Cynthia and Green

BY : Witchan
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Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon and its characters and I didn't make any money from writing the story.

Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon and its characters.

In Solaceon City, it was pretty quiet since the sky turned dark several hours ago and no one was outside, except for two people that was heading towards a house and their names were Cynthia and Green, and while they were trying to enter inside of it with a smile on their faces, Cynthia was holding a detenator the entire time and she wasn't ready to press the button, instead, she wanted to have luxurious sex with Green right before pressing it. After entering inside the house, both Green and Cynthia quickly rushed right onto their room within a few inches away and then stared at each other all of sudden, as if they were getting ready to have a long night of having luxurious sex with each other.

" Are you ready to do this, Green? " the yellow-headed woman layed a deep smile on her and touched her lover's jaw, which made her blush.

" Yes, I'm ready, my only true love. " Green also layed a blush on her face, due to the soft touch Cynthia gave her.

After staring each other in an obsessive way for at least ten seconds, both Green and Cynthia went deeply close towards each other's bodies and touched each other's lips while blushing in deep red all of a sudden, then both girls used their tongues to wrestle with each other, as if lots of slob came out of their mouths ten seconds later and as the passioniate kiss continues, Cynthia uses her other hand to rub Green's neck while Green used her left hand to rub Cynthia's back and using her right hand to rub the slightly large buttocks and with the intense rubbing both girls gave to each other after fifteen seconds of doing it, the blushing right inside the girls' face was turning more deeply red than before and they couldn't stop kissing and rubbing each other just because of their deep obsession on one another.

Once the ten minute kissing was done, plus letting go of each other, Cynthia uses both of her hands to slowly strip off Green's clothing and the brown-headed girl blushed again just because her clothing was being removed slowly by her girlfriend and she could feel a soft rub on her buttocks, assuming that Cynthia was rubbing it briefly the entire time while the clothes were being removed. Then, the brown-headed girl stripped off her girlfriend's clothing slowly and despite being shorter than the yellow-headed woman, it wasn't nearly difficult for her to strip off Cynthia's clothing since she'd already done it for the pass several months.

Both lovebirds are now half-naked after stripping each other's clothing off in a sensual way and they were suddenly hugging each other tightly and since they'd always been doing the same routine by stripping each other's clothing off, hugging each other tightly, and then have luxurious sex with each other, both girls never got tired of doing the same thing over and over again as long as they're still together for the rest of their lives, then they were climbing onto their bed right after the hug and stripped the rest of their clothing off by removing the bra and panties, plus revealing their bare naked bodies.

Now, Cynthia lays down on her back while Green stares at her body in an obsessive way, then the brown-headed girl lays her mouth right inside her girlfriend's left nipple while glancing at the large breast, sucking it with great pleasure while her lover is starting to moan all of a sudden and Green uses her right hand to play with the right nipple while circling it sensually, making Cynthia moan slightly intense and after each second of feeling the sensual pleasure from her occupied nipples, the yellow-headed woman moaned explicitely and she was enjoying the sensual pleasure of getting her nipples tortured sexually.

" Oh, Green... " Cynthia'a moaning accent was even more louder as usual as Green continuesly torturing her nipples in a sexual way. " That feels so good... "

The brown-headed girl continuesly playing with her girlfriend's nipples as long as possible and as each and every minute passes by, Cynthia felt extremely happy that she getting tortured like this in an explicit way and she didn't care whether Green was playing with her nipples all night long, or even permanently. After the long nipple activity was over for Green, the brown-headed girl lays down softly on the bed while Cynthia lifts her own tall body up and starts inserting her mouth right inside her girlfriend's right nipple while glancing at the slightly large breast, licking and sucking it at the same time while she is using her left hand to play with the left nipple while circling it slowly, then Green starts moaning while feeling the sensual pleasure of getting her nipples handled by Cynthia.

" Cynthia... " Green was getting extremely excited that her nipples were being handled sexually by her only true love and she even delivered an explicit moan after fifteen seconds. " You're so good at this... "

As the sexual activity continues, Green suddenly folds her hands tightly and squeezing her body a bit, assuming that she really enjoyed the torturing Cynthia gave her despite feeling the sexual activity for one minute and she suddenly gasped loud with great pleasure, so loud that someone just had a long orgasm five seconds ago. Once Cynthia was done occupying Green's nipples sexually, the yellow-headed woman lays back down on her back then suddenly spreads her legs wide open just to reveal her crotch and Green licked her lips after seeing it spread.

While the crotch was fully visible, Green ducks her head down right onto it and starts licking it rapidly while making Cynthia moan softly after five seconds of doing it. Then, the brown-headed girl spreaded the crotch even more wider like a giant flower and continued licking it while Cynthia moaned explicitely after ten seconds of feeling her crotch getting licking to death, and she was enjoying it more than the nipple torturing.

" Lick my crotch faster, Green... " the yellow-headed woman want more of her crotch getting licked and she was suddenly feeling the tense licking while she is starting to play with her nipples.

The yellow-headed woman could feel the intense thrill of getting her crotch licked swiftly second after second and it even made her legs twitched out much more similiar like a dog when its master rubs the stomach of the four-legged animal. Then, Green was done licking the crotch for at least ten minutes, making Cynthia pant violently while Green was laying down on her back, spreading her crotch in order for Cynthia to lick it and the yellow-headed woman ducks her head down to Green's crotch while sticking her tongue out of her mouth.

" Give my crotch your best shot, Cynthia... " the brown-headed was getting to get her crotch licked by Cynthia and after three seconds of waiting, Green suddenly makes a slight gasp on her face that Cynthia placed her tongue right inside the crotch, then starts licking it. " Oh, Cynthia... "

With Green's moaning comment, the brown-headed girl could feel the intense pressure that her crotch was suddenly getting licked to death after ten seconds of feeling it and while licking the crotch, Cynthia couldn't stop licking it as her tongue moved up and down rapidly and she could feel that Green was moving her body violently, as if the brown-headed girl wanted more and the licking made her moan explicitely all of a sudden.

After the crotch licking was finally over for at least ten minutes, Cynthia moves her tongue away from the crotch and starts placing her crotch right onto Green's crotch, then both girls were grinding their crotches right onto each other in order to create an giant orgasm and they were trying their best to do it as fast as possible. While grinding in an intense way, both of the trainers' bodies is starting to sweat up in anger and they wanted to end the grinding quickly, but that didn't work well since it only takes time to have an orgasm and after five minutes of grinding, the orgasm didn't appear, as if it made the two girls more frustrated.

" We have to do this more faster, Green. " said Cynthia.

" I'm right with you, Cynthia. " said Green.

Now, both girls are moving towards each other's bodies while holding each other with their arms and then the grinding continues as they're trying to end it quickly. After another five minutes of scissoring, both girls finally made a giant orgasm towards each other while they were sweating in deep pain and the juices splashed everywhere inside room, making it a giant mess this time since the last orgasm they had wasn't as big as their current one.

" I love you, Green. " said Cynthia.

" I love you too, Cynthia. " said Green.

As soon as the brief conversation was over right after the orgasm, both girls went right the attached sheets while laying right next to each other with a smile on their faces and Cynthia suddenly grabs her denonator under the bed while Green was getting extremely excited that her girlfriend was getting ready to press it. Inside a lake that was right near Twinleaf Town, it was a girl that was binded in ropes along with several C4s was attached to her head and her name was Dawn, and she wasn't extremely pleased that she was being tied up to death several hours ago.

" SCREW YOU CYNTHIA AND GREEN!!! " screamed Dawn as she really hated the duo so much that she wanted them dead.

After a few seconds of screaming with pure anger, the C4 exploded right on Dawn's body, causing her body to blow into pieces and other than that, the entire Sinnoh region caused a major earthquake due to the massive explosion and after feeling it right through Solaceon Town, both Cynthia and Green layed a bigger smile while staring at each other and both girls suddenly falls asleep right onto each other while they were still bare naked.

The End

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