Love Between Sharing [Repost]

BY : Nin-Kun
Category: Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Ohjisama > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I do not own Prince Of Tennis. All the characters, original idea and plot etc are copywrited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no profit (money) what so ever from writing this.

Title: Love Between Sharing
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince Of Tennis. All the characters, original idea and plot etc are copywrited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no profit (money) what so ever from writing this.
Series: Prince Of Tennis.
Pairing: Kisarazu Twins x Mizuki Hajime
Rating: 18+, PwP. Pure smut. Not for minors.


There it was again, the odd sounds coming from upstairs, Kisarazu Atsushi had just gotten home from the store.
He sighed the sounds stopped for a bit, perhaps his brother were up watching the morning shows on TV, there was an anime on Saturday morning the long haired twin always watched.
Getting the food away then heard a new more louder sound and little creaks coming straight over his head.
The St Rudolph player raised a brow and then decided he would go upstairs, he walked silently, not wanting to bother Ryou if he watched TV.
He found their bedroom door ajar, and paused the sounds were clear now, it was delighted grunts and moans that flooded to his ears.
Atsushi shoved the door open and his lips perched into a thin line, he leaned on the doorframe arms crossing over his chest.

On their large bed, laid out amongst the red and cream yellow silk sheets and pillows, laid his brother and their shared lover Mizuki Hajime.
Kisarazu Ryou’s head were bobbing up and down, little sucking sounds coming from him, sometimes when his head went down, his long ink black hair floated a bit to the side and showed the large erection he were sucking on.
“I’ve told you to quit hogging him!” Atsushi huffed from his position startling the other two on the bed just slightly, Mizuki smirked lightly pulling the other twins hair away to the side so that the pouting boy could have quite the view of the cock disappearing and appearing again and again.
“I’m sorry Atsushi-kun, you know your brother is greedy..” Mizuki purred huskily, seeing the immediate reaction to the blowjob show the other twin had gotten.

Atsushi’s dark blue eyes followed Ryou’s bobbing head almost hypnotically and he soon pushed off the frame, walked up and stripping himself the same time, he shoved his long haired twin aside just slightly, getting a small annoyed sound from him and Atsushi leaned down, licking over the hard flesh, making the St Rudolph data collector’s breath hitch just slightly.
“I can be just as well damn greedy..” Atsushi growled possessively licking and sucking along the length, rivalling with Ryou now, the boy had let Mizuki out of his mouth, their tongues battled over the flesh sometimes meeting, the smug boy could only watch with pleasure lidded blue eyes as the twins served to make him crazy.
“You just keep picking bad times going out, brother..” Ryou finally spoke up and were instantly silenced by his brothers tongue, moaning he pressed to him.

Mizuki felt his cock jolt at the display of the twins trying to battle it out between their mouths, he decided that it was time to stop the teasing, Ryou had all ready given him enough of that the entire morning.
“Bickering leads to’s time to play..” the blue eyed boy husked, twirling a few of his curly locks around his finger, waiting for them both to move.
“Who do you want today?” came the question in stereo from the twins, to that Mizuki reached out and grabbed Ryou up gently, making the long haired boy straddle his hips, throbbing erection falling perfectly in place between those nice pale cheeks.
“Help me stretch him..” the data collector asked, the flush on Ryou’s cheeks were adorable, Mizuki tilted his head up and locked their lips, kissing him until the long haired boy felt faint.
Atsushi gave a small sound, tilting Ryou’s head back he claimed those lips as his own for a bit more.
Then he started placing licks and kisses along the long haired boy’s back, feeling the shudders and hearing the moans it made him shiver.

Mizuki watched smugly each shudder running through the boy on his lap, Ryou were flush writhing, mewling with need.
The short haired twin soon got to his destination, he spread the taut cheeks apart, pleasure hazed blue eyes took in the delightfully pink pucker with delight, he gently rubbed a finger over it, seeing it shudder and loosen a little.
Atsushi licked his lips slowly and then leaned down, licking over the tiny hole hearing a slightly startled squeak from the boy before a new moan fluttered through the air.
“Atsushi..” Ryou panted out and tensed a little, feeling the slick muscled enter him and move about, he bucked down, his breath deepening.
It only got worse when a finger pushed in as well and started pressing teasingly and Mizuki’s hand closed around his drooling cock.

“Not yet..” the gossip king purred into the boy’s ear, carefully holding off the long haired boy’s release.
Ryou whimpered he wanted release badly “please..please..” he begged needing more, he reached down to stroke the St Rudolph manager's own engorged flesh, showing he were more than ready.
“I’m taking him..” Atsushi said firmly, shifting back up, he pressed his chest to his twin’s back, positioning himself for perfect entry and didn’t pause a second, he pressed in.
Mizuki’s eyes flashed dangerously, he tilted his head letting out a low thoughtful nfu, then shifted, he wanted a piece of the cake as well.
Ryou panted hard, gasping when Atsushi started thrusting, he was halted soon however when the blue eyed boy placed a hand on his hip.
“Turn him around..” Mizuki said softly and once more everything went fast, Atsushi turned his brother so that they both faced each other, Ryou were clutching to him.

A cry were ripped out of the Rokkaku player the moment later, as Mizuki too joined the game, pressing his own hot pole inside right along with the short haired brother.
“I’m sorry if it hurts, I can’t stand not being in you..” Mizuki rasped into Ryou’s soft ear, the boy just shook his head, panting softly.
“Move..please..” the long haired boy mewled out softly and then moaned as his lovers did as told directly.
The pace grew frenetic, Atsushi felt incredible, the space were incredibly tight, sliding heated against Mizuki.
“Damn..why didn’t we think of this earlier..” Atsushi rasped out, leaning in to lick and nip on his brothers neck.
The data collector smirked, his bangs were sticking to his forehead as he bucked up harder and harder feeling the muscles clenching his peak drawing closer and closer.

“Guess time is worth waiting..” Mizuki answered and smiled, Ryou’s voice and rose, the long haired boy had reached down to rapidly start stroking his heated erection, bouncing between the two at the same time.
“Oh harder, gods..ahh nhgh” his voice broke on pleads and heated moans, he soon stiffened however and came all over himself and Atsushi’s chest.
The other two pushed in as hard as they could releasing at the same time, come plashing in all over and leaked out softly as they then slumped together in a sweaty heap of limbs.
It would take moments before any of them moved, being content with just cuddling and kissing together in their after math.
“I think you should stop going out on bad times..” Mizuki chuckled as he slowly pressed a kiss to his lover’s lips.
“Couldn’t agree more!” came the response from the twins.


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