The Fake Smile

BY : Kelly Baker
Category: Hellsing > AU - Alternate Universe
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Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing, and I don't want to own. Hellsing is the intellectual property of Kouta Hirano. I have the utmost respect for him. I make no money using his characters.

So, that was the idea of a Vampire to be present during my mother's wedding with a rich man. For that Vampire to turn my mother into what he is, a Vampire, with this said. My mother had engulfed herself in the Vampire's exsistance. My mother was so stupid for that Vampire to overwhelm her very being. Infact, The Vampire is now my mom's vampire mate, instead of the nice, rich guy Lance Davis. The Vampire's name is, Arthur C. Dracul. He hasn't told me why he had chosen my mother, Christina A. Sliver. Besides, With me being her human daughter, soon to be vampire, I always thought of how I was going to die...either by a mass murderer or being bitten on the neck by the one vampire that had been my Vampire Father's adopted son. His name, you ask? His name is Vincent A. Dracul. From the first day that I was born, My name has always been Evelynn N. Sliver. I was 15 years old when my heart stopped beating, when he, Vincent had bit me, turning me into what I had hated for so long. A Vampyre. The worst thing that could happen to a girl. I always thought of going out into the sunlight, to end the torment I was put in, with the vampire boy, no, sorry, man, had put me through. What he had put me through, he had laughed his ass off. His lips sounding out his sweet voice, "Very good, Evelynn. You've made a complete ass out of yourself," He said, letting another loud laugh escape his lips. "Anymore things you want to come up with to ruin your reputation?"
"Shut the fuck up, Vincent. Nobody asked you to be a complete asshole."
"That's what you think, Princess."
Evelynn turns her back on Vincent, and exits the Rose Garden, of which Evelynn loved to spend her evenings. Of course, Vincent let a loud snort escape again, while Evelynn kicked in the gates to the rose garden and stormed through the slave section to travel to her favorite slave, Derek. Stopping by his room, Evelynn grasped the knob to Derek's door, and opened it with one tug of her hand. Derek turned to look at his mistress Evelynn. A bright smile appearing upon his face. Derek was about 16 years old when he came to the castle of which Arthur stayed with my mother. That was three years ago, so, now he was 19 years old. Older than Evelynn, which meant he were much taller than her. But he couldn't harm her, since he loved her like the girl he knew she were. A kind, gentle, sweet Vampyre, sometimes.
Evelynn's mother wasn't exactly nice or gentle now that she was a Vampyre herself. Evelynn's mother had always been the evil kind of Vampyre. She often called her slave, Brian, to clean up her mess that she had made with the human bodies, which she found roaming the streets of New York City, at night. If Brian didn't do what she wanted him to do, she'd often whip him until he begged her to stop. Of course, Evelynn never stopped her mother from beating poor Brian, since she didn't want to anger the older Vampyre.
Derek cleared his throat, his 6'9'' form standing above her, while she stood at the height of, 5'6''. He reached out to touch her left cheek and stroked the soft skin of which she held. "How are you, Mistress?" Derek showed off his sexy smile, whilst placing his arms around her waist, hugging her tightly. Evelynn closed the door after Derek wrapped his arms around her, her arms lifting to rest upon his shoulders. Her lips brushed against her favorite slave, Derek's neck, kissing the flesh.
"Heh, I'm guessing that's a sign for, 'I'm amazing'," He lets a small moan escape his lips when Evelynn began to nibble the flesh of his jawline. "Mistress, You're going to make me horny if you don't stop. And, you know how I can't control myself.."
Evelynn snickered, before pulling her lips away from Derek's neck, placing small kisses upon Derek's lips, again and again.
"Sit." Evelynn ordered Derek.
Derek, of course, obeyed his mistress, kneeling infront of Evelynn, he stared up at her, lustfully. "Mistress..."
Evelynn pushed Derek upon his ass, and sat on his lap, straddling him slightly. She grinned as she pulled his long sleeved shirt over his head, and threw it to the side. "Don't move." She ordered again.
"Yes Ma'am." His reply came shortly afterwards.
"Shush." Evelynn moved her hands down towards his pants and unbuckled his pants while taking off the belt and tied it around his hands, tightly. His pants were next, Evelynn took off Derek's pants, leaving his boxers on. She threw the pants to the side, her lips pressing against his neck, kissing at the flesh again and again. Soft shivers ran down Derek's spine, while Evelynn grinds against Derek's stomach, in a teashing way.
Derek whined as he endured the torture his mistress was putting him through, while his lips let a small moan slip out. Blushing, Derek closed his eyes to enjoy the pleasure that soon took over him, while his mistress toyed with his neck, kissing and nipping at his flesh.
Then, there was a knock upon Derek's door, with Vincent's voice sounding, "Evelynn, Stop sexing your toy and come out, Father wants to see you."
"He's not a toy, Vincent. He's mine. My favorite."
"Sure, sure. Just get the hell out here." Vincent's footsteps walked away from the door.
Evelynn sighed, before grinding against Derek's groin one more time, getting up off of him. "I'll be right back, hun. Pleasure yourself, OK?" She said while untying his hands, and placing a small kiss upon his lips. Then getting up from the spot where she had sat upon his lap, she walked out of the door and closed the door behind her. She then knocked on the door once, saying, "Lock the door, hun."
"Ahh. Evelynn, Come in my dear daughter." My father, Arthur said, when Evelynn knocked on the door, and opened it with one swift movement. Evelynn kneels down in front of the older and much powerful Vampire, before bowing her head in respect. As she tilted her head towards the side, staring up at him. "Evelynn, meet Alucard Hellsing. Your soon-to-be husband." Her father Arthur turned his attention away from Evelynn and toward a man with long black locks of hair, a pale complexion, pale lips which had a wicked smirk upon them, with yellow eyes.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Evelynn." Alucard offers a hand.
Evelynn nods her head before taking a few steps over towards the male, holding out her own hand to let him grasp it. William softly takes Evelynn's hand. Alucard lightly brings Evelynn's hand towards his pale lips to gently kiss the back of her hand.
Arthur clears his throat getting both Alucard and Evelynn's attention. Alucard tok back his gloved hand, and stared up at Evelynn's father.
"I would like for you, Evelynn, to fed upon the worthless pet of yours. Get rid of him. Got it?" Arthur demands.
Evelynn shudders, "Wha...Why can't I keep---"
"Evelynn! You heard me! Get rid of him before I rip his head off and drink his blood myself!"
Evelynn nods in defeat, before bowing in respect towards her father. "Yes father."
"You're dismissed."
And with that, Evelynn stood up, her form turning on her heels and heads towards the door.
With Alucard slowly walking along side of her, with his arm touching hers. "So, Miss Evelynn. Who is your pet?" Alucard asked, curiously.
She had no choice expect to explain to him about her 'pet'; "His name is Derek."
"Shall I kill him for you?"
"NO!" Evelynn screamed, her eyes glaring at the male which stood beside her. "I'll do it myself."

(Okay so, I couldn't think of anything else to write for the first chapter. But, It'll be interesting next time. See you guys!)

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