I Needed the Sleep

BY : blownwish
Category: Gensomaden Saiyuki > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I do not own Saiyuki and made no money writing this

I do not own Saiyuki and I made no money writing this.

They don't follow under orders. It makes no difference to me. Those three have their reasons. Reasons I don't want to hear. I wish I didn't know, they are just servants as far as I'm concerned.

So when the inn keeper said there was just one room, just one room with just one bed, I told them it was mine. But they don't always follow orders. At least not all that well. Complaints from the floor didn't stop, even when I shot my gun in the air.

I had to do whatever I could to get some sleep.

They piled into my bed. Idiots. They got too close to me. They laughed when I cursed. Hakkai and Gojyo even high-fived. But that damn brat Goku was the worst, laying on top of me like I donít know what. He had the nerve to call me boney right before he went to sleep. I wouldíve killed them all. I should have. Should have.

But I was so tired.

The entire day was one long journey through hell, traveling with these three idiots in a dragon that likes to play jeep, through an oven pretending to be a desert. We ran out of cigarettes. We had no water. We had no idea when weíd hit the next town, and demons tried to fight us. It wouldn't be a day without some mediocre attack. I nearly yawned after the last shot. This is what Iíd can call an average day. One too many of an average day. And this is what I call torture.

Iím tired of running errands. Iím ready to find what Iím really looking for. I only have one reason to get up, again. Why do these nightmares come, anymore? I know the difference between whatís real and whatís in my head. Itís a dead giveaway when Master is there. Dying all the time.

I must have called out his name. Is that what made him disappear? I woke up and all I could feel were those idiots holding me.

I didnít get up and away from them. I just went back to sleep, because I was so tired.

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