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*----*= thoughts.


He franticly searched for the light switch the darkness quickly running deep into his skin and mind. When his fingertips finally turned the switch on he relaxed, the familiar room of his bedroom came into his view. He let out a sigh as he calmed himself down. It was that nightmare again the same one that invaded his dreams every night ever since he could remember.

He could never remember all of the dream but he knew it was trying to tell him something. A bright red book always floated to his memory’s whenever he tried to remember the nightmare. He couldn’t make out the writing that was on the book it was always blurry and the words seemed to bleed into each other.

Kyo laid his body back down not caring that the light was still on , it gave him a sort of comfort to rely on. When his head hit the pillow he found that he couldn’t keep his eyes open for another minute and so they drifted closed so that he could find sleep once again but this time dreamless.

His friends laughed with him as he finished his joke making there way to the library in there school. Jaden one of the boys in the small group sets his things down on a table and the rest of the boys followed suit. Before they sat down the moved about the huge library that seemed to be too big for there little school. Kyo went to his favorite section the fiction section. And looked around for something new to read, the worn binding stuck out like a sore thumb there was no way that Kyo could have missed that book it haunted his dreams every night. He tore the book from the shelf and he quickly shoved it into his jacket pocket. Picking out a book he had no interest in reading he made his way back to his group and sat down without a word trying to tread the book without being distracted by the red book that was burning a hole in his picket.

He couldn’t run home fast enough he needed to be home, in his bedroom where no one disturbed him. The door to his room burst open he was surprised he didn’t put a dent into the wall with as much force as he used. As quickly as he opened it he closed it shrugging off his backpack and pulling off his coat and then placed the book onto his bed as he climbed onto the bed. Once he was situated he grabbed the book and took a deep breath in the cover was damaged and the words on he front ran together just as he remembered. His breathing was deep and shallow fear running thick in his blood. He was finally face to face with his nightmare, with one last breath he pulled open the book and read the title, THE UNIVERSE OF THE FOUR GODS. It happened all on its own but the book shown with a bright light engulfing Kyo to take him somewhere he didn’t belong but also a place that desperately needed him. He didn’t know it yet but his story was just starting to be written.

Kyo could feel something cold and hard against the side of his body at first all he could do was twitch his fingers but slowly his body started to work again the feeling coming back into his feet and slowly spreading up to his arms. He could hear something around him something that sounded close to other people talking. He opened his heavy eyes and to his surprise he was surrounded by people, people who were dressed very differently then him. All of them stared down at him confused looks upon their faces, he quickly scrambled up so he was facing the men that were surrounding him. He could hear them whisper and he was about to lunge for one of them when a slender body made its way through the crowed. All the men around him instantly dropped there guard and watched as a girl who didn’t look a day over 17 pushed her way over to Kyo. She had bright red hair pulled up into a tight bun her bangs unruly sweeping a crossed her left eye, her eyes were the brightest blue he had ever seen. She wasn’t very tall maybe about 5’3 her body was clad in a skin tight black pants her laced up boots coming up to just below her knee. Her shirt was just her chest bindings, with a long jacket that hugged her curves and crossed in the front if she wanted to close it.

This was more then unexpected one moment he was staring down a group of men and the mysterious woman and the next thing he knew he was being pulled down the hall by said girl. He couldn’t help the blush that spread over his cheeks as her soft fingers, held his wrist loosely. His blonde shaggy hair framed his face and just didn’t quite make it to his shoulders. His brown eyes couldn’t stop watching the way her long trench coat hugged her sides, showing off her hips and butt.

But it didn’t look like it belonged to her. It didn’t fit the way that she held herself. He wanted to say something, anything! But his mouth wouldn’t work, it was dry, if he said something now it would just come out all wrong. He didn’t even know her name yet he felt like somewhere deep in his past he knew her, recognized her even. His heart was aching, pounding against his chest.

Kyo was going to question himself further but the girl stopped him by speaking first. They were standing outside now near a little pound with decorative rock around it with flowers and such the grass lush under their feet. The grass was green all around them and for the first time he was able to look around. They were defiantly on a mountain with the trees going on for miles.

“Uh Hello!” She yelled again frustrated. Kyo must not have been listening and he quickly snapped to her attention.

“Who are you? Why did you appear in the middle of my bandits hide out? Nobody knows about this place anymore.” She crossed her arms panting from being so angry.

“Whoa what?!?! Bandits! What the hell are you talking about? His voice raised as he started to panic.

“Duh bandits what the heck did you think we were? You’re acting like you have never seen one before.” Her arms slowly dropped from the crossed position, her angry expression changing slowly.

His eyes were hidden under his bangs as he shook slightly. She couldn’t help but feel scared for a moment watching him shake. Was he going to explode? Attack? She didn’t know what he was capable of for all she knew he could be the most violent person when angry.

“No. Im sorry vie never been around them, bandits don’t exist where im from.” His voice was small but she heard him loud and clear.

“No bandits? Where did you come from….Another world?” She laughed trying to make a joke.

The way he looked up at her with no amusement on his face made her realize that her joke was more then true. She took a step forward as he took a step back.

“You’re not fucking with me are you…” He shook his head as she continued. “Then you’re….you’re that….” She was a confused mess of emotions, Happy, Sad, confused, pity, it was all there on her face.

He was confused too. “What do you mean im that? What are you talking about?”

It was his turn to get brave. He was almost body to body with her, he felt hot his clothes were starting to feel like it was too much for his skin, his skin was crawling.

She looked at his strange clothes and already confirmed what was going around in her head.

“The best way for you to understand is to take you there.” And with that she turned around and headed for a little building that was separated from the building they had come out of.

He followed her so that he wasn’t left alone in a place that was starting to freak him out. She left the door wide open and he assumed that was left for him. He looked around the small home, it was decorated for someone he didn’t think fit the personality of the girl who was throwing things around making a mess in the already cramped room.

He was going to ask what it was she was looking for when she let out a squeal and held a fan in her hand. It was shinning in the light from the candles placed around the home. It looked as though it was made of diamonds.

“That is……What is that?” He moved so that he was standing just a foot away from her his hand reached out to lightly touch the giant fan. It was hot to his touch almost enough to make him pull away but strangely it was pulling him in. inviting him in.

“Its something that was given to me. Someone important.” There was a sad look in her eyes but she quickly snapped out of it. “But that’s not important. Its what’s going to help us get into the capital.” She grinned her eyes lighting with what he was sure was excitement.

She was rushing around the room again. Packing things into a small bag and when she was done she slung it over her shoulder and gave Kyo a look over.

“What?” He could feel her eyes on him and he could feel the blush darken a crossed his cheeks.

“Yeah, we will defiantly be seen with you looking like that.” With that she ran down at hall that he just noticed. It took a few minutes but soon she ran back out with clothes in her hands. She shoved the clothes into Kyo’s hands.

“Put those on. We cant show where you’re from until we reach the capital.” Then she turned around her hands behind her back.

Slowly he peeled off his clothes it took him a minute of figuring out his new clothes but eventually he tapped her shoulder to let her know he was done.

The mysterious girl peeked behind her to make sure he wasn’t tricking her and grinned when she turned all the way around. But when she got a full good look at him, she quickly blushed pink a crossed her nose and to her cheeks. He looked like he belonged in that time. The black pants fit him just well enough and the long sleeved Chinese style shirt fit him well. He had also changed into the pair of boots that were thrown at his feet when she was digging around.

She turned her head to the side and mumbled to him.

“Miyu. That’s my name, I don’t think I told you what it was.” She kept peeking over as she stood awkwardly in front of him.

Kyo put his hands behind his head and stretched and then put his attention back to her.

“Well now that I know your name mine is Kyo.” A wide smile spread a crossed his face.

“Kyo.” She grinned in return. “Well now that we have that settled lets get a move on.” She picked up her bag from before and moved past him to open the door and yelled at him from outside. “Come ON!”

Quickly he grabbed his clothes from his world and made his way out to her. She didn’t say anything to him and just walked down the path of the mountain. It was about a ten minute walk till they reached a stable where there were about 10 horses. Miyu started talking to one of the bandits that was watching the horses . Kyo couldn’t understand what they were saying but with the way Miyu kept looking back at him, it was obvious that it was about him.

When she was done talking she waved him inside the stables. There were nice horses it was obvious they took really good care of them. By the time he came up to Miyu she already had two horses ready, reins in hand.

“Have you ever rode a horse before?” She asked him as she handed him of the horses reigns. His quick nod was enough. “Alright then.”

The tow hopped onto their horses and started for the bottom of the mountain. I was dead of night maybe midnight or so. They only rode for a few hours till they set up camp with the few things Miyu had brought with them. Kyo stared into the fire as he thought about his last day back in the real world.


Kyo sat down at the table with his friends the book clutched in his hands tightly. Instantly they wanted to know what he had found and when he talked about the description of the book they recognized it as the one he had talked about that was haunting him in his dreams.

“Dude that book is bad news you need to put it back where you found it!” His closest friend exclaimed.

“I cant I need to know what this book is about, I just cant leave it.” He was holding it on his lap so that they wouldn’t take it from him.

His friends were about to complain to him some more but his tutor saved him from further interrogation. The session went by slower then he would have liked and eventually she could tell he didn’t want to be there so Emiko let him go home early telling him she would meet him at his house tomorrow for the rest of the lesson. He had left without a second thought.

*End of Flashback*

“Well im certainly not going to be there for the cram session tomorrow.” He mumbled into his knees as Kyo stared into the dying fire.

“What are you talking about over there?” Kyo was startled out of his thoughts when Miyu questioned him from her spot beside him laying on the ground with her hands behind her head and her leg crossed a crossed her other bent knee.

“Nothing…” He waved at her to brush it off. “Nothing important. So now that we are resting where is it exactly you are taking me?” He looked down at her.

“To the capital of course. I told you that.” Her voice was sounding a little irritated.

“I know that but why? Because im from another world? What’s the capital going to do for me?” He looked at her confused.

She sighed. “That’s exactly why were going there, the Emperor will know what’s to do with you. You’re special, special people belong in the capital.” Her tone was harsh as she talked about the capital.

He looked back into the fire and thought about it for a moment. “But…” He gave up. “Alright. If you say so.” He laid back so he was opposite of her laying body, soon they both drifted to sleep.

They were both up pretty early the next morning packing up camp and destroying their fire. They got out of the mountain range by noon and soon they were seeing people with carts and fields Miyu announced that they were close to the capital. Even though they weren’t in town yet he could see that the people were full of life. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched young children run pas his and Miyu’s horses.

Soon the walls were in there view. *Finally were close. I can get rid of this boy.* Miyu thought as she could see the gates of Konan. She reached behind her to draw out the fan that had been passed down in her family for generations.

Kyo looked over at Miyu and saw her staring at the fan that she had dug out the other day. She was to distracted to notice his starting so he looked around again, the clothes reminded him of what ancient
china would have.

The guards that were at the gates of the town stopped them brining them both off there thoughts.

“I said halt!” He bellowed. “What business do you have at the capital?” He looked irritated that he had to repeat himself.

Miyu was the first to speak.

“My name is Miyu and I have business with the Emperor.” She held up the fan for the guard to see. “I am the descendent of the celestial warrior Tauski this fan proves it!” She grinned, her fang like canines showing off.

“How do I know that the fan is real? It would be a fake!” The guard yelled at her moving into a defensive stance.

She laughed Kyo couldn’t help but blush her laugh was amazing.

“Really? You want me to test this flaming fan for you? Well let me do just that!” She lifted the fan above her right shoulder the most beautiful grin upon her face as she shouted.

“Rieka Shien!”

Kyo couldn’t believe what happened next, flames gathered from the top of the fan and shot out as she swung the fan downward shooting the flames out in front of her.

That was more then enough to make the guard realize that she was telling the truth. He bowed quickly and ushered them through the main gates. Sending one of his guards in head of them to relay the information so they didn’t run into any more trouble.

Kyo moved his horse closer to Miyu as they rode down the busy street to the palace.

“What the HELL was that?!?!?!” He whispered harshly at her.

“That? Oh just the power of Tauski my ancestor. He was one of Suzaku’s celestial warriors.” She talked to him as if he should already know this.

He was even more confused now, but they had reached the palace and he didn’t want to ask anymore questions. As the palace guards rushed to take their horses they were ushered up the stairs and pushed into a big room. It was decorated with mostly red and gold colorings. It was an amazing room and Kyo felt like he should be honored to even step into the room. But when he looked over at Miyu she was fidgeting in her place looking more scared then anything else her eyes darting around as if something or someone was going to attack her.

Then a harsh voice made its way to Kyo’s ears and he sharply turned his head to find who was addressing them. A man who was in his mid 50’s at least was taking the seat on the throne. It was obvious by the way he dressed that he was the emperor. His features were harsh and he didn’t look like he was the nicest man out there.

“Well isn’t it my old friend from our beloved bandits. How nice of you to join us Miyu have you decided to accept my offer?” His smile was sickening. Miyu looked ready as if she was going to puke.

“Sorry but no. I have a gift for you though.” And then she shoved Kyo at him. “This boy is special and hails from another world.” The emperor looked like he didn’t believe her. “Its true! I saw the red light with my own eyes.” She was frantic now trying to convince the old man.

Kyo was in shock but really what had he expected? She was a bandit after all. He kept his gaze down trying to think of what he should do next.

“If he is who you say he is then you must prove it.” He turned to the guard on his left. “Take them to the shrine.”

Kyo went along willingly but Miyu had to be forced. It was as if she was going to die if she got near the shrine. But soon enough Kyo and Miyu were being shoved into the shrine.

Miyu instantly dropped to the ground her hands clutching her head. Kyo felt a slight burning on his left forearm and he pulled away his sleeve away to reveal a red glowing mark.

“What the….” Kyo started but he was cut off by a sweet voice.

“Its your mark. The mark of Tauski.” She was only 16 at the most her face was still sort of childish. She stepped out from the dark corner of the shrine. She was dressed as if she was royalty.

“How do you know this and who are you?” He was soft as he talked to her.

“Im sorry.” She smiled it was so innocent. “My name is Koishi , my star is Hotohori. And I know this because im a celestial warrior the same as you.” She was so child like. As if she had never seen the brutality of the world.

“But you look like you’re 16 and you’re a warrior?” He sighed. “That’s just bad…”

She pouted at him. “Well like it or not im one of your fellow warriors so deal with it.” She crossed her arms and huffed.

Kyo could tell she had a fire for a temper and he wasn’t about to put fuel on the fire. He then looked down at Miyu who was still clutching her head.

“Jeeze Miyu it didn’t hurt that much why are you down there?” He bent down next to her and could see tears running down her face a bright light coming from her forehead.

It was a much stronger light then what showed on his arm and the one that glowed on Koishi’s neck.

“What is that?” He took her hands that were digging into her skin. “Miyu don’t your going to bleed!” Concern flashed on his face as he pulled off her hands.

“No! Don’t, don’t look! I can’t do it” She sobbed but didn’t make a move to stop him.

“Its alright, don’t worry I have you.” He cooed as he stared onto her forehead.

A bright red symbol was glowing brightly on the center of it. He didn’t recognize it but Koishi ran the moment she saw it her smile becoming bright.

“Priestess! You bear the mark of the God Suzaku! You’re our priestess.” She couldn’t contain her joy. “To think it was someone from our own world!” She brought her hands together as she smiled.

“I don’t want this!” Miyu cried at the girl her anger seething. “I have my bandits that all I need!” She glared angrily at Kyo.

“Priestess? Why would she be our priestess? I don’t understand what’s going on!” He glared back at her.

“the priestess is who we warriors protect she goes on a journey to find all of Suzaku’s warriors. When they are all gathered we summon Suzaku and he grants the priestess three whishes. There are already two of us found we just need to find the other 5.” She was more then happy.

“I don’t need my whishes granted I just want to go home.” Her body was trembling from being upset. Kyo had his hands running up her arms.

“Miyu, its alright you don’t have to do this. Of you don’t want to be the priestess then don’t, the world can live without Suzaku.” He tried to comfort her but wasn’t sure if his own words were true.

“Im afraid that’s not possible priestess.” the Emperor chuckled from the door way. “You have no one to return too. You’re bandits have been put under arrest.” He grinned.

Kyo was pissed this man was bad news not the right kind of ruler in his eyes. He didn’t know why but he was now shaking as he stood up stepping closer to the foul ruler.

“That is monsters! What kind of ruler are you?!?!” His symbol was glowing on his arm. He needed something to attack with.

“Kyo was it? Ah boy you don’t know how to rule, we are under attack by the other countries, we need her to wish peace for Konan. She has no choice.” The way he smiled Kyo doubted he really wanted peace.

He was about to raise his fist when he heard the soft whisper behind him.

“Kyo.. No don’t I…..he’s right this is what has to be done.” Miyu sounded broken.

She moved from behind him to get in the Emperors face. “They WILL remain unharmed, while I do this thing for you, and while im gone they will be allowed back on the mountain.” She glared a the tyrant.

“But of course my lady but if you break this agreement then they all die.” He smiled. “Now let us eat it is close to supper.”

Koishi squealed and ran to her father’s side, babbling to him about what they should eat. Kyo on the other hand was standing right behind Miyu his hands on her shoulders.

“Kyo….” She whispered feeling his hands on her. He didn’t give her the chance to finish because he turned her around and crushed her to his chest one hand around her waist the other behind her head holding her squired to him.

“Don’t try. Just relax I’ll hold you till your done.” He didn’t even know why he was doing this but he said it soft to try to sooth her.

She found that she couldn’t fight it and grabbed onto his shirt with both hands and let the tears fall, letting it hit her call at once. They stood for a few hours or at least that’s what it felt like to Miyu. Her eyes were puffy from crying and her hands were sore from gripping his shirt. She lifted her head from its spot on his chest and blushed.

“Thank you.” She mumbled. “It helped I think.” She pushed against his chest. But he didn’t let her pull away just yet.

“Miyu that was brave for you to do that I promise that with all my power I will protect you. I may not understand interley what’s going on but I know I will protect you with everything.” and then he let her go.

A bright smile shone on his face. He looked like a man close up. She always thought he was boyish and naive but he was quickly proving her wrong.

She couldn’t understand it but her body craved to be pressed back into his, she needed it. Kyo surprised her by taking her hand and smiling as he led them down the giant flight of stairs. It was like he knew what her body needed which just make her blush even more.
The moment Kyo and Miyu were at the dinning hall Miyu snatched away her hand. Grumbling about being too close. Kyo still kept his smile knowing that it had helped. The doors were opened for them to see a huge feast of goods. Taking spots a crossed from each other Miyu’s blush never wavering.

The Emperor was the first to speak to them.

“Welcome. Thank you for finally joining us. Dig in but listen carefully.” He took a sip from his wine. “You will be traveling all over the country, not just this country but all of them. We have a lead on one of the warriors. There is a traveling band of Circus freaks and we have reason to believe one of our warriors is with them.” He took another sip from his wine before continuing. “Don’t even think for just a moment that they will willingly come with you. If you need to exert force then do it.” His sick smile making it impossible for Kyo to eat.

Kyo glanced over at Miyu her face was tight as if in a really deep conversation with herself. By the way she looked he could already tell that this trip wasn’t going to be anywhere near easy. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She didn’t want it but she had no choice.

“But it wont be safe to leave her for another day or so there has been roomers of an attack brewing and the last thing I want is for my precious priestess to get hurt.” Kyo cringed when the ruler spoke up.

Silence fell on the table as no one made a move to speak. Everyone was having just enough trouble trying to keep down their food. One by one someone left the table till finally the food was cold and everyone had gone to their appropriate places. Miyu was the only one left in the dinning hall her food never touched. She pushed back her chair and walked slowly down the hall battling with her thoughts.

*You are such an idiot Miyu! You know you cant do it. You may have the mark but your no virgin!* She was gripping her jacket with all her might. She could feel the fibers giving way and she finally let go. Barging into her room and ripping off her jacket leaving her in her chest bindings and pants not even bothering to take off her boots.

She laid back onto the bed and sighed. Maybe if she fell asleep she would wake back up on her mountain with her bandits and that stupid boy wouldn’t have shown up.

Kyo woke to the sound of someone shouting from somewhere out side his room. It had to be about mid morning maybe almost noon. He felt like he should remember the voice shouting but he just couldn’t place it. He didn’t bother to get dressed, he still wore the pants that he got from Miyu, but now had the slip on shoes that they used to walk around the palace.

He left his room and waited, listening for the voice again.

“Help! Let me out!”

There it was! He rushed in the direction of the voice and realized he was heading fot the prison him and Miyu had passed by yesterday. He ran faster until he was forced to walk by the guards who were staring at him. He looked through all the different cells and everyone begged him to let them out, but none of them were the right voice.

Then something happened that he had never thought would, he recognized someone.

“Emiko…” he whispered he wasn’t sure if she heard him but he sprung into action. Inlactching the prison door Emiko finally recognized him but before she could say anything a women moved from the shadows and glared at Kyo, and then in a puff of wind they were gone. Kyo had a feeling that Emiko knew more about what was going on then he did. While he was here he would find her again and he would find his answers.


He turned around quick to find the little girl from yesterday. Koishi had her head tilted to the side as she watched Kyo.

“Hey Koishi, what are you doing down here? This isn’t a place for you.” He moved closer to her giving her a small smile.

“Oh my mother is down here. My father imprisoned her when she spoke back to him. So I come and visit her everyday.” Her grin was shinning on her face.

She should have been mad about it, Kyo was appalled but apparently her father could do no wrong in her eyes. Kyo could tell that was going to be a huge problem down the road. But she was bubbly this morning and grabbed his hand leading him back to the main building.

“Kyo! What weapon do you use?” She giggled. “I use my ancestors sword that the ruler of this world gave him, its really pretty.” She was far too happy for this sort of deal.

“I don’t have one I guess…Im still new to this sort of thing.” he replied weakly

“Oh I guess that’s right. Im sorry Kyo I didn’t mean to quiz you.” She smiled.

He blushed he wasn’t sure why but she was just so cute! When they were back in the main building he let go of her hand he didn’t need to giver her the wrong idea. His attention on that matter was directed at someone else. Her smile dropped when he let go of her hand.

“Well im going to train see you later!” She waved at him running off to the empty court yard. Kyo shook his head slowly and then something hit him. He didn’t have anything to fight with, what was he going to do to defend himself? He had no experience in this sort of thing.

“How the hell do I protect her now?” He was asking himself when someone behind him answered for him.

“Protect who Kyo?” Miyu was grinning as she startled Kyo into turning around to gasp at her.

“Well you see….” he stumbled on his words not being as brave as yesterday about protecting her.

Miyu on the other hand was prepared reaching behind her back she pulled out the fan that she had used to get them into the capital. She reached it out for him to take.

“This is yours, you’re the star of Tauski he used this diamond fan. Don’t worry you should feel the power in it. Your body will remember how to use it.” She felt the power of the fire grow the moment he touched the handle of the fan with her.

Kyo felt like his blood was on fire although it didn’t hurt. It was like something awakened when he touched the fan. Miyu let go of the fan letting him explore the new found power in himself. The power was bathing him with the feeling of being new, like he was being reborn in the few moments of touching the fan.

“I knew it would recognize you. The power of Tauski is strong al you have to say is Rieka Shien. It makes the fire possible.” She clasped her hands together behind her back while she rocked back and forth on her heels.

“Rieka Shien…..” A couple of sparks flew from the fan and he realized the louder he said it the more flame he could get. “Thank you Miyu. What would I do without you?” He smiled and then kissed her forehead.

Her blush quickly returned, it was becoming a frequent thing for her. Why did he have to be so damn affectionate?

“Nah it was nothing.” she turned her head to the side making it seem like it wasn’t important. “Anyways, I think we would head out I want to get this done as soon as possible.” Her face became serious.

Kyo nodded feeling the same way. He didn’t know how big this place was or long it takes to travel it. Kyo followed Miyu down the hall to where they ran into Koishi looking like she was about to burst if they didn’t leave soon. Kyo grabbed the things he needed from his room and the Emperor gave them fresh horses, camping necessities, water, food, and money. Things to make the journey easier. They were led out of the city by the palace guards people lined the stresses obviously hearing that the priestess was leaving.

Kyo could see the discomfort for Miyu as people offered her things and bowed at her feet. It made her feel dirty for people to do that for her. Miyu was constantly telling people not to worry about it, to leave her alone as politely as she could. As soon as the three travelers were out of the city the uneasiness went away. Clam spread over the group, Kyo kept close to Miyu who was leading the group, Koishi bringing up the rear of the 2 but she was making sure that they knew she was back there.

“Arnt you guys excited?!?!?! You should be were going to be on an amazing adventure.” She was dressed in commoners clothes now. The typical style of china with pants and her shirt was short sleeved.

“I swear on Suzaku’s grave Koishi if you don’t shut up, im going to leave you in the forest alone and watch you get eaten by a wild animal.” Miyu was more then angry and Kyo had a feeling Miyu wasn’t bluffing.

Miyu heard the high pitch humph from behind her and couldn’t help the smile that came over her as they continued there walk. They had been traveling for well over half a day when the sun started to disappear behind the mountains and Kyo suggested they rested for the night. The girls looked more then happy to stop so they quickly set up camp next to the opening of the forest to that they would have some sight at the road but still be hidden in a way.
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