Ohtori\'s Birthday Surprise

BY : Nin-Kun
Category: Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Ohjisama > Yaoi - Male/Male > Shishido/Choutarou
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Disclaimer: I do not own Prince Of Tennis. All the characters, origional idea and plot etc are copywrited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no profit (money) what so ever from writing this.

Title: Ohtori's Birthday Surprise.
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince Of Tennis. All the characters, origional idea and plot etc are copywrited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no profit (money) what so ever from writing this.
Series: Prince Of Tennis.
Pairing: Silver Pair (Shishido x Ohtori)
Rating: 18+, PwP. Pure smut. Not for minors.


A soft smile lightly tugged on a certain boy’s face, dark brow eyes looked out through the windows in the dorm room.
It still snowed, like it had for the past four days, the boy by the window sighed running a hand through his soft white locks.
Today was February 14th, the boy more known for his frightening Scrud Serve, expertise in violin music and blush so much people were afraid of his health, going by the name of Ohtori Choutarou.

Today, on valentine’s day were his birthday, he sighed sadly it still didn’t mean tennis practise would be cancelled.
The white haired junior glanced over to the bed where his doubles partner still laid asleep.
“Shishido-san! It‘s time to get up all ready..” Ohtori said softly walking over to lightly shake the snoring teens shoulder.
The brunette just grumbled a few curses “no..five more years..” he mumbled and then grasped Ohtori’s wrist and tugged him down into the bed, cuddling him like a huge teddy bear.
The white haired boy of course blushed and shifted, the sheets riding down showing his friend were sleeping entirely nude, which only made Ohtori blush more.

“Shishido-san…get up..” he forced on a bit more, breathing a sigh of relief when the brunette under him groaned and eyes slowly fluttered open.
“Mmm, Choutarou..what are you doing in my bed?” the obviously still half asleep and not aware of his own nude body, he sat and the junior leaned back smiling softly.
Ohtori chuckled “I tried to wake you..you made me to your teddy..now get up we’re gonna be late!” he said sliding off the bed and went to change into his own tennis clothes.
Shishido lifted an eyebrow and decided not to bother about it, he ran a hand through his messy locks of brown, stretched and then hurried to get clothes on.

The two grabbed coats, rackets and their school bags and rushed down the dorm halls to get in time for the days early tennis practise.
“Damn it, all ready ten minutes late!” Ohtori cursed, Atobe wouldn’t be happy about it.
The doubles partners reached the indoors tennis court and paused outside for a while, trying to catch their breath and look as normal as possible.
They then slid the door open “sorry were…” Shishido cut himself off the room were dark, Ohtori blinked, then fumbled after the light switch.
“Maybe Jiroh turned back the time on our alarm clocks again..” the junior muttered and finally he had found the switch, he flipped it on and near fell back on his ass as people suddenly shouted:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” the whole regular team stood in front of him, dressed up, before a huge table with gifts and the largest cake anyone could imagine.
Brown eyes widened, trying to take in the scene and a blush sat perfectly in place.
“You..how long..” the poor white haired boy couldn’t find his words, his team mates still standing there smiling at him.
Jiroh bounced up “don’t mind that, c’mon, c’mon, presents, presents!” the normally sleepy boy beamed and dragged Ohtori over to the others, blushing more as the boys congratulated him and gave him hugs and Gakuto promently plopped a cider in the boy’s hand.

The assortment of said presents varied of course, from grip tape to a cd with violin music by Vanessa Mae, a few shirts, a book of Japanese cooking, and a necklace in silver with a pendant which contained a picture of the whole team inside.
Ohtori sighed and smiled looking through all the wonderful gifts.
“Thank you all so much..” Choutarou smiled softly and bowed, he couldn’t be more happy than he was in that moment.
Atobe chuckled flicking his hair a bit and smirked “Oh, but the best hasn’t come yet..” he purred out and snapped his fingers, directly Kabaji lifted Ohtori up and walked over to the coach bench, sat the junior down, and the lights furthest from the bench came on.
There was a stage over there, with microphones and long poles on it, Ohtori could only blink wondering what the heck was going on.

“Now, it’s time to give something a fifteen year old would really enjoy!” Gakuto shouted excitedly.
The little redhead, Oshitari, Jiroh, Shishido climbed up the stage, took places by one microphone each and smirked.
Music slowly filtered through the speakers and the white haired boy directly recognised it as Another Levels ‘Freak Me’.
The four on the stage exchanged a look then a nod, slowly they moved back carefully matching their moves and at the same time gripped the poles and lifted a leg around it and swung erotically.

“Let me lick you up and down till you say stop, Let me play with your body baby make you real hot, Let me do all the things you want me to do, Cause tonight baby I wanna get freaky with you” they started singing as well, and cat calls erupted, all Ohtori could do was stare and blush, hoping he wasn’t coming in his shorts, which was very tight right now.
As the four continued to sing, swaying their bodies and stripping as it continued, Oshitari suddenly approached a bit closer to the edge of the stage, Gakuto kneeling behind him, undoing the buttons of his shirt, flipping it open and running his fingers sensually over the skin, eyes locking to Ohtori as he leaned down to kiss the skin revealed and Oshitari took his tone and sang on.

” Baby don’t you understand, I wanna be your nasty man.. I wanna make your body scream, then you will know just what I mean.. 24 carat gold I want the night to grow cold” His voice were smooth like liquid silk wrapped around sex, Gakuto behind him helped with stripping both had lost their shirts and pants were opened, the acrobats hand inside of the teams tensai’s pants, slowly removed and they both stood, swaying back to the other two, who had their own stripping, matching the two making out.
The second refrain came on then, Ohtori were shifting in his seat, turned on to hells heat, Atobe smirking beside him, he had planned this good indeed.

”I wanna lick you up and down and then I wanna lay you down come on sexy, Let me lick you up and down till you say stop, Let me play with your body baby make you real hot, Let me do all the things you want me to do, Cause tonight baby I wanna get freaky with you” After this pants were tossed out from the stage, leaving the four seducers in black thongs, shoes and socks, this time Shishido slid off the stage and sauntered over to where Ohtori sat and kneeled by his side, locking their eyes in a clash of heat and passion.
The poor birthday boy suddenly felt it hard to breath, his heart thundering inside of his chest as his friend, leaned up with the grace of a panther, pressing to him.

”I love the taste of whipped cream spread it on the top of me, You know I can’t resist you boy , I’ll fly you all around the world, I wanna see your body drip come on let me take a sip, To calm what you cherish most , Cause we’re not about to brag and boast..” Shishido’s words dripped with heat in a way that made the junior shiver, the fine hairs on the back of his head frizzled and he gasped, feeling a hand under his shirt, the brunette leaned in pressing a kiss through the words on Ohtori’s skin ”be mine..” he whispered to the white haired boy’s ear before he retreated, it was until then Ohtori realised his own shirt were pretty much gone.
The brunette were back on stage, the four smiled over there and laid their arms around each other, swaying their bodies together and looking over to a very hot and bothered birthday boy.

”Let me lick you up and down till you say stop, Let me play with your body baby make you real hot, Let me do all the things you want me to do, Cause tonight baby I wanna get freaky with you” They sang once more and smirked, snatched one loop of each other tong.
”Cause tonight baby I wanna get freaky with you” Jiroh finished, the four pointing to Ohtori and then yanked, their thongs coming clean of their bodies and the group cheered, the birthday boy turning a new shade of red, the music ended and the four went to get their clothes and redress, minus underwear, then they hopped off the stage.
Jiroh bounced over to Atobe who leaned to give the boy a kiss, Taki and the others made comments about how dirty Gakuto and Oshitari were.

”But of course..we’re not called the ’Dirty Pair’ for nothing..” Oshitari said with a smirk adjusting his glasses, and pulled his partner closer to him.
Shishido smiled walking over to the junior dressed back in his shorts but nothing else, sweat still sticking slightly to his skin.
”Did you enjoy yourself Choutarou?” the brunette asked softly, smiling in a smug way, the bulge in his partners shorts were more than a little revealing.
”Uh..yeah, I did Ryou-san..” Ohtori said softly and blushed harder he gasped as the brash brunette suddenly grasped his wrist and hauled him up.
The junior got no explanation as he were just dragged off, the others looking after them, Atobe smirking like a cat with a bowl of fresh cream.

Shuffling them both into the empty supply room, Shishido softly pressed Ohtori down on the mattresses laying in a corner.
”Shishido-san?” the junior asked softly, blushing, he gasped feeling fingers stroke gently under his shirt over his chest.
The brunette smiled and leaned down, straddling himself over Ohtori’s body and gently took the bigger boy’s lips in a slow and sweet kiss.
”Be mine..please Choutarou..” Shishido rasped softly as their kiss broke and he held the brown eyed boy to him gently.
Ohtori drew a sharp gasp and blinked, then his eyes fell half close and he smiled ”Am I not..all ready yours..” he questioned softly and it was Shishido’s time to gasp.

As to answer that, another kiss were pressed to the juniors lips and clothes were rapidly being removed, the two soon laying naked on the mattresses.
Shishido’s blue eyes heatedly taking in all of the shivering body under his, he purred leaning down to softly kiss and lick away the little sweat all ready on Ohtori’s skin on his neck.
”You are so beautiful..” the brunette whispered and lightly let his fingertips dance along the soft skin on the brown eyed boy’s left inner thigh, smiling in delight hearing breath hitch and feeling the shudder running through the other boy.
”I’m not a girl Ryou..” Ohtori huffed out and then ached moaning softly as he felt a hand encase the burning need between his legs and slowly start to stroke it.
”You surely aint..” Shishido answered dryly then shuffled down, soon dragging his tongue along all of the juniors massive shaft, licking teasingly around the tip before taking it into his mouth and slowly started sucking.

Ohtori tossed his head back and moaned rather loudly, but he didn’t want the others still outside to hear them so he lightly bit into one of his fingers.
He stiffened suddenly when he felt something slick poke and prod at his hidden entrance, he squirmed and shifted then, it felt uncomfortable and it was cold.
”Sorry, Chou you are virgin right?” Shishido asked seriously, looking up with concern to his soon to be lover.
”Y-yes..” the white haired junior choked out, the brunette smiled then ”I’ll be gentle..” he whispered lovingly and softly inched a first finger into that hidden place meant just for him.

The white haired boy tightened his hand in the mattress, tensing, it hurt a bit but he cried out suddenly, the wet heat of Shishido’s mouth around him soon again and made him forget all about it.
Two more fingers followed with less pain, thanks to the brunettes expert mouth, after a good while of stretching Shishido soon had Ohtori writhing and moaning heatedly, as he assaulted the juniors prostate over and over.
”P-please..I want you..Shishido-san..” the white haired boy whined out softly bucking wantonly down on the fingers.
The smaller brunette smiled ”All right..” he purred and shifted up, he laid Ohtori’s muscular legs over his shoulders and slicked his own length before he gently pressed it into the stretched entrance.

The junior tensed hard, he knew it would hurt but not as much as it did now, he started breathing harder than before, tiny tears slipping past closed eyelids and he whimpered in pain.
”I’m sorry..It’ll fade soon..” Shishido murred lovingly and leaned down to kiss him softly with heat, gently suckling on the bigger boy’s tongue as he slowly started move within him.
Arms soon circled around the brunette’s shoulders, pulling their bodies closer and arched needily into the touch.
”H-harder..” Ohtori uttered breathlessly and lightly tightened around the invasion pulsing inside of him.
Shishido’s control snapped right then, you see he had been holding on for Ohtori’s own sake, even though it was very hard not to start pounding into that hot heat.

Given a green lightly Shishido slammed in hard, Ohtori crying out with pleasure as each deep thrust crashed to his prostate.
”Ahh, Shishido-san..more..gods!!” the junior mewled and his nails started digging into the smaller doubles player’s back, making tiny in prints.
”Damn it..” the brash boy growled and reached between them to stroke the heat nestled between them, smoothing out the precum there and making the white haired boy’s voice rise in volume once more.
Soon enough Ohtori’s head shot back and he cried the brunettes name loudly, come spurting between their bodies as he came hard over them both.
”Chou!” Shishido gasped out, tensing his body over the larger boys and let his hold go, sending his cum deeply within the panting and spent boy beneath him.

They slumped together, cuddling in the warm aftermath, Shishido gently pressing kisses to Ohtori’s sweaty skin.
The junior shifted, the mattress were gliding and sticking to his skin in the most uncomfortable way, but he didn’t care, cuddling his lover were pure heaven.
”Happy birthday, Choutarou..” Shishido whispered softly, leaning to kiss the boy softly.
The snow haired boy smiled and deepened the kiss, then let it go ”I think this was my favourite present..” he said with a sigh.
The brunette smiled ”then I’ll keep giving you presents like this..” he promised and they sealed their lips once again.

The End..

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