Me And My Shadow

BY : Sailor_Sol
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Disclaimer: Sailor Moon and all characters and settings are copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi & her associates. I don't own them. Anything you don't recognize is our own invention, as is the plot and the 'background.' No money is being made here.

A/N: This takes place before the events in ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, Chapter 1 of Diamohns are Forever, shortly after Aster arrives in Nagasaki from Los Angeles.


Aster paced in the suite of rooms her father had given her. She could feel the sun sinking, and she realized that another day had passed without her leaving for Tokyo. Her father had insisted that she have a bodyguard before she went to live in Tokyo, and nothing she could say would talk him out of it. Many of her cousins on her father’s side made their living as security specialists, bodyguards, special couriers, and other professions that required fighting skills. He had promised that he would find someone she would like.

She stopped and looked at the door as someone knocked softly.

“Come in,” she said, picking up her sketchbook to hide her nervousness.

The door slid aside to reveal a man in a dark suit. This chiseled face was anxious, and his sleek red-black hair was pulled back from his face and fell down his back in a shining braid.

Aster was astounded. This man she knew. This man, she could trust.

“Kage?” she said, incredulous.

“I could not believe it when I was told,” he said, coming into the room and pulling the door closed behind him. “It seems we are destined to spend yet another life together.”

“I never dreamed that my father would find you,” she said. “How did this happen? What are the chances?”

“Your father is the head of my family,” he said. “He asked me to guard his youngest child, and I was amazed and humbled when he described you.”

“Did he tell you what I was going to do?” she asked.

“Yes,” Washino said. “His initial reason for choosing me was that I already live in Tokyo. There is no need for you to find your own apartment.”

“Does he know about our history?” Aster asked.

“He knows we have one,” the dark man answered, removing his suit jacket and hanging it on a hook near the door. “He neglected to tell me your name, now.”

“Aster,” she replied. “My birth certificate says Chiba, my mother was a Fushida, and it turns out that my father is an Ishihara.”

“I am Washino,” he said. “Since your parents were not married, then you are a Fushida.”

“You cannot guard me night and day, Kage,” she said.

“Of course not,” he said. “A cousin has an apartment on the same floor of my building. Tori is capable, trustworthy, and he is like me in more than one way.”

“If you trust him, then I will,” Aster said. She put down the book and slowly approached him.

“There is something I need your help with,” she said softly. “Something I don’t dare tell anyone but you and a few others.”

“You know that I would do anything for you,” he said. He was lightheaded with the realization that he was in the same room with her. The closer she came to him, the harder it was to keep himself from either kneeling at her feet or pulling her into his arms. Something about her was different.

“I am afraid, Kage,” she said softly, finally stopping mere inches from him. “My mother’s husband has made a terrible fear in me, and I cannot conquer it by myself.”

“What did he do?” Washino asked. He reached out and pulled her to him. She resisted for a moment, and he could feel the trembling in her hand when he clasped it. Once he had his arms around her, he could feel that she was shaking all over. Something, indeed, made her very afraid.

While she struggled with her fears, Washino was free to observe a face that was familiar and beloved from many lives. What he saw in her, he did not like. There was a small frown of stress on her face, and there were lines on her brow and around her mouth that grief, not laughter, had put there. He felt cold anger for the person who had caused her such pain.

He knew that the man she loved above all others had been seen in Tokyo recently, and that could be the reason for her pain. That would not explain her fear, though. No matter how much time had passed, or however else he changed, the man that had become Kunzite could never bring her harm or cause her a moment’s sorrow.

The other man she had spent several lives with was unavailable. Washino believed he knew who Korio was, but without proof, he would not raise her hopes only to dash them.

Besides, he selfishly wished some time with her to himself before she was reunited with her other lovers. He knew she loved him as well, but their love almost always ended up being sidelined in favor of stronger feelings. Before, he had a great love of his own. Now, neither of his loves was available to him. Both women had sustained great harm, and they lived together as a yuri couple, forever barring men from their lives and homes.

He pulled her closer, rubbing her back to calm her and making soothing sounds that none of his family had ever heard come from him. He buried his face in her red-gold curls and tried to calm her and himself at the same time. He knew she would be able to sense his anger, and he did not wish her to believe for a second that any of it was aimed at her.

Gradually, her trembling lessened, but it did not entirely go away. He guided her to a cluster of cushions and drew her down to where they both could sit, with her still safely cocooned in his arms.

“Tell me, my lady,” he murmured. “You know I would never judge you harshly. Tell me what you fear so, and I will help you overcome your fears.”

“My stepfather,” Aster said softly, burying her face in his chest. “He is a sorceror. He serves the Queen of Jigoku. He used powers she gave him to kill my mother. He also … used to … “

Her voice choked and she shivered in his arms, struggling to put into words something so dreadful that there were no adequate words for it. Until now, she had never even attempted to tell anyone about Takara.

He rocked her while she calmed down, all the while reveling in the feel of her in his arms, and breathing in her scent. Every life he had known her, she had always smelled the same. She wore sandalwood and jasmine, and underneath it was her own unique scent, which no one had ever been able to duplicate. If anyone had ever asked him, he would have said she smelled like sunshine. She always had, and she always would.

Finally, she tensed against him, a sign that she had calmed for a moment.

“Takara is ecchi,” she said finally. “He has been twisted and perverse since early in his life, long before he gained his powers. He killed many people in Chiba, when he was growing up. He wiped out entire families, learning to use his powers. He made his own mother drown by using his powers to force seawater down her throat and into her lungs. He killed both of his brothers because they stood in the way of him controlling the family company. He killed my mother because she was going to leave him and take my adopted sister with him. He killed his oldest son because Michie was going to … tell the police … that he was hurting me.”

“How was he hurting you?” Washino asked softly. He believed he knew, but he needed her to tell him. Silently, he berated himself for not knowing she was being hurt, and coming to her defense.

“He … would come to my room at night,” Aster said softly. “I don’t know when he started. It’s been going on as long as I can remember. Without proof, there was no way that we could say anything. Michie got proof. He managed to get a video tape. Fixing the damage and making me forget wouldn’t do Takara any good. With a video, he was as good as convicted.”

“What did he do?” Washino pressed her, while tightening his arms around her.

“He raped me,” she whispered, her voice almost inaudible. “He raped me, and then he fixed the damage when he was done. He made it like it never happened, and then he made me forget, for years. Then, he stopped making me forget.”

“Why?” Washino asked.

“My sister wanted to be a seismologist,” Aster told him. “She can sense earthquakes. She wants to make a formula for predicting earthquakes, based on what she feels, and be able to know when one will hit. She managed to get approved for a full scholarship, and guaranteed housing for the first two years. I begged him to let her go. He didn’t believe that a woman should study sciences. I told him … I would do anything.”

“Was it worth it?” Washino asked.

“To get my sister out of that house?” Aster asked. “Yes. She got to go to college, and she was away from him. I’m not a fool. I know that if he was raping me, then he was raping her, as well. He thought I was his child. She is just the child of his brother. I got her away. She’s going to do what she wished. I thought I could take it. I could, until he started gloating over the events in Tokyo. He said that Kunzitosama and the others deserved to die. I couldn’t take it. I had to leave.”

“You fear that all men will hurt you,” he said.

“Not all men,” she said. “I know you won’t hurt me. There is some part of me that is afraid, though, and it won’t listen. I need your help. Something important is going to happen soon. I need to be strong for it. If Korio ever comes for me, I need to not be afraid of him. I’m even afraid of you. Help me, please.”

The last word was almost a whisper, and she sat huddled in his arms, waiting.

Washino didn’t have to be asked more than once. He shifted her in his arms and stood up. He pulled her to her feet and then picked her up and carried her into the bedroom of the suite.

Aster stayed still while he carried her and put her down on the futon bed. She watched cautiously while he shed his clothing, down to his underwear. He left that on as he knelt next to her, his eyes never leaving her face.

“You know that I love you,” he murmured to her. “You know that I would rather die than hurt you.”

She nodded silently, not trusting her voice.

He reached for the waistband of her pants, hesitated, and then unfastened them. He could feel her shaking, but he didn’t dare stop. If he stopped, neither one of them would ever be able to start again.

He carefully worked her pants off, pausing to run his lips over each section of exposed skin. He left her underwear for now, believing that she would be less fearful. When he reached her feet, he removed her socks along with the pants and tossed them aside.

He moved up along her quaking body to lie down next to her. He came close to her and started running his lips over hers as he began unbuttoning her blouse.

She hesitantly returned his kisses, while she was clutching at the futon to keep herself form batting his hands away. She wanted him to do this. She wanted him. She was just terrified.

Once her top was unbuttoned, Washino reached inside and cupped one breast. Aster gasped and tensed for a moment, but then she moaned and quivered next to him as he rubbed his thumb over her nipple.

He did not give her a chance to back out, or even think. He kept busy at her mouth while his hands were busy with first one breast, and then the other. He eased her out of her blouse and bra while she was off balance, and then moved down her body and settled down between her thighs with his lips hovering over her navel.

Aster looked down at him, bewildered. Washino smiled reassuringly at her and ran his tongue horizontally below her navel. Her eyes widened as he kissed her navel, and then began moving lower.

As his lips moved down, he hooked his fingers into the waist of her panties, stroking the silken skin both in back and in front, and slowly working the elastic down, until the cloth was all bunched below the level of her buttocks. Then, he gently eased the panties down her legs, and she obligingly wriggled them the rest of the way off of her legs and kicked them away from her.

He settled himself further down, with his lips brushing the lightly furred folds between her thighs. He could feel her thighs shaking on either side of his head, but he ignored it. She had asked him for help, and he was not going to back down from what she had requested.

He gently licked the edges of her nether lips, eliciting a gasp of surprise from her. He smiled and gently used his tongue to burrow further in, and heard the gasp turn into a moan as the tip of his tongue brushed her hard nub.

He concentrated his attention on that bundle of nerves, gauging his attentions by her responses. She writhed on the futon, and wriggled when he hit an especially sensitive point. He wrapped his arms around her firm thighs and held her still as he thoroughly mapped every fold and crevice of the sweet, hot place between her thighs.

Her felt her movements becoming more spasmodic and and she started hyperventilating. He backed off a bit, nuzzling the crease between her mound and her leg, and rubbing his cheek against the silky skin of her inner thigh.

She whined in frustration, and wriggled around, trying to entice him to finish what he started. She looked down at him, her face wet with perspiration.

“Kage … “ she whispered, her tone desperate with need.

“Yes,” he whispered as he slipped his underwear off and down off of his legs, leaving them at the foot of the futon.

He kissed the top of her mound and began moving upward, kissing her damp skin on his way. He felt her hands capture his shoulders and move down his arms, clutching at him and pulling to bring him up further. He followed her lead until he felt the head of his shaft brush her wetness. He reached down to make certain that he was where he thought he was, and then pressed forward, slowly sinking into her.

Aster’s eyes widened as she felt the intrusion, and a touch of fear returned to her face. He felt her thighs close on his hips, in an instinctive attempt to shield herself. He reached up with one hand and gently cupped her face.

“You know I would rather die than harm you,” he whispered as he continued to push himself inside her. “This will not hurt.”

She whimpered in fear, but nodded slowly, keeping her eyes fixed on him. He felt her hands tighten on his arms, and felt pain and stinging where her nails broke the skin as she struggled to control her fear.

Finally, he felt his hips meet hers. He paused, to gain control of himself and to allow her time to calm down. He settled carefully until his weight was on his elbows and he was fully pressed up against her body.

When he felt her relax, he cautiously withdrew and then thrust in again. This time, she arched into his thrust, her eyes locking with his as though she were reassuring herself of who was with her.

Washino shook his head so that his braid fell over one shoulder and landed on her chest. She reached for it with one hand and pulled the tie off of the end. Then she worked at the woven strands until the entire cedar-scented mass fell around his face and enveloped both their heads in a dark, silken tent.

Surrounded by his scent, and the sound of his breathing, Aster allowed herself to relax and wrapped her arms around Washino’s shoulders. She nodded to him her readiness, and lifted her hips to meet his next thrust.

The two of them threw caution to the winds as the feeling of being together, in every sense, for the first time in years, overtook them. Moving in synchronization with each other, they drove themselves together, the only sounds being those of their lovemaking - the rhythmic slap of flesh to flesh as their hips met on each thrust, the grunts, squeals, moans and groans that filled the air, and the squeaking of the frame of the futon they were lying on.

Repeatedly they met one another, their bodies growing slick from the moisture caused by their exertions. Their breath gasped harshly as their bodies bucked of their own accord, riding the heated sensations ever upwards. Their hearts beat frantically as they strove together as if trying to become one being, trying to fuse themselves to each other, aching to ease the terrible, yet oh-so desirable tensions within them.

Finally, the apex they sought was upon them, and it burst upon them with a fury.

Seed ejected from his pulsing rod, even as her silken channel rippled rapidly around him, squeezing him until there was no more for him to give. Finally, they both seemed to collapse, she deeper into the futon, and he on top of her, and then to the side, drawing her onto her side with him. Their breathing slowed as they lay intertwined, gently touching each other, keeping the sensations flowing, but at a much lower level than before.

“Thank you, Kage,” Aster said softly. “I knew that you would know what to do.”

“You may never see Korio,” he said. “The world is larger than it was the last time you two found one another.”

“I know,” she said. “That is the other reason for Tokyo. I think we will find one another.”

“As you wish,” Washino said, kissing her again and reaching to draw a cover over their exposed bodies. Nagasaki wasn’t Sapporo, but the evening breezes from the sea usually brought cooler air, and it could be a chilly experience, especially with the two of them covered in sweat from their exertions.

“We need a bath,” Aster said sleepily.

“Later,” he murmured as he rearranged their limbs so that they would be comfortable. “Rest for now.”

“Arigato, Kage,” Aster murmured as sleep tugged her into oblivion. “Aishiteru.”

“Aishiteru, Hoshiko,” he whispered into her curls. “Rest easy Warleader. I will guard you.”


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