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BY : kuramasgirl
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Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon or Pokéboys and make absolutely no profit from this. I only own the things I have created.

(This is AU because I will be using Pokéboys that are not in the official 'dex)

The natural sounds of the forest surrounded the two travelers as they wondered through it. “I can’t believe this you got us lost! Some mistress you are!” the male shouted flames starting to spark around him.

“We aren’t lost my pissed off Agni, I’m looking for a plant or electric type to off-set your weakness to water,” the woman said looking exasperated with the Agni’s attitude. The woman sighed as the Agni put out his flames and she moved her red bangs out of her face. For a nineteen year old the woman was quiet petite being only four feet and eleven inches, most likely because of her Japanese heritage. She wore practical clothes made to take a beating in harsh weather: a pair of black jeans, a red T-shirt with a black Japanese dragon design on it, a black denim vest left unbuttoned, and a pair of black fingerless gloves with a red Japanese dragon on the backs. The only thing that was not part of this practical wear was a pair of gold hoop earrings with gold Japanese dragons dangling from them in her ears.

“Humph, yea right Mistress.” The Agni said.

“If you didn’t believe me you would not have doused your flames, Yakedo. And I told you that when we are not around other humans you may call me by name.” the woman turned to face the black haired red eyed ‘boy.

“Yea yea whatever you say Haruka,” Yakedo muttered still looking pissed. Both paused hearing sobbing nearby.

“What the fuck is that?” Yakedo muttered walking into the bushes Haruka staying back and walking behind him to enjoy the view his skin tight clothes provided. What they found was an albino Neko curled on the ground crying. Haruka gasped seeing the obviously starved ‘boy which was only clad in rags.

The Neko jumped hearing the gasp. “Please don’t hurt me!” the Neko shouted in fear as he curled up further.

“Abused and abandoned,” Yakedo said sadly. Haruka nodded looking sad as she moved closer to the frightened ‘boy.

“We’re not going to hurt you, I want to help you. I’ve got some potions on me.” Haruka said softly not wanting to frighten the Pokéboy even more. The Neko lifted his tear streaked face to reveal his dark red eyes.

“You're not going to hurt me?” Haruka smiled and shook her head causing the Neko to give her a watery smile as he shuffled closer. Haruka giggled as she caught the Neko checking her out as she got the potions. She couldn’t blame him though; she did have a good figure. Her breasts were a pretty large C-cup, her hips a healthy width and she was pretty well toned from working out. Combine that with her Asian skin tone, almond shaped teal eyes, and long red hair gave her an exotic beauty.

“Hey Haruka why not use that Gaia Medal on him. Then you’ll have an Underbrush. That is if he’ll join us.” Yakedo suggested. The Neko looked at them wide eyed as Haruka used the potion on him.

“You’d let me join you?” he said in awe. Both nodded watching as a beautiful smile spread across the pale skin. All Haruka could do was huff out a breath as she was tackled by the very happy Neko.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Haruka giggled as the happy ‘boy nuzzled her chest while repeating the same phrase over and over. Yakedo smirked and started setting up their tent so they could have a good place to tame the new ‘boy. As Yakedo worked Haruka lifted the Neko’s face out of her boobs to place a kiss on his lips.

Breaking the kiss Haruka picked up a Pokeball “I need to capture you before we continue alright?” The Neko nodded letting Haruka capture him the ‘ball not even rocking before the capture light dinged. Haruka left the Neko in his ball to help Yakedo set up camp. As soon as they finished setting up camp Haruka released the Neko from his ‘ball.

“I have a name for you, my dad was Irish and my mom was Japanese, so I’m gonna call you something from my dad’s native language.” She said. The Neko just tilted his head in question.

“Your name will be Dara, it means ‘oak tree’ in Irish,” Haruka said with a smile getting a hesitant one in return.

--------------------------------Warning lemon ahead----------------------------------------------------------
“Time to show you who the Alpha Male round here is,” Yakedo’s smirk got wider as he moved over to Dara. Dark red eyes widened as the fire type stalked toward him. Haruka removed what was left of the ‘boy’s clothes causing him to gulp nervously.

“I think we’re over dressed, don’t you Yakedo,” Haruka said right before capturing Dara’s lips once again.

“Yes I do,” Yakedo replied as he removed his boots, pealed his pants off and removed his vest. As soon as Haruka broke the kiss for air Yakedo claimed Dara’s lips. Haruka watched the show as she undressed.

“Hey boys let’s move this into the tent,” both nodded as they broke the kiss, leaving Dara completely breathless so that he had to be carried by Yakedo. Said Agni didn’t let Dara rest as he stroked the new ‘boy’s growing erection. As soon as they entered the tent Haruka kneeled and took Yakedo’s penis into her mouth.

“Haru…” Yakedo groaned out. The red head smirked and hummed around the thickening shaft as she bobbed her head. This caused her ‘boy to groan again quickening his hand-job on Dara.

Removing her mouth from Yakedo’s cock with a wet pop Haruka said, “Let’s move on to the next level.” Yakedo nodded and set the trembling Neko down as Haruka lay down on their sleeping bag pulling Dara with her. She positioned Dara at the correct spot as Yakedo lined himself up at the other ‘boy’s entrance. Yakedo slammed in with a deep groan at Dara’s tightness. His quick movement caused Dara to sheath himself into Haruka with a cat-like yowl. No more words were spoken as the fire type set a bruising pace to bring them all to completion.

--------------------------------------End of lemon--------------------------------------------------------------
All three collapsed into a heap on the sleeping bag Dara purring loudly in his sleep. “That was great,” the two original members muttered before joining the Neko in sleep.

Hey people, I just want to thank you for reading my story. A few things, this is not a self-insert Haruka is nothing like me... except for the short part. And I would really like if you dropped me a review. Because this is the first lemon I've written and I want to make sure I did ok before I post anymore.

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