pants.
”No games, fuck me!” Atsushi grumbled, gasping as the instant later, Mizuki’s cock, slick and hard quickly invaded his tight cavern.

”No games..” Mizuki chuckled out his amused little nfu’s, hands softly gripped the small hips then the pace started a harsh and incredibly hot.
Atsushi thrashed his body, voicing loud cries each time Mizuki bucked hard enough to reach his sweet spot, also added was the forceful nips to his neck, good enough to make marks.
”Fuck!” the doubles player shouted as the other bit hard enough to make the skin split, the tiny trail of dark red blood slowly dripping down his neck, being licked up by Mizuki.

”I’m coming ‘Sushi..” the rapines of the managers voice was enough to make him shudder.
”Mizuki..” Atsushi moaned and with a new harsh kiss, tasting the lingering coppery taste of blood, was enough to make them both come, blissfully.
After a break of cleaning and making sure their clothes weren’t speckled, they hurried to Atobe’s mansion.

It was hours later, close to midnight when the guests had the full pleasure of reliving their scene, as the two, very drunk, had sex on the Hyoutei captains couch.


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