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Title: Festival of the Blossoms

Fandom: Saiyuki

Pairings/Characters: Hakkai/Gojyo, some Sanzo/Goku

Word count: 972

Warnings: nothing

AN: Just reposting a few things.



It was early evening, the streets lined with paper lanterns as the town they had stopped in set up for the festival that was happening. They called it the Festival of the Blossoms, happening around a giant tree that no one was quite sure as to what it was. All they knew was that it was big and it blossomed once a year, the pretty flowers lasting for up to a month. After that, the petals started to fall and coat the ground and the fields, adding to the richness of the soil.

The festival was also known for couples getting together and staying together. It was interesting, and they were going to enjoy it, even if Sanzo wanted to do nothing more then stay inside his room and smoke while reading. Goku would have just drug him out of the room and out to attend it if the man didn't do it. It made Hakkai smile and adjust his half glasses as they got ready, listening to the monk grumble and snarl as they donned their nicest clothing, which were a bit on the worn side.

“Why did I agree to this?” Gojyo drawled from his place, already dressed and ready to go. Hakkai just looked over at the man and smiled brightly as he finished pulling on his vest.

“Because you want to make sure no one gets near me?” the human turned youkai drawled, smoothing down his outfit, before tugging on his least worn pair of boots, shined and ready for a night out.

“Right,” Gojyo drawled as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Pulling a drag off it, he stood up as Goku dragged Sanzo out the door, rolling his eyes at the complaining that came from the monk. They all knew that the man didn't mind being yanked around by his little lover, it was just a facade. “So, are you ready?” he asked, running a hand through red hair.


Hakkai smiled brightly and nodded, gathering the room keys and his money. Hakuryuu cooed from his place on the bed, the little dragon curled up on a pillow and quite happy to be left alone for the moment.

“We'll be back later. I left some food for you,” Hakkai told the little dragon, stroking a hand over his head before the two headed out of the hotel room. Walking down the stairs and out the door, they blinked at the way the streets were bright with the lamps that hung from various lines. “It's rather nicely put together, don't you think?”

“Yeah,” Gojyo drawled, rolling his cigarette in his mouth as he looked around at the booths that surrounded them. Shaking his head, he allowed his smaller lover to drag him off to one of the stands that had several little creatures that looked to be made by hand. “What are they?”

“Clay dragons. You buy one and during the blooming you put it under the tree asking for a blessing on your relationship,” a young woman said, smiling sweetly at Gojyo, nearly ignoring Hakkai who just frowned before smirking. Lacing their fingers together, he tugged on the kappas arm with loving eyes, pointing to one that reminded him of his little dragon.

“Can we get that one? Please? I think it'll be fun and knowing Sanzo and Goku, they'll be doing the same thing,” he cooed up at his lover, getting a knowing look.

“Yeah, sure, why not,” Gojyo huffed, shaking his head and picking it up, much to the womans' displeasure. “How much?”

“Only a couple of coins,” she said, starting to glare at Hakkai who looked back at her placidly. Gojyo just snickered and paid the woman, handing the dragon over before leading his lover off with a wave of his hand.

“That was interesting. Stop glaring at the flirty ones. Apparently I'm the next best thing at the moment,” the red head teased, laughing when his lover stuck his tongue out at him.

“She wasn't looking for a one night partner, but a lifetime partner,” Hakkai hummed, laying his head onto Gojyo's shoulder, rubbing his thumb over the others knuckles.

“Oh, I see,” was the reply, a shiver sliding through the lean body next to him. “I don't have any urge to stay with anyone but you for life. More then likely forever if I have my way.” The brunet blushed lightly and shook his head with a sweet smile for his mate, squeezing their hands and getting a squeeze back.

“Come on, let's get something to eat and then go watch the tree bloom and ask for our blessing for our mating,” Hakkai hummed, pulling his mate to the scents of food. Picking up some sweet meat buns and a few other things along with some tea that had been cooled and sweetened, they headed for a spot near the tree. Sitting down on a bolder, they enjoyed their food as they enjoyed the sight of dark green leaves dancing and furled flowers getting ready to burst open for them.

Leaning into his lover, Hakkai sighed softly as flowers started to unfurl on the tree, the single pink color turning into shades of pinks that spread and covered the leaves. It was a beautiful sight, making his eyes go wide at it. Standing the two youkai moved over to the wrap around bridge and place their dragon down, asking for blessings on their mating, smiling when a small blossom fell from the tree and landed on it, along with all of the other statues.

Looking at each other, Hakkai and Gojyo headed off to their hotel, soon joined by Sanzo and Goku. It was a good night, a sweet night, knowing that the God's blessed them and their love. All because of a festival in a simple little town.

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