A Night in the Lighthouse

BY : Witchan
Category: Pokemon > Yuri - Female/Female
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Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon and its characters and I did't make money from writing the story

Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon and its characters.

In Olivine City, the sky had turned dark for the past few hours and almost each and every one of the civilians in Olivine City stayed inside their shelter, instead, two women were roaming around the city aimlessly and their names Jasmine and Whitney and after roaming for at least five minutes, both women went inside the lighthouse that was glowing through the top and after making it to the very top by riding the elevator, both Gym Leaders looked onto each other as if they were trying to do something special and ignoring the Ampharos that standing right near the duo.

" Are you ready to do this, Jasmine? " the Normal-type Gym Leader touched her lover's shoulder with her left hand and making her blush.

" Yes, my only true love. " the shorter woman also touched her girlfriend's face, making her blush deeply.

After staring at other lovely for three seconds, both Jasmine and Whitney placed their lips right onto each other and starts kissing in great passion. While kissing, Jasmine uses her other hand to rub Whitney's slightly large buttocks and it made the Normal-type Gym Leader blush even more, as if she enjoyed getting her bottom rubbed by Jasmine and a few seconds later, Whitney uses her slightly large hand to rub Jasmine's buttocks softly and with the combination of kissing and rubbing, it was getting intense that both lovebirds brings total obsession onto one another despite dating each other last week.

As the combination of kissing and rubbing continues, the brown-headed woman suddenly rubbed Whitney's crotch that was below the buttocks and starts tapping it with slight agility, then she let go of Whitney's jaw with her hand and uses to grab the slightly large buttocks with pure strength despite having a slightly small hand and Whitney looked totally suprised at her lover that she was acting rough towards her body and speaking of rough, the shorter woman uses her tongue inside Whitney's mouth to dig deeper right through the entrance of the throat and with Jasmine's rough actions on Whitney, it was all about love and obsession.

Once Jasmine was done roughing up Whitney's body and mouth, the shorter woman lays a deep smile on her face and said, " I love you so much, Whitney. I really do... "

With Jasmine's comment, the Steel-type Gym Leader begins to cry in slight pain while smiling and she suddenly gives Whitney a tight hug. The Normal-type Gym Leader uses her hand to rub Jasmine's soft hair and said, " I love you too, Jasmine. "

After saying that the two Gym Leader loved each other, both Jasmine and Whitney resumed kissing each other inside the mouths and while doing it more intense, Jasmine uses both of her hands to pull down Whitney's bottom clothing and it revealed her slightly large panties, then the brown-headed women inserts her hand inside the panties and starts rubbing her lover's bare buttocks, which made her stop the kissing and then layed another smile on her face.

" You like that don't you, Whitney? " said Jasmine as she continues to rub Whitney's buttock, as well as entering the inside buttock with one finger.

" Yes. Yes I do, Jasmine. " said Whitney as she is quite enjoying the butt rubbing from Jasmine and then starts digging her slightly large hands inside her girlfriend's skirt while squeezing her bare buttocks after entering inside the panties, which made Jasmine a bit shocked.

" Naughty girl. " the brown-headed woman could feel the sensual rubbing from her bare buttocks and she could also feel the part where Whitney is starting rub her crotch from the bottom of the buttocks. " Oh, Whitney... "

The brown-headed woman starts moaning in soft pleasure after feeling the crotch rubbing from Whitney and with that in mind, Jasmine couldn't bear to rub Whitney's buttocks anymore as if she could feel a large tingle inside her body and as the crotch rubbing was getting deeply intense, Jasmine couldn't touch Whitney at all just because her body feels weaker than the average person and with the tingling that's crawling inside of her, she was unable to make sexual advantages towards Whitney if her body feels deeply ticklish.

After the intense rubbing, both Jasmine and Whitney begins to strip each other's clothing off in a much more sensual way with perfect slow motion and once they were done, both women were fully nude and while being nude all the way, the brown-headed woman uses her own bare hands to grab Whitney's large breasts and starts squeezing it while bouncing the huge breasts up and down.

" My large breasts feels good, doesn't it? " the pink-headed woman lays a deeper smile on her face and seeing Jasmine touching her breasts neutrality.

" Of course your breasts feels good. " the Steel-type Gym Leader lays a wink on her face right infront of her girlfriend and continues squeezing her lovers breasts, as if she was enjoying it second after second, then she begins to suck the left nipple of the large breasts, which made Whitney moan softly after five seconds of feeling the wet kiss from Jasmine's mouth.

" Jasmine... " Whitney's moan was getting slightly intense after each second of feeling the nipple sucking and the way that the Normal-type Gym Leader moaned means that Jasmine was sucking on the nipples more expertely, then the taller girl could feel that her second nipple was being sucked also, which made her more happier. " Keep sucking both of my nipples... "

As the Steel-type Gym Leader heard her girlfriend's words, Jasmine uses her full tongue to lick the right nipple instead of sucking it and slob was dripping all on the floor, as if Jasmine was in deep hunger of Whitney's breasts and as the lesbian action continues, the Ampharos looked extremely confused of what Jasmine and Whitney is doing and after seeing the action for a short amount of time, the Ampharos walked away from the Gym Leaders and not trying to see more action between the loving duo.

Six minutes later, Jasmine was done sucking on her girlfriend's nipples and said, " Now, it's your turn to suck my nipples. "

With Jasmine's comment, the pink-headed woman lays her mouth right inside the left nipple of Jasmine's medium sized breast and starts sucking on it like a baby and while feeling the nipple sucking, Jasmine begins to moan explicitely and said, " That feels good, Whitney... "

The slighty overweight woman continues sucking on the left nipple while using her fingers from her right hand to squeeze the right nipple and with the combination of sucking and squeezing, Jasmine's moan was getting so intense that getting tortured made her body more tingling from the inside and she didn't really care about that as long as she enjoys it.

After the ten minute nipple sucking was over, Whitney lays her hand on Jasmine's crotch while fingering it and said, " Now, it's tiem for me to play with your crotch, sweetie. "

As Whitney inserts her finger right inside Jasmine's crotch more deeply and starts shoving it back and forth, the brown-headed woman suddenly twitches her own body and layed down on the floor as the fingering continues. While fingering her girlfriend's crotch to death, Whitney moved her own mouth right near Jasmine's occupied crotch and starts licking the top of the pink object while making Jasmine moan more explicitely, plus making her soft body twitching to death.

" Ohhh... Ahhh... Whitney... that feels... so good.. " said Jasmine as she could feel the intense tingling inside her body while Whitney was occupying her crotch sexually.

Whitney continues to occupy Jasmine's crotch more intense as it made the Steel-type Gym Leader moan louder and with that loud noise, no one in Olivine City couldn't hear it since the lighthouse shields any type of noise and that was one of the reasons why Jasmine and Whitney were planning to have sex inside the lighthouse in the first place.

After fingering the crotch, Whitney then licks her girlfriend fully crotch with her tongue and with pure quickness and agility of licking the crotch as fast as possible, Jasmine lets out an even more bigger moan than the previous one and she couldn't stop Whitney from doing it as long as she enjoys it one-hundred percent of the time.

Five minutes later, Whitney was done licking's Jasmine crotch while putting her fingers right towards the inside buttock and said, " I hope you enjoy this part, Jasmine. "

Then, the taller woman inserts her fingers right inside Jasmine's inside buttock and starts shoving it back and forth as fast as she could possibly do, even though fingering someone's inside buttock was nearly difficult to shove back and forth and despite that, it made Jasmine's twitched even more painful than the crotch fingering and with a lesser extent, the crotch licking.

" Ahhh... it hurts... " Jasmine could feel the intense pain right inside her inside buttock but despite all of that, she enjoys most of the fingering. " Oh, Whitney... "

The Normal-type Gym Leader continues to finger Jasmine's inside buttock while hearing the Steel-type Gym Leader moan in an extreme explicit way after the five minute fingering, she then uses her wet tongue to lick the inside buttock, which made Jasmine a bit suprised as if Whitney was licking it with pure swiftness and despite tasting the foul odor right inside the buttocks, the pink-headed woman was occupying the inside buttock with her entire mouth and it made Jasmine even more suprised while moaning deeply.

As soon as the intense rimming was finally over, Whitney lifts her own body off the ground while picking up Jasmine's body with pure strength and said, " You look so beautiful, Jasmine. "

" I could say the same thing about you. " said Jasmine with a bright smile on her face. " And as a matter of fact, you look one-million times more beautiful than any female in the pokemon universe. "

" Awww... Jasmine... " said Whitney with a deep blush inside her face, as if it was pure dark.

After the brief conversation between Jasmine and Whitney, the pink-headed woman lays down on the floor and telling her girlfriend to finger her crotch right away. Then, the skinny woman placed her fingers right near Whitney's crotch and starts shoving it back and forth while Whitney begins to moan softly as Jasmine uses pure agility to finger her girlfriend's crotch, then the Steel-type Gym Leader starts licking the top of the crotch as if made Whitney's moan turn more explicit.

" Delicious... " the brown-headed woman continuesly licks Whitney's crotch while fingering it at the same time and then, she stops fingering and begins to licking the crotch with her entire tongue.

While licking with intense pleasure, the Steel-type Gym Leader digs deep right inside her girfriend's crotch with her tongue and it made Whitney let out an even more explicit moan and the licking even made Whitney twitched a bit, as if it the crotch licking was extremely ticklish.

" Oh, Jasmine... " Whitney could feel the intense pleasure of getting her crotched licked and she was getting extremely excited during the intercourse. " That feels so good... "

While Jasmine was still licking Whitney's crotch, she placed her finger right onto the pink-headed woman's inside buttock and shoves it back and forth as if Whitney was moaning extremely deep and she was fully suprised that Jasmine was occupying both of her private areas at the same time.

" I love doing this to you, Whitney. " the Steel-type Gym Leader was extremly obsessed over Whitney's private areas and it looks like she could possibly occupy the private areas permanently.

After licking the Normal-type Gym Leader's crotch and fingering the inside buttock for five minutes, Jasmine placed her tongue right inside the inside buttock and starts rimming it with pure agility and while feeling the intense rimming, Whitney made another explicit moan and she could feel the part Jasmine dig deeply inside the inside buttocks, plus making it ticklish.

" Ahhhhh... ohhhhh... Jasmine.... " the rimming made Whitney moaned even more intense and it looked like she wanted more while making a sensual expression on her face. " Lick it more... "

As Whitney wanted Jasmine to lick it more, the shorter woman uses her hands to hold Whitney's hips and she even digs deeper right inside the buttocks, just to make Whitney enjoy it more often. And after ten minutes of rimming Whitney's inside buttock, she then placed her crotch right onto Whitney's in order to scissor each other.

" Are you ready to scissor with me, Whitney? " said Jasmine.

" Yes, I'm ready, Jasmine. " said Whitney.

Then, both lovers begin to scissor each other by grinding onto each other's crotches and after one minute of doing it slightly intense, both Jasmine and Whitney were sweating in pain, due to the previous sexual activities they were doing to each other and during the intense grinding, they could feel that they were having an orgasm towards each other and it was coming slightly close towards each other.

" Keep... grinding... Whitney... " said Jasmine.

" I am... Jasmine... I... am... " said Whitney.

As they couldn't lay on the ground while grinding, both Jasmine and Whitney lifts their body right onto each other at the same time and kissed each other's lips while they were still scissoring each other and with the intense combination of kissing and grinding, both women suddenly made a huge orgasm towards each other's crotches and the juices splattered around the room, making a giant mess that both Jasmine and Whitney just delivered right outside of their crotches.

" I love you, Whitney. " said Jasmine.

" I love you too, Jasmine. " said Whitney.

As Jasmine and Whitney were doing scissoring each other and saying that they really loved each other to death, both women fall right asleep on the floor and they were being too lazy to walk back inside the Gym as if they were quite enjoying having sex inside the lighthouse and they might possibly do it again in the near future.

The End.

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