Summers Heat [Repost]

BY : Nin-Kun
Category: Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Ohjisama > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I do not own Prince Of Tennis. All the characters, original idea and plot etc are copywrited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no profit (money) what so ever from writing this.

Title: Summers Heat
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince Of Tennis. All the characters, original idea and plot etc are copywrited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no profit (money) what so ever from writing this.
Series: Prince Of Tennis.
Pairing: Shishido Ryou x Gakuto Mukahi
Rating: 18+, PwP. Pure smut. Not for minors.


Summer was hell, especially when it was above 28 degrees out, no wind and hardly no shade.
Moving as much as he did this certain boy, the shirt he wore as to any clothing he had else stuck with sweat to his body.
He hissed chasing after the ball, throwing his body after it, flying through the air but missed, not having time to get back on his feet or his hand to do a flip and stop, he crashed roughly onto the gravel court, flinching at the pain.
‘40-15’ was announced, dully he would hear it, the thundering of feet being louder as his ear laid to the ground where he sprawled, bleeding from numerous places on his body.

“Gakuto!” he heard his partner call to him a hand settling on his shoulder softly, he blinked, deep red strands of hair hazing his vision momentarily.
Mukahi Gakuto turned his head just slightly and frowned, Oshitari Yuushi, Ohtori Choutarou and Shishido Ryou stood towering over him.
“Practise is over!” Atobe called from his bench, he looked none to happy about it all, the little red head were a mess, hot days wasn’t his best.
With a low grunt Gakuto shoved the hand off his shoulder and shakily stood, he walked off ignoring the calls after him.
Entering the changing room he sat down roughly stripping from his outfit, slamming the locker closed squashing an arm of the uniform out of it but he didn’t care.

The redhead soon walked into a stall farthest from the door and sighed, it was his favourite, he started the warm water and smiled as it calmed him, he momentarily flinched as the hear flinched the small cuts on body.
He sighed, cursing, summer was bad, he couldn’t concentrate on his acrobatics or tennis in regular, it made him pissed.
But what made him even more pissed was when people pitied him, Gakuto leaned his forehead on the cold shower tiles, closing his eyes, thinking things out, ruling out things to make his stamina hold out on the court.
He didn’t think of it long however as he suddenly stiffened, when he felt arms circling his chest and a warm, bare body press to his.

“You shouldn’t let the heat get you..” the voice purred dark, mocking almost but sweet to Gakuto’s ear.
The smaller boy tensed his shoulders bunching up and he glared back to the male standing being him.
Blazing purple eyes met with dark navy blue, and then narrowed, Gakuto turned his head back and sighed slowly, a rough one to that, it showed he were trying to calm down.
“Don’t fuck with me Shishido..not now..” he mumbled out, hand clenching, he all but wanted the other boy to leave him.
The long haired brunette smirked softly and leaned down, brushing his lips close to the smaller acrobats ear.

“How could I not, seeing you like that out there..” Shishido mocked still because he simply loved to make the smaller boy angry.
The brunette smiled more feeling the shiver go through Gakuto’s body, then he winched as he got elbowed roughly in the gut, it forced him to let go of course.
“You dirty dare you?” Gakuto were seething, eyes glaring at the taller senior.
Shishido’s own eyes narrowed but the smile still sat on his smug lips, he moved up grasping the acrobats wrists faster than he could react and pressed him to the wall, leaning in, near brushing their lips together.
“ know this only makes it worse..” the brunette whispered softly, peaking his tongue out and running it along Gakuto’s mouth.

The smaller boy’s breath hitched, their bodies pressed together, making him feel just how much worse it was getting, he swallowed blushing deeply.
“Not now..not IN HERE..” Gakuto hissed and turned his head, but passion were starting to settle to him, making him become aroused.
Shishido made an amused sound and leaned in taking the smaller boy’s lips with his own, coaxing the redhead into a little play.
“It’s okay, I locked the door..” the hyoutei drama queen whispered between their lips and dove in for a deeper kiss, exploring as much as he wanted, a hand straying over the lithe body.
A low whimper left the smaller boy’s mouth, Shishido were making a mental happy dance, he knew Gakuto were beginning to give in.

Suddenly snapping to his sensed Gakuto then started struggling a little, he shifted and voiced a low complaint.
“Let the fuck go of me..” he growled arching to try and get loose, which only made the hands on his wrist tighten and the brunette pressed more rough to him, hands raising over his head, immobilizing him to the wall.
“Not this time..and you don’t want to..” Narrowed blue eyes locked once more with wide blazing purple ones, the smaller senior then gasped again as Shishido held his hands in one, the other trailed down to settle between supple thighs, lightly grasping the erection burning there.
“Shishido..” Gakuto’s voice were torn between complaining and wanting, his body gave in a little the long haired boy could feel it.

The brunette speed his hand up a little, delighting in the little gasp and moan fluttering from his lovers lips, even if there was still some of the acrobat that resisted most of him screamed out ‘more’.
Shishido decided not to waste time any longer, he easily hitched the smaller redhead’s legs around his hips, they easily locked there and the blue eyed boy’s own erection easily fell in place at Gakuto’s cheeks, gently poking at the hidden entrance.
The smaller purple eyed boy laid his arms around the taller boy’s neck, steadying them both and the leaned in to take a swift and heated kiss.
There was no more encouraging needed, shifting only slightly, the long haired brunette positioned himself just right and pressed inside slowly.

Gakuto tensed but only a little, he panted softly, their lips were still partly together but with enough space to breath and all.
He was used being taken like this either way, it also felt good so he calmed from the grouchiness and just enjoyed.
There was a moment of pause before the blue eyed teen shifted the redhead’s legs higher, laying them on his shoulder, pressing the smaller boy by back only to the wall, both were pretty happy right now, Gakuto was very bendy.
With the new angle he started to move, slowly, it gave new direct depth and it didn’t take long before the smaller acrobat cried out softly.
“Gods still so okay?” Shishido gritted out between his teeth, bucking in once more, bringing a louder cry from the smaller player.
Gakuto were licking his lips slightly, a sure sign he was enjoying himself, he shifted from the wall, slowly starting to move on his own, he didn’t want to wait and it showed perfectly on his face.

Shishido moaned he caught on swiftly, he actually had no intention to stop or slow either, his hair were starting to stick to his back, as the water still came down on them in the shower, if he could he would reach up and stroke away the now blood coloured locks plastering on Gakuto’s forehead and bit on his cheeks, but he didn’t in fear of dropping him to the floor.
“Oh god Ryou fuck me harder with your big fucking cock, oh yeah you fill me up so fucking good!” the redhead mewled now, Shishido felt himself shiver a spark going through him, gods how he loved when Gakuto dirty talked, he grinned leaning in and softly bit and kissed along the pale, exposed neck.
”How do you like it, harder? Want me to fuck you till you split?” Shishido growled back and pushed in hard, bringing a strangled pitched mewl, and the boy he were pounding arched slightly.

“Fuck you’re killing me with that huge cock in my tight little ass all ready, it’s too much Ryou please oh god don’t stop!” Gakuto pleaded now almost, Shishido could feel the heat press tight to their bodies, leaking it’s own passion onto their skin to be washed away a little later.
”Stroke yourself for me, bring yourself to the edge and I’ll shove you over..” the brunette whispered out softly to the ear that he then nipped harshly.
The acrobat simply nodded and reached between them, clasping a hand around his neglected need he started to stroke almost ferociously, matching their pace.
Damn it was hot, Shishido followed the motion of the hand, he shifted the legs down again, so both could watch it better.

”Fuck, Gakuto..” he hissed out, he could feel the heat coil and bubble in his stomach, he barely could hold back any longer.
“Yes yes, you gonna make me come, Ryou? Yeah, gonna fuck me hard until I come all over myself?” Gakuto were mewling his cheeks flushed, hair messy much like Shishido’s long lock, the brunette growled and leaned in to take the smaller boy’s lips in a heated kiss, the same second they both shuddered, moans lost between their lips, a softer sound left the redhead’s throat as he felt wet heat fill him, as he released between their bodies, the water had automatically shut off a bit ago.
The two then slumped all the way to the floor, panting hard and slowly coming down from the great height of pleasure.

The two cuddled for a while, Gakuto seated himself on Shishido’s lap, the brunette still inside of him, fingers now playing in the acrobats blood red hair.
”I hate it when you con me into this..” Gakuto said pouting in such a way he got an immediate kiss.
Shishido chuckled huskily, blue eyes shimmering with delight, tongue licking along those rosy lips.
”Mmm, but this is only one of the things that makes my summer perfect..” he purred and leaned closer to deepen the kiss but Gakuto resisted.
The acrobat didn’t look pleased before his face softened and he leaned in to steal a kiss of his own.
”You know summer might not be so bad..” he agreed, snuggling closer to his lover.


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