The Sparrows of France

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“Hah hah, No! I don’t want to die like this!! I’m better then you humans, NO!!” His words were frantic as he tore down through the park as fast as he could. His body ached, the silver knives in his back were taking their toll but he pushed forward. “I’m a vampire, I’m better in every way. I’M BETTER!!” he muttered, slowing down he turned to look behind himself at his pursuer.

The midnight sky was dark with clouds as the storm gathered overhead. A low rumble and flash of white light illuminated a lone figure. Standing straight with swords in hand was ‘THAT PERSON’.

The Eater of Darkness and The Keeper of Light, The one who made every vampire in France look over their shoulder with fear, The Crimson Sparrow. A name given by the Five Old Masters, from an old story built into the wall of the Harricri Mausoleum.

‘So shall the snake see a small bird and laugh at it small size, so shall the small bird rip through the snake and laugh at it’s pitiful death, feathers stained red...’


The Bird quietly stared down the lowly snake with sharp blue eyes. The Serpent gave a hiss and leaped forward at the stoic bird.

A flick of the wrist and the lowly serpent fell to ashes before the Sparrow’s feet.

Another one slain.

Another night done.


The old window shuttered violently with the pelting rain and beating wind. It sat high on the wall as it was meant to be. Paint chips from it’s old wooden frame fell softly onto the stone sill. All sounds muffled by the fierce storm. The window opened and with it came a strong chilly breeze and a dark figure. Hopping down in to the old hallway the stranger quickly closed the window and shook off some of the water that the storm threw down. Another white flash of lightning and a crashing boom of thunder the stranger face and blue eyes were lit up.



~The weak and wary may sleep well~

I stood in still and watched the distortion the water on the window made. I turned around and pulled down my hood. My eyes looked down to the left of the tunnel and I began to walk to the old double door at the end. Pulling a necklace from within my shirt revealed a large and well aged silver key and I placed in an old silver lock that kept the doors shut tight. A twist and a click, the lock popped open and the door opened to a waterway swollen with rain.

The small boat tied to the wall bobbed up and down as the water went by in tiny waves. Stepping into the tiny boat and pulling the slack rope in I began to travel down into the darkness. The dark water flowed like and a spider silky thread in the warm summer wind, turning any which way it could go in the darkness. The candle gave little light, it was there more for comfort then to see with. Passing under a low wall I came into the catacombs. This place was forgotten not just by Time but Death himself. Bones lined the walls and the bottom of the waterway, rodents moved about as they pleased, some watching as I went by. I had always felt the need to make some noise here or I’d be swallowed by the silence. Inhaling I began to hum. My soft voice echoed far and came back to me again and again. “A Lark, a Primrose and a grass snake. On a branch with a shrike, an owl. The fawn that was eaten by the fox had looked up at the coldness of the moon as it died.” The dead watched in silence…

The short song lasted long enough for me to come to an opening along the wall, water had covered the floor somewhat but the corridor had a steep slope to keep the rooms beyond from being flooded. Stepping into the cold water I felt it begin to seep through my knee high black boots. I walked to a pole and tied the boat up with enough slack to let it float if the water raised up anymore.

A soft sound came to me, Chenu my Hellhound was there waiting for me at a locked gate. She sat quietly next to her sleeping puppies.

“Yes, I’m home.” I said while opening the gate and stepping in.

Her tail wagged with delight as she waited for me to settle down and call her over. I threw my wet coat into a chair and sat on the couch, took off my boots and patted the spot next to me. The long and thin white dog walked over and jump up next to me, her dark eyes speaking the words she could not.

“I’m alright, just… tired… For a dead man he sure ran fast. How are the kids love? Everyone doing good?” I rubbed the top of her head and looked over at a box that held little lumps of white and grey fur. I was hoping they’d take after their mother, what with her long legs and sharp facial features. Beautiful and deadly were the Ghost Hounds of Hell.

A good supernatural hunting breed when your prey scares normal animals to death with just their scent. The hounds had a few talents that when used right, made short work of scum. They could walk threw walls, leap very far and spit acid or fire. But they were kind, and quiet. They can not bark, for they were left mute by the acid and fire powers…

Chenu laid her head down over my lap and closed her eyes, she was tired and bored. The puppies needed much attention and training before they could be given to other hunters as partners. And they needed a lot of milk.

“Well shall we go to sleep then? I’ll stay right here with you.” Laying beside the semi-large dog I let myself rest at ease. She was not the only thing here protecting me.


A sleek shadow weaved it‘s way threw the cluttered room. It came to a stop behind the couch and rose up, taking form and mass. Dark claws turned to hands, a wave of dark hair fell wildly and in place onto broad and muscled shoulders. Yellow eyes reveled themselves from behind long lashes.

Reaching down to the unwary bird he grasped the soft fabric and pulled a blanket over the little sleeping bird. Turning around he walked over to the chair where a wet jacket sat with water pooling below it. Picking it up he went to hang it up on a clothes line and began cleaning up.

Demitri had returned home after a week long mission to find that Ray had trashed the place. He stopped and took off his own jacket and white shirt and hung them up to dry next to Ray’s own clothes. Demitri stopped to check a now healing wound on his stomach, a thin line remained which was good. He walked across the small ‘living room’ to a smaller ‘bedroom’ and pulled an aged sheet off a dark red lacquered casket. Lifting the lid open he sat on the edge and removed the rest of his clothing till he was bare. Grabbing a silver colt pistol and a bible he climbed in and lowered the lid.

It had been a long night for the both of them.

Across town in a High-rise, a young man looked out across the city. Light blue eyes held a deep and thoughtful look as he gazed at the lights. Lou had been woken up after ’seeing’ his twin chase down and kill another vampire. It was common for them to share dreams and thoughts but he felt that there was something else…. Someone watching her. It sacred him to think that, It could be anyone, another hunter, another vampire… who ever it was held a malicious air about them.

He sighed as he felt his other half going to sleep, and he too began to relax.

Lou had always been sensitive to Ray’s wellbeing, he felt her pain, shared her joy and always seemed to know what she was up too. They always had this bond, but it didn’t go both ways. Whatever Ray read, Lou would know all of it but if Lou read something, Ray would only know less then half of it. Lou always thought it was his fault, not being awakened and all meant he was only half as strong as Ray. That he was slowing her down. But Ray being Ray would always say something like ‘I don’t wanna know what boring books your reading.’ and smile honestly.

Lou took a deep breath and turned back to his bed and crawled in to sleep what few hours were left.

In another part of town, the Terrazzo Imports Corps. was empty minus one man. He was an older man, and was furiously scribbling out paperwork that must have been neglected for weeks. His Suit jacket was slung over the back of his chair, a cup of cold tea sat on the desk before him, Cabinets with fine China and Glassware’s sat still and shined. At the edge of his desk a Brass name plate told of who he was, Darren Mol’ Terrazzo. He was so focused on the work before him that he didn't notice the door to his office open.

"God damn it, he wants how many August Rafoth's?! Fuck!" Darren growled as he accepted the order. It wasn't impossible to get 200 sets of August Rafoth dining ware. Just a pain to ship them. The company was most famous for it's quality goods and expert handling of the fragile and expensive Dining Wares. Often they got calls about shipping Artwork because they were that good.

Marlean just stood by and watched with fascination as Darren raced through the stacks of paper, growling and cursing at the absurd orders he was reading aloud.

"1,500 CRYSTAL KURZBACH!?? IN TWO FUCKING WEEKS? NO!!" And he tore that page to shreds with inhuman speed. Marlean couldn't hold back and began to giggle at his dilemma.


"Get the fuck out, your trespassing." was the curt response from Darren.

He looked up at her, wire rimmed glasses sliding down his nose and sitting behind the glass was a set of stressed and irritated green eyes.

"Oh Darry just let me stay a little longer. I promise I wont break anything... Too exspensive..." She spoke while gazing into of the cabinets of Crystal, mischief singing bright in her eyes.

"Mrrrrrrrrrg" The dark growls were enough to get her to stand straight and step back. She knew from the start that he wasn't in the mood for games. But she gave her own fierce stare with her dark blue, almost black eyes.

".... I'm guessing you want something...?" He lost interest and was back to the endless papers. It made Marlean angry to be blown off so easy but she kept her calm and walked over to stand beside him.

"I think you would want this!" She slammed her hand in front in front of him and forced him to look at her. She look into his eyes and took a shuddering breath.

"It's Ravonna, he's back."




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