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Cynthia solo

Cynthia lay in her massive bed, alone again atop the unbelievably soft black blankets. Naked, frustrated, and incredibly horny, she idly played with herself, eyes shut tight as she tried in vain to feel good. It just didn't work any more. She had lost the thrill, lost the ability for something so simple to pleasure her. She had been dancing by herself for so long that she wanted to cut the music already and walk away. But she couldn't, not with the fire in her loins that screamed and demanded so loudly to be extinguished. A thirst she couldn't slate no matter her efforts or what curious methods she tried. Toys worked for a brief time before failing on her again, a whole variety of porn proved utterly useless, phone sex did nothing for her...

Duties as champion kept her locked up in her luxurious home, unable to go out and explore, to meet people. She wasn't very much the relationship type, but she sure as hell loved a good time. The one-night stands of her earlier years as a trainer probably did a lot in keeping her from pleasure now, as her skilled fingers worked a piece of music perfectly that fell upon deaf ears. She thought of the girls who she made tremble and swear their undying love to her, who would sink to incredible fetishey depths so long as her fingers could make magic happen inside them, and yet for her they did nothing. She was too far gone, too much time spent lonely in her tower waiting for the touch of another.

She sighed and rolled over, pulling her fingers out. Her hand was soaked from an hour's work, all she had to show for it being a mountain of frustration and an uncomfortable hand. She wasn't even close to satisfied, not even really having felt very good. An hour wasted on abject nothing, only serving to piss her off more as she gave up on trying to do anything to her insatiable sexual appetite. It as all in vain, and she was tired of playing the game.

Leaving the comfort of her expensive blanket, she wandered over to the window, looking out at the world she had forsaken for her career. She remembered dearly the days of her journey, of freedom. She remembered her days a member of the Elite Four, before stepping into the role as champion. Maybe it was time to go on vacation, explore and see the world. The Kanto/Johto champion, Lance, regularly left his post during slow times, and if there was a challenger, there were always elite trainers on call to sub in for him.

It was decided, then. She'd go first thing in the morning and declare an extended, indefinite vacation so she could relieve stress and see the world. Naturally, the part about wandering the land seeking one-night stands would be left out of the form. She didn't think it would hurt her chances, with how lax and accepting the Pokemon League was about matters, she just didn't want to announce her business like that.

But what would she go after? That was another difficult one. She went either way, but it seemed important to keep it consistent. She'd go for one gender, maybe deviate once or twice, but stay on course when possible.

Boys. Easy little creatures to get into bed; a flash of her large breasts would have them eating out of her palm, as well as other places. And vicious, too. She could easily goad most of them into having something to prove to her, the reward being animalistic, intense sex. And getting a few of them together at once was like Voltron, getting better the more there were.

On the other hand, women got her more. If she needed the touch of another, a woman could do so much more for her. Plus, there was that girl from Twinleaf she had her eye on for some time. That'd be a pretty good place to make her way to, actually. Corrupting the youth would be a good way to kick things off. And maybe even finding a few girls reluctant to experiment and give them the thrill of their lives.

Looks like she was going with the girls, just for a chance at being Dawn's first. Not that she minded. It'd still make for great fun, regardless of the gender.


Dawn had always been taught to listen to adults, and Elite Four champion was one of the obvious adults to listen to. So when she met Cynthia in the Sunnyshore, having been nearby when she received a call to meet up, she didn't ask very many questions. Same went for when she followed the given directions to the seedy motel whose reputation she knew nothing about. Even with her reservations, she allowed Cynthia to strip her down to nothing.

She trembled and squirmed a little under the blonde's experienced fingers that graced her body, seeking out the pleasure zones she had never even known existed. The blonde lay half on top of her, kissing her bare shoulder as the hand up her dress and the hand along her back worked independently.

“A-are you sure about this?” Dawn asked for probably the third time, this time with the fingers circling around her opening like a shark toying with its prey, and even that was more sensation than she had ever felt before.

“Just relax,” Cynthia whispered as she tapped the young girl's clitoris and moved closer to her lips. “I'm about to make you feel very, very good.”

The blue-haired trainer took in a sharp breath as the fingers entered her, an unambiguously good feeling cutting through the confusion she felt and helping her relax in the older woman's grasp. When the blonde's ruby red lips wrapped around her lower lip, pulling her very essence into her embrace. It felt so good that she just melted into Cynthia's love.

Mission accomplised, Cynthia smirked to herself as the girl adorable twitched a little beneath her, the fingers slowly exploring deeper inside her tight, pink hole. Her kiss was recipcrocated, clumsy and uninvolved. Dawn was far too shy to put any effort into it. At least right now.

A thrill ran up her spine as she indulged in her beloved pastime of corrupting some young, starry-eyed trainer. Her hand brushed the girl's hat aside and toyed with her hair a little, the kiss setting her her in place as the finger made her stay there. Her thumb and index finger played gently with her clitoris as her middle finger brushed against the roof of her canal, slowly working in deeper to the increasingly eager girl.

“How does it feel?” Cynthia asked, nose pressed against hers. “Do you want me to continue?”

It took Dawn a moment to gather her bearings, and she said too loud, fast, and eager, a resounding “Yes!”, her eyes wide as she realized what she had said and her face reddened.

Cynthia laughed, hand running down the girl's cheek. “You look so cute when you're embarassed,” she sighed as she put another finger into the girl. She met resistance, and drew a quick breath. “Get ready,” she said, “This may hurt a bit.” She smiled to herself before kissing her again. The only thing to make this better was that she got to deflower her, too.


It had been a while since she visited the Battle Frontier, and she had never been so eagerly welcomed as when she appeared at the home of Dahlia. The frontier brain was a lot like her, chained to a role that kept her locked up in her tower, unable to do pretty much anything except battle.

Not a word was said between them as the door opened. The olive-skinned trainer just pulled her into her house, slammed the door, and she found her back against a wall.

It was an entirely different world Cynthia was in now. The developped dancer's body moving with experienced, precise motions against her as their kiss found its way to the bedroom turned her on so much. For all the trill taking someone's innocence brought, it couldn't beat someone who knew their way around matters and could pleasure her just as much as she could someone else, and Dahlia was great for that.

Cynthia found her way onto the edge of the bed, Dahlia wiggling her hips around in the beginnings of a sexy dance as she pulled off her jeans, revealing the thong and her toned, round ass.

The blonde moaned at the sight of it grinding against her lap. “Am I allowed to touch the dancer here?” she asked with a smile, spreading her arms out.

Dahlia laughed a little. “I think we'd all be disappointed if you didn't.”

“Excellent,” she purred, hands finding their way to her toned, tan belly and playing a little with her navel piercing before working up her shirt.

That excited the frontier brain, who moved a little more sensuously in her lap dance, their preferred method of foreplay. Her breathing got a bit heavier as she moved in the blonde's lap and hands found their way to her breasts. “I needed this,” she sighed.

Cynthia just smiled a little as she kissed along her neck and let one of hands slither back down her eternally exposed midriff and to her thong, unceremoniously plunging three fingers into her. That ruined the pace of the dance almost instantly as she withdrew the hands just as quickly, shoving her out of her lap and face-first onto the bed.

“What?” Dahlia asked, Cynthia never shoving her off like that before. It took a moment to turn around, and when she did, a pair of black pants lay on the dresser, carelessly thrown onto the closest surface, and a pair of black panties soon followed.

Forcefully, the champion straddled Dahlia, hooking their legs and pressing their wet slits together. “I think I'd rather like to try dancing on you for once,” she smiled.

They shared a short laugh and a kiss before the shirts left them as well. When the friction began, Dahlia had to admit that she liked the idea of Cynthia leading their dance once in a while.

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