Pokemon 01 Pokemon! I Choose You

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Episode 1 - Pokemon I Choose You

"This could be the end for Nidorino" the T.V. blared as Gengar forced the pokemon
into a deep sleep. It was at this point that the trainer withdrew his Nidorino to
send out his superior pokemon, Onix. Ash was paying very little attention to the
batttle on T.v. Tomorrow was his tenth birthday and the only thing that he could
keep his mind on was the fact that in Pallet Town when a child turns ten they
recieve one of three pokemon. Bulbasaur, a Charmander or a Squirtle. This was an
especially important event for Ash because his dream was to become the worlds
greatest pokemon trainer. He was getting restless because he couldn't decide which
pokemon he was going to choose. They were all great choices. As he thought on this
his mother came barging through the door.
"Ash! Its eleven o'clock, you should be in bed reasting up for your big day tomorrow."
"Aw, but mum, I can't sleep." Ash whined "I can't show up tomorrow without knowing
which pokemon I"m going to choose."
"Don't worry sweetie" Said his mother sympathetically "I'm sure when the time comes
you'll make the right decision, but its time for bed" wtih this she left the room,
shutting the oor behind her. With a click of a button the T.V. shut off, leaving
the room quiet. Ash turned off the light and fell down on his bed.
After pulling the blankets over his body he reached over to his bedside drawer and
pulled out a flashlight and a magazine. Time for a little relaxation.

The magazine was entitled 'The Girls Of Cerulean City'. On the cover was a beautiful
woman with flowing golden hair. She was all but naked, her cascading hair covering
her breasts. She sat on a table with her legs spread as a Starmie kept her privates from
view. Once he turned the page he saw an image he only knew to well. There were three
women, one of which was the girl from the front cover. She was in the same position
as before with her hair now pulled back showing her luscious nipples which were being
fondled by another gorgous woman standing behind her. This girl had strawberry pink
hair that was brushed behind her back, her breast's were pushing against the back of the
first ones heads, the nipples just visible. Among all this the third girl who had
a glowing mane of blue hair had her back to the camera, her ass pointed to the air as
she licked the girl from the cover. This was the only picture Ash needed, by far
being the most explicit in the whole magazine. He grabbed his now swelling cock and
started pulling the skin back and forth. Slowly he pumped his engorged penis as he
imagined what those girls would do to him. As he picked up speed he could feel the
inevitable coming. His whole body surged as shot by shot of cum was ejaculated from his

It was eight-thirty AM when Ash's mom, Delia stepped into her sons room.
"Wake up, your going to be late" She chortled as she pulled the covers off the bed. To
her surprise her son was lying there naked, palm lying under his now flacid penis
with a porno mag lying next to him. She could do nothing but stare at the shocking
scene that confronted her. She was at the very least tempted to reach out and touch it.
Though she knew she shouldn't let the feeling overcome her, she couldn't help herself.
She reached out her hand and wrapped it around his cock. It was when she started moving
her hand up and down his growing shaft that his eyes slowly opened. Delia, being transfixed with what she was doing to her son, didn't notice. Shocked at first, Ash didn't know quite how to react. He then decided to play dumb as opposed to confronting his mother in such an awkward situation. In all honesty he was worried that if he did awaken that he may scare his mother off, and that was the last thing he wanted right now. Closing his eyes he let the pleasure wash him away. Just the thought that his own mother was pulling him off was pure bliss. Delia carefully crawled on the end of the bed trying not to disturb her son which she believed to be asleep. She crouched between his legs and slowly bent her head down towards her sons impressive 5" dick. For a boy who hadn't quite reached puberty he was well endowed. Cautiously she widened her lips and placed them on the tip of his cock. She paused. When she was convinced he was still asleep she started moving her mouth up and down his ever hardening rod, feeling the blood rush through it as she bought him to climax. This was to much for Ash and he let out a stiffled moan. Hearing this, Delia jumped from the bed, semen overflowing from her mouth. She nearly tripped as she ran through the door, Clumsily slamming it behind her.Mid swallow she half-gurgled "Time to wake up"

Ash couldn't believe what had just happened, had his mother really blown him off. He had
never been with a woman before, the thought of it alone gave him enough fuel to pull one
off when need be. It took a few minutes to register that he was meant to meet Proffessor
Oak today to pick up his pokemon. He looked over at the clock to see that it was already
nine o'clock, the time he was told to meet with the Professor. After the events of last
night and the more recent events of this morning he had built up quite a bit of sweat and
along with that some body odour. 'No time for a shower' He thought as he pulled up his
pyjama pants and started running down the road to the Professor's lab.

When he reached the front gates there was a crowd surrounding the building. Ash pushed
his way to the front of the crowd to see his rival Gary revelling in the attention of the
crowd. Gary also happened to be the grandson of Professer Oak. "Hey" Ash yelled out as
he approached him. "What kind of pokemon did you get"
"Thats none of your business twerp" gary replied as he pushed Ash to the ground. Laughing, he walked away taking the crowd with him. Ash didn't dwell on this, today was his day. No matter what happened, this was the start of his journey to become the worlds greatest pokemon trainer. The early morning blowjob din't hurt either. When Ash finaly reached the front door he was euphoric. 'This is where it all starts' he told himself as he knocked on the door.
"why hello. you must be Ash" Said Professor Oak, Ushering Ash inside. Sitting on a table
in the center of the room were three pokeballs. Each labled with there respective pokemon. Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. Ash looked eagerly towards the table when Professer Oak Spoke up "Unfortunatly all three pokemon have been given to other trainers" But seeing the look on Ash's face he continued "But I do have one other pokemon, honestly I have been having problems with this one. He might be a bit much for you"
"Nothings too much for me Professor" Said Ash "I can handle it"
"Alright, if you think so" Replied Oak as he retrieved a yellow pokemon from a cage behind him. "This Ash is Pikachu. This particular specimen is very stubborn. It even refuses to get inside of a pokeball"
"Thats alright" Piped up Ash eagerly taking pikachu from Professor Oak "We'll be the best
of friends" Ash then started rubbing his cheek against pikachu.
"Pika-CHU" cried Pikachu, sending an electric current through Ash's body.
"One more thing" Professor Oak said, ignoring what had just happened "This is what we call a Pokedex. It Will inform you of any pokemon you happen to meet on your travels" Professor Oak handed the red gadget to Ash who was still flinching from the electricty flowing through his body.

The crowd that awaited Ash was nowhere as impressive as the one that had cheered on Gary.
The only people who had showed up were his mother and a few family friends. "Ash, dear"
cried Delia "You left in such a hurry that I brought you a pair of clothes, and a bag full of supplies"
"Um thanks mum but I can't exactly get changed here" Replied Ash
"Nonsense" retorted his mother "Everyone will look away and I'll stand right here in front of you so no one looks" She turned her back to Ash as if standing gaurd. Having no choice Ash started removing his clothes, he was about to slip on his pants when he heard his mother say "Remember to change your underwear". Embarrassed, Ash did as he was told and removed his soiled underwear. He was just about to grab another pair when a gust of wind blew his mothers short skirt above her ass. Seeing this usualy would not have ilicited a response but after what had happened that morning he could't help but being aroused. As he stared at his mothers perfect ass he started to grow an erection. Before he realized what was happening his fully erect cock was pushing on the back of his mothers thigh. Trying not to draw attention to himself he remaineded relativly still as he pulled his underwear on. His mother took the same approach and completely ignored the
incident. "Ok, I'm decent" Announced Ash as he buttoned up his shirt. "I better be off" He cried as he ran down the road towards Viridian City. He barely heard his mother telling him to be careful as he ran towards the horizon.

It was mid afternoon when Pikachu was becoming more reluctant to follow Ash. He was now stopping to stare at the most mundane of things. Eventually Ash decided to call it quits and sit down for an afternoon snack. As he rummaged through his bag he found the same issue of "The Girls Of Cerulean City" that he had fallen asleep with last night, happy he had his most prized reading material he threw it aside as he grabbed a sandwich from underneath. After finding a suitable tree to sit under he got comfortable and starting eating his sandwich. Munching away he watched Pikachu run around. He hoped that he respected him enough as a trainer not to run away from him. After wearing himself out Pikachu wandered over to Ash's bag, hoping to get a sandwich of his own. Before Pikachu
even got a chance to scavange his food he noticed the magazine laying next to the bag. He became transfixed with the woman on the cover. Minutes passed before Ash came over to Pikachu. "If you want to be my pokemon, I'm heading to that city. We don't have to argue all the way" Ash extendedhis arm "Friends?"
"Pika" Pikachu exlaimed as he ran up Ash's arm to sit on his shoulder. And Ash knew that was to be the start of a very great friendship.

As Ash and Pikachu headed down the path to Veridian City a bird pokemon walked idly next to them. "I wonder what that is" said Ash. He pulled out his Pokedex which in a mechanical voice responded 'SPEAROW THE BIRD TYPE POKEMON. THIS POKEMON SOMETIMES STALKS ITS PREY BEFORE STRIKING'
"Hmm" went Ash "I wonder if it's stalking us". All of a sudden the Spearow turned to face them.
"Spearrrroooww" cried the Spearow as the trees surrounding Ash and Pikachu shook violently.
"I think we better go" said Ash. A flock of Spearow were now threatining them, there only choice was to run. Ash picked up Pikachu and held him tightly to his chest. He was now running off the path that the Spearow had blocked. The further he ran the more he seen the impending danger. There was a cliff ahead and no time to slow down. He lowered his head and whispered to Pikachu "I'm sorry". The sudden plunge was the scariest moment in Ash's life. It was the splash at the bottom that made his heart slow down just a little. 'Im alive' Said a voice in his head. He mustered all the strength he could to swim to the shore, As he opened his eyes he seen the most unexpected thing ever. A naked woman, or should I say girl, being two years older than Ash she had started to go through
puberty. Ash was speechless, A gorgeous redheaded minx who had obviously been skinnydipping ran towards them, her tiny mounds of breast jumping ever so subtly. Ash couldn't believe his luck. "Are you alright" the redheaded fox called out. "oh you poor Pikachu" She cooed taking him from Ash's arms.
"Spearrroooww" Cried the ensuing army of Spearow. Ash grabbed Pikachu from the girl
"We have to go" He said. He turned to run and seen a bike. Concerned about Pikachus safety Ash jumped on the bike "I'll bring It back one day I promise" He yelled as he road off.

About 50 metres down the road Ash hit a pothole that sent him and Pikachu flying. allowing the Spearow to catch up. In an effort to try and save Pikachu Ash stood tall against the Spearow. "If your going to kill anyone, take me" he roared at the Spearow. "Leave Pikachu alone". Pikachu seeing this act of gratitude couldn't watch the Spearow attack Ash. "Pika----CCCHHHUUUUUU" Cried Pikachu, sending a bolt of lightning
towards the Spearow. Incinerating them one by one, leaving only charred remains. Unfortunatly Ash was caught in the blast. 'Better than being left to them monsters' thought Pikachu as he drifted out of consciousness.

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