Surprise Visit (repost)

BY : Nin-Kun
Category: Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Ohjisama > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I do not own Prince Of Tennis. All the characters, original idea and plot etc are copywrited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no profit (money) what so ever from writing this.

Title: Surprise Visit
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince Of Tennis. All the characters, original idea and plot etc are copywrited to Takeshi Konomi. I make no profit (money) what so ever from writing this.
Series: Prince Of Tennis.
Pairing: Kirihara Akaya x Fuji Shyuusuke
Rating: 18+, PwP. Pure smut. Not for minors.



Fuji Shyuusuke listened to the happy chirping of birds in the forest as he leaned on a tree, drinking some water from a bottle and drying the sweat beading on his skin off with a towel.
Tezuka had obviously decided to be evil and sent his team off to special training, in the peak of summer and just like the weather their captain was relentless.
”Hurry up Fuji!” Eiji called to the brown haired boy, waving from his spot further up the road, Fuji lightly waved back, giving his usual smile he pushed off the tree, walking to catch up with the others.
The tensai had barely taken a few steps before something suddenly grabbed him and pulled him down into the bushes.
Fuji gasped as he was met with a familiar face, the brown haired boy’s eyes opened just slightly, mouth curving into a displeased frown.

”What are you doing here?” Fuji demanded sharply, only to have the grip on him tighten until the bones in his arm creaked under the force of it.
The other boy holding him, despite being smaller, had amazing strength.
”Oh c’mon, I came here to visit you, haven’t you missed me?” came the smug reply from the green eyed, curly black haired rikkai player.
Fuji regarded the junior with blazing eyes, he once more tried to get out of Kirihara Akaya’s hold.
”I’d rather watch hell freeze over first!” Fuji answered back calmly, only to be met with a smirk in return.
The black haired boy leaned forward and lightly nipped on a sensitive spot on the blue eyed boy’s neck.

”Some is pissy today..” Kirihara purred into the others ear then licked along it, chuckling as the tensai turned his head away sharply.
”Get off from me!” Fuji’s voice was still calm, but instead of doing as told Kirihara harshly pinned Fuji on the ground, he took out a pair of handcuffs he had hidden in his pocket and secured the brown haired boy’s wrist behind his back tightly.
”I had thought you had learned by now, never to mess with me..” the rikkai player husked into the brown haired boy’s ear.
Fuji growled low and shifted, managing to elbow Kirihara hard in his stomach, he gasped the moment later as he was struck hard in the back of his head.
”Do you desire what else I have besides the cuffs Fuji-kun?” he growled angrily, met with more resistance.

”I’d rather kick your head off of your shoulders..” the blue eyed boy’s voice was almost mockingly sweet right then, he gasped lightly as he was pushed closer to the ground and a hand softly drifted in under his t-shirt and fingers roughly started to pinch a nipple.
”looks like we’ll do it the hard way..” Kirihara mused, quickly he turned Fuji over, still pressing the larger boy down, he leaned down and placed a forced kiss on the tensai’s lips.
Fuji did his best resisting the black haired boy, arching and kicking out but to no avail and he was soon convinced entirely on giving up as Kirihara presented a knife to him.
The sound of clothes being torn off reached his ears as Kirihara made his meaning heard, thankfully the green eyed boy only ripped his t-shirt, and it would surely look weird if he would come back with a torn club jacket.
Kirihara knew the familiar game, the tensai laid obediently still as the rest of his clothes were taken off fully intact.

”So you finally know the game?” the green eyed boy purred smugly, tilting the brunettes head back with the tip of the knife.
”Do I need to learn it?” came the short reply, Fuji’s eyes were now fully open, and he flinched as the blade cut him just lightly on his right cheek.
”I suggest you do..” Kirihara growled and took a firm hold of the soft brown locks, pulling the tensai up so that he kneeled.
Standing up himself he towered over his naked prey, Kirihara licked his lips slowly undoing his shorts and pulling them down and revealing his proudly standing erection, he pulled Fuji closer until the blue eyed boy’s lips connected with the tip.
There was a clashing heat between them as their eyes locked, then Fuji’s closed and he brushed forth, taking all of Kirihara’s length into his mouth, slowly starting to bob his head and sucking on it.

The cheeky rikkai player watched with rapidly glazing eyes, moaning delighted each time the wicked tongue would swish over and around his sensitive tip, a hand soon found itself into the kneeling boy’s soft locks.
”That’s enough..on all fours!” Kirihara rasped out after just about a minute of sucking, when Fuji failed to comply fast enough, the black haired boy shoved him back then lifted him on all fours roughly by the hips, the tensai crying out the second later as the junior pushed in harshly.
There was a slight pause then, Kirihara leaning in to press a few light kisses along the brunettes neck, then marking it with his teeth just a little.
”Don’t mock me..just do it!” Fuji hissed out softly, tightening on the invading flesh.
Kirihara laughed softly, and then drove his hips forward a few times, liking the slight squeal it brought out.

”Damn still so tight..don’t make any sound..” the green eyed boy warned, to which Fuji simply snorted, his hips started moving on their own, with a little help of the other boy the pace soon grew ferocious, even so not a single sound came from Fuji’s tightly shut lips.
But only at the start, soon low grunts and embarrassed moaned tried it’s best leaking through his lips, the tensai was blushing, trying to hold off the pleasure coiling inside of him, each thrust would thrust his prostate.
”Don’t deny it..” the blue eyed boy heard the black haired boy hiss into his ear.
”Fuck you!” Fuji snarled meekly and moaned feeling a deep thrust sent new sparks through his tingling body.
”Still the other way around, Fuji-kun..” the rikkai player whispered, closing a hand around the others fully hard cock, starting to pump it.

Fuji lightly shook his head, wanting to protest but his words stuck in his throat, he shivered, softly moaning, in just a few seconds the tensai cried out, scaring a bunch of birds in a nearby tree as he suddenly came over the pumping hand, clamping down on the pounding cock.
There was a muffled possessive growl against the blue eyed boy’s shoulder as a few thrusts later the black haired boy caved in and came deep into the tensai’s clenching heat.
There was no more sound or words, Kirihara pulled out, smirking delighted at the sight of come trailing out of the used hole, redressing the green haired boy watched the brunette lay panting on the ground in a messy sweaty heap.

”It’s better just to obey me the next time I come to visit..” Kirihara purred satisfied, tossing the key to the cuffs right beside Fuji’s head then left, disappearing into the deeper bushes.
Fuji could only sigh and anticipate their next meting.


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