Breaking the Ice

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Yeah, Misty/Lorelei. Madness, ain't it? Seriously; I couldn't find any other chestshipping fics. I almost want to be proven wrong on that, just because this is a neat pairing. Takes place in the gameverse.

Break the Ice

I couldn't believe it. Was it real? It had to be; I pinched myself every five minutes just to be sure. This really was happening, and it was awesome.

When a new gym leader is named, the Elite Four are there for the ceremony. I expected that, and nothing made me gush more than to have Lorelei, my idol, congratulate me. At thirteen, I was the youngest gym leader in Kanto, and when Lorelei said, "I was only fifteen when I became gym leader", my legs nearly gave out. The woman was everything I wanted to be; beautiful, famous, a great trainer...I envied her team, her frame, her good looks, her smile...

I'll admit, I had sort of a crush on her. Only in a hero sense, though. You'd be the same way if the person you spent years training to be just like shook your hand and said she had a similar start. Forgive me for having people to look up to.

If you'd rather, I can talk about how great it was to see my triplet sisters, who had tried just as hard as I was to be gym leader with seven more years on them, sulk in the corner with disappointment that their kid sister got the job instead. They'd just be lowly gym trainers, something to butter up challengers. It was such a satisfying feeling knowing that, come Monday, they'd be taking orders from me. I had a feeling they wouldn't be at the party afterwards.

Immediately after the ceremony, I was accosted by family and friends congratulating me, but I was more focused on the five highest-ranked trainers in Kanto. The red-haired bombshell smiled at me as she sat at the table with them. She stood up, gracefully sliding across the floor to where I was. She moved through the crowd like water passing around rocks, not disturbing the people at all. For a moment, her hand brushed up against mine, and everything froze.

My hand felt ice-cold under her warm touch. It was too intimate to be an accident, her fingertips gliding along my palm with care, tantalizing the nerve endings of my own fingertips. For a split-second, it felt like her hand was trying to wrap itself around mine, but at the last instant it panicked, fearing she wouldn't be able to keep it covert while keeping her almost ethereal movements, so it released, in almost that same moment finding its way to my shoulder. Now my whole body felt shivers, but I was too stiff to move, time at a standstill as my eyes took in the picture all around me. Everyone seemed too preoccupied with me to even notice Lorelei, despite the Elite Four being practically royalty for trainers. It was like she wasn't there, a spirit, a gust of wind I inexplicably saw as my idol. Was I insane? Was it just a wild hallucination?

The sensations said otherwise, and I had all of eternity to feel her hand against mine; it had to be real. It just had to be. The intimate, soft touch, the tingling sensation on my fingertips, it couldn't be my imagination.

Then, as quickly as it happened, and ignoring the eternity it lasted, it ended. Lorelei was gone, and again people were talking on top of each other and shouting words I couldn't hope to discern. I spun around, but behind me were just as many people, obscuring everything behind them, including Lorelei. I turned around again, looking at the table where her four companions were, but they had vanished, too. They were gone, with them my hero, and the ceremony no longer mattered.

I pretended to enjoy myself through the rest of the party, equal parts astounded and disappointed. They didn't even say goodbye, they just up and vanished. Maybe I was wrong to worship Lorelei like that. Well, there went my best day ever. I take it back; worst day. I just sat back and drank idly from my glass. I faded enough into the background that nobody really bothered me, which left me with a lot of brood time.

"Misty, you dropped this," a girl said as she passed me. It was a slip of paper. "It came out of your pocket."

"Thanks," I said as the girl walked off. I didn't remember having any paper in my pocket. Opening it up, it certainly wasn't in my handwriting. It was softer than mine, with delicate curves and precision. I read the paper, trying to figure out whose it was, completely oblivious to the very end of what it actually said; the words just sort of were there until I strung them all together.

'Sorry about being unable to stay; I don't like crowds very much. I do want to talk to you some more, though, one-on-one. After your party, swing by my hotel room. Enjoy your party until then.

I take it back. Or I put it back. I'm not sure what the right phrase is here, but my day just came even more awesome.
**********************(scene break)**********************
The note revitalized me. I enjoyed the rest of my party, no longer defeated and rejected by my idol, albeit anxious to get it over with to go see her.

When, finally, the crowd thinned, I told my parents I was going to take a walk, that I'd been indoors too long and I needed some fresh air. They said it was fine and to just make sure I got home before curfew. I promised I would and rushed off. The hotel was nearby, and I worked my way up to the desk.

"I'm here to see Lorelei," I said.

The bellhop had arrogance seemingly frozen on his face and spoke in a very nasal voice, "Yeah, I'm sure you are. So were eight guys and one girl tonight. They specified no guests unless we're told otherwise."

"My name's Misty. She told me to go up and see her."

"Misty..." he looked down at the paper behind the desk, rolling his eyes. Such wonderful service here. "Oh, here you are. Go on through, she's in the third-floor suite." As I walked away, he buzzed her room to tell her I was on my way.

I rushed to the elevator and pressed that button as fast as I could. This was it; I was going to meet Lorelei! To talk with her! In private. This was a dream come true for me. The elevator couldn't move fast enough, despite only being on the third floor. I seemed to be out of the elevator before the doors had even opened, already bursting down the hallway with unknown energy and speed. If this is what it takes to get me going, maybe I should challenge Daisy to another time trial, I thought as I made the last turn and found myself staring at the door. This was it.

I regained my composure, fixing my hair and catching my breath before I knocked on the door. I grew impatient, so only a second later I found myself knocking again.

Damn, why did I do that? Now she'll think I'm an impatient jerk and probably not even answer. Maybe I should just turn around and go back, or-

My train of thought ran off the tracks when Lorelei opened the door. She eschewed her usual clothes, the clothes she seemed to wear every day, for something more comfortable; much more comfortable, in fact. She wore a sheer blue nightgown, not too revealing or see-through, that hugged her curves tightly. Amazingly, despite being very under-dressed, she still wore her glasses.

"Hi again," she said with a smile, her hand rising up and her finger curling, saying "Come in" without words.

I listened, torn between the awe of my girl crush running rampant inside me, and the shock that, even expecting company, she wore such intimate clothes. I sort of ran on auto-pilot as she guided me to the couch.

"You're probably wondering why I told you to come," she smiled as she sat on the couch next to me, far too close for what seemed like a friendly conversation for two people who barely knew each other. "Well, it wasn't entirely to talk about pokemon." With each word, she drew in closer, my heart beating faster. "In fact, I don't think I'd like to talk about pokemon at all." I could feel her breath now, hot against my cheek as she came even closer. "You're just so full of energy, so beautiful, like me at my age." Her arm reached around my neck, grasping my other shoulder. "In fact, you really are a younger version of me. Which is why I think you'll enjoy this very much." Her other arm slid across my body, her fingers dancing across my chest, tickling my small breasts as her nose pressed against mine, our lips almost touching. "Just tell me if you don't want to do this." Her tongue dragged along her pouty lips before, to my amazement, wetting mine, as well. "I love you," she whispered so quietly I could only guess that's what she said as her lips touched mine.

My body went limp in her grasp as her lips sent shocks through my body. I tried to put my hands around her, but it was in vain, my limbs refusing to move. I was stuck there, the Ice Queen kissing my frozen body as I merely basked in the bliss of it all. Did I really want anything else?

I stared longingly into Lorelei's eyes, the blue within glittering as they gazed into mine. Again, time froze, but this time, it wasn't from shock. The sensation of her fingers was nothing compared to her kiss, and again eternity passed with us locked together. I dared not move, fearing time would commence and we would have to part. It was agonizing, all this time wanting to reach out and hold her like she was to me, to reach out for her luscious breasts, to stroke her wonderful face, to feel her beautiful curves, but I couldn't do any of that, frozen here in time, my lips pressed against hers.

Then, with no warning, time returned to its normal pace. I was sad to see Lorelei pull away from me, sad that our kiss ended. Was I not good enough? Did she decide it was all a big mistake?

No, apparently not. She took my hand and pulled me up off the couch. "So you enjoyed that after all. How about, then, we move this to my bed and to the next level?" Her voice was soaring, almost airy, as she led me by the hand into her bedroom. Again, I couldn't navigate by myself, her hand firmly around mine, as she led me to the bed. It was huge, to say the least. I'd never seen such a big bed before. Lorelei set me down at the head of it, climbing on top of me.

"I'm afraid you're wearing far too much clothing," she smiled as she began to work my shirt off. I tried to help, but I was still in too much shock at this whole situation to do very much. She carefully took my belt off and placed it on the floor slowly, before nearly tearing off my shorts. I lay there, in my plain white bra and panties, my body still developing, my breasts small, embarrassed. Lorelei, mature, fully-grown, well-endowed, and wearing more mature undergarments, only laughed.

"Don't be so embarrassed," she whispered in my ear as she worked off my underwear. "I had the same figure when I was a kid. You'll grow into it, just give it time. Besides," she took my breast into her hand and leaned in, "I think your body is wonderful." She kissed my breast, sending a shiver down my spine. She straddled my leg and slid off her night gown to reveal her body in all its nude glory. Her breasts were round and firm, not a bit of sag in sight. Her body had wonderful curves that I just followed the outline of my with my eyes.

"But yours is so much more wonderful," I managed to squeeze out of my constricting throat. My girl crush had grown into full-on attraction, no more weak hero worship. I was in love.

"And you'll have this, one day. But for now, be glad with what you have. Look up," she said, lying down right next to me, "Look at the mirror. Your body is just as beautiful as mine, just in a different way.

I looked up to the ceiling to see it was covered in a mirror. I looked, for the first time, seriously looked, at my own body. I didn't have the long legs, or the huge boobs, but she was right. I smiled at the thought. My body was beginning to loosen up.

"I think I'm ready," I sighed, turned my head to look at her. "I want this."

"I hoped so," Lorelei smiled. "But first, I want to go slowly. Here," she said, wrapped her arms around me, and pulled me close. She offered me her breast. My hands reached out, grabbing the flesh as my mouth came to her nipple. Suddenly, it all felt right as I began to suckle on it, my body drawing closer to hers. I grasped her soft, firm breast and kneaded the flesh as my tongue traced around her hardened nipple. I couldn't pull myself away. I found myself lying on top of her, her hand running through my red hair as I treated her breast with my mouth and hands. Only when I opened my eyes did I remember her other breast, and accordingly moved to give that one the same treatment.

Lorelei didn't let time stop this time, though. She pulled my head away from her breast and rolled me off of her. It was her turn now. She straddled me, leaning down to kiss me. It was a quick kiss, punctuated by a smile, before she slithered down my body, her tongue taking long, zig-zagging licks. Down my neck and shoulders, her tongue rested between my breasts before sliding over to one and sucking from it like I did to her. Now that I felt the sensation, it was entirely different. My body pressed up against her as she suckled the other one, only to leave me disappointingly with very little time on either. Her tongue continued, swirling around my navel before finally reaching my waist. This was it, just what I'd waited for.

Or not. She smiled a wicked smile and veered off to the side, instead licking along my leg. I groaned in disappointment as she chuckled to herself, her tongue coming back up. It was again a tease, though, her tongue circling inches from my vagina. I sighed and closed my eyes, and only then did she strike.

I let out a loud cry as Lorelei's tongue plunged into me. I opened my eyes again and looked down to see her eyes, showing a wide range of emotions, met mine. It was so strange, seeing her on such a spiritual level through her eyes as her tongue flicked against my clit. My body thrust upward, shoving my vagina into her face, but she pushed me down ever-so-lightly every time. She knew what she was doing, and if not for instinct, I would have laid still.

Since I couldn't move vertically, I moved horizontally. My body squirmed under her skilled tonguing I thought it couldn't get any better, that this was perfect. Then she pulled both my legs in and straddled them. I wasn't sure why, until she slid that finger in. Then I understood.

My body tried, with every ounce of strength I had, to push upward, the sensation overwhelming. With three fingers pumping in and out and her tongue still going at full potential, wave of pleasure crashed against my body with endless torment. It was all too much, too soon. I didn't want it to end, but every last fabric of my existence screamed for release.

I screamed, too, as my orgasm washed over me. I trembled in her arms as she kept going, lapping up my juices as they rushed out. When finally I calmed down, Lorelei came back up and kissed me, my juices still in her mouth, giving me a taste.

"Delicious, isn't it?" she asked, smiling.

I nodded. "I want to taste you next."

She took my hand in hers. "I don't think you're ready for going down on my, yet, so let's start slow." She straddled me again, leading her hand with mine still in it to her own vagina. Unlike my hairless slit, she had a neat little bit of red just above her opening. "I'm going to start by guiding you, but I want you to take over once you get the hang of it." She pressed three of my fingers against her pussy and nodded.

With her help, I slid my fingers into her love canal, exploring her insides with my fingers. Very quickly, the older woman began to moan as I fingered her. She let go of my wrist, leaving me to my own devices, which was just what I wanted. I put my other hand on her back and pulled her close as I sat up, resting against the headboard. She sat in my lap, my fingers buried in her cunny, and our lips met. She frantically placed her hand on mine and mirrored my actions. The scent of her perfume rose up into my nostrils, soon followed by the intoxicating scent of both our vaginas, wet with bliss and anticipation. Her breasts pressed against mine, our knuckles constantly bumping into each other as we fingered the other. Lorelei felt adventurous, pulling some strange things with her fingers, but I kept up pretty damn well, mimicking her own ministrations to apparently great effect; she soon panted more than I did.

Throughout the whole thing, her glasses remained firmly on her face, and it added, on some level, to her allure. I didn't want her to take them off, or for them to fall off at some point. In fact, several times I would stop rubbing her back or stroking her hair just to readjust her glasses. They were important, somehow.

It quickly became a game between us, competing to see who could race the other to orgasm. I already came, but I still lacked the experience she did. However, she seemed to want release just as badly, so we were locked in a stalemate, a contest of who was better. We hardly played fair, and I think the only thing keeping me from diving for her nipple was the addictive taste of her lips, but the line was fine the second I felt fingers poking around my back door.

I squealed in shock as she slid two fingers into my ass, and then all bets were off. Reluctantly I broke our kiss and made a dive for her breast, locking my lips on her round nipple and never letting go. Lorelei fell back, our fingers still working each other, my mouth working overtime on her nipple, her two fingers teasing my tight ass. It was going to be close. Oh, so very close. I lay on top of her, giving me a definite angle advantage, but it left my cute little rear wide open for her to play with.

My other hand, fairly inactive up until this point, sprang into action. It latched onto her free breast, massaging it and kneading the bountiful flesh, the thumb lightly rubbing her nipple. That was all it took.

Lorelei screamed into my ear, her body bucking wildly underneath me, frantically humping my fingers as she worked them deeper into her. I could feel her exploding on my hand, and that was all it took to set me off. I buried my face in her cleavage to muffle my intense cries, louder even than hers, as my juices again dripped down, Lorelei's hands buried in both my holes. I lay on top of her, both of bodies heaving as we breathed heavily.

"I love you," I whispered to her later on as we lay together in the bed, her breasts acting almost as pillows as I cuddled up next to her, her arms around me protectively. We had called home and said that Lorelei was giving me some training.

"I love you too," she smiled, patting my head. "I can stay here for a few more days, but then I have to return to Viridian."

"You'll come and visit right?"

"If you promise to wait for me, yes."

"I'll wait through all of eternity to be with you, Lorelei."

"Then I'll never stop coming back, and one day, when you're old enough to leave home and I step down from the Elite Four, we can be together for the rest of our eternity."

My eyes became heavier as slowly I succumbed to the slumber. From that night on, there was only one person I would fall asleep next to.

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