All I Want For Christmas

BY : J.D. Daravon
Category: Pokemon > AU - Alternate Universe
Dragon prints: 1842
Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, nor do I claim to. No profit was made in the creation or showing of this story. This is just aSTORY!!

James sighed softly as he leaned against the wall. Why did he always have to do these inspections day in and out? Holidays, weekends... no days were sacred. It always seemed that Cynthia got the time off, so someone had to do them... But why Christmas? It was the only time he absolutely had to spend the time, wanted to even, with his family and friends. Not this year though, this year was to be his own hell away from everyone. Why did they have to be building a gym in the cold, beautifully unforgiving mountains of Seafoam Island? No one lives there, so who is going to run a gym? The Legendary Council are the only ones who meet there, so God only knows. It would be Christmas Eve before he arrived. Two days alone on the way to spend his Christmas with a bunch of people who only care if he signs off on their gimped gym so they can suck in tourists and trainers to line their underdeveloped pocketbooks.

"Everyone boarding the S.S. Anne bound for Cinnabar Island, please head to the boarding gate and show your ticket to the attendent. Everyone boarding the S.S. Anne, please board now. Have a nice trip!" the announcer spoke over the radio. James gathered his bag, and headed towards the gate when he caught a glimpse of two people who seemed familiar to him, but in a blink they were gone. He shrugged it off, and when the line was near ending he finally came upon the boarding attendant, he was faced with some adverse news.

"Ah, Prof. Yawa! I'm sorry to tell you this but we seemed to overbook this ferry to Cinnabar." James looked slightly furious but the man kept talking. "There are two choices, you can either wait for the next cruise which will be after the holidays, or you can be integrated into an existing room set. Sorry for the inconvenience..." James blinked and sighed. He couldn't wait until after the holidays, they were expecting him in two days time. He readjusted his bag and responded with a nod to the man. "Ah, good. Here is your room key. By the way, each room cantains only one king bed and you'll be sharing the room with a couple. I hope that won't be a problem! Have a good day!" Before James could respond, he was being pushed into the boat by the mob trying to get onboard. He made his way to the room and slid the card through, entering nervously into the room. There was luggage in the room, but no one else. He shrugged it off and decided to stretch out for a few minutes, while he still had the room to sleep. A whole day stuck in a room with one bed and one bathroom. How lovely could things be? Not only was he away from his family, but he'd get to spend the day before Christmas with a couple of strangers who'd most likely keep him up all night fucking. Little did he know, he wasn't that far from the truth...

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