I Missed You

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Once the door was closed behind them, Zoisite wrapped his arms around Ami's waist and buried his face in her hair. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he savored the coconuty scent of her soft hair. "God I missed you," he whispered, pulling back and bending over a little to kiss her.

Ami leaned forward onto her tiptoes, pressing her chest into Zoisite's body as she met his kiss. She loved how smooth and hard his muscles felt as she ran her hands up and down his arms, and how she could taste his minty-fresh breath. "I miss you too," she whispered against his lips and moaned as he squeezed her butt in response, pulling her flush against his body. She deepened the kiss, wrapping both arms around his neck and trying to get as close to Zoisite as physically possible. Zoisite's hand slid up her back to gently caress her neck, sending shivers down her spine. Zoisite backed her slowly up against the wall, then with both hands running up and down her sides, moved to kiss and lick at her neck. Ami moaned, feeling herself starting to get aroused.

Zoisite loved the little whimpers and sighs escaping from Ami's red lips. Ami's neck tasted divine. He slid his hands up her sides to just under her arms, then slid one forward to squeeze a breast. He moaned at how the soft flesh shaped itself to his hand. He loved how Ami's fingers were running through his hair, gripping his neck, running along his arms. He started smelling the familiar musky scent of Ami's arousal and slipped his free hand down under Ami's dress and up her smooth leg. Zoisite straightened and looked at Ami in surprise when he encountered moist skin. "Going commando, eh?"

"I figured it'd save time, since underwear would just be in the way." Ami lowered her face and looked up at Zoisite with a shy smile.

Zoisite groaned at her response and ground his hips against her. "I love you so much," he growled, kissing her again as he rubbed a finger against her soft, moist slit. She sighed into his mouth as he gently parted the outer lips and found a hard little nub. "Does this feel good?" he asked, rubbing against it.

"Oh yes," Ami drawled, throwing her head back against the wall and baring her neck to Zoisite's lips. She thrust her hips against his finger as electric sparks burst in her core, sending warm tingles up and down her body. She shivered in pleasure as he slid his finger backwards, searching for the hottest part of her being. "Oh Zoi," she moaned, leaning forward into his embrace as he slowly pressed his finger into her core. She slid her hands under his shirt and pushed it up, sighing as the rough cotton gave way to warm, smooth skin.

Suddenly Zoisite's shirt felt stifling and he pulled his finger out of Ami's pussy, causing her to gasp at the loss. He licked his finger, whispered "You taste so yummy" into Ami's ear, and pulled his shirt off before returning his finger to Ami's core. He groaned at the tight, moist heat that surrounded his finger and rested his forehead against the cool wall against Ami's head. He felt himself getting hard as he thought of her wrapped around him, their bodies thrusting together. "Oh you're so tight," he whispered, sliding his finger in and out. "And so wet already. I want you so much, Ami."

Ami's knees buckled at the tickle of Zoisite's breath against her ear and the sparks of fire igniting deep inside her as Zoisite touched her in places only he could. "Oh yea?" she whispered. "It's all for you. I'm so wet for you. I've been thinking about this moment all week." She squeezed her pussy around his finger, loving the added friction as he pushed his finger back in. "Ohhhh that's good."

"Ready for more?" Zoisite asked, waiting for Ami to nod and part her legs slightly before he added a second finger. "Oh you're tight, it feels so amazing." He squeezed her butt with his free hand, loving the way she involuntarily tightened around his fingers as she shivered in response.

Ami reached down and quickly unbuttoned Zoisite's pants. She slid them down along with his boxers, being careful to not snag the material on his stiffening cock. She gingerly wrapped a hand around his cock. His groan gave her confidence to tighten her grip and slowly slide her hand along his cock. "You're so hard already," she murmured. "Didja miss me?"

"Don't tease," Zoisite growled, kissing her harshly. He forcefully pulled his fingers out of her pussy, loving the way she shivered and moaned. He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a condom before stepping out of his pants. Rolling it efficiently onto his cock, he stroked himself a few times before positioning himself against Ami. "Ready?"

Ami nodded, wrapping her arms around Zoisite's neck. She gasped as he grabbed her butt, picking her up off the floor. He balanced her back against the wall and slowly lowered her onto his cock. Ami's eyes squeezed shut at the momentary pain, releasing her breath in a harsh sigh as he slid all the way in. She loved how he always waited for her to give him the go ahead after he was fully seated inside her before moving - it was little things like that that showed just how much he cared. She squeezed her pussy around him, moaning as white hot sparks shot through every fiber of her being. "Move," she commanded.

Zoisite slammed his lips against Ami's as his hips started a fast and furious rhythm. He pounded into her, unable to hold back the weeks of longing and desire as everything he ever wanted was right there, moaning, gasping, shivering with pleasure in his arms. "Ami, oh Ami, I love you so much, you feel so good, Ami, Ami." He murmured words of love against her lips, pressed his lips so tight against her's he didn't think they'd ever come apart, squeezed her pert little butt in his hands, all while thrusting continuously into her tight, hot core, which was leaking its juices all down their legs.

Ami wrapped her legs around Zoisite's waist, pulling him even deeper inside her. His words of love were vaguely registering in her pleasure-hazed mind. She couldn't stop moaning against his lips and into his mouth. She tightened her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her. Breaking the kiss, she started nibbling and licking his neck, loving the salty taste of his sweat. "Oh that's so good," she moaned at a particularly deep thrust. "You're so deep in me, it's so good, so good," she moaned.

"Yea, you like that, huh. You like feeling me deep in you. Squeeze that pussy for me. Oh that's good. You're so hot, so wet." Zoisite felt himself reaching climax, but was determined to make Ami see stars first. "Put one leg down," he murmured. Ami complied and he slid out of her. He repositioned them quickly so that she had a leg braced against his shoulder, such that she was practically doing the splits. Spreading his legs a bit to make up for the height difference, he thrust back into her.

Ami screamed. The new position pushed all of Zoisite's considerable length inside her, reaching all the right places, as well as gave her leverage to push back against him. Zoisite picked right back up with his fast pace, pulling halfway out before snapping back in in one smooth motion. Within seconds, Ami saw white stars burst behind her tightly shut eyes. Her entire body stiffened as orgasm surged through her body, forcing all her muscles to spasm and tighten, leaving her moaning and gasping for breath.

Zoisite felt his hips start bucking out of control as she tightened impossibly around his cock. "Oh God Ami, I'm coming, I'm coming," he groaned as spasms continued to shake the woman in his arms. She nodded, eyes still squeezed shut, and Zoisite let go. He thrust once more, deep inside Ami, and felt his cock twitch as orgasm washed over him. Zoisite collapsed against Ami, who was still shivering with the aftereffects of her orgasm. His lips found hers and they kissed for several very fast heartbeats, both gasping for breath as they came down off their highs.

"Oh that was so good, Zoi," Ami sighed as she slid her leg off Zoisite's shoulder. Her eyes squeezed shut and one last shudder coursed through her body as Zoisite pulled his softening cock out of her. His arms slid around her back again as they kissed.

"I'm going to go clean up, I'll meet you in the bedroom?" Zoisite whispered as he pressed a light kiss against Ami's sweaty forehead. She just nodded. Zoisite went into the bathroom, disposing of the condom and wiping down his now-soft cock before hurrying to the bedroom to rejoin Ami.

"Oh, wow." Zoisite's eyes widened as he entered the room. Ami was lying fully naked on the bed. One small, perfect hand was squeezing a pert breast, while the other was rubbing her clit. Her parted legs gave Zoisite a glorious view of her glistening womanhood.

"Like what you see?" Ami smiled, sliding two fingers inside her pussy. "Mmm."

"What a naughty girl," Zoisite growled. "That wasn't enough for you, eh?"

"What, that little tryst in the hallway? That barely counts as an appetizer, Zoi." Ami closed her eyes and moaned as she slowly thrust her fingers in herself. She squeezed a nipple with her other hand. "Don't tell me you're tired from just that."

Zoisite stroked himself at the sight of Ami - beautiful, brilliant, shy little Ami - lying naked on the bed and touching herself. This side of Ami only he was privy to see, and he knew it. It made him feel at once special and so, so aroused. His cock started to get hard again, and he climbed onto the bed, positioning his head between her legs. Now that the pent up tension from their weeks apart was released, he was going to take his sweet, sweet time doing her just right. "Of course not," he growled, pulling her fingers away from her womanhood and giving the moist slit a quick teasing lick. He grinned at Ami's responding moan. "I just hope you know what you're getting yourself into."


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