Say You\'ll Haunt Me

BY : Darkephoenix
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Little supernovas in head
Little soft pauses in my dead
Little souvenirs and secrets shared
Little off guard and unprepared.

It turned out to be a very unexpected day for the members of Weiss and Schwarz. Usually when they came into contact there was fight and tactical retreat but tonight was very different. That much was clear by the look on Oracle’s face as Abyssinian’s blade went straight through his stomach and out his back.

It seemed to surprise the swordsman just as much. He had never so much as touched the other man, not in all of their fights. Never. So why was this time so different? Why had contact not only been made but he’d been run completely through?

Schuldig seemed to watch the whole scene in slow motion. He’d been dodging the industrial strength dental floss when he’d somehow gotten turned to where he was facing the clairvoyant and the katana wielding redhead. Had watched as the blade went through skin, muscle and organs in frozen horror before his vision went completely crimson. He turned back toward Balinese, finally pulling the gun that he hadn’t bothered to draw before, firing at him in rapid succession. He completely emptied the clip, knowing most of the bullets had missed but enough had hit to cause a whole damn lot of damage. He was moving toward his leader just as the head of Weiss pivoted toward his fallen team mate.

“Quid pro quo, kitten. Take what’s mine, I take what’s yours,” Schuldig snarled in passing. Later he would count the surge of adrenaline for being able to pick up the bigger man and move him. “Brad,” he murmured into his ear, “If you die, say you’ll haunt me. Just so I know you’ll be with me in some way.”

Both sides were too stunned at that point to do anything but retreat and care for those who’d fallen.

I will give you
Anything to
Say you want to stay
Say you’ll never die
You’ll always haunt me.

*** Mad Ramblings aka Author's Notes***

The song used in this is Say You'll Haunt Me by Stone Sour.

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