Bi Brunettes

BY : Lyraeon
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This is technically a sequel to "Curiosity", but, all you need to know about that to get this is that May and Dawn tried on Winnie's shorts and then wound up fingering each other.


A few hours, some promises for even more “lessons”, and a nap later, May was half-asleep in one corner of her bed, propped up on a small pile of pillows and plushies. She had her phone held up near her face and was typing on it casually when her roommate came in.

As Winnie passed, after a polite wave, May's eyes drifted by with her hips, contemplating how damn sexy her shorts were, remembering how she'd tried on a near-identical pair just a few hours earlier.

Well, attempted to try on. She was now quite certain, as Winnie paused in the middle of the room, that their butts themselves were of near-identical size. So what about the older girl's figure let her wear the shorts, but prevented May from doing so?

She glanced down to her own stomach and frowned. She easily ate the most out of all the girls, but she worked it back off too, so it wasn't that she was fat. None of them could be called that... Maybe Leaf could be called pudgy at most, but her thicker build looked natural on her.

'Hmm... thicker build,' she thought, looking at her spandex-covered thighs, then back up to Winnie's once more retreating behind. That had to be it... The only meat Winnie really had on her was a lot of booty and a little bit of thigh, the rest of her was just slim as can be, meaning that she lacked the kind of actual hips May had. The fact she seemed to have completed her last growth spurt already helped, too, and left her by far the tallest of the girls, most of it leg.

May sighed and returned to her texting as Winnie left again, towels thrown over her shoulder. Sometimes she wasn't sure that it was a good thing she'd always matured more quickly than other girls her age... She remembered, seeing Dawn's boobs earlier, thinking that they were smaller still than hers had been in middle school. It was a trait that had its advantages, and here she was still out-chested by Leaf, but it also meant that she understood what “hips” really were, when the other girls probably wouldn't for a few more years.

A smile spread back across her face as she realized that the towels meant Winnie was heading to shower. “Mmm...” May sighed aloud, slumping further into the pile of pillows. She couldn't be completely sure, but after seeing the shorts on herself and Dawn earlier, she was starting to think that Winnie herself was the secret to the shorts' sexiness. The girl had a waist easily as slim as Dawn's, which her typical white tanktop only enhanced by clinging so closely to her figure, clearly stretched too tight across her breasts.

She wondered how that toned stomach must look under the shirt, cursing that Winnie of all people always wore one-piece swimsuits and wasn't an underwear sleeper like herself. She was sure you could bounce a quarter off of her. Most any of her, probably. As she mentally tallied the best-looking parts of her roommate's lean bod, she also pictured each of them – covered by small rivulets of water, as she could hear the shower running nearby – until she had a complete image of the older girl, naked and wet, framed against the sea-foam tile of their bathroom.

The room seemed a little too hot as she stared at the ceiling, her thumb-typed conversation forgotten.

“Twice in one day,” she muttered, wondering why she was thinking about how hot one of her female roommates was again. While the rest of them would chitter about Green's perfect abs, or Lucas's handsomely pretty face, or the way Blake could smile his way out of anything, she was thinking about the way boobs seemed heavier than they looked, instead of her own semi-boyfriend upstairs.

Well, she was, hormonally at least, older than any of the other girls. Maybe “college lesbian syndrome” was just kicking in early in her case.

“...I wonder what that says about Dawn, then,” she grumbled, sitting up and shaking her head. She'd had plenty of sex with guys. Well, one guy, plenty of times, at least. Plus that time she'd made out with Green, nevermind that they'd both been drunk.

She knew guys wanted her. She knew she enjoyed screwing guys.

So why was she so damn fixated on her newfound imaginings of her roommate's ass, and why was that image slowly expanding to her wondering whether or not Winnie shaved?

It wasn't her fault though. Winnie was just too hot and flaunted it too much for her not to notice. And Dawn had been... well, Dawn had started that.

And that other girl she'd met at the Grand Festival Ball the year before had been... Well, that was only making out, too... But...

“I should go talk to Brendan,” she squeaked, jumping up from her bed and shuffling toward the door, tossing her closed phone behind her.

Naturally, the door opened before she could get to it. May gasped as her outstretched hand nearly collided with Winnie's towel-covered hips, her eyes wide.

“Caught ya!” she shouted with a giggle, the grin on her face showing all of her teeth. “You were gonna run off to your boyfriend, weren't you?”

“Well, I...” She was, so why was it so hard to admit such?

“You've got some explaining to do first.” Winnie's face had suddenly darkened, eyes narrowed at May, who quickly backed out of the taller girl's way as she stepped boldly forward.


“Yeah. About why those-” she pointed at the pair of shorts May and Dawn had played with earlier, laying on the floor, half underneath May's bed - “are all the way over here, and buttoned to boot, instead of in the hamper where I left them.”


Oh indeed. May had to make up something, and fast. She took another step back, eyes locked on the shorts with what she hoped was a confused expression on her face. “I don't know,” she lied, knowing it wasn't even a good lie.

“Ah. Well, maybe I should ask Dawn instead? I think she was in here earlier, too, wasn't she?”

May froze completely this time. She definitely couldn't lie fast enough to cover that one up, especially not when she felt her heart start pounding at the mere mention.

“There's this thing,” she continued, closing the door behind her, the other hand still holding her towel up. “It's called Febreeze, May. You know what it does?”

“It removes odors?” she offered instinctively, wincing after the words had left her mouth. This was no time to be witty, and that was how she'd probably come across.

“Right.” By now, Winnie had backed her up so far that her thighs were pressed against the older girl's bed, and she had no place left to move. She gulped, leaning back slightly in an attempt to keep their bodies separated still, but Winnie just came closer, until May could see the bits of water still dripping down her neck from her towel-wrapped hair. “It removes odors... And when Blake and I do our thing in here? We have the courtesy to spritz the place down afterwords, so that the room doesn't smell like sweat and my vag when you get back.”

Two answers crossed her mind; the first was that yes, sometimes it did. The second, far more defensive answer, was the one she took. “But I wasn't fuck-”

“Fucking, pussy-diving... whatever. Even jilling off can leave a scent, babe, I'm just too polite to say it.” She sighed in an exaggerated way that both suggested she was doing May a huge favor by teaching her this, and caused her towel to slip slightly, both of which the younger girl tried hard not to notice as she stammered for a response. By now she should have had time to concoct an elaborate excuse – even just admitting to pleasuring herself was better than incriminating innocent little Dawn, too – but between the towel and Winnie's unexpectedly coarse language, she still had nothing.

“That's not what I'm really mad about, though,” Winnie's expression softened, her free hand reaching up to rest on May's shoulder. She gulped again – nothing was covering that shoulder except the strap of her sports bra, and so she could clearly feel the way her friend's fingers dug in slightly. “You didn't know that would upset me, and I guess I can let you going through my clothes slide, just this once.”

May felt like she should sigh in relief, but couldn't.

The next instant, she gasped instead, finding herself on her back on Winnie's bed, the hand on her shoulder pinning her instead, the older girl straddling her thighs.

“Why didn't you ever tell me that you like girls...?” she drawled, head tilted slightly as she gazed down at her roommate.

May whimpered, trying to turn her head away out of shame, but she kept looking back up, so she saw very clearly as Winnie leaned all the way down to breathe against her ear: “We've been missing out on so much fun... you and I... because you've been keeping important things like that from me.”

She whined louder as wet lips pressed to her jaw, just below her ear, and she felt a slight weight on her hips. “Blake is amazing, but we have an... understanding, about my needs... And you fit the bill just perfect...”

May wanted badly to push Winnie off of her, but somehow, despite both of her hands being completely free, she couldn't bring herself to. Her face was flushed as the breath continued along her neck, making images of the streams of water she'd seen traveling down her roomie's neck just a few minutes later flash before her.

She moaned a little as Winnie dragged her lips across her neck again, the noise barely louder than an exhale, but she shivered anyway. “I've had my eye on you since we moved in, you know,” she continued, her tongue darting out and following May's behind, eliciting a louder cry this time. “I love athletic types... Come on, I promise I won't disappoint... And if you're lucky, I might even share Blake with you...”

She whined again, her hand darting up toward the other girl and to her only partial surprise, latching onto the back of her towel instead of pushing her off.

“I... I don't know,” May managed between whimpers. Her mind was racing, searching through her experiences with Dawn earlier, her ones with Brendan over the months, and the things she'd been imagining about Winnie only moments before. “Brendan...” she whispered, his name an incomplete thought as another hot gasp was drawn from her throat.

“Then no Blake,” Winnie offered, lips traveling lower still, her tongue finding its way into the cleft of May's collarbone.

May's answer was a groan and a slight tug at the older girl's towel, the last parts of her that wanted to resist giving in. “M-maybe Blake,” she stuttered, “But only may-”

Winnie's lips covered her own for a moment, interrupting her and stealing her breath entirely. She drew away a moment later, leaving her completely speechless below her, then chuckled. “You know... you're going to have to at least *try*... Or at least pretend to...” she dropped her lips back to her ear, letting her weight settle more on top of her. “I mean, it's like you don't want me to, or something...”

“I-I...” she gasped, then sighed, her other hand raising to push at the covering on Winnie's hair, trying to grab her there, too. “I'm just still getting used to the concept.”

“Well, get used to it fast babe, because I'm going to give your pussy a workout... Unless Dawn left you too worn out...?”

May yelped at that, quickly answering with, “No, she didn't!”

“Well, I'll have to fix that!”

Without warning, Winnie had hopped back up to her knees, still straddling her hips, and yanked the elastic of her sports bra up to her armpits, exposing her breasts in one swoop. In the next instant, she'd grabbed both mounds firmly, giving them a couple good squeezes even as her towel fell since she no longer had a grip on it.

May lay still for the moment, stunned at the sight of Winnie naked on top of her, groping her boobs, before panic set back in and she swatted at the first forearm she could reach.

“Heeyyyy,” Winnie complained, shaking her arm. “If you don't want me to, just say so.” She paused for a second, raising an eyebrow. “Unless you're just trying to play rough...”

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