Nobody Cares About the Receptionist

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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, and I do not make any money from these writings.

Title: "Nobody Cares About the Receptionist"

Author: Sashocirrione

Spoilers: MAJOR Spoilers for everything up to episode 7 of the anime, chapter 15 of the manga. Some additional spoilers are contained in the author's notes as well.

Warnings: Rated T for some violence and death, including suicide. There is also a bit of discussion about rape (but no actual rape in this fanfic, not offscreen rape, not implied rape, not any other kind of rape).

Summary: Light thought he could manipulate everyone, but since some people were beneath his notice, a quick-thinking receptionist inadvertently puts the biggest clue of all right into L's hands. Light is unquestionably evil in this.

Pairings: None, except maybe a very, very slight LxNaomi

Additional Notes: All the canon events previous to this have occurred as normal, but from then on, things change. Alternate ending to the series. This occurs the day the investigation team met L in person for the first time; Light doesn't yet know who any investigation team members are other than his father.

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, and I do not make any money from these writings.


As Kenta Nakahara politely argued with the woman in front of him, he was fully reminded of why he didn't like working reception. The people who wanted to visit NPA headquarters in person included so many of the belligerent people, the crazies, and those who were puffed up on self-importance, convinced that their minor tip would solve an important case and needed to be attended to immediately. Half the time, the "tip" amounted to nothing more than seeing some "weird guy" hanging around in the subway. And, the Kira case seemed to attract more crazies than usual. Thankfully, most of them were satisfied with calling the hotline.

This woman was even worse than just an overly persistent person who wanted to meet the Kira investigators. Nakahara was pretty sure she was using a false name. There had been the slightest hesitation before she'd said "Shoko Maki," very subtle, but Nakahara had heard so many people try to use aliases that he was practiced in hearing the difference.

Nakahara said, "Ms. Maki, I've now returned from checking the serial murders investigation unit a second time. Nobody is in there."

She said, "No matter what, I need to speak with the investigators."

Nakahara saw the chief's son, Light Yagami, coming in the front entrance holding a bag. Immediately the other receptionist, Naoto Tomonaga, perked up. Nakahara wanted to roll his eyes, but he kept his body language polite and neutral. Half the people in here were fans of the chief's charming son, a guy with good looks, top marks in school and who had already solved several cases in his free time at the young age of seventeen. Light Yagami was the guy everyone wanted to be.

The woman said, "I made an appointment to speak with the investigators. I can't believe nobody is here. They can't all be on a coffee break at the same time, can they?"

Nakahara said, "I can't send you into the interview room when nobody is there."

Why couldn't this woman just call the Kira hotline? Making an appointment in-person was almost the same thing. You sat in a room by yourself, while a voice over an intercom asked you questions and you answered. The only advantage was that the subject's facial expression and body language were recorded on video, which might help evaluate their answers.

The woman said, "Can't you contact them somehow? I have important information relating to the Kira investigation."

Nakahara picked up the phone and said, "Look, I'll call the headquarters one more time."

Then Light reached the counter, placed his bag on it, and said, "I'm Soichiro Yagami's son, Light Yagami. So my father's gone? I'll just give these to you then."

The other receptionist, Tomonaga, had already moved to intercept Light and he looked bubbly and pleased. Tomonaga said, "Oh, Light! I haven't seen you in a while."

Light blinked and said, "I'm sorry, I don't know all the receptionists."

Tomonaga said, "Well, there are a lot of receptionists. I was there last year when you solved the insurance case."

Light said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm terrible with faces. So I just sign here for the bag of clothes, right?"

As Light leaned down to sign the form, Tomonaga said, "Do you have any ideas for the Kira case?"

Light put on his most charming smile and said, "Well, if my guesses are right, I might have outsmarted L."

Nakahara gave up on getting an answer and put down the phone.

Nakahara turned to the woman and said, "You can trust us with your tip. Tell us the message, and we'll pass it on to the Kira investigators."

The woman said, "That's not good enough. I have to tell them in person."

Light said, "Um, my father is the head of the investigation. I can pass on your message. His cellphone is turned off right now, so it might take a little while to reach him."

Tomonaga said, "Light, you can't tell outsiders."

Light said, "Ever since the FBI agents died, many Kira investigators quit and there are only a few left. The remaining ones must be taking a break. The public is worried about these deaths, so they have a right to know something."

Tomonaga looked abashed and said, "Yeah, you're right."

Light said, "Besides, I feel like I can trust her. You can almost see it in her eyes. This lady is a wise and careful person. She heard about the deaths, and must have figured out the police had a leak of some kind. And that's why she wants to tell the Kira investigators in person."

The woman gasped and said, "You're right!"

Then the two of them began walking away together as Light said, "My father should call back after getting the message I left him. When he does, I'll give you the phone and let you talk to him."

That idiot kid! Nakahara wanted to strangle Light. Even Tomonaga had some sense about this issue, but Light had shut him up too quickly with his nonsensical justification. Nakahara had known geniuses like Light before, guys who thought they were so smart and then ended up shooting themselves in the foot over simple things. They were usually young and inexperienced; they were people who thought a high IQ and quick deductions were more important than common sense, and they loved to show off.

If Light was this talkative about the Kira case with everyone, leaking the name of the lead investigator and the fact that the investigation had shrunk to a handful of men, hard-working cops could easily die. Light needed to be reprimanded, and soon, but not by a mere receptionist or it wouldn't mean anything.

Nakahara kept his eye on Light and the woman. They talked in the lobby a bit and then wandered outside. Well, if the woman was one of the crackpots attracted by the Kira case, she might be one of the worst people to have secrets leaked to. Who knows? She might have a blog like so many crackpots did nowadays, and then she'd spread critical secrets over the Internet to everyone. This was bad.

Not too long after seeing Light and the woman leave together, Nakahara saw Shuichi Aizawa enter the building. He discreetly left his post at the front desk to follow Aizawa. Technically, nobody was supposed to know the identities of the Kira investigators, but it wasn't difficult to notice the few men who went in and out of the set of rooms reserved as the serial murders investigation headquarters, especially since office gossip had branded those few men who didn't quit as heroes.

As soon as nobody was looking, Nakahara said, "Aizawa, the Kira case has a big leak. The chief's son is telling secrets to everyone and we've got it on tape. Light Yagami just left a few minutes ago with a Kira crackpot who wouldn't even give her real name. He was spilling secrets nonstop."

Aizawa said, "Let's see it," and turned to follow Nakahara to the video equipment room.

After a quick viewing of the video, Aizawa said, "Make copies and put them in the evidence locker for the Kira investigation. Here's the key. I'm going after that woman."

Nakahara took the key pressed into his hand and bowed. As he turned to perform his duty, he felt slightly guilty. Everyone loved the chief and Nakahara knew Soichiro would take it badly to see his son behaving so recklessly. Really, some smart guys just loved to hear themselves talk so much that they couldn't shut up. But, lives were at stake here, and that was more important than keeping everyone in a good mood.

A/N (Author's Note):

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