Under the Stars

BY : Annie-chan
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Disclaimer: I don't own Fushigi Yuugi, Ri Houjun (Chichiri), or Ri Kouran. Watase Yuu does. No money is being made off of this piece of fanfiction.

Author’s Notes:  I’ve been bitten by the nostalgia bug concerning my first big anime/manga interest—Fushigi Yuugi—most pointedly my favorite character.  Chichiri, even this many years later, is still one of my favorite anime/manga characters, and his story still tugs at my heartstrings.  Very few other characters elicit the same reaction in me that Chichiri does, and he’s likely going to have a special place in my heart for a very long time yet.  Anyway, the idea to write a story in which he doesn’t lose his hometown to a flood or his two dearest friends to a love triangle popped into my head a little while ago.  In other words, this is his and Kouran’s wedding night as it might have been, had fate been a little kinder to Suzaku’s most versatile seishi.

Fushigi Yuugi, Ri Houjun/Chichiri and Ri Kouran all belong to the inimitable Watase Yuu.  I’m just borrowing said characters and setting temporarily to entertain my Muse.

Under the Stars

By Annie-chan

A warm breeze caught light blue hair as a young man exited his parent’s house, stepping out into the moonlight.  His ridiculous fringe of bangs danced in the playful wind, and he smiled, turning his face up to the starry sky.  There wasn’t a cloud to be seen, the moon and stars shining brightly, illuminating the world below almost as if it were daytime.  He could see his shadow on the street as clearly as if the sun were shining.  It was an undeniably beautiful evening.

Such a lovely evening for our wedding, he mused, adjusting the object he held under his arm, a straw mat tied into a roll.  I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful setting.

Glancing around to make sure no one saw him, he turned and headed in the direction of his fiancée’s—no, wife’s—parent’s house, his pace brisk but silent.  The two of them had managed to slip away from the wedding celebration, and then had split up to retrieve a couple of needed items and to shed their elaborate wedding garments.  He had changed into his normal light pants and long tunic, a simple white shirt peeking out from the part in the fabric covering his chest.  He hoped his wife, having been adorned by her sisters and mother with an elaborate collection of jewelry and other accessories, wouldn’t find it too difficult to divest herself of the multitude of baubles decorating her girlish frame.

“Houjun!” he heard suddenly, a hissed whisper coming from around the corner of the house he was just passing by.  The next moment, his wife came into view, moonlight shining in her silky hair.  She was dressed as simply as he was, and the only jewelry she wore anymore was a pair of jade earrings he had given to her on her seventeenth birthday.  He blinked in surprise.  He never ceased to be amazed by how quickly some women got in and out of such complicated arrangements of clothing, makeup, and ornaments.

“Kouran,” he smiled, quickly dismissing his surprise.  He caught her in an embrace, tenderly kissing the crown of her head.  “Did you get what you went for?”

“Yes,” she said, showing him a similar bundle to the one he carried.  Instead of a straw mat, she held a rolled blanket under her arm.

“Shall we be off, then?” he asked, holding his hand out to her with a flourish, pretending to be the hero so often found in children’s stories.

Kouran giggled, taking his hand.  Her husband had a bit of a theatrical streak in him, one of the many traits that had endeared him to her over their young lives.  Turning her face up to him, she pressed a quick kiss to his cheek.  “Let us be off,” she replied in same manner.

The two of them silently stole through the streets, making quickly for the edge of town.  The sounds of the celebration, still apparently undeterred by their disappearance, got quieter and further away as they went.  They didn’t intend to return to the festivities, instead heading for the forest that ringed the valley, clothing the roots of the mountains in varying shades of green.  Their progress was slowed somewhat as the ground sloped upward once they exited Shouryuu.  Steep hills hedged in the town on one side, leveling out again soon after the trees started.  It was not a terribly difficult climb, and both Houjun and Kouran had made it many times in the past.  It was a quicker route into the trees than going all the way to the other side of town where the slopes were gentler, and their special spot was only a little ways into the woods from this direction.

You doing all right?” Houjun asked as they reached the top of the incline, the moonlight now largely cut off by the branches above them.  Both of them were breathing a little harder than normal, as they usually were after scaling the steep hill.

“I’m fine,” she replied.  “I’ve made this climb just as many times as you have, Houjun.”  Even in the darkness, he could see her chiding but affectionate smile.

About ten minutes later, the trees suddenly opened up into a large clearing, a single sakura tree standing near the middle.  It was springtime, so the tree was in full bloom, its pink blossoms appearing white under the moon.  Wildflowers dotted the grass over the whole of the clearing, many of them closed for the night while those accustomed to nocturnal pollination stood open, fireflies flitting from one cup of nectar to another.

Kouran let out a soft breath, her eyes filled with wonder.  “Oh, it’s so lovely,” she whispered, one hand brought up to her mouth.

“It is,” Houjun agreed, slipping an arm around her waist and holding her close.  “A lovely sight for a lovely woman.”

“Oh, Houjun,” she giggled shyly, a faint blush tingeing her cheeks.  No matter how many times he said it, she still felt embarrassed when he told her how beautiful she was.

“Come,” he said gently, releasing her from the hug and taking her hand again.  He led her over to the sakura tree, looking up at the masses of blooms as they came closer.  A lot of fond memories had been made here between the two of them, beneath the tree’s large canopy.  This was where they had first confessed their love to each other, shared their first kiss, and the spot where he had asked of her the favor of marrying him.  Now, it was to be the place where they first made love.  He could think of no better spot for completing their union.

“Here?” Kouran asked quietly as they reached the tree.  The roots spread out along the ground before diving deep beneath the earth, and two particularly large ones formed a prominent V shape along the grass.  The space was large enough to accommodate two adults, and the young couple had often sat and cuddled here, enjoying the peace and quiet of the forest as well as each other’s company.

“If that’s what you want,” Houjun replied, looking at her fondly.  “Anything for you, my love.”

Kouran smiled, moonlight shining in her eyes.  “I think it’s the perfect place.”

Houjun knelt on the ground, untying the fastenings around the mat he had carried with him.  Unrolling the meticulously-woven material, he laid it carefully in the space between the roots.  It was just a tiny bit too large for the space, the edges resting up on the roots themselves, creating a cradle just the right size for the newlyweds.

Standing back up, he turned to face his wife.  She had set the rolled blanket on the ground near the mat, and was now standing with her hands clasped in front of her, shifting from one foot to the other.  She looked decidedly nervous.

“Are you okay?” Houjun asked, resting his hands on her shoulders.  He looked into her eyes, gently stroking her upper arms in a comforting fashion.

“I am,” she answered.  “I just…this is such a big step.”

He placed his arms around her, holding in her in a gentle embrace.  “Just relax,” he whispered, stroking her back.  Inwardly, he was also quaking in trepidation.  They were on the verge of taking each other’s virginity.  Part of him was eager to finally know this beautiful woman completely, his love for her nearly overwhelming him.  Another part of him seemed almost afraid, his innocence concerning physical intimacy painfully apparent.

Houjun thought back on a talk his brother had given him earlier today, before the wedding.  The older man had taken it upon himself to prep his little brother for his first conjugal encounter, and though Houjun’s cheeks had burned in embarrassment the entire time, he was glad his brother had taken the time to do so.  At least he now had a few ideas of what was pleasing for a woman.

Don’t worry about doing things “right,” his brother’s voice echoed in his mind.  Just do what comes natural to the two of you.  You’ll both enjoy it more if you just relax and let things come.

Slipping a finger under Kouran’s chin, Houjun tilted her face up and gently placed his lips over hers.  This was something familiar to them both, a good starting point, he figured.  He felt some of the tenseness leave her, her hands coming up to rest on his waist.  Stroking his fingers through her hair, he undid the simple tie at her nape and released her hair from the ponytail she had put it in after undoing the elaborate wedding fashion her sisters had styled it in earlier in the evening.  The lavender strands spilled down her back past her hips, liquid silk in the moonlight.  She relaxed further as he petted her hair, her arms going around him and holding tightly.

They stayed like that for a while, exchanging kisses and soft whispers, his hands slowly coaxing the apprehension from her as she held him closely.  As she relaxed, he felt his own anxiety diminishing, and he was becoming increasingly aware of her body against his.  Heat was beginning to gather low in his belly, and he sighed shakily, remembering the times in the past when he had felt similar sensations.  They were always centered on her, his teenage body yearning to come together with hers.  Though the temptation to hide in his room and relieve his desire with his own hands had been strong, he had never given into it.  His love for her was too important, too pure.  He would never cheapen the feelings he had for her by indulging in such a base activity.

His lips left hers, trailing light kisses over her cheek to her ear.  He felt her shiver as he nuzzled the delicately-formed pinna, his breath tickling the sensitive ridges and valleys.  He parted his lips, gently closing his teeth over the earlobe, nibbling carefully at the soft flesh.

“Houjun,” she purred, her hands sliding up his back as he sucked at the tender structure.  Her breath caught in her throat as he released her ear and moved down to her neck, nipping the skin just under the hinge of her jawbone.  She buried one hand in his hair, carding her fingers through the azure strands.  A quiet sound of annoyance made its way from her throat when she encountered the leather thong tied around his hair at the base of his skull.  With quick movements of her fingers and a flick of her wrist, she freed his hair from its binding, letting it fall loose around his face and neck.  Her purring resumed as she slid her fingers through the soft strands.

He smiled inwardly at her actions, pulling the collar of her gown away from her neck and kissing the juncture of her shoulder.  She tasted both sweet and spicy, mirroring her personality perfectly, he thought.  She was a demure, proper young lady, yet she possessed a strong, active mind that some people thought unbecoming of a woman.  He, however, had been drawn to this aspect of her, mesmerized by the juxtaposition of softness and strength that he saw in her.  Her mother, who had approved of her daughter’s character, had told him she would maintain their household with both shrewdness and care, a model for the other young wives around her.  He hardly cared about that.  All he cared about was the deep love and affection they shared.

Kouran instinctively shied away when one of his hands slid around to her front, resting on her ribs just below her left breast.  Catching herself, she relaxed into the touch, hoping to encourage him by placing her hand over his.

He felt her rapid heartbeat through her ribs, and almost pulled back when she squirmed away, yet retained the contact when he felt her small hand over his.

“May I?” he asked softly, pressing his lips to her forehead.

She looked up at him, slightly surprised that he would ask permission.  What they intended to do went far beyond touching her breast, after all.  But then, she realized he was asking not for permission to touch her breast but to move forward with the lovemaking, to take things further than the chaste touches and kisses they had shared up until now.  She smiled warmly at her husband.

“Always, love,” she answered, kissing the corner of his mouth.  “Anything you want.”

He turned his head, kissing her fully, more insistent than before.  He felt her startle a bit when his tongue ran along the center line of her lips, pleading entrance.  She opened her mouth, sighing as his tongue slid inside, deepening the kiss.  She had always wanted him to kiss her like this, but had been too embarrassed to ask.  Now, she shivered as his tongue curled around hers, their saliva mingling in her mouth.

Houjun’s fingers found the fastenings to her gown, and after a little fumbling, figured out how they worked and began to loosen her clothing.  Her own hands gripped his shoulders as she began to kiss him back, becoming more comfortable with the situation.  Nervousness was just a memory now, and she could sense in his touch that he had similarly cast away hesitation.

She sucked in a breath as her gown began to slowly open under his ministrations, the warm night air caressing her skin as it was gradually revealed.  The fabric was hanging open down to her navel when she felt him slip his hands inside, briefly massaging her waist before moving upward and pushing the gown off her shoulders, exposing the length of cloth she had wrapped around her upper torso to support her breasts.  She felt a sudden flash of modesty, and moved to cross her arms over her chest, but the gown was now hanging by the sleeves, which served to somewhat restrain her arms, stalling the movement.

“Don’t,” he whispered, squeezing her shoulder to calm her.  Moving his hands down to her elbows, he helped her extricate her arms, leaving the top part of the gown to hang down behind her, the sash around her waist preventing it from falling off the rest of the way.


“Don’t hide from me, Kouran,” he said, still whispering.  “Please.  I want to see you, at last.”  His hands slipped around her, finding the small knot that held the cloth around her bosom and loosening it.  With a gentle tug, the coils of fabric fell away, fluttering to the ground at their feet.

Kouran moaned softly as his hands settled over her now naked breasts, kneading and squeezing experimentally.  A soft cry escaped her throat as he cupped one breast in his hand, his thumb brushing over her nipple.  The pink bud contracted and stood erect, responding eagerly to his touch.  Her hands fisted in the front of his tunic as he gently rolled the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger, eliciting the same reaction as the first one.  She had never before thought of her nipples as an erotic area, and she was very pleasantly surprised as the sensations threaded through her, adding to the heat that was gathering in her belly.

She whimpered in disappointment when his hands left her breasts, and again in anticipation when she felt them at her waist, untying the silk sash that held her gown to her body.  The sash floated to the ground alongside the other length of cloth, and she gave a shuddering sigh as her gown slid off her hips and down her legs to pool at her feet.

Houjun took her hands and stepped back, pulling her with him.  She stepped out of her shoes and the crumpled fabric of her dress, her eyes locked with his.  She was completely exposed to him now.  She shivered, though the air was warm.

“Beautiful,” he breathed, cupping her face in his hands and kissing her, stroking her neck and shoulders.  “So very lovely.”

“Please, love,” she murmured, her arms around him, “I want to see you, too.  All of you.”

“Yes,” he said with a kiss to her cheek.  Gently guiding her onto the straw mat between the roots, he knelt, pulling her down with him.  Bidding her to lie back, he sat up and undid the belt at his waist, shrugging the long tunic off and dropping it to the side.

Kouran watched in silent anticipation as he undressed, feeling her want for him growing more pronounced as more of his skin was revealed.  She had seen him bare-chested before, his tunic and shirt discarded as he worked under the hot sun in the fields outside of town, but never before had she seen him up close like this.  Now that he knelt before her in the moonlight, she felt desire arrow through her at the sight.  He was trim, well-toned yet slender, and she was mesmerized by the sight of the muscles flexing underneath his skin with each movement.

Her eyes widened and her breath quickened as he cast aside the rest of his clothing, freeing his straining erection from its confines.  There was nothing now separating them, and she felt the wetness between her legs intensify.

“Kouran,” he purred, moving forward and kissing her roughly, his desire getting the better of him.  She readily opened her mouth and allowed him entrance, reaching up and winding her arms around his neck, pulling him down on top of her.  His erection hot and hard against her belly, she moaned into his mouth, unconsciously arching up against him.

She was panting as he pulled away, licking and nipping his way down her neck to her shoulder, his hands teasing her breasts incessantly.  He squeezed hard enough to be almost painful, and she gave a moaning cry, arching up again.

She cried out his name as his lips closed over one nipple, his tongue flicking against the stiff nub as he suckled.  Scraping his teeth gently against it, he groaned as his arousal throbbed almost painfully between his legs.  Her gasps and cries were arcing though him, and his body ached to simply spread her legs and plunge into her.  He restrained himself, instead moving one of his hands downward, sliding over her slightly rounded belly and toward the juncture of her thighs.

He felt her tremble as he rested his hand over the thatch of curls concealing her femininity.  He squeezed softly, experimentally, listening to her shaky gasps.  He felt her moistness through the flimsy barrier, a shudder running through him at the sensation.  Without hesitation, he pushed through the crinkly-soft hair and buried two fingers in her warm wetness.

“Oh gods!” she nearly screamed as he finally touched her most sensitive flesh.  She bucked upward, increasing the pressure of his fingers, nearly sobbing with the pleasure.

Again, Houjun heard his brother’s voice in the back of his mind, telling him of a particularly sensitive pearl of flesh hidden in a woman’s core, and that they especially liked to be touched there.  Sealing their lips together, he found the engorged bud, pressing it between his forefinger and thumb.  She gave a gasping cry, tears pricking her tightly-shut eyes.

She was so consumed by the sensations, his tongue in her mouth, his hand on her breast, his fingers stroking her secret center, that the sudden flash of pain almost went by unnoticed.  His lips left hers, and she realized with a start that he had plunged two fingers into her canal, severing her virginity.  He was now looking down at her, concern in his eyes.

“H-Houjun…” she whimpered, shuddering.

“Are you okay?” he asked, brushing her hair out of her eyes.  Cautiously, he scissored his fingers, her passage stretching with the movement.

“Ah!  Yes…!” she cried out.  On one hand, it hurt.  The piercing of her maidenhead had been masked by the pleasure he had been giving her, but the pain had now caught up with her, a burning sensation emanating from her core as his fingers moved inside her.  On the other hand, it felt unbelievably good, repressed sexual desires finally breaking free with the very much welcome invasion.

Houjun pushed his fingers in as far as they would go, sliding past a rough spot deep inside.  He startled as she stiffened up and keened.

“Oh, yes!  There!  Do that again!” she begged, her voice high-pitched and well-nigh hysterical.

Quickly recovering from his shock, he felt around briefly before finding that rough patch again.  He pressed up firmly, scratching a fingernail over it.  Her strangled wail rang sweetly in his ears, and he crushed their lips together, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth.

Her hands were fluttering at his shoulders, her whole body shaking uncontrollably.  She was rushing toward a precipice, her hips undulating urgently against his hand, shrill cries bursting from her throat with every exhale.  She sucked hard on his tongue, desperate to reach the fast-approaching crest, all notions of modesty long gone from her pleasure-hazed mind.

She moaned long and low as the pressure finally broke, her inner walls clenching hard around his fingers, her back arching up as much as her spine would allow.  Panting hard as he reluctantly dragged his lips from hers, she fell back to the straw mat, her entire body trembling as she rode out her orgasm, waves of pleasure pulsing through her.  She tingled from her scalp down to her toes, a profound feeling of fulfillment settling over her as her release faded away, leaving a warm satisfaction in its wake.  Her hair stuck to her forehead and neck, every inch of skin covered with a thin sheen of sweat.

She felt his fingers withdraw from her a moment later.  The pain was still there, but had diminished dramatically from the initial burn down to a throbbing ache.  Indeed, it felt almost pleasant.

Opening her eyes, she saw him sitting upright, looking at his hand.  Her wetness coated his first and middle fingers, a few errant drops having rolled down the palm and back of his hand.  Her eyes widened as his tongue slid out and caught those wayward drops, tasting the whitish fluid.  He purred, pushing both fingers into his mouth and sucking her essence from his skin.  A look of bliss had settle on his face, and she felt an overwhelming urge to return the favor he had so generously bestowed upon her only a few minutes past.

Houjun hissed in shock when a warm hand encircled his erection, tugging experimentally at the engorged organ.  He had pushed his own arousal to the back of his mind, intent on pleasuring her first, but that sudden, shy touch brought it screaming back to the forefront.  He shuddered, his eyes locking with hers.  “K-Kouran…!”

“Do you like that?” she asked quietly, blushing at her own immodesty.  Her thumb brushed over the slit at the very tip of his penis, and her eyes widened at the strangled cry he made.

“Oh, yes…Kouran…!” he wheezed, his breath stolen by the pleasure coursing through him.  “Oh, that feels so good…!”

A coquettish grin slid across her face, and she began tugging at his organ with long, slow strokes, delighting in the fact that she could give him as much pleasure as he had given her.  Propriety instructed that the woman be a passive participant in lovemaking, initiative belonging solely to the man, the dominant force in the relationship.  Seeing Houjun’s pleasure at her touch, however, banished such thoughts from her mind.  Propriety be damned; this was her soulmate.  If she could make him shudder in ecstasy just as surely as he did her, then so be it.

Curious, her other hand slid down to his scrotum, fingering his testicles.  He gasped, body jerking at the touch.  To her dismay, his hands clamped around her wrists, stilling her.  She looked into his face, embarrassment creeping into her gaze.

“Did…did that hurt?” she breathed as he painstakingly extracted her hands from his loins.

“No,” he panted.  “Oh, gods, no.”

“Then, what—”

Houjun pressed a quick, open-mouthed kiss to her lips, silencing her.  “I don’t want to come yet, beloved.  Not like this.  I want to be inside you for that.  I want to have you…!”

Kouran smiled, eyes sparkling with love.  Without another moment’s hesitation, she lay back on the mat, shifting some until she was most comfortable.  “Then have me.”

Houjun groaned, stretching out over her, pressing his forehead to hers.  “Gods, I love you,” he whimpered, kissing her deeply.

Her arms wound around his neck, clinging tightly to him.  She drew in a shuddering breath as he positioned himself between her legs, the sensitive head pressed firmly against her entrance.  She instinctively bent her knees up, squeezing his hips insistently.

Take me, Houjun!” she half demanded, half pleaded.

He surged forward, burying his weeping erection in her scalding heat, a desperate groan ripping from his throat as he did so.  She arched up against him almost impossibly, her voice choked off.  The pain had returned, his swollen member stretching her much more than his fingers had.

“Oh, gods!” she sobbed, pleasure and pain racing through her every fiber.

Houjun lay still, letting her passage stretch around him, well aware that she was in pain.  It was agony to be surrounded by her intoxicating warmth but not move, but he forced himself to stay still.  His body wanted nothing more than to pound into her softness until he found completion, but he stayed his desires for her sake, wishing not to cause her any more pain than necessary.

“Tell me when you’re ready,” he whispered, raining feather-light kisses upon her face and neck, his hands stroking her skin comfortingly.

Kouran sighed shakily, laying back and forcing herself to relax, willing her muscles to loosen until the need for him became all but unbearable.

“Move,” she hissed, arching up and grinding their pelvises together.

Houjun hardly needed convincing.  Slowly, he moved back, nearly pulling out of her completely before sliding back in, purring as she took all of him, his hipbones resting against her inner thighs.  Reassured by the fact that her sigh sounded more pleased than pained, he pulled out of her again, thrusting back in with a slow, smooth motion.

“Oh…” Kouran panted, her hips moving against his, seeking to deepen the sensations.  “Yes…Houjun…”

After a moment of awkward thrusting and arching, they settled into a rhythm, their bodies falling into sync with each other, their movements quickening as they became more confident.

Houjun was propped up on his hands above her, watching with half-closed eyes as she writhed and gyrated beneath him, encouraged by her lustful moans.  Her inner walls embraced him fully, cradling his throbbing member with every thrust forward.  Overwhelming love washed over him as her eyes opened and met his.  She reached up toward him, her lovely eyes pleading.

He groaned, lowering his body over her, meshing his fingers with hers and holding her hands to the mat beside her head.  He was supported now on his elbows, and they kissed passionately, mouths open and tongues locked in a sensuous dance.

“Faster…harder!” she gasped, meeting his every thrust.  That phenomenal presser was building in her body once again.  “Oh…”

Houjun released one of her hands, reaching back to grip her thigh.  He abruptly changed his angle, searching for the hypersensitive spot that lay far up her passage.  After a few blind thrusts, he found it, her piercing cry going right to his cock as he nudged the little bundle of nerves.

“There!  Again!  MORE!” she shrieked, the nails of her free hand raking down his back, leaving thin red trails in their wake.

He did as she demanded, his own cries of pleasure mingling with hers as they lost themselves in the overpowering sensations.  Tension was building irresistibly in his belly and testes, and he assaulted her pleasure spot with a fierce resolve, determined to bring her to completion first.

She cried out his name brokenly as a second orgasm seized hold of her.  Tears of ecstasy spilled from her eyes, and she bit her bottom lip so hard he was surprised blood didn’t start flowing down her chin.

As she went boneless, coming down from her sexual high, Houjun finally gave in to his own orgasm.  With a few more shuddering thrusts, he erupted within her, pulses of pure bliss throbbing through his erection as he ejaculated deep inside her.

Kouran moaned quietly as sticky warmth flooded her lower belly.  She reached up, laying her hand against the side of his face.

“Let go,” she whispered.  “I can take your weight.”

With a sigh, he lay fully upon her, their chests heaving against each other, their bellies rubbing together quite pleasantly.

Mmm…I love you,” he breathed, caressing her cheek lovingly.

“And I love you,” she answered, basking in the warm afterglow.  She was thoroughly exhausted, but it was a good exhaustion.  She knew she’d most likely be sore in the morning, but right now she didn’t care.  She was perfectly content to just lay there in his embrace.

Eventually, he pulled his softened member out of her, earning him a sigh of disappointment.  Smiling fondly down at his new wife, he pushed himself upright and reached over the root to his right.  Snatching up the rolled blanked she had brought, he untied the cord around it and shook it out.  The material was soft, and he recognized the feel of lamb’s wool, shorn from the youngest members of Kouran’s father’s flock of sheep.  It was very likely that Kouran spun the yarn and wove it into this blanket herself, perhaps anticipating their union under the stars.  He smiled lovingly, then draped the material over the two of them, lying back down beside her.  She sighed, burrowing into his warmth.

“You think they’ve noticed we’re gone yet?” Houjun asked after a moment, referring to the wedding celebration they had furtively slipped away from, forgoing a traditional marriage bed for their special place under the sakura tree.

Kouran giggled, her slight frame shaking with her mirth.  “What do we care, precious?” she managed after a moment.

“Good point,” Houjun replied, a tender smile gracing his youthful visage.

“Suzaku has truly blessed us,” she murmured, stroking her fingers through his hair.  “I love you so very much.”

“And I, you,” he agreed, echoing her earlier reply to his own declaration of love.  “May the Phoenix smile upon this holy union.

“And may these two souls join with absolute finality,” she answered, reciting the traditional wedding blessing with him.

“So shall it be,” he finished, gently kissing her brow, holding her tightly against him.

“So shall it be,” she echoed, emotions swelling in her chest, tears pricking her eyes once again.

“My wife,” he murmured into her hair.  “My Kouran.”

Mmm,” she sighed, closing her eyes.  She let herself drift away, safe in his strong arms, his steady heartbeat slowly lulling her into a deep sleep.

Beneath the blanket, unbeknownst to both of them, a soft red light emanated from just above his right knee.  The symbol for Chichiriboshi, one of the seven constellations standing guard over the southern kingdom, shone clearly on his otherwise unblemished skin.

Ri Houjun, unaware for now of his role concerning the fate of Kounan-koku, drifted off to sleep, his wife nestled safely in his arms.

All was right with the world.


Author’s Notes:  Ta-da.  This is my first lemon in quite a few years, and I hope it came out all right.  I tried to emphasize their deep love for each other, rather than making this just a sex fic.  How’d I do?  I’d really like to hear your opinions.  If you want to criticize, though, please be nice about it.  I prefer criticism to be constructive rather than destructive.

The FY fandom needs more HoujunxKouran, damn it.  They’re a canon pairing, but most fics (and pics) involving them tend to deal with the aftermath of the love triangle, rather than while they were together.  This makes me sad.  So, here’s my contribution to this sorely neglected couple.  I hope it’s well-received.

Anyway, I wrote this all in one stretch, and it’s now early morning.  I have to go to bed so I can be awake at work tomorrow.  Blarg.


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