How to calm a frightened kitten

BY : Nin-Kun
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Disclaimer: I do not own Prince Of Tennis. All the characters, origional idea and plot etc are copywrited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no profit (money) what so ever from writing this.

Title: How to calm a scared kitten.
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince Of Tennis. All the characters, origional idea and plot etc are copywrited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no profit (money) what so ever from writing this.
Series: Prince Of Tennis.
Pairing: Momoshiro Takeshi x Kikumaru Eiji
Rating: 18+, PwP. Pure smut. Not for minors.


Shifting his feet rapidly in a tiny bouncing way in the hall in front of his front door, looking up stairs Kikumaru Eiji heaved a little whine.
“Mou! Momo hurry up were gonna be late!” he called up the stairs, fidgeting even more.
A very drowsy looking Momoshiro Takeshi thumped down the wooden stairs, buttoning his royal blue shirt, and running a hand through his spiky black hair.
“Relax Eiji-senpai we have loads of time..” he said smiling widely and leaning down to kiss the smaller boy’s cheek.

The little acrobat only pouted more, they had planned to go to the movies, and it was 15 minutes left before it would start, sure Eiji’s house laid close to the cinema but, he hated being late and he had wanted to see the movie for over two weeks.
“I am telling you were going to be late..” Eiji crossed his arms making the black haired boy smile more and he shook his head.
He got both their coats and they pulled on their shoes “it’s not my fault for using the shower as a new bedroom..” Momo purred into the redhead’s ear, smiling more amused and happy at the shiver that went through Eiji’s body.

They walked out into the crisp winter night and thankfully the cattish boy relaxed a little, Momo led him to his bike, the smaller acrobat had actually forgotten it was parked outside.
“Well aren’t you gonna thank me..” Momoshiro asked smugly patting the back of his bike where Eiji could sit.
The redhead huffed a little “maybe..” he said with a slight narrowing of his eyes, he were still a bit upset with the stunt the power player had pulled on him.
The purple eyed junior knew his moody lover would give in soon enough, Eiji never stayed mad at him for long.

The two set off with breakneck speed, Eiji holding tight around Momo’s waist hoping in the cold weather, snow and all they wouldn’t fall and hurt themselves.
Thankfully they soon arrived to the cinema, Momoshiro took time securing his bike from being stolen, they walked well Eiji ran inside, Momo fixed the tickets, while the little red head hurried to fix the essentials, namely, pockey, popcorn and soda.
“Are you sure you can handle this movie?” Momoshiro asked softly, laying an arm around Eiji’s arm as they stood in line for the movie.
The playful redhead smiled widely “Of course, I’ve watched horror before ne?” he questioned.

Momoshiro sweat dropped and then gave a smile, of course Eiji had seen horror flicks with him before, however getting the smaller boy to calm and not freak after wards was a challenge.
“Ah, we’re in!” the black haired boy smiled, it was all ready stacked with people, mostly couples, so they seated themselves in the back.
“I’ve been waiting for this movie far to long to chicken out now..” Eiji beamed and took a few popcorns tossing them up and catching them in his mouth.
Momo gave a nod, he too had been looking forward to it actually, it was one of those Fuji had commented was good to get any uke in the mood afterwards.

The lights soon dimmed, Momo casually laying his arm on Eiji’s shoulders, the little redhead leaned on him, both munching on the popcorn.
Soon enough, the smaller boy were clutching onto the junior’s hand, this movie were one of those that would keep on the edge all through.
The purple eyed boy could hear Eiji’s scared pants filter close to him, so he leaned to softly to kiss the acrobat’s cheek, getting a little response from him.
However it didn’t take long before Eiji jerked violently at a particular scene and near leaped into Momo’s lap.
“Did you see that? Oh gods..feel my heart!” Eiji exclaimed taking Momo’s hand and pressed it to his heart, it was thumping so wildly the junior was afraid his senpai would have a heart attack.

However he had to swallow hard, he had become strangely aroused, Eiji were very cute being scared and him pressing to the black haired boy’s body weren’t helping.
“Ah, yeah..” he said halfly interested then jolted again as the whole crowd in the room screamed at gore on the screen and Momo found one very scared Eiji in his lap.
Big blue eyes blinked and even in the dim dark the larger junior could clearly see the blush on the acrobat’s cheeks.
“Momo..” Eiji whispered softly and then leaned forth, he had for the moment forgotten the movie, his attention focused on the need between them.

Their lips met in heated passion, Momo instantly getting access to the smaller boy’s mouth and started to taste and urge him into a bit of play, gently sucking on the redhead’s tongue.
Eiji’s soft pants and moans being lost in the junior’s mouth, his hands travelled and one soon cupped the cock he felt making a tent in Momo’s jeans, the other trying to get the blue shirt down.
“Eiji not here..” The black haired boy rasped out softly licking along his lovers swollen lips.
Eiji frowned a little “C’mon..” he said softly and shifted standing up and then tugging Momo with him.

The two soon stumbled into the bathroom, thankfully it was deserted for the moment, but just to be safe they stepped into a stall.
When the door were closed, Eiji attacked the junior’s lips again and kissed him with deep need and passion.
“Gods..I want you..” Momo mumbled between their lips, feeling his pants being undone he looked down Eiji were one quick boy.
Smiling up to him, the little acrobat gently fished out the power players cock and stroked it, bringing a small moan from him.

Then he wasted no more time, he took all of the long length into his mouth and gently started sucking on it, running his tongue all over and teased around the sensitive tip.
Momo shuddered and let out a shaky moan, a hand lightly running through the smaller boy’s soft red locks, half lidded eyes watching his lovers head bob slowly up and down his shaft.
Eiji glanced up once or twice he smiled slightly seeing the pleasure on his lovers face, he sucked slightly harder bringing new moans from the larger boy.
“Eiji stop..I can’t hold on..” Momo then rasped out and gently pushed the cattish boy’s head off of his cock.

Those wide blue eyes blinked at him again and the little redhead smiled, softly undoing his own pants.
“I don’t want to wait..” he whispered softly, obviously neither did Momo as he suddenly pushed both pants and what was under them down.
He leaned to give Eiji a chaste kiss “turn around..” he rasped huskily into the acrobat’s ear.
The smaller senior hurried, turning around and steadied his arms on the wall, back curving a little as he jutted his nice firm rump towards the black haired boy.
Momo lightly reached a big, calloused hand and softly fondled the skin of said perky ass and smiled at the hitch of breath he heard.

He then kneeled down behind of the redhead and gently spread the cheeks apart, inspecting the bight pink, spiralling pucker for a few moments before he leaned in and softly licked along the rim.
“’s..oohh..” Eiji squeaked softly, is head fell forward and he shuddered with pleasure.
Momo grinned pushing the slick muscle inside and thrust it, adding a finger at the same time and made an amused sound, Eiji were still tight.
The acrobat’s legs shifted slightly his back arching, he felt his pleasure building quickly within him, he reached a hand down to stroke himself slowly.

After what felt like ages of careful stretching and rimming, Momoshiro soon stopped and stood up, leaning in he lightly tilted Eiji’s head to him and softly kissed him.
“Ready?” he purred, positioning himself to the stretched entrances, pressing a little so that the smaller boy could feel just how ready he were himself.
Giving a short nod and a soft nya the redhead cried out soon after as the black haired boy pressed in all at once.
“Fuck you’re tight..” Momo panted out, hands gripping the seniors hips gently as they tried to get used to the sensation.

Eiji smiled “you love it..” he gasped out softly and shifted bucking back to the cock inside of him and moaned, feeling the tip rub at his prostate.
Momo chuckled “damn sure I do..” he husked and then gritted his teeth a little as he started to move, deep and fast into the smaller acrobat’s body.
All the black haired boy soon could hear were the blood bubbling in his ears, their raged breathing in them and all the delicious moans and whimpers his lover emitted.
“M-momo harder..” Eiji pleaded on sobs of pleasure, his lovers thick length were all ready slamming up on his sweet spot but he needed more.

Growling Momoshiro lost his control then “stroke yourself for me..” he panted in the playful boy’s ear, momentarily grasping the redhead’s hand and pulling it down between the quaking legs and curled it around Eiji’s dripping erection.
The pace turned violent, the power player pounding the smaller boy into the wall with the new deeper thrusts, Eiji barely matching the pace as pleasure made him see stars and made him fuzzy.
Momo hissed with need, leaning to lick and bite on the blue eyed boy’s exposed neck, he moaned against the skin and purred.

The moment later Eiji’s head shot back and he tightened up like a vice, he cried his pleasure loudly as his come splattered out over the stall wall.
Momo bit down hard, thrusting in a final time and emptied his hot come deep inside of the shivering and spent boy’s body.
The two stayed silent and panted for a while, trying to calm down from the sizzling high they had peaked up.
Around ten minutes later, Momo softly kissed Eiji’s shoulder where his teeth had made quite the mark and mumbled a sorry, they detached themselves and cleaned up.

“ I missed it all..” Eiji complained as they were seated back in the theatre, the last four minutes plus credits of the flick slowly flicking on over on the screen.
The black haired boy laughed softly and leaned to kiss him, in that loving way that always made the little redhead week in the knees.
“We can always rent it later..” he said softly against Eiji’s lips and grinned at the happy face his lover made.
They walked out and spotted a very red faced Oishi leave the bathroom, a suave looking Tezuka in tow.

Obviously they had been caught up in the same heat the other had.
Ah, the joys of calming kittens after horror movies.

The End

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