Making It Up

BY : Setesh
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In the wake of her victory, Dawn felt a little guilty; she had just beaten --albeit barely-- the only girl around her age whom she truly idolized. A knot formed in her stomach as she felt that, perhaps, she had just ruined a possible friendship that could have formed.

If so, she would be crushed; she had to find out exactly where the two of them now stood. Without a second thought, Dawn rushed to find May, nearly tripping over her own dress multiple times in her haste. When she did find her, May was alone, still clad in her dancer outfit, minus the head piece, feeding her Pokemon.

Unsure as to what to say, Dawn stood there for what felt like hours, simply watching; the outfit really was amazing, much better than her simple pink dress. She must have put a lot of effort into it; the detail work alone on the top was something that Dawn couldn't hope to do, and the nearly transparent fabric that comprised the dress was something Dawn would have never dared to wear.

Swallowing hard, she knew she had to do something, but as luck would have it May was the first to notice her; rather, her Glaceon did and then alerted May to her presence. When she turned, Dawn expected some malice in the older girls eyes, but there was none; she was greeted with a smile and a wave of a hand.

"Um... hi..."

Dawn finally spoke, feeling awkward; she had no idea what to say, and it showed in her voice. May could sense it and stood, then walked toward her. Wanting to run, Dawn somehow found the ability to stand her ground, and when May reached her, all she did was pat her on the shoulder.

"You did really well today; I didn't expect you to actually win. But then, the whole randomness of these contests are the best part.

I mean, that's the fun of it, you know?"

May's voice was calm and cool, so very reassuring. Dawn was put at ease, but still had to ask;

"So then... you aren't mad...?"

May's smile only grew... and then she broke into a laugh.

"Of course not! I mean, maybe when I was first starting out... but I like to think I've grown since then.

Is that what's wrong? You thought I was mad?"

Dawn could only nod.

"Well, I'm not. Just don't let this go to your head, okay? Just because you beat me doesn't mean you can beat everybody. Take it all in stride and keep getting better."

Dawn nodded once more, a few tears forming in her eyes; she felt like an idiot, a fool to even assume that May would be angry with her. Blinking, May wiped away the tears that began to roll down the younger girls cheeks, before hugging her tightly.

"Hey now, come on..."

May said softly as Dawn returned the hug, holding herself close to the warmth of May's form. She could feel the older girls large breasts pressing against her own developing ones...

"May... I... I'm sorry for being so stupid. For wasting your time like this..."

Dawn mumbled softly.

"You're not..."

"But I am. I... I didn't think you would..."


May finally had to tell her, and Dawn swallowed hard. She felt like she had to make it up to May, somehow; make up for her being foolish enough to think that she would be upset, for underestimating her like that. But more, for wasting her time with her stupidity, for causing May to have to comfort her.

Slowly, Dawn pulled herself away from May, just enough so that they were face to face, and then quickly she leaned in and kissed the older girl on the lips. Shocked, May just stood there, allowing the younger girl to kiss her with force and vigor born of inexperience. After a few moments, though, and with gentle force the older girl tired to push Dawn away from her, to end the kiss between them, to try and talk some sense into her. But in the end her actions, combined with Dawn tenacity only caused her to lose her footing and fall backwards.

With a thud, May fell to the ground and Dawn followed a moment later, landing right on top of her, the large breasts of the older girl breaking her fall. Stunned, Dawn pulled away from May and looked down at her, cheeks a bright pink in color as she realized just what she had done, and the prone position May was now in.

Swallowing hard once more, Dawn decided that this was her chance to do something more than just a kiss.

"Dawn, please... just get off of me and... and we can forget..."

May spoke, her voice trembling. She was so very confused, her head was swimming in thoughts that she wouldn't have even considered before the kiss. But Dawn didn't get off of her, she didn't stop; she merely slipped down May's body until her face was level with the ample chest of the older girl. Without a second thought, Dawn pushed May's top up, allowing her large breasts the freedom that they were denied while being constrained by the midriff bearing piece of clothing. Gasping at their size, Dawn swallowed hard for a third time and then licked her lips before placing her small, trembling hands upon them.

With a jerk from May and a gasp of shock, Dawn softly fondled them, squeezing with gentle force, palms pressing against the hardening nipples of the older, now writhing girl. She mewled softly as Dawn fondled her, a flush covering her upper chest. Moving her hand down May's right breast, Dawn grabbed hold of it and held it high and proud before she leaned forward, then gently licked at the nipple.

May moaned loudly, her back arching as the younger one licked at the sensitive, hard little piece of flesh as she fondled the other with increasing force, her palm grinding against the nipple.

"Ah... Dawn...!"

May mewled softly between moans as Dawn continued, moans that grew louder once Dawn took the nipple between her lips and sucked while her tongue flicked against it. And as she sucked and licked, Dawn release that breast and slowly ran her fingers down along the smooth, flawless skin of May's stomach, moving ever further down until she reached the fabric around her waist.

Quickly, then, Dawn shoved her hand between the fabric and May's skin, her fingers moving ever closer to the crotch of the older girl. She mewled, gasped and moaned at the thought of where those fingers would be going in a few moments...

And then they found their way to her crotch, to the panties that were soaked through, to the thin fabric that covered her womanhood. May's hips jerked as Dawn's small fingers traced her wet slit through the clinging fabric, the sucking of her nipple growing in intensity as her tongue lashed against it.

"Ah... ah..."

May mumbled between moans, her mind fogged as Dawn's little fingers slipped under her panties, creeping ever closer to her slit. The moment her finger tips touched her pussy lips, May screamed loudly, the mere touch threatening to send her over the edge.

Slowly, Dawn's fingers ran over May's shaved pussy, tracing her slit, the tips getting sticky with her fluids. Her entire body trembled, her hips jerked with every caress, her moans only growing louder. And then, ever so suddenly Dawn ceased her touching, only to pull the lips open wide with her index and ring fingers.

"Oh God... oh God...!"

Dawn slowly sank her middle finger between May's quivering, wet pussy lips, her hips jerking with every inch of headway made. Finally, Dawn reached up to her palm, and then slowly she began to pump her finger in and out of May's soaked, slick little long tunnel, and with every thrust she screamed in bliss, her back arching even further, to the point where she could have snapped it in half.


May cried out with every movement, her hips jerking with every impalement. Her cries only grew louder as Dawn inserted her index finger, and then her ring finger as well. May's pussy juices poured from her ever more defiled hole as the three fingers pounded their way in and out of her, moving with ever increasing speed and force as she loosened up, the pleasure going to her head.

May almost wanted to pass out from it, but she didn't; she couldn't. The pleasure was too great, the feeling too intense; the orgasm that was brewing was much too strong.

She tried to dig her fingers into the hard floor as Dawn stretched her pussy as much as she could, making all manner of lewd, wet noises as she finger fucked the older girl whom she idolized so much. The bottom half of the outfit was ruined now, but neither one cared; the puddle of fluids was a sign of the bliss that Dawn was giving her, a sign of her desire to make May happy.

She tried to tell Dawn that she was about to orgasm, but words failed her, all she could eek out were screams and moans. But even so, Dawn knew; she knew so very well the moments before a screaming orgasm. She did all that she could to make it the best orgasm that May had ever had, sucking her nipple with all the force she can muster while squeezing and tugging the other, her fingers pounding May's pussy, her arm beginning to ache from the sheer force of it all.

She was on the brink, May could feel herself on the very edge of her orgasm. Her hands balled into fists as her toes curled, every muscle in her body began to tense up as she screamed louder and louder... and then it finally happened.

May screamed loud and long, to the point where her throat was raw and sore as she came, a torrent of thick fluids erupting from her tunnel of love, forcing Dawn's fingers out of her while her inner muscles spasmed out of control.

Her entire body locked up at that point, her lungs emptied as her mouth remains open in a silent scream as the orgasm ripped through her slender form while Dawn continued to abuse her nipples, as though trying to extent the pure bliss that May was experiencing.

As her orgasm slowly began to lessen, as the majority of it had already torn through her body, May's muscles slowly began to relax. Her juices still poured from her hole as she was able to breathing once more, her hands unballing as her toes uncurled. As May came down, Dawn pulled herself from her ample chest and merely watched as she she panted, as she recovered from the best orgasm of her life, a smile on her face.

For even if they wouldn't see each other for a while after this, Dawn knew that May would never forget her... and that no matter what happened, Dawn knew exactly how to make may forgive her.

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