Attraction and Appeal

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Disclaimer: I don't own Weiss Kreuz nor make moola off it.

Disclaimer and quick author's note: I do not own Weiss Kreuz, obviously I am NOT Koyasu Takehito or Project Weiss. Leave it at that, I am only a fan girl amongst fan girl and fan boy friends who likes to write as the muse hits her. I cannot even say all of this bit of fiction will be of my own creation, I am collaborating with Sunseth for it. There, take it as you will but we had fun figuring it out in chat, so I shall attempt to put into prose. Just to warn you, yes this is Yaoi. Constructive criticism is always welcomed, but you have been warned. This started at a convention between two fan girls in cosplay being fan-girled for lack of a better phrase. I do hope you enjoy it though. Also, I do not get squat, nada, or any monetary consideration out of this endeavor.


Attractive. Having the power to attract. Pleasing to the eye or mind; charming.

Attract. To cause to draw near or adhere by physical force: Magnetic poles are attracted to their opposites. To arouse or compel the interest, admiration, or attention of: We were attracted by the display of lights. To possess or use the power of attraction.

Damn, that was one fucked up dream. Wait it wasn't a dream, it had happened during this fucking mission. I can still remember it a bit even after I've tried to drown that memory with booze. Shit, this day was messed up... This whole situation is fucked up. It was supposed to be a simple in and out job, blend in with the crowd and get the job done. Then get out and wait out the rest of the time to keep anyone from getting suspicious. Why did our target have to stalk cosplaying females at a convention! A gaming and animation convention of all things. Did he have no sense of social acceptablity. What an idiot he was. Sure, even I'll read the occasional manga or two and I know both Omi and Ken are avid followers of certain series... But still. Not even Omi geeks out far enough to admit he likes more than the occasion anime or game. No one wants to deal with that type of derision, only an American would think it is acceptable to be open about that here. Speaking of Americans... Some of those girls are only slightly less frightening than our own fan girls at the shop. Shit. I need to stop thinking about them, it'll only remind me of what I'm trying to forget. It would just be my luck that even after going through a half a pack of cigarettes that I'm still on edge. Fuck, it shouldn't have happened. It didn't happen. That never happened, do you hear me libido... It never happened.

It's hard not to jump when you hear soft footsteps approaching, especially when your nerves are screaming at you to go find a pretty girl and make her scream your name at the top of her lungs. Hell, to go find a pretty anything. If only that was practical right now, not that it normally bothers me... Just that I don't want to make some poor unsuspecting innocent a target for a few psychos here. Even if they were tough, those bastards can hand our asses to us... I won't let them harm some blameless soul. Let them come after me, especially with how shot my nerves are still. I closed my eyes praying that the person coming was Omi or Ken, praying to a God I had so often thought abandoned me for it to be some safe person. Don't let it be him. Don't. If you have any mercy, don't let it be him. Fuck. There is no mercy left. I can feel the hardness of a gaze trying to penetrate my own masks. It's owner is good with masks, he wears one so well himself. Thankfully he's quiet except for his breathing. I think he might have had a nightmare and made his approach audible so I wouldn't attack him. I'm never unarmed, unlike him. God dammit, I need another drink. No, not just a drink... Twenty drinks might render me useless in that area. Just drunk enough to pass out into a cold heap on the second queen-sized bed in this hotel room next to Ken and sleep off this nervous ache. It's a good thing Omi decided he wanted to curl up next to him, I would have not been able to sleep had I been there. Not now at least, earlier this day I might have. I do not find ice appealing. Attractive possibly, but never appealing.

Shit, he needs to stop breathing. I don't want to know he's here, I don't want to remember what happened. I don't want to remember how we had to blend in to get away from those psychos, especially so that those naive fan girls wouldn't get hurt. We would have the shitty luck to resemble the cast of a rather infamous animated series and manga. Damn that Koyasu and whoever else helped him come up with that series, it is a little way too close to comfort for me. You can say it almost exactly hits home. It played to our advantage of course, but still... Shit. Some of those fans, especially the ones who flew over from America, are rather odd and almost frightening in their preferences. At least the Americans respected our personal space at first... Not that invasion of my own personal space by a pretty face will ever bother me, but still even I appreciated it. Fans are difficult to deal with sometimes. Their shouts and adoration can strain a man's nerves to a breaking point even faster when he's busy working on a life or death case. Not to mention that they also announced every move we made almost. I've never had to pose for so many photographs and pictures in my life. Quite flattering, but still it can get annoying when they get in your way every five seconds almost. Fuck. I'm not going to be able to forget am I...

We had to escape further detection after we killed our target, Schwartz was there. Ken and Omi were dragged to a panel by a set of bubbly shonen-ai fan girls as they badgered them into posing for their photographs. I wish Aya and I had been so lucky. He's pretty, beautiful actually, but deadly. I do wish to live a while longer and some of the photographs we had to pose for made me quite sure he would kill me later. I would have killed me for some of the pictures we had to do to preserve our cover. The older Y.A.O.I fangirls, Americans actually, ran into us and dragged us up to their hotel room. Normally I wouldn't complain about following a beautiful set of women to their room. Particularly if they were looking for a good time. It's just not something I want the ice princess around for, he can kill the mood faster than he kills his targets. I didn't have much more of a choice than he did.

It was alright until they asked if we would be okay with taking a few pictures under their direction. Figures we had a professional photographer want to take our pictures. I know I'm a sexy beast and all that jazz, but the timing was really off. Aya was looking strained and worn around the edges, unusual for him but I suppose he doesn't like crowds much. He's always yelling at the fan girls at the shop to either buy something or get out. It's amazing we still have a client base when he pulls shit like that. Anyways, he was looking paler than normal by the time the photographer asked him to lose his jacket and boots. The look on his face was priceless, almost shocked looking. That's when I realized our ordeal had just begun. They would want pictures of both of us together. I had slowly gotten used to this fact earlier but we hadn't been in a hotel room with two beds. One occupied, one messy and empty. Shit. They would want us to actually act out the scenes until they found the exact angle and shot they wanted. He was going to kill me for this. I would kill him for this. At least my standards arent' that difficult when necessary. I could treat it like a one-night stand type of thing. He was pretty enough to be attractive for it to seem realistic for me. Only a blind man or woman could say that he wasn't attractive. He just wasn't appealing. I could stuff my pride and preferences. So could he apparently.

Fuck me now, I want him back on his back with his legs wrapped around my rib cage tugging at my jacket to pull down on top of him again. I want him to kiss me like that again as his cuffed wrists rest wrapped around my neck. I want to see that pair of ice-cold violet eyes heat up as I attack his neck again. I want to feel his lips against my stomach as he kneels on the bed as I stand. I want him. I'm attracted to Fujimiya Aya and I want him underneath me writhing wantonly while he begs me to fuck him. Begs me to fuck him hard and fast. Ice is attractive, just not appealing.


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