Jessie Jumps James

BY : SchiffThomas
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By Thomas Schiff and Xecenda

James huffed and sat against a tree. His feet ached and his head hurt. They had been searching for the twerps for hours now and there was still no sign of them. Meowth kept walking not noticing that James had stopped. Unfortunately ... Jessie did notice.

She eyed James, considering in her mind whether the time was right. Glancing further ahead, she watched Meowth disappear among the trees, oblivious to the fact that Jessie and James were no longer with him. As if her glance was a cue to James, he followed her gaze. She could tell that he would call out to the feline pokemon any second... but she didn't want that. She wanted something else... from James.

James was just about to open his mouth to call Meowth when he saw Jessie approach him. He tried to back farther into the tree, sensing that she was once again going to berate him for slowing down.

The female half of Team Rocket moved swiftly, feeling her hunger growing. She didn't care whether James was interested or not... she never did. Not when she wanted it like this. She knew exactly how to push James' buttons... to get him willing to do anything she wanted... to get him hard enough so she could use him.

"Jessie .... What are you doing?" James asked still trying to blend in with the tree. He knew his partner could be scary or down right abusive when she wanted to be. Not that he minded most of the time but he'd rather avoid it for what it was worth.

"Shh..." She placed a finger against his lips. "Quiet... I don't want Meowth to hear us. I have plans for you and I." She grinned knowingly. "Here and now."

"Um .... Ok ..." He said. His innocent mind not putting two and two together.

Without warning, Jessie leaned forward, taking James' mouth in a sudden kiss. As if to stifle any protest from him, she pressed him back against the tree. Her hand found its way to his thigh.

James stiffened out of shock, not knowing how to react. This was definitely not what he had expected. He pushed Jessie back a moment, enough for him to breathe a moment.

"Jessie .... wha-?"

She rolled her eyes. "What, not obvious enough?" She moved her hand further up his thigh, stroking towards his groin. "I... want... this", she breathed, stroking inwards with every word.

James' breathing picked up, coming a bit harsher. He didn't know how to react.

Jessie groaned, partially with lust, partially with impatience. She captured James' mouth again, pressing him against the tree. Her hand slipped inside his pants, and, finding his still flaccid cock, gripped it firmly.

James nearly squealed when he felt her gloved hand wrap around his now slowly hardening cock. He felt her tongue push his way into his mouth and froze. He didn't know what to do. Didn't know how to react. He'd never done anything like this before, and this was all so .... sudden. But he had to admit, it wasn't unpleasant.

Jessie grinned against his mouth, feeling his anxiety. The state of near-panic that she had brought him too. But she'd waited long enough... and she was going to have her way with him whether he felt ready or not. Her tongue thrust over James', as she angled her mouth further against his, deepening the kiss. In her hand, she felt his rod grow harder.... she could not resist rubbing the head with her thumb. The sooner he was hard, the better...

James moaned at the feel of her thumb rubbing over his head and felt himself swell to his full length.

Feeling him moan against her, she bit down lightly on his lip, just firm enough to hold it in place. She moved closer still, straddling James' lap, and brought her other hand inside his pants. While one hand massaged the tip of James' cock, the other cupped his testicles. ...she felt what could only be half shiver, half shudder from James at the additional stimulation.... Her loins ached.

James moaned louder and thrust up into her hand. He started to relax a bit, loosing mind of how he had been confused and nervous moments before.

Jessie bit down a little harder on James' lip, muffling his surprised cry against her lips. She knew he was ready, and released his mouth and cock. Getting to her feet, she looked down at her companion as she stood over him. James was still breathing heavily. He watched her with a dazed expression, mixed with confusion and desire. "Not yet, James," she breathed. Taking one glance off in the direction Meowth had gone in, and being satisfied that the cat was still out of sight, she removed her underwear... which were noticeably damp.

"Jessie." James moaned as she revealed herself to him.

Her hands shook, she needed release so badly. Needed to feel James' mouth pressed against her pussy, needed to feel his tongue thrusting inside her. Needed the exquisite pain-but-pleasure of his teeth brushing over her clit. She reached down, her hands framing James' face...

James allowed Jessie to guide him in what she wanted. He took the hint and ran his tongue over her clit, surprisingly finding it with ease.

She groaned with impatience, and stepped forward, planting her feet on either side of James and the tree. Gripping the side of the trunk with one hand, and James' head with the other, she pressed forward, pinning him against the tree with her cunt against his mouth. She groaned with pleasure... it felt amazing. "Suck my clit..." she moaned.

James gulped but did as he was told before pushing his tongue inside her.

Jessie stiffened with surprise, feeling his tongue penetrate her. Not what she'd asked for, no. But it felt too good for her to tell him to stop... "Faster..."

James did as he was told, licking her faster with his tongue. Though his inexperience showed.

She needed more though, and she was growing impatient. Moving closer so that she was practically straddling his face, Jessie began rubbing her pussy against his mouth. She could feel her juices smearing over his face. She watched him, helpless, trapped between her thighs as she ground against him. Seeing the powerless look in his eyes made her even wetter.

"J ... Jess .... Ie ...." He tried talking over her rubbing against his face. To be honest he was getting a little overwhelmed and he wasn't enjoying this all that much.

She enjoyed the feel of his mouth moving against her, a sense of struggle from him that gave her a special, dark thrill. But she was at a point where she was ready for more. Taking a step back, she moved away from him, releasing him to breathe freely again.

She crouched, gently straddling him again. His hair was messy, his face wet from her juices. She grinned, and slowly trailed her tongue over his lips. She could taste herself there. "Was that so bad?" she murmured, her hand finding his cock once more.

James gasped slightly before mutter what he thought was a 'no', but it might have came out as anything for all he knew. All he knew was that he didn't want her to let him go.

"You've been a good boy," she said softly. His shaft was like steel in her hands. "I think it's time we put your cock to good use... don't you?"

"I .... if ... if that's what you want Jessie ...." He said, his voice cracking slightly.

"It is". She abruptly forced his pants down and away from his waist, exposing his throbbing cock. Leaving his pants at his knees - they would be fine there for now - she bent down, and trailed her tongue around his knob. She wanted to taste him before she took him.

James nearly jumped. "Jessie ... you don't ... um .... you don't have to do that." He said, his mind a jumble as he felt her tongue on him.

She ignored him, and took him inside her mouth, sucking softly.

James groaned and lifted his hips slightly at the feel of her lips around him.

She pulled back to the tip, focusing there with her tongue, before moving down over the ridge of his shaft. Keeping her tongue flush against him as she moved further downward, she listened to James' moans. Relished his unconscious movements of beautiful agony beneath her. Her hands found his hips, and pushed them down, holding them against the trunk of the tree.

James could barely move other than shudder in pleasure. "Jessie ... I .... I'm not ...." He could barely get the words out. "I'm not going to last much longer."

She certainly didn't want him finishing now. Not yet... not while her pussy ached with hunger, not when she was so wet she felt like the liquid was streaming out of her. So she increased her pace, her mouth bobbing up and down on his throbbing cock, sucking constantly... and then suddenly pulling up, away, and releasing his cock with a wet sound.

"Jessie!" James begged. "Please ... don- .... don't stop ... please" He begged, lifting this hips slightly for emphasis.

"There, there, James, my pet..." Jessie murmured huskily. "No more waiting..." She ran a finger down the side of his face, brushing his lavender locks to the side. "It's time you grew up." Positioning her hips over his shaft, she lowered herself down, just enough so that she could feel his tip press up against her cunt.

James could feel the heat radiating off of her. Feel her slickness on the tip of his shaft. "Jessie .... please ...."

Jessie clenched her teeth, swiveling her hips on his rod. It felt so good... too good... she couldn't hold on any longer. Without warning, she slammed down, her pussy swallowing James' cock completely.

James cried out as his whole body was wracked with a pleasure he had never felt before. His hands moved up to Jessie's hips as he tried to still her on him. She felt so good, and he wanted his release so bad ... but he didn't want to finish yet. Not before her.

Jessie had no intention of taking this slow. Every last vestige of control she'd had in having her way with James, it was gone. The intense pleasure of feeling him penetrate her completely had driven her to this point. All that was left was primal need. Her breathing ragged, reduced to sharp gasps, she moved against James. With every thrust, the speed of her movements increased.

"Je.... Jessie .... slow down ... I .... I'm going to cum ..." He said though clenched teeth.

There was no way she was slowing down. "Yes, James... cum for Jessie." She said in between ragged breaths, and moved close to whisper in his ear. "Let me feel you explode inside me."

James lifted his hips up against Jessie as he felt his balls tighten. He groaned loudly as he came deep inside her, the white fluid flowing into her and streaming down his shaft as she continued to ride him.

"Oh yes... that's right, James... yes..." Jessie rode his orgasm as hard as she could. The hot spunk inside her... James' shuddering body, his cock spasming madly inside her pussy... she groaned wildly, bit back a scream, and felt her orgasm finally take her. Out of control, she impaled herself on James' iron shaft again and again, as the climax seared through her.

James kept his eyes closed tightly as he felt himself slowly go soft inside Jessie, as she still slowly moved over him.

"Hey what's da ho-" Meowth came out from behind the bushes and froze staring at the two. He quickly jumped so that his back was to them and covered his eyes. "Ye's two could have at least had da decency to tell me foist ... if ye's wanted time alone you coulda just asked." He said annoyed.

Jessie got to her feet, hastily pulling her skirt back up. "And YOU could have at least had the decency to wait before barging into what we were doing!" She stalked off, leaving Meowth and James alone in the clearing.

James sat against the tree a little confused a moment before he pulled up his pants all the way, redid he pants and buckled his belt back up.

"Did ye's at least enjoy it?" Meowth asked with a smirk.

"Oh shut you're Meowth." James said quietly, though his spirit wasn't in it as he followed after Jessie.

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