May's Adventures in Sexuality

BY : Setesh
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At the tender age of five years old, young Max had no idea as to what his sister, May, did at night. Being twelve years old, she was capable of staying up much later than he could ever comprehend. But at the same time, he simply had no desire to know. After all, he regarded his older sister in the same way as all girls; they were stupid, icky and had some kind of odd disease that was simply named cooties. The young child had no idea, then, that one night everything would change for him, that his view of her, and girls in general, would change so radically.

Max had risen from a deep sleep, his body telling him that he needed to use the bathroom. In the darkness that filled his home so late at night he could have sworn that he heard noises coming from somewhere; but at the time all he cared for was the toilet. It was not until after its use, when he was a little more awake that he found himself curious about those noises that, now, he could hear clearly. With bravery that betrayed his age, and putting the concept that every little noise in the darkness could be contributed to a Boogeyman who wanted to eat him, Max moved deeper into the darkness, intent on finding its source.

His search led him to his sisters bedroom, the source of the sounds came from beyond her closed door. Slowly, he pressed his ear against the barrier between himself and the noises; it was a dull squeak. Confused, Max pondered as to what it could be, then he recalled that his own bed made sounds like that at times as he tossed and turned. But there was something else, something that mixed it the base sound.

Pressing his ear against the door harder he focused his mind, trying to make them out; they were gasps, grunts and a deep, animalistic moaning. It sounded much like a night, several years before, when he went to his parents room in the middle of the night due to a nightmare. The memories came flooding back; he knew he had come across something that he shouldn't have heard or seen back then, but for the life of him, he couldn't remember it fully. With a mix of curiosity and fear that he could be caught and scolded for invading his sisters privacy, the young boy swallowed hard as his hands reached out for the door knob. Perhaps by destiny or laziness, there were no locks on any bedroom door in the house; he had easy access, but the fear of being punished made him hesitate.

Finally, mustering up the same courage he showed by venturing into the darkness, he slowly and carefully turned the knob, then pushed the door open just enough for him to see the inside. There, illuminated by the pale light of a small reading lamp, Max saw his twelve year old sister May on her back as she lay upon her bed, clothing strewn about the floor. Her tiny hands were curled into fists, fingers clenching her bedspread as if for dear life as her back arched upwards, her apple sized breasts proudly thrust into the air. A young man of the same age as his sister was there, between her legs; Max could see the boy thrusting his pelvis toward his sister, her breasts wobbled in time with his movements.

His mind surged with the images that were flooding his eyes, but he realized within moments whom this boy was; Brendan, one of their neighbors. The concept that the two of them would be together so late at night was odd; May never did seem to spend much time with him, so far as Max knew, anyway. But it seemingly turned out that they did enjoy each others company, which was evident by the fact that they did enjoy spending some time together, given the fact that May's legs were locked around his waist tightly, refusing to release the young man from their grip as he thrust into her with vigor.

Too shocked to say a word and too scared of being found out to move, Max could only watch the two of them fornicate. His young, innocent eyes were transfixed upon the trembling, nude form of his sister as she was assaulted by Brendan's phallus, his ears were filled with her moans and gasps as Brendan grunted like some raging beast. The unified sexual organs of the young lovers made lewd, wet squishing noises as they came together and moved apart.

The sight, the smells were so much for the young boy to take in, much less understand. His body trembled, his knees felt weak; he knew he had to leave, but he simply could not. The scene stirred something within his body, something animalistic; his eyes wouldn't rip themselves away from his sisters body, they followed her breasts as they shook, his ears focused only on her cries of bliss as her lover moved with increased speed. Her small, delicate hands threatened to pull the spread from her mattress as her toes curled, her legs tightening around Brendan's waist.

Max swallowed hard as he heard his sister say something, there were words that he'd never heard of, but it seemed to elicit a reaction from her lover; he moved even faster into her, grunting harder. He was less a man than an animal at this point. Her cries grew louder, so loud that Max's ears rang; and then, she nearly screamed as her body locked up, her hands pulling up the sheet that they clung to. She told her lover to do something over and over, words he never heard before, words that just seemed filthy, despite not knowing what they were.

It was moments after this that Brendan threw her legs off of his waist, pulling his phallus from her small frame. Max's eyes went wide when he finally saw it; it was so big compared to his own. But what really shocked him was when something came from Brendan's penis; it was thick and white. At first Max though he was urinating on his sisters body, but as she moaned and mewled, and as it clung to her breasts and stomach, Max knew that it wasn't a bodily fluid that he knew. The torrent of fluid seemed to go on forever, his sisters body was covered before it finally ended, before he fell forward onto May's body, panting.

The young boy, unsure as to what he had just seen, his eyes no longer transfixed, mind no longer clouded by the vision of his sister in the act of sexual ecstasy managed to move. His small feet moved him backwards, his knees still felt weak; it was all he could do to not fall and reveal himself. As he retreated into the darkness, he heard them whispering things, words of praise and contentment. When he finally managed to get enough strength in his knees, Max turned and fled to his room, relaxing only when he firmly inside and safe behind his door.

As he laid upon his bed, his mind racked itself, trying to make sense of it all. But it couldn't; he had no words to describe it, no means to comprehend the act he just witnessed. Most troubling of all, though, was the fact that he couldn't take his eyes off of his sister's body, off of he bouncing breasts. He had always seen her as a stupid, icky girl... but now? He didn't know; he was so confused. He sighed, he realized that tonight he would be unable to sleep...

It wouldn't be the last night that he lost sleep over his sister.

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