Heaven is Wrapped in Chains

BY : Yami Bakura
Category: Wei▀ Kreuz > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Heaven is wrapped in chains

I wanna get in – you won’t let me

Heaven is wrapped in chains

And I just cannot find the key

- "Heaven is Wrapped in Chains' - Cinema Bizarre


The mission should have been quick, in and out.  The only thing Kritiker was asking of them was to knock out the security, take out the headman, and leave.  Omi planned it out down to the last tiny detail, making sure everyone knew where they were meant to be at what point, which of them would be taking care of what target – it was flawless, foolproof.

And it might have worked had he not overlooked one detail –

Schwarz was there, guarding the target.

Omi was on point, scouting out the route and taking care of the security when he saw the telekinetic wandering around.  He whispered into his headset to warn the rest of his team, and then let out a strangled gasp as he felt the familiar psychic hold grab him.  Naoe stood there with his hands in his pockets, evincing no direct evidence that he was exerting his gift.  Omi had a split second to consider that he was improving, and then his headset was torn off his face and he found himself flattened against the far wall.

“Crawford said you’d be here,” the psychic said calmly, as if they were meeting for lunch.  Omi tried to retort but the hold was relentless and unmerciful, and he couldn’t even breathe in far enough to make words.  Spots danced in his eyes and he realised that if Naoe didn’t lessen his grip in a moment, he was going to pass out from lack of air.  “Oh – oops.”

It might have been his imagination, but for a second Omi thought he saw something a little like embarrassment on the telekinetic’s face.  It was gone before he could be sure, and a moment later the grip loosened enough for him to breathe.  Naoe gave him a sly smirk.

“As fun as it might be, Crawford told me not to kill you yet.”

Omi sucked in a lungful of air, testing the way he was being held.  He wasn’t too far off the ground – if Naoe dropped him suddenly, at least he didn’t have far to fall – and the invisible hand had moved from his chest to his arms and legs.  He could breathe and even wiggle around a bit, but it was as if his limbs were tied to the wall.  After a moment, he gave up and just sagged against the hold.  “It might be easier on you if you killed me now,” Omi said once he’d caught his breath. 

Naoe considered, and for a long moment the two of them simply stared at one another across the silent hallway.  “No,” Naoe said finally.  “Crawford would not be happy.  Neither would Farfarello; he’s been so looking forward to having you to himself.”

Omi felt his eyes narrow, and he lifted his chin higher.  “You know, you remind me of a little dog,” he said.

Naoe’s eyes narrowed in return.  “What’s that supposed to mean?”

It always took Omi just a little off guard when he realised that the telekinetic was younger than him.  Kritiker hadn’t been able to dig up much, but Naoe, being Japanese, had easily obtainable records.  He’d been sixteen the first time they met – seventeen now.  Two years younger, almost to the day – his birthday was listed as February 27th.  “It means you follow Crawford around like a little puppy, wagging your tail and just begging for him to toss you a cookie bo-oof!”

Naoe’s eyes narrowed further and his hand slipped out of his pocket.  As it came up to eye level, Omi felt the heavy weight of his gift press against him, cutting off his air supply again.  Great, so I’m a guinea pig for him to test out his control now.

“Good for you!”  A slow clapping made him look up; Schuldig and the white-haired freak melted out of the darkness.  The telepath was slowly clapping his hands together, smiling broadly.  It didn’t reach his eyes, which were as cold as ice, and the effect was eerie.  The other two members of Schwarz paused a short distance away, and Schuldig’s lips twitched in response to his thought.

//You’re such a smart little kitty,//

The voice was all around, dissecting his thoughts and sliding through his mind without having reached his ears first.  It made him feel invaded and dirty, and he almost didn’t realise that Naoe’s grip on him had let up some with the appearance of the other two members of his team.

Omi’s eyes snapped open.  If they were here, where was the rest of Weiß? He struggled against the telekinetic hold, knowing that it was a wasted effort even as he tried.

Schuldig’s smile didn’t waver.  “We left them alone.  Crawford said they’re off limits, considering they’re doing us a favour and getting rid of an unwanted diversion.  But you,” his voice dropped to almost a croon, “you don’t have anything to do with them now.  You’re fair game.  Nagi!  You cheated.” He turned his gaze on his youngest teammate, who gave a wry shrug. 

Relief warred with panic as the black team discussed his capture amongst themselves.  He glanced up and met Farfarello’s single yellow eye, gleaming in the near-darkness of the hall.  Light glinted off one of his blades as he brought it to his mouth and licked up the length of the steel.  Schuldig interrupted himself suddenly, his head jerking up.  A moment later – though they’d said nothing – the other two glanced up at the German, eyes wide. 

Unable to comprehend what was going on, Omi followed their expressions with his eyes curiously.  He didn’t want to say anything and draw attention back to himself, so he relaxed quietly into the telekinesis that held him. 

“We have to get out of here – now,” Schuldig said.  Two pairs and a single yellow eye swiveled around and came to rest on Omi.  He might have backed up if he could, to have three-fourths of Schwarz’s attention focused on him like that, but with his back against the wall there was nowhere for him to go.

“Take him with us,” Schuldig decided, and Omi felt a light tug in his head.  A moment later, he dropped to the ground, freed of Naoe’s gift.  He couldn’t move anything, and he suddenly feared that Nagi had paralysed him.  His eyes blinked automatically and his breathing was uninterrupted, but try as he might, his muscles wouldn’t even twitch in response to his demands to get up and flee.  A moment later, Schuldig picked him up and slung him over his shoulder.  Bones dug into his stomach, and a mental image pressed its way into his thoughts – Schuldig taking advantage of the position to smack him across the ass. His face heated up, and the telepath laughed.

“You’re not paralysed,” the German reassured him.  “But Nagi doesn’t want to cart your ass down the hall.” He turned on his heel and the hallway blurred past as Schuldig leapt into motion.  It was dizzying – humans weren’t made to move this quickly – and disorienting, as he couldn’t move his head to look around.   They overtook Naoe and Farfarello, visible as they ran only by the blue and brown and white blurs that disrupted the blank greyness of the hall.

Vacantly, Omi realised they were running. Not just Schuldig, but Naoe and the freak, too.  They were running away from the building, and away from his team.

Stop!  What the hell are you doing?  Let me down!

“Shut up, Mamoru.”  Schuldig’s voice was strained and Omi’s true name sounded forced.  They burst out through a set of double doors and dashed into the empty parking lot.  Omi felt another tug, and suddenly feeling rushed back through his body in waves.  He gasped under the onslaught, and didn’t have time to react as Schuldig practically threw him to the ground and raced off.  A minute or so later, he was still trying to recover from the strange ordeal when Naoe and Farfarello swept out through the same doors. 

Omi looked up, and saw Yohji and Aya silhouetted against the window.  In another room, Ken took out some guards.  He jumped to his feet and started off at a run only to run into what felt like a wall.  It recoiled slightly, and on the rebound sent him flying through the air.  Omi hit the pavement with a dull thud and a sharp crack sent agony lancing up his forearm. 

“Fuck!” Dazed and in pain, he struggled to sit up, cradling his wrist against his chest.  Nagi knelt beside him, and Omi found he couldn’t move again.  This time, the telekinetic reached out physically and pulled his wrist up for examination.  It was already a horrible shade of purple and swelling up almost visibly.  Naoe’s eyes narrowed, and he let go – Omi’s wrist hung suspended in the air, though he wasn’t making any effort to hold it there.  With his hands, Naoe felt at the skin, and Omi was subjected to the distinctly odd and immensely painful process of having his bones reset telekinetically.  Naoe pulled bandages from a pocket, and wrapped it tightly once he’d pulled the arm straight, and through a hazy wash of anguish Omi realised he was being helped by Schwarz. 

Turning his eyes back to the building, he saw Schuldig and Crawford appear in the lighted room his teammates were in.  A moment later, Farfarello streaked back towards the doors, leaving Omi and Naoe alone in the parking lot.  His wrist felt better now that it was wrapped, but it was still hard to think through the jolts of torment coming from his arm. 

Aya threw his sword at Crawford, who visibly dodged it.  They moved away from the window, and Naoe made a strangled sound in his throat.  Omi glanced over at him from the side of his eyes, and saw a tormented expression on his face. 

“What’s… going on?”

Naoe flicked a glance back at him; almost as if he’d forgotten he was there.  “Something big’s about to happen.”

Omi was struck with how young he sounded.  Naoe continued unbidden.

“Crawford wasn’t very clear, only that we all had to get out of the building.  He actually went up to get Weiß to move out, but I can’t tell what’s going on now.”   He put one hand over his mouth, and refused to look back in Omi’s direction. 

Motion at the base of the building caught their attention; Naoe let out a genuine sound of relief as he saw Crawford and Schuldig running from the building, but Omi frowned.

Crawford had actually gone out of his way to get Weiß out of there.  Where were they?  Where was Farfarello?  What was going on?

Schuldig appeared a moment later, followed by Crawford.  “Farfarello’s on his way out,” Schuldig shouted.  “Let’s move!”

His mental voice sounded a moment later, curling around Omi’s thoughts with a strange echo.  //This place is about to blow.  Sanohito rigged it to explode when he hit the panic button.//

What about Weiß? Omi felt more than saw Nagi stand up beside him, was only half aware of him turning to run.  Schuldig’ voice slipped into his mind, oily and rushed.

//They’re on their way out too.  But we’re all going to die soon if we don’t get a little further away from this building.  Crawford says we can’t kill you yet, and well, that extends to letting you die.  Farfarello wasn’t too happy about it, but I guess he’ll – //

Whatever he’d been about to finish with never got said.  The building exploded violently, a massive fireball soaring into the sky.  Schuldig was screaming, clutching his head.  Crawford and Omi had been blown down by the force of the blast, Omi’s wrist sending new shocks of pain up his arm as he jarred it against the pavement again.  When he saw the look on Crawford and Nagi’s face, though, and heard the sound Schuldig was making –

Things happened in slow motion after that.

He threw himself to his feet, intending to run for the building. 

Naoe grabbed him, first with his gift – it failed, he lost his grip –

 He tackled Omi physically, driving them both to the ground.  A moment later Crawford was at his side, holding Omi back. 

The burning building toppled over, collapsing in on itself.  Anything that might have survived the initial blast would not have made it out before it completely fell apart.  Omi screamed, kicking and lashing out at the two who held onto him.  It was the last thing he remembered –

The dust lit up in the night by the flames and almost obscured at the same time by the roiling black clouds.  The knowledge that Weiß was in there somewhere.

Something touched his mind and everything went dark.



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