A Maiden\'s Diary

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Twinkle twinkle little star,

How I wonder what you are?

Up above the world so high;

Like a diamond in the sky…




Yui took a break from her office work resting her lithe
frame on the window sill lazily looking outside at the cool night sky—a habit
that she somehow acquired ever since she was a little girl. Her eyes leisurely
staring at the dim light of the few stars visible even through the highly
cloudy atmosphere—after all, Tokyo is one of the most highly polluted cities!

She is wearing only a loose white cottony shirt to escape
the summer heat; even though her home has an AC, she is in no mood to use it
right now.



So many years have passed and now she is a big girl. Her
best friend Miaka married her beloved Taka and only few weeks before she had
her first baby; it was such a very sweet scene!


Yui took up an ultra-high paying job and devoted herself
fully into its technological research area. She has a wonderful career filled
with success, her own apartment and even dating a very rich and understanding
man…she is every inch the free & lucky one of all women’s dream.




She sighed and strolled back to her laptop to sit and start
her work.


Her phone rang to show the message—

                                        ‘Tomorrow at 9 pm, my place.’



Surely its very considerate of Tetsuya to finish his message
so shortly, it saved Yui a great deal of time.



Tetsuya is every inch of the generous lover that he
appears…sometimes a bit too kind for
her comfort & even likeness!

She flung the phone on the soft sofa; certainly she doesn’t
need to reply to such a type of message.



Tetsuya won’t even re-question her if she doesn’t arrive
tomorrow or says she forgot about the appointment.


For her, the logic is simple & sure,

Tetsuya loved & cared for her too much—that’s the reason
she’s with him…it’s not like she loves him!



She knows and is sure of the truth; she never loved him or can even entertain the stupid thought of falling
in love with him!



All she knows is never to get emotionally involved with any living creature…and for that, she
contains herself by loving non-living creatures…


…things such as: her work, her own body, the gifts given by
Tetsuya and the secretly treasured blue
ear-ring of her star—Nakago.




It’s probably best for her to not think about him for it
only hurts her more, even now…



At first she was certain she was only attracted to him
especially when he sort-of confessed his love for her…but even with that she
wasn’t at all satisfied. Nakago knew it too that she was probably obsessed
with him at the end; he effectively created the delinquent fantasy that she
means everything for him and in these illusions, she too easily succumbed; just
like a fool!


She has been nothing but a victim that can be manipulated
effortlessly by him and is only a means of achieving his highly
ambitious goal for him!

The last part of this disclosure has been what had affected
her most…it was then that she presumed she may love him; but now she doesn’t or that’s what she tries to convince
herself when his memories torture her!





The only way of curing a smitten kitten is to impale her rat!

…..and Yui learned it in the hard way.




Yui took out her cigar to relax herself a bit while at work;
when at high school, she was a very intelligent girl who used to prevent her
friends from smoking but now she indulged herself just a little…she often took
coke’ along with it much to
Tetsuya’s great displeasure but like everyone else in her short life, he too can
do little to stop her…




Even as a child, the only thing she ever treasured is her
freedom…she always seeps from between fingers, no matter how tightly held, just
like mercury; as she grew up, many branded her as selfish. In a certain way she is but deep down she always knew that
nobody ever understood her.


Even her best friend whom she loves dearly never can see
through her. Tetsuya tried to, at first, but gave up…at a more intimate moment,
he had even said to her that it is her
complex personality that initially
attracted him to her!




But Yui never cared, she knew of only one man who was by her
side for the briefest of all moments and within that instant read everything
about her just like an open book…



…….and that man was Nakago, only NAKAGO!






Finally, Yui decided to call it a night and changed to her
night-gown. Tired of the whole day’s chaotic schedule, she was asleep as soon
as she lay on her soft and huge bed…














She was going for her bed when an astonishing voice called
out to her,


“Lady Yui, did you
summon me?”



Yui took in a harsh breath as she turned her back to meet
the most un-anticipated sight in her entire life; in front of her stood her
long dead star warrior—NAKAGO!



It was then that she realized she is probably
dreaming for if Nakago had really come then he has to be a spirit and in her world SPIRITS SIMPLY DON’T EXIST!

She knew that it’s not either her first or her last dream
regarding that man, and besides she is not even feeling scared or any sort of
repulsion for him which she would have surely exhibited had she been in
reality…she took it in pretty casually!




“I see,” her voice was carefree, though she still had her
eyes with no expression dead fixed on him, “you are his soul, isn’t it?” and
then, her voice became strangely sad and soft, “…and like the ghost you are,
you came here to scare me and then, as always you will leave me, wont you?”

“So, leave now and don’t bother me again!” she screamed at
his spirit.



“Lady Yui,” Nakago
bowed at her just like he did on those days, “your wish is my command…but I came here to tell you that I would
always protect you and take care of you.”


Nakago rose on his feet and tucked a stray strand of hair
behind Yui’s ear in a very affectionate gesture; the gentle touch left Yui

“You needn’t worry about anything, Maiden,” Nakago almost
whispered; even though his tone is devoid of all emotions and his eyes are
still the same frozen blocks, its tenderness would always reach Yui.



“You liar!” Yui said tartly, “I am not going to fall for
your tricks anymore…speak what do you want, right now?” her voice was quite
broken as if she is trying very hard to stifle her sobs.

“Lady Yui, if you are mad at me, you sh—“ Yui’s hand shot out to slap at
his cheek, imparting a reddish glow on the pale side of his face.

yelled in a garbled voice, Nakago chuckled.

“Maiden, you haven’t changed at all,” Nakago closed the gap between
them, and put his strong arms around her small frame.




Yui sobbed like a child in his arms; among all the things
she liked best this is it! Nakago can understand her so well only because she
allows him to, she feels so light and jovial when she lets her grief out just
like everyone else…and Nakago has somehow become the one who is her best victim
for opening herself up!




Nakago kissed the corner of her eyes slowly licking at her
tears…Yui moaned involuntarily. Seeing her response, he drew the blade of his
tongue slowly over her eyes and sensuously to her ears…her entire body tingled,
leaving the places where he kissed almost burning.




“Maiden I did miss you too,” Nakago husked at her ear
sucking softly with a sumptuous pull at her earlobe…Yui felt her knees go weak;
Nakago let one of his hands fall slowly leaving lingering touches as he drew it
past her throat, over her shoulder, his fingers fluttering across her breasts
in a ghostly fashion, past her stomach and flanks and finally, circled her waist.

Yui bit her lower lip in the wonderful feelings the mere
platonic yet mildly teasing and suggestive touch produced…Nakago’s other huge
hand was still wrapped across her face, and he slowly passed his thumb across
her lip to urge her to speak.





“You betrayed me, even when you knew I would break; then…why
did you do it?” Yui firmly clutched his collar, “Why Nakago…am I just another
pawn for you just like the others?”

“Yes, Lady Yui…it was
all part of the plan
,” Nakago said in a grave voice, “…but even then, I never once lied to you. I am not the one who told
you about your being raped, you assumed it yourself; when I said I love you
even as I used you, I didn’t lie because I did in another sense; you are
certainly not the
only one I
wanted, but I would never have let you be eaten by Seiryu only if you have
granted my wish; and besides when I told you are the most important person of
my life, I meant it in all senses.”


“So why is it that you came?” Yui asked seriously, her voice
sharp; for the moment she stilled as she realized who is she dealing with, for
now is not the time to hold and tell him never to leave her again.

“Miss Yui, you must know that it is only for the priestess
that we, the stars exist…your constant thoughts about me is what that generated
me…and allowed me to come and see you even from the world of the dead,” Nakago
said almost mechanically, “…besides there are…more complex things that I would
like to tell you if only you listen, Lady Yui.”


“Is that all why you came?” Yui’s voice was still stern but
her features has softened to a great deal, “Listen Nakago…I came to know from
Tamahome that your past was very…tough,” she fidgeted to find the right words, “but that doesn’t mean you ruin other
innocent lives for your own personal satisfaction, even as your Maiden I would
never have allowed it.”




Nakago’s brows furrowed, his face stiffened and he released
her from him abruptly.

“You know nothing about anything,” he moved away from her,
his voice distant and cold, his expression tense yet sober.



Another couple of moments passed and then, he smiled; it was
a smile that showed no happiness or warmth, if anything it showed only
something very deep and complex but as usual, Yui can’t understand what is
going in his mind; events when he let her see his emotions however, untrue they
may be, are extremely rare—most of the times, his face and eyes are blank just
like now.



“Listen Lady Yui, we don’t have time…as a spirit I can’t
interact with you any time,” his voice is formal, as always, though Yui thought
she sensed something else…desperation, maybe,

“The Universe of the Four Gods can’t be destroyed—“

“It can’t be…you know!” Yui was shocked.



“Maiden, as a spirit I can know more about it…your friend
was the first one to touch the book and the book was prepared to greet the
Malden of Suzaku but you came in too and the book was unprepared to welcome
you…but it did and so we, the Seiryu Stars were created right at the instant
you appeared…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Yui was quite confused but
she took it in anyway.

“It means we were born and died before we were supposed to
only for you…but just like the Suzaku’s, we too were to be reborn because as Tenko told, more than one God can’t be summoned together,
so literally Seiyu wasn’t summoned at all…”


“You dare not drag me into this mess again.” Yui looked

“Seiryu won’t be summoned till the Suzakus and the Seiryus
aren’t equaled,” Nakago replied calmly.

“What do you mean?” Yui asked softly.




“Just like Tamahome and the Suzaku no miko were united…and
their Shinzaho entered another virgin who actually summoned Suzaku to release
the Suzaku Seishi’s spirits…you too are privileged to allow any of your Star,
only if you wish though, to come and be together with you forever…” Nakago’s
voice trailed off.

“But I can’t…because I’m no more a…v-virgin,” Yui blushed
though she tried hard to handle this tactfully, “…but what would you achieve
from that?”


“None of your Stars’ soul will be at peace till Seiryu is
summoned…not that I minded it much; but you kept on thinking about me…and the
only way of seeing you will be to deliver this message to you,” Nakago held her
close to him by her shoulders and leaned in to whisper to her, “…besides, you are still indebted to me,
remember,” Nakago trailed off in a mocking tone.

“What do you want?” Yui shuddered in strange dread.






…suddenly Nakago’s form started to fade; at first, she was
surprised and then, when recognition dawned in, she tried to clutch him to her
to prevent him from vanishing…but as usual, she failed.




…everywhere became dark; a strange force was pulling her

She looked below to see the origin of that energy…but all
that she saw was her own body…………..








‘To be with you in your world forever…as a normal human…lead a normal
human life……’









Yui woke up terrified, sweat glistening her entire body…

…it was only another












A/N: This is my first venture in the FY universe; so please
be a bit nice and don’t flame, though I won’t mind mild ones or criticisms!

This part may suggest that the story would be huge, but I
have absolutely no intension of creating my own novel here (smiles!)…so it
would be short, maybe just another chapter or two. If anyone thinks Yui is a
pathetic character, I will agree but I believe (much to my sadness!) that my
character resembles hers most in FY…Nakago may appear a bit OOC (temporarily)
but you will soon see why!





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