The Dragon\'s Den

BY : Witchan
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Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon and its characters and I don't make any money from it

Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon and its characters.

Part 1

Everything was pure silent inside the depths of Blackthorn City, which is why no one usually comes out at night and unlike any other place in Jotho, a single noise didn't even splatter throughout the mountain city. While sitting down deeply inside a cave that is also identified as the Dragon's Den, it was a woman named Clair that was sitting down right near a bed while laying a deep of her face, plus she was glancing towards someone that was laying on her bed and that person was Lorelei all along. As Lorelei was laying on Clair's bed, the red-headed woman was all tied up with ropes around her arms, waist, and legs, as she couldn't move a single muscle from the bind and she was unable to talk, due to having an attached rubber ball around her mouth and other than getting binded to death, she was also half naked.

" Are you ready to endure the pain, Lorelei? " Clair layed an even deeper smile on her face and she is starting to rub Lorelei's stomach sensually.

" Ummm... hmmm... " said Lorelei as she is nodding her head slowly.

" Good. " said Clair.

Now, Clair is using her finger to travel right onto Lorelei's bra, then she rips it off with pure strength, making Lorelei blush deeply in red while big breasts are jiggling up and down, and the blue-headed woman suddenly traveled onto Lorelei's panties in a much more sensual way, ripping it off as soon as she made it to the middle part of it and the red-headed woman was fully naked, which made Clair's heart pump rapidly. Next, the blue-headed woman uses her right hand to touch Lorelei's left breast, then she pinched Lorelei's nipple with two of her fingers, making the red-headed woman muffled softly and Clair used her other two fingers to pinch the right nipple, and this time, it made Lorelei twitched a bit, trying to endure the pain as best as she could.

" Ahhhmmm... " the red-headed woman could feel the slighty intense pain inside of her while seeing Clair smiling and despite getting slightly tortured, it was Lorelei's idea to do this to herself.

As soon as Clair was done pinching Lorelei's nipples to death for a measely five minutes, the blue-headed woman suddenly puts her mouth inside one of the nipples and starts sucking it while Lorelei is starting moan rentlessly. Other than sucking the nipple, the blue-headed girl suddenly chews the nipple softly with her teeth and Lorelei could feel the pain again, even though she is starting to like it more and more as if she really wanted Clair to torture her and two minutes after chewing the nipple, Clair moves her head towards the other nipple and starts sucking on it, then chewing it without ease. After chewing it, the blue-headed woman walks over to her small dresser, grabbing two items that look pointy and sharp, and lays it right onto Lorelei's breasts.

" I know this is going to hurt more, but I'm pretty sure you're going to enjoy it more sensually. " said Clair.

Once Clair grabbed one of the needles that way laying right onto Lorelei's breasts, the blue-headed woman slowly shoved the needle right inside the nipple, making Lorelei screamed inside the rubber ball, then Clair inserts the other needle right inside the second needle and the red-headed woman was screaming in pain while Clair was smiling at her. After the brutal scream was over, Lorelei was panting right inside the rubber ball and she was blushing in deep red the entire time from getting tortured by Clair.

" Hahahaha... " said Lorelei while she was laughing inside the rubber ball all of sudden.

" You like that don't you, Lorelei? " said Clair with a deeper smile on her face and she suddenly uses her hand to hold Lorelei's jaw, which made her blush even more, then she removed the rubber ball out of her lover's mouth.

" Yes... " said Lorelei. " I want you to torture me more, Clair. "

" Ok, Lorelei. " Lorelei's words made Clair more excited and she inserts back the rubber ball inside her lover's mouth. " If you wish for more torturing, then I'm going to give it to you extremely intense. "

With Clair's words and Lorelei's wish, the blue-headed girl reaches for a lit candle that was standing on the right side of the small room and she suddenly pours the wax right onto Lorelei while pouring the hot chemical into the shape of a large heart, and while Clair was doing it, Lorelei was screaming in pain right inside the rubber ball and other than that, she didn't really care if it was extreme torture. Then, Clair was done shaping a giant heart with hot wax and she decides to wax Lorelei again while laying a smile on her face, and she continues to do it slowly while the red-headed woman was screaming in pain and once Clair was done waxing Lorelei to death, four words was being wax right inside the pattern heart and the text says "Lorelei and Clair forever", which made Clair blushed even more darker and she pulls out the rubber ball from Lorelei's mouth just to let her talk.

" Wow... that was amazing... " Lorelei suddenly layed a smile on her face and seeing that Clair was holding the candle tightly with a smile on her while also blushing. " I want you to burn me more with your candle. "

" As you wish, Lorelei. " said Clair as she is inserting the rubber ball back inside her girlfriend's mouth.

Now, Clair is using the hot wax to burn Lorelei's legs with pleasure, then the red-headed woman screamed more and more than she could ever possibly imagine throughout the torture of Clair's BDSM games and after she was done with Lorelei's legs, the Dragon-type Gym Leader moves over to Lorelei's arms and starting pouring the wax right onto them, making the red-headed woman scream inside the rubber ball a bit for at least twenty seconds, then Clair moves her helding hand over to Lorelei's breasts and starts circling both of them with the wax, which made Lorelei scream more and more with great pleasure and after that, Clair moves over to Lorelei's crotch and stared at it momentarily.

With the deadly stare, Clair thought about licking it right now, but she must finish waxing Lorelei and with a deadly rush, she pours the max right near the crotch while circling it slowly, then she hears Lorelei screaming inside the rubber ball once again and once the blue-headed woman was done, she lifts the rubber ball out of Lorelei's mouth and smiled.

" Your waxing feels uber great. " said Lorelei with pure excitement.

" Why that's for saying that, Lorelei. " said Clair. " Now, it is time to torture you more. "

After Clair's comment, she inserts the rubber ball right back inside Lorelei's mouth and the blue-headed woman suddenly ducks down to the red-headed woman's crotch, then she starts licking it with her full tongue, making Lorelei moan softly inside the rubber ball and Clair couldn't stop licking it, as if it made her girlfriend moan more explicitely second after second. Once Clair was done licking, she then bit the flower part of Lorelei's crotch and the red-headed girl screamed softly, as she could feel that her crotch was getting bit by Clair and after a few seconds of feeling the pain, Lorelei is starting to enjoying it without perfect ease. After biting Lorelei's crotch for at least five minutes, the blue-headed girl walks right near Lorelei's face and pulls out the rubber ball from her mouth, then Clair moves her face in order to kiss Lorelei and both women were suddenly making out while they were wrestling each other's tongues in passion.

Once the passioniate kiss was over after five minutes, Lorelei was licking the slob right between her lips and said, " That was a pretty good kiss, Clair. "

" Yeah, it was a pretty good kiss, alright. " said Clair with a smile on her face.

" And the way that you're playing with my crotch was amazing and sensual. " said Lorelei while also laying a smile on her face.

" Playing with your crotch was pretty special to me and I pretty much enjoyed it. " said Clair. " So, do you want me to torture you again and again? "

" Yes, and it could be anything else that you hadn't done yet. " said Lorelei.

" Anything else, eh? " Clair was getting all excited with Lorelei's comment all of a sudden. " Interesting... "

As the brief conversation ended between Lorelei and Clair, the blue-headed woman releases Lorelei out of her binding and telling her to lay on her stomach slightly while bending her buttocks over, and once that was done while also putting the rubber ball right inside of the red-headed woman's mouth, Lorelei was right back into getting binded to death and Clair suddenly grabs her whip that was attached to the right side of her waist, then she starts hitting her lover with it right inside her buttocks, which made Lorelei screamed right inside of the rubber ball and Clair continuesly hitting Lorelei so hard that the inside of the buttocks looked slightly swollen and once that was over after five minutes of pure torture, the blue-headed woman move her mouth right inside the deepen buttock and starts licking it with her tongue, and while feeling the lick, Lorelei was moaning with great pleasure that Clair was licking the inside buttock and after each second of feeling the lick, Lorelei's moaning was getting intense and her body was twitching with excitement. The blue-headed woman was done licking after five minutes and she released the rubber ball out of Lorelei's mouth once again.

" That felt really good of what you were doing to my buttocks. " said Lorelei with a sensual accent. " And I want more extreme torturing from you. "

" Are you sure you want it, "extreme"? " said Clair.

" Yes, I'm sure and it could be anything regardless. " said Lorelei.

" Ok then, sweetie. " said Clair as she gave a kiss to Lorelei on the forehead and starts inserting the rubber ball right into her girlfriend's mouth.

Next, Clair went under her bed to find something that could be extreme for Lorelei and once she did, the blue-headed woman equipped her thick strap-on dildo right between her waist, shoving it on Lorelei's crotch as soon as she climbed right onto her bed with an original doggy-style position, then she starts pounding the crotch right away with pure agility. Pounding Lorelei's crotch was the only way that should be more extreme than any other BDSM activities the red-headed woman felt, and this time, Lorelei was screaming in total pain while her girlfriend was ramming her crotch as fast as she could, then five minutes later, Lorelei finally came while it was slipping out of the thick strap-on dildo along with blood coming out of the crotch, and Clair was still pounding the crotch just to making Lorelei feel more excited.

After another five minutes of pounding Lorelei's crotch, Clair placed the thick dildo right inside the buttocks while moving a bit higher just to do another doggy style position, then the blue-headed girl quickly pounds the inside buttock really hard and it made Lorelei drop lots of tears outside her eyes, assuming that anal sex hurts more than original sex, and Clair keeps screwing Lorelei's brains out while holding her breasts all of a sudden. Five minutes later, Lorelei came right outside her buttocks and regardless of feeling herself having an orgasm right inside the buttock, she was still getting screwed in the anus and other than crying, she wanted more pain as usual and the Ice-type Elite Four member was so proud of herself that she wanted to get tortured so badly by her only true love, Clair.

Once the rough anal sex was over, Clair unequips her thick strap-on dildo while hiding it back inside her bed, then she walks near Lorelei's face and removing the rubber ball out of her mouth, making her able to talk and she sees her girlfriend getting extremely excited over the vicious torture from herself.

" I think I've had enough of getting tortured by you, Clair. " said Lorelei.

" Are you sure? " said Clair as she is untieing Lorelei from the binding.

" Yes I'm sure, sweethart. " said Lorelei as she couldn't move all of sudden. " And I can't even move a single muscle at all. "

" It must've been that rough anal sex I just gave you ten minutes. " said Clair. " Sorry about that since I can't control myself from BDSM. "

" It's ok, Clair. " said Lorelei as she is suddenly laying her back on the bed right after Clair helped her move with a slight extent. " And besides, I was enjoying it most of the time, and since I can't move, I should just rest here right until next week or so. "

" If you can move next week or so, then maybe you should torture me just for fun. " said Clair as she is laying atop of Lorelei all of a sudden.

" That sounds great, but isn't it strange that you wanted to get tortured by your own equipment? " said Lorelei.

" Not really and I've been torturing myself all this time throughout my life right before I met you. " said Clair.

" I see, and was it fun torturing yourself throughout your life? " said Lorelei.

" Yes, and I was hoping that someone would torture me one day. " said Clair. " But I hope you would be able to walk next week so you could torture me to death. "

" Yeah, I can't until next week to do it and I'll give you the best torturing you might ever feel. " said Lorelei with a smile on her face.

" Thanks. " said Clair as she is also smiling.

" It's my pleasure. " said Lorelei. " I love you, Clair. "

" I love you too, Lorelei. " said Clair.

After saying that the two highly-ranked trainers loved each other, both Lorelei and Clair suddenly makes out again and they were hoping what would happen next week if they could possible find a new way to get extremely obsessive over their relationship and BDSM was the only way to make their relationship even more stronger than ever.

End of Chapter 1

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