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Winnie shimmied her way back down the tree, eyeing the roughly cut bucket she had tied to a branch. "It's crappy, but it'll have to do." Two weeks into her journey and she'd yet to find herself a water pokemon, which left her out of luck in the hygine department, what with the nearest town three days in either direction. Most of her could be washed just fine with a cloth and the stream she'd been following, but her long hair required running water, so for today, the pair of jugs and bucket setup would have to do.

"Alright, ready Pignite?" she called, pulling off the last of her clothing. He nodded from his perch on the branch, headbutting one of the jugs over so that it poured into the bucket and out the holes, wetting her hair quickly.

It was obvious she wasn't used to travelling in the woods yet, though, as she'd neglected on one critical piece of wilderness showering: privacy. She was only a little distance off of the main path through the forest, which was plenty far for a quick duck into the bushes, but lacking for standing around butt-naked.

Not that Blake would have noticed her standing there, no. Maybe noticed movement, but he would have taken it to be a pokemon; instead, it was her voice that he noticed, the familiar one he hadn't heard since they left home two weeks earlier.

"It's a bit cold, think you could warm it up just a bit, Pignite?"

"That sounds like Winnie," he said down to Wotter, who cocked his head. "She's probably eating dinner. Let's go say hi!"

How wrong he was though, as food was her next, not her current concern. Instead of coming upon his friend sitting around a pokemon fueled campfire, he found her butt-naked, scrubbing shampoo through her long locks, and taking juuust long enough to realize he was there that he saw more of Winnie than he had since Kindergarten, if even then.

Okay, so there had been the bikini she'd shown up to his party in the summer before, but-

Ass. He knew it was there, she made it hard not to know since she still insisted on wearing her beat-up, worn-out, used-to-be-jeans which were at LEAST two years old now (hadn't her hips outgrown them *yet*? but they'd been baggy when they'd still been jeans, not shorts, right?) He just didn't know it was round on top too.

And he didn't know what color her nipp-



She'd noticed him because Pignite had noticed him, stopping to wave. Wotter had waved back quite merrily, both pokemon oblivious to the predicament their trainers were now in, since clothes weren't an issue to them. And now she was screaming at him, soapy hair and crossed arms covering her breasts, legs crossed tightly as she tried to turn in a way that covered both her butt and her more modestly protected parts at once.

"Sorry!" he shouted, darting behind a tree. This definitely was *not* how he'd wanted their first meeting after starting their journeys to go, that was for sure.

"As soon as my hair is rinsed, I am *so* kicking your ass!"

Ass. Wait, no, that had been a threat.

"Not if I kick yours first!" he called back, hoping the offer of a battle would distract her.

She actually laughed. "Oh, you're in SO much trouble now Blake!"

There was a pause, during which she grumbled something suspiciously like "Pignite, make sure he's not peeking", before inspiration finally hit her and she hollered back to him:

"Hey, if you're really sorry, prove it by letting me borrow Wotter."

They all laughed, except Wotter, who was both confused by the situation and and afraid of heights.

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