On Winter Plains

BY : RaptorKitty
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On Winter Plains

My first "Pokeboy Universe" fic - and hopefully not my last. If you're curious exactly what this world entailed, or are interested in finding out more about it, feel free to check out the Pokeboy yahoo group or the associated forum.

Other notes: In case anyone was curious Sinnohan is pronounced SHE-no-one.

One would think it would be a strange place for two tamers to meet, what with the wind and the snow and the god awful freezing temperatures the pair could have picked any place more suited to a meeting than some snowy wasteland in the middle of what had been Siberia in the time before the war.

But no, this was the place, and both tamers at least seemed to have prepared for the weather at the very least. One was a petite little slip of a girl who was so bundled up in her parka's and scarves that her age was anyone's best guess. The other was a curious individual to say the least. Rather than his companion's thoughts on dressing for the weather, he'd taken a more stylish approach. Almost painfully so.

The tall, thin figure was clothed in a fashionable kind of military cut black woolen coat with a matching hat and boots. He wore dark jean pants that hugged his long legs well and a scarf tucked neatly beneath his chin and into the breasts of his coat. His sleek black hair whipped around his face, as it was unrestrained other than the hat on the crown of his head, his eyes were a sharp golden brown that seemed an almost unnatural shade of yellow in the eerie half-light of the snowed-over plain.

“Jeezus Sinnohan. I didn't know this is what you meant by 'the real experience'.” The female tamer spoke, judging by her voice she was likely in her mid-twenties. Perhaps younger.

The male, Sinnohan, simply seemed to laugh at her outburst. “Of course. When have you ever known me to do anything half-way?” His voice was cool, and flowed smoothly like running water or silk twisting past itself. He spoke with a slight flair to his voice, the slightest hint of an accent that was almost homogenized out of his voice, but stubbornly chose to remain.

She scoffed from beneath her layers of flannel and heavy-knit wool. “Whenever you get bored?”

He seemed to slough off this obvious truth and instead attempted to light a cigarette, although with the wind as it was he had quite a time of it. Eventually, with a few harsh words directed at nothing in particular (though it did seem to prove the female's point at least in part) and gave it up as a bad job.

“This is simply the only place that'll do you see.” He seemed content with at least holding the unlit cigarette between his lips, as he crossed his arms akimbo over his chest. “Eva I don't know how you get by on the bare essentials alone. You simply baffle and confound me, where's the point to living if you don't have a little flair.”

The woman seemed no more impressed with his inanities than she had been earlier, but she simply pulled a rather unhappy face at her strange companion and remained silent. She knew him well enough to know that once he got on to one of his strange rushes he'd not soon quit. And she was freezing her tits off out here.

Pulling out a small ball from the recesses of her parka layers, the woman tossed it in his general direction, perhaps with slightly less gusto than normal in this weather. “Lets get going then.”

Upon being released from her hand the pokéball doubled in size and split open to reveal the characteristic flash of light an then, a small Arcterling was standing on the frozen, iced-over ground. The horse-like pokéboy looked as comfortable as ever in the current climate, despite the fact that he wore nothing more than an almost sheer little sun-dress... as many levels of ironic as that outfit may be.

It was after all, the Arcterling's home turf. In a way, the pony pokéboys were best suited to cold climates... And couldn't survive at all in temperatures over sixty degrees in most cases. The pokéboy couldn't have been more than five feet tall at the most, even standing on his toe-hooves.

“He's a bit small don't you think?” Sinnohan quipped, looking down at the small figure currently scooping the surrounding snow into a compact ball in his hands.

That same snowball promptly splatted across the left side of the man's face. Eva's laughter was audible over the howling wind. “I'm doing this so he'll get bigger Sinnohan. You of all people should know that.”

Though his voice was as collected as ever, his brows furrowed slightly as he wiped the offending snow from his face. “Then why wait?”

Drawing a pokéball from his own jacket folds he tossed it in a graceful arch, before it released its flash of light. The released pokéboy looked very much like the smaller Arcterling, but was so obviously not a yearling. The new comer was easily a foot taller than the lengthy Sinnohan, and was build with thick ropes of lean muscle running beneath the almost white pale-skin. The long metallic horn extended from his forehead confirmed him as an Arcterox.

The Arcterox flicked his dark blue tail to and fro behind him as he took a moment to gaze around at the landscape into which he'd been released. Though he too wore surprisingly little, only a silvery-grey loin cloth around his hips, he seemed to appreciate the weather as well as the little one.

Another snowball hit Sinnohan. This time square in the chest.

Without missing a beat, Sinnohan simply waved a hand at his released charge. “This, Eve, would be the infamous Malachite.”

She titled her head slightly to the right, a wide smile crawling across her face at last. “Pleasure to finally meet you. I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised he's been dragging this meeting out for quite some time.”

A toothy grin spread across the Arcterox, Malachite's face. “Not at all.”

“Well then, Mal, you know why you're here then don't you?” Sinnohan asked, still mindless gumming his cigarette, as if hoping it would light by sheer will power.

“Because you brought this girl and her pony out to the middle of Siberia to show me off?”

“That wasn't the entire reason – No. No that's not the reason at all.”The tamer corrected himself and directed a gesture at the Arcterling Eva had released. “Our dear miss Eva here is looking for a way to evolve her little...?”

“Lapis.” Eva filled in for him.

“That's it, Lapis. And, lacking the necessary equipment to do it herself...” He trailed off as if expecting her to interrupt, when she remained silent he shrugged and continued on as though nothing had happened “She sought out the best of help.”

Malachite's grin grew wider, his eyes fixated on the considerably smaller form which was now staring back at him with a mixture of wonder and fear. “I'd hoped that might be case. Its been a long time.”

Sinnohan nodded, as though Mal needed any further encouragement. Giving the two pokéboys a wide berth the male tamer approached Eva, standing by her side to watch the events before them unfold.

It didn't take long for the younger to realize that the full-grown Arcterox did not have the purest of intentions.. What Malachite's intentions were, exactly, Sinnohan doubted the little Arcterling knew. They were so innocent at that age. Lapis bolted from his spot in the snow, moving at remarkable speeds towards his tamer – his safety net. His small hands tugged at the hem of her long parka, but she simply closed her eyes and shook her head... Almost torn at what she was about to do to evolve her adorable little lapis. But it had to be done she supposed.

As fast as the little one was. Mal was that much faster. When that lithe, muscled body moved, he seemed not to be running, but simply disappearing from one spot and reappearing at another. In a moment's time the Arcterox had the smaller by the hips. Lifting Lapis from the ground with ease Malachite's almost incomprehensibly large penis was beginning to show, erect, beneath its meager coverings.

Holding the Arcterling's little body in the crook of one arm, he removed the small article of clothing from his waist allowing his fully attentive member to show without hindrance. The hand not holding onto Lapis forced two fingers into the smaller one's mouth, and though the little Arcterling bit down upon the offending appendages Malachite either seemed not to notice or care. Tightening his grip on the little one's middle he moved to whisper something into Lapis's little white ear and a few moments later he withdrew his fingers from the smaller pokéboy's mouth, coated in saliva.

Changing the position of his arm so that it was no longer around the boy's middle but hooked beneath his knees, Mal finger's explored Lapis's flushed pink little ass until he found what he was after. He wasted no time and worked the first of his fingers into the tight, virgin pucker of the Arcterling's ass. Lapis bit his lip at the strange feeling, his eyes closed tight. It wasn't after too much wiggling that Mal's second finger joined the first one inside the smaller boy, working in and out of Lapis and finally making the boy cry out in a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure as he began to scissor his fingers inside the boy's tight passage.

He rearranged the two of them yet again, Lapis now positioned upside down so that he was now face to face with Malachite's almost fearsome erection. With another command from the Arcterox, the little pokéboy went to work over the flesh with his mouth. Though unable to actually take the thick rod into his mouth, he ran his little pink tongue over it none-the-less.

When Malachite though his member to be as slick as it was going to get, he righted Lapis, both hands on the boy's ass. The Arcterox's strong hands spreading the smaller's cheeks so as to position the head of his sizable girth at the blushing entrance there.

With a pleasured groan from Malachite and a yelp of pain and prick of tears from Lapis, the Arcterox pressed into him.

On the side lines the two tamers watched the boys, one considerably more calm than the other.

“He looks like he's going to break in half!” Eva said, her voice strained. Her hand had long since found purchase on the sleeve of Sinnohan's woolen coat, a death-grip to rival a python's ensuring that she wasn't going to be let go any time soon.

His manner however, was completely calm. “That's their way m'dear.” He replied calmly. “You're the one who wanted to evolve Lapis so badly.”

“But..but..” She stammered, her hand eventually rising up to her lips effectively muffling her mutterings as both they're eyes were locked on the spectacle before them.

Malachite had long since seated himself in Lapis's considerably smaller form and now began slow, but powerful thrusts. He had Lapis held by each knee, one hand holding each, Lapis's hands were clenched tightly and held against his chest. Though tears were now wetting the Arcterling's cheeks, gradually the whimpering and crying was replaced with gasps and moans.

The little voice even begged him to go faster.

And Mal was only too happy to oblige.

Though they kept up a hard, steady rhythm for quite some time, it was Lapis to came first. His little cock had been bouncing against his stomach shot out its load into the hem of his clothes, most of it falling back down onto his stomach and between his legs. Still Mal continued to pound into the little body, writhing in its post-orgasm high until one final thrust brought him almost completely inside Lapis.

The little Arcterling groaned loudly as he felt the rush flow into him, his little voice calling out as a result of the sensation. Even as Mal pulled Lapis off of himself, cum continued to flow in thick ropes from the tip. Holding the smaller one at the knees and shoulders he knelt down to set him down on the snowy earth. Though the boy caught his breath, and his hips were obviously quivering with exertion Lapis turned back to the stallion and began to work his mouth over Mal's cock, attempting to lap up all of the remaining cum.

Eventually Malachite stood, patting Lapis's head and retreating calmly back to Sinnohan's side. Moments later Lapis's little body was overcome with a blinding glowing light as his form shifted and changed.

“I'd say the conditions for evolution have certainly been met.” Sinnohan said as Malachite neared him, looking back at Lapis's new body.

“I'd say they have indeed.”

Eva scampered over to her charge to inspect him and clean up her new Arcteri.

Sinnohan smiled as a pair of strong arms encircled him from behind. He leaned into the embrace, his hands ghosting over the arms around him as he heard a whisper in his ear. “Y'know... I could go again.”

The raven haired man chuckled lightly. “Somehow I don't think I could justify to Eva letting you have another round with him.”

“I didn't mean Lapis.” Mal replied, knowing that even Sinnohan couldn't be this oblivious. “You've had one yearling... You've had them all.”

He laughed again. “I suppose Eva will have her hands full all night. I could use someone else to help keep me warm.”

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