The Bride in Black

BY : Ikaru
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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor do I make any money from this.

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor do I make any money from this.

Well here it is, I finally got this done...whoot whoot!! Nobody had posted a request asking about what happened to Misa Amane and this is what I came up with, Mixing a little of the true character history with a little imagination on my part. Hope you all enjoy.

Please remember that this story does involve character death and some deep emotional issues, as well as suicide, please do not read if you are uncomfortable with these topics.


It had been one year since he had died she thought as she looked out toward the sunset. She had no memory of him other than the deep love that left an empty hole in her chest. She had deeply loved this man whose face she was never able to remember or recognize from pictures.

She had tried to cope after Matsuda had told her the man she had been engaged to had been killed in an attempted escape from the police for being someone called Kira. Upon hearing the news it felt like someone had ripped her heart out, but more than that it confused her because she didn’t know who they were talking about.

They took her to a psychologist to see why she couldn’t remember her fiancée. He had said the only logical explanation was that she was suppressing the memories of him to cope with his death.

She knew that wasn’t the real reason she couldn’t remember, but she was smart enough to let it rest with that so they would all leave her alone. Slowly her plan worked, they all believed she truly didn’t want to remember any of it and began leaving her alone and moving on with their own lives.

She tried to move on with hers, but no matter who she was with the hole in her chest didn’t lessen, and only became more painful as time went on. She finally gave up on dating, and even had to take a break from her acting career. Matsuda came to check on her once after it had been announced that she would be taking a break. He seemed genuinely worried about her, but for some reason unknown to her she lashed out at him violently kicking him out of the apartment she had once shared with the man who was always shrouded in her memory. He had honored her request and never returned.

Things continued to go downhill for her. The pain in her chest seemed to only increase as the days continued to drag on. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and decided she had to end it. Upon making the decision her mind cleared for the first time since she had heard of her fiancées death. With surprisingly clear vision she set things in order, making out a very clear will, setting out a beautiful gothic style dress to wear, and any little accessories she thought she might need. She then took a long bath and for the first time in a year she slept soundly.

The next day she awoke well after noon and took another long bath. She did her hair and makeup to perfection and slipped into the dress she had set out the night before. She slipped on her fleur de lis necklace along with a few other trinkets that made the outfit look even more perfect in her eyes.

“I look like a bride…” She whispered to herself, smiling sadly as she pulled her black veil over her eyes.

She left her apartment carrying a bouquet of black roses and her favorite puppet and walked to the rooftop of her building. She climbed over the safety limit, looking out over the city as the sun began to set. Her sad eyes took it all in as she tried one last time to remember the man she had loved so much. For once the fog hiding him and her memories of him cleared, she smiled and only sought out the happy memories. She smiled sadly as tears slipped unhindered down her cheeks.

“I loved you Light Yagami, I wish more than anything else that I could have become your wife and had the chance to make you as happy as you made me every day we were together. Now with my dying wish I ask that my soul be allowed to find you again in the afterlife… I’m coming my beloved Kira.” She whispered to the wind as she took one last long breath. Then she jumped.

Ryuk was watching as Misa ended her life. He had taken a small amount of pity on her and written her name down in his Death Note so she was dead before she hit the pavement. He had sensed the turmoil inside Misa from the connection they had established when she made the eye swap with him, and though she no longer had the power of the eyes the connection was still there, and he figured it would be interesting to see what she would do with her last days.

After she had jumped, he went back into her apartment to look around one last time before heading back to the Shinigami realm. He floated over to the table and saw a huge bowl of fresh apples and beside the apples there was a note.

“Dear Ryuk,

I know you have been following me around for some time, as I know I am no longer among the living, feel free to eat this small token of my appreciation, for I know if it wasn’t for you I would never have met the love of my life.

With eternal appreciation,


“Huh, that girl always was too smart for her own good, guess there’s no harm in granting her last wish, she certainly knows how to treat a shinigami…” He chuckled as he snapped his fingers destroying the note and sending Misa’s soul to where Light’s had gone. His good deed done for the century left him feeling a little queezy. “Oh well nothing like a few dozen fresh apples to calm an upset stomach.” He said as he began devouring Misa’s gift.


For those of you wondering why Ryuk didn’t notice the apples sooner, it was because he only showed up when she was ready to jump that evening, before that he had only checked in on her from time to time, because he had found no interest in her while she was depressed and doing nothing, he knew when she was going to die so there was really no reason to hang around her when he could be causing mischief somewhere else.

Well hope you all enjoyed, you know the drill now please leave me a review to let me know what you think!

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