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Sitting in front of her fire with a mug of hot chocolate to warm her hands Haruka drew her legs up onto the sofa as she inhaled from the cigarette hanging from her lips. While she was relishing the fact that she hadn’t had to open up shop for the past week due to the snow it also meant she had had a lot of free time with precious little to fill it. The blizzard had came upon the town suddenly and unexpectedly and prevented not only her waitresses but any customers from coming to her shop. After the second day with the wind still howling and snow still falling Haruka had decided to call it quits until the weather got better.

Unfortunately that storm showed no sign of letting up anytime soon. She had considered heading up to the dorm and wait out the snowstorm in the company of her nephew and his residents but the thought of climbing that long stone stairway while the blizzard continued to rage on was enough to make her reject the idea even if it meant she would be alone for the duration of the storm. And so she set about keeping herself busy. Once she had discovered daytime TV was as dull as she remembered she did any of the small tasks that she had been putting off. She had reorganised her stock cupboard, cleaned her shop from floor to ceiling she had even gone over her taxes and found that she had over paid the previous year. Once she had finished all the small chores that she had to do and had found she had little else to do the perilous climb to the dorm wasn’t looking as daunting as it had at the beginning of the week.

Still not willing to make the treacherous journey up the icy steps Haruka sighed and picked up one of her books to read though she found little pleasure in rereading a book for the umpteenth time. So she looked for pleasure in the long, thin, vibrating dildo that she kept in her bed side cabinet. Once she had finished reading a chapter of a long since stale book and had thrown the paperback onto her coffee table Haruka had retreated to her room, stripped off her clothes and lay on her bed before pulling out her vibrator. Its dimensions wasn’t much, about four inches in length and less than an inch in girth but it served its purpose and made her cum as she thrust the vibrating toy deep inside of her sopping wet pussy. That first night she had her toy between her legs Haruka had used it to bring her to ecstasy twice more after her initial orgasm. After the third Haruka lay there in bet panting as the dildo continued to vibrate inside of her. Deciding that that was enough for tonight Haruka had turned the vibrator off but left the toy inside her as she turned on her side; rather liking having something filling her cunny as she fell asleep.

The next morning Haruka awoke with a stretch and found that the fake cock was still safely lodged inside of her, deeper in fact than she had left it as if her pussy had sucked it inside of her over night. Having the opportunity to do so with no pressing need to get up just yet Haruka had turned the vibrator back on and fucked herself until she came again. In truth she would have preferred a flesh and blood cock to ride upon but that wasn’t a viable option. She had only been with one man but she had burned that bridge with Seta and for good reason.

After her orgasm Haruka had withdrawn the soaking wet toy from her wet snatch and turned it off before setting it to the side. Finding no reason to get dressed, a naked Haruka moved down to her small private kitchen and prepared a small meal for herself. Finishing her meal Haruka contemplated what she should do with her day. Finding the prospect of day time TV and reading old magazines or books intolerable Haruka brought her hand between her legs and gently stroked her moist labia. Finding the small thrill that her caress caused far more entertaining than anything the TV could provide Haruka decided that this was as good a way of spending her day as any other. Returning to her bed Haruka had taken up the slim vibrator once again and brought it between her legs and lid it between her nether lips.

Haruka had spent the majority of the day with her toy thrusting in and out of her tight cunny; her free hand brought up to her breast to squeeze the mound and tug at her nipple as the other held the dildo and strummed her clit with her thumb. It had been years since she had came so many times in one day and she was thoroughly enjoying herself until just before she came the batteries died. Frustrated beyond belief Haruka had turned her home upside down in search of replacements and eventually had to scavenge the pair that was in her TV remote. As soon as she had slid the batteries inside, the vibrator had come back to life and she had instantly brought it back between her legs; with her face buried into the couch cushions and he naked as waving in the air Haruka had pressed the toy against her clit and along her pouting pussy lips until she came again, shoving the fake phallus as deep as she could inside of her as her juices sprayed out around the toy and on the floor as she screamed into the sofa. Recovering from her orgasm Haruka went week at the knees and fell to the floor panting hard as the dildo continued to squirm inside of her.

After that episode she decided to limit how much she used the toy in case she couldn’t find any more replacements.

And so the next evening as Haruka sat on her sofa with warm mug in hand she debated whether to use the toy or find some other distraction to while away the hours when she heard a knock at her door. Raising an eyebrow as she wondered who would brave the snow to visit her Haruka stood up and moved towards the side door that was the entrance to her private quarters and opened it to find her nephew standing naked in the snow, his hands wrapped around his body for warmth rather than trying to hide his nakedness from her as he hopped back and forth between feet as snow covered his hair and settled on his shoulders. “Keitaro?” she asked, her mouth wide too stunned to know what to say.

“H-H-Hey A-A-Aunty.” Keitaro murmured through chattering teeth. “C-C-Can I-I-I C-C-...”

Not even waiting for him to finish his request Haruka grabbed a hold of her nephew who was rapidly turning blue and pulled him into the warmth of her home.

“T-Thanks for this Aunty.” Keitaro murmured as he sat in front of the fire, a blanket wrapped around his waist and one over his shoulders as Haruka ran another one through his hair.

“You were standing naked in the middle of a blizzard. I wouldn’t be a very good aunt if I left you out there would I?” she asked him. ‘I probably wouldn’t be an aunt at all anymore if you have stayed out there any longer.’ she added privately. “So, what happened?”

“I-It’s nothing Aunty.” He assured her.

“Which one was it?” she insisted.

“Naru...” he murmured in response.

“And what imaginary slight did you do to deserve being thrown out into the cold?”

“Naru wanted a hot bath but didn’t want to walk in the snow to get in the Springs.” He explained “So she went to the private bathtub.”

“And I presume you had a similar idea?” he pressed.

“About ten minutes earlier.” He nodded.

“And when she came in you were...?”

“Just getting out.” He finished.

“I see.” Haruka nodded. ‘So not only were you naked you were soaking wet as well when she launched you into orbit.’ she sighed. Wrapping her arms around his head Haruka pulled his face into her breasts and lightly ran her fingers through his hair. “I’m sorry Kei-kun.”

“I-It’s OK Aunty.” He said, his voice muffled by her breasts.

“It’s not. You should stand up for yourself.” She lightly scolded him.

“They’d probably hit me harder for talking back.” He said as he gave her a weak smile. Haruka frowned at this. She didn’t like the idea of her nephew being treated like this and she defiantly didn’t like the sound of him being beaten for defending himself. ‘He needs to have more confidence in himself but there’s no point in trying to give him some if those girls are just going to smack it out of him. I’ll have to have a talk with them at some point.’ She thought, still stroking his hair. Pulling his head from her breasts Haruka looked at him before turning his head and pulled at his ear. “Err, Aunty? What are you doing?”

“Just checking.” She murmured as she turned his head to check his other.

“Don’t worry, I washed behind them before Naru sent me flying.” He joked.

“I’m checking for frostbite.” She corrected him as she moved her hands down to check his. “You were walking around naked in the snow, I just want to make sure you won’t have parts falling off by tomorrow.” She said as she slipped off the sofa and knelt in front of him and looked over his feet and toes. “You look OK so far. Let me check here.” She said as yanked the towel away from his crotch.

“A-Aunty!” he cried as he covered himself with his hands “W-What are you doing?!”

“I told you already that I’m checking for frostbite.” She said as she pulled his hands away “Unless you don’t want to be giving me any great nieces or nephews I’d suggest you let me check.” Seeing sense in what she said Keitaro stopped struggling and nodded his head. “Good.” She smiled as she reached up and gently took a hold of his shaft; his cock hardening at her touch much to his chagrin. Haruka on the other hand was quite impressed with how much her little nephew had grown up. His cock was standing at about six inches already and his girth close to five and still seemed to be growing as she held him. Deftly moving her hands she caressed every centimetre of foreskin that covered his shaft and examined it from every angle. Finding nothing amiss Haruka grasped his foreskin and gently pulled it back his foreskin to the base, exposing his purple and swollen cock head to her. Haruka couldn’t help but give a small smile as she saw a pearl of pre-cum form at his slit. Running her fingers along his shaft Haruka moved the shaft around so she could examine him fully. Finding nothing wrong, Haruka moved her other hand to cup his balls and gently rolled the orbs between her nimble digits. ‘mmm, these are quite big as well.’ She thought. ‘My Kei-kun is full of surprises.’ Looking up at Keitaro who was staring down at her with glazed eyes and his mouth agape Haruka smiled and said “You seem to be fine Kei-kun. I’m sure you’ll be giving me lots of great nieces and nephews one day.” She smiled as she leaned forward and playfully pressed her lips against tip, smearing them with his pre-cum.

Feeling her soft lips against his slit and her breath caress the length of her shaft Keitaro came; his head rolling back and a loud moan tearing from his lips as the first volley left his cock and splattered against Haruka’s lips, the next and subsequent volleys landing on her face to cover it in a mask of semen. Panting heavily as the last volley dribbled down Haruka’s fingers Keitaro opened his eyes and looked down in horror at what he had done to his aunt. “S-Sorry Aunty!” he cried as he stood up though Haruka kept a hold of his shaft.

“Don’t worry about it Kei-kun.” She smiled up at him as she licked her lips and held him tightly to make sure he didn’t run away. “It’s not the first time I’ve had a guy cum on my face.”

“Wha?” Keitaro wondered.

“Nothing you need concern yourself about Kei-kun.” She assured him with a smile as she started to slowly run her fingers up and down his shaft and fondle his heavy balls. ‘I wonder if this is the first time someone’s ever touched him down here. That would explain why he came so soon.’ She thought as his cock started to drip pre-cum. ‘Perhaps this is how I can make him more confident.’ she pondered as she leaned forward and took his tip into her mouth. As soon as her lips wrapped around his head and he felt her tongue lightly swipe his slit Keitaro came; emptying his throbbing balls over Haruka’s tongue and filled her mouth with his sperm. Gulping down his thick spunk Haruka pulled her lips from his cock and said “mmm, Kei-kun. You came again so soon.”

“S-Sorry Aunty.” He panted.

“That’s OK Kei-kun.” She smiled as his sperm dripped from her face. “You’ve never had a blowjob before have you?”

“N-No.” He murmured.

“Then it’s expected that you’d cum so easily.” She said giving him a reassuring smile. “But you really let out a lot of cum. How often do you masturbate?” she asked.

His face turned bright red as he stammered out “A-Aunty!”

“What? You just came on my face and in my mouth what are you being so bashful about?” she wondered as she circled her thumb over the head of his cock making him squirm. “When was the last time you came?” she asked.

“A-About a month ago.” He admitted bashfully.

Haruka lifted a surprised eyebrow at him. ‘No wonder his balls are so swollen and he cums so quickly. I’m surprised he can still walk.’ She thought as she slowly stroked his shaft “How come it’s been so long?”

“I...I don’t get much privacy up there.” He admitted “If it’s not Naru poking her head through the hole in my ceiling then it’s Su or Kitsune barging into my room. seems like Kitsune always knows when I’m about to do it because as soon as I start she comes into my room without even knocking wearing hardly anything at all and then she rubs against me until Naru looks into my room and punches me for molesting Kitsune. After that I’m not really in the mood to finish.” He told her with a weak smile as she nodded her understanding. “T-the last time I did it Kitsune walked in just as I... just as I...”

“Came?” Haruka supplied as she ran her tongue over his slit.

“Y-Yea.” He nodded his head. “I, I was sitting with my legs under the kotatsu as I did... it so my... my... landed on the table. She just laughed when she realised what I had just done and that attracted Motoko. When she saw what was going on she launched me out the window and when I came back she warned me if she caught me doing it again she would make sure I wouldn’t do it a third time.” He explained with a shudder. “A-After that I decided it wasn’t worth it. It didn’t stop Kitsune rubbing against me though.”

“Poor Kei-kun.” Haruka sympathised as she took the head of his cock back into her mouth and started to lightly suck making him moan. ‘No wonder his so backed up with cum and has no self-confidence. Kitsune’s been teasing and blue-balling him for months and when he was finally able to cum she laughs at him. She obviously didn’t see his cock because there’s no way she would have laughed if she saw him like this.’ She thought as she felt a steady stream of cum pour onto her tongue and admired the long shaft which seemed to have grown larger still. “I understand why you don’t but you really should masturbate more often. It’s not good for a young man like you to store up so much cum.”

“Is it worse than flying through the air?” he half joked.

“Perhaps not but you don’t really have control over when they’ll hit you. This you do.” she said as she gently squeezed his balls. “Lie down on the sofa Kei-kun.” She told him.

“Aunty?” he blinked.

“Lie down on the sofa.” She ordered him. As he did as he was told, Haruka sat between his legs and lowered her face so that he cheek was pressed against his cock. Smiling up at him Haruka said “If you are unable to relieve yourself up at the dorm then we had best drain your balls while your down here.” She purred as she gently ran her hand up and down his shaft. As Haruka parted her lips and lowered her mouth all the while maintaining eye contact Keitaro came before her lips even touched his cock; splashing sperm into her mouth. Swallowing his sperm Haruka licked her lips and looked up at him. “Already Kei-kun? I didn’t even touch and you’ve already cum.”

“S-Sorry Aunty.” He mumbled as he looked away ashamed.

“It’s alright Kei-kun.” She smiled. “It’s the first time you’re getting a blowjob so it’s only natural that you’re excited.” She said as she eyed his shaft, impressed that he was still hard. “You can cum whenever you want but try and hold out for as long as possible OK?”

“S-Sure Aunty.” He nodded his head.

“Good boy.” She smiled as she lowered her mouth to take the very tip of him between her lips. Hearing him gasp but not spew out his cum into her mouth Haruka smiled proudly at her nephew before slowly lowering her lips down to his base. As his cock entered her tight gullet and her wet tongue tickle his shaft Keitaro was unable to hold on anymore and exploded down into her stomach, making her drink his thick sperm as he thrust up into her mouth.

Panting, Keitaro looked down at his aunt and apologised “Sorry aunt I didn’t mean to-”

“mif msfne” she gargled with a smile as she pulled off him. “You did good Kei-kun.” She assured him. “You’re getting better. Your future girlfriend will be very happy with you.” She praised him which brought a blush to his face. Placing a kiss on the side of his shaft Haruka said “You did so good I don’t want you to hold back any more. Cum as soon as need to.” She told him as she extended her tongue to stroke his head and her fist slowly pumped up and down his shaft. Moaning as his aunt played with his cock Keitaro bucked his hips against her hands and tongue, his cock head bumping against her already cum covered cheek and smeared it with his pre-cum. Despite what Haruka had told him, Keitaro was determined to hold off cumming for as long as possible but when reached down to grasp his balls and gently squeeze the heavy orbs he lost all self control and exploded over her tongue and face. Licking her lips Haruka smiled and kissed his leaking tip “Good boy.” She grinned as she nuzzled her nose against his slit to inhale the scent of his cum. “Was that nice Kei-kun?”

“Y-Yes...” he panted in response.

“Good, because I plan on draining your balls for you.” She promised with a grin as she took his cock back into her mouth.

And for over an hour Haruka played with his cock; she caressed the entire length of his shaft with her tongue, starting at the base she would slowly trail the wet muscle up his cock and run it around his head to tickle the underside of his crown before lashing out at his dribbling slit, coaxing load after load from his balls. She would kiss her way down his shaft and take his balls in her mouth and sucked hard as she ran her hand up and down his length until he came, his sperm shooting out onto her back and hair. Other times she would take his full length into her mouth and bob her head up and down until her poured his cum down her throat.

After an hour of making him cum, Haruka lifted her cum covered face from his cock. Keitaro had cum in her mouth as often as he had cum over her face and so she had his thick sperm dripping from her face. Seeing Keitaro was panting hard with his head rolled back and eyes closed Haruka took the opportunity to clean up by scraping the sperm from her face and scooping it into her mouth, savouring the taste of her nephew. Once she had cleaned herself of the sperm that was dripping from her Haruka slowly kissed her way up his chest until she was face to face with Keitaro. Holding the back of her head, Haruka lightly pressed her lips against his. Seeing that she had transferred some of his cum from her lips to his she extended her tongue and cleaned his lips before whispering to him. “Are you feeling better now Kei-kun? Did your Aunty help relieve you?”

“A-Aunty...” was all he murmured in response.

Giggling at him rested her head against his chest, liking the way she could hear his heart beating as he panted. “I think that should hold you for a while.” She smiled though she doubted it. She had been pleasuring him for over an hour yet his cock was as stiff as the first time she had made him cum and the only reason why she was stopping was because her hand was cramping and her jaw ached from being open so long. Looking up at his face and seeing that his eyes were still closed she gently shook him and said “Kei-kun? Are you asleep?”

“No...” he weakly denied.

Smiling kindly at him Haruka slid off of him and pulled him up. “Come on Kei-kun. You can sleep in my bed tonight.” She offered him. “Sleeping on the sofa will do you no good.” She told him.

“Thanks Aunty.” He yawned as he allowed her to pull him up. As he stood unaided Keitaro stretched out his arms and back, making his still hard cock bob and sway much to Haruka’s enjoyment.

Wrapping her arm around his waist Haruka said “Come along now Kei-kun.” She told him as she led him up to her room. As they entered her room Haruka sat him on her bed and said “Just hold on a minute Kei-kun.”

“Sure Aunty.” He yawned as he wiped his hand down his face hoping to wipe the sleep away. Opening his eyes properly for the first since Haruka had laid him on the sofa Keitaro turned to thank Haruka for everything she had down for him only for his mouth to drop open at what he saw.

Haruka had stripped off her clothes and was standing their proudly in front of him; her clothes pooled around her feet. He hadn’t seen Haruka naked since they were kids and bathed together in the hotsprings but that had been before either of them were even a teenager and Haruka had changed a lot since then. Her once washboard flat chest had developed into large perfectly sculpted breasts, the perky round mounds were topped by pink nipples that stood up erect from her breasts. Between her legs her once bald mound now had a small tuff of pubic hair above swelling clit and glistening pussy lips. There was something different about her from the girls up at the dorm. He had seen them all naked at one point or another although it was usually accompanied by a flight to the centre of Tokyo but Haruka seemed different. Perhaps it was because she was willingly showing her body to him; perhaps it was because she was his aunt or perhaps it was because he knew she loved him unconditionally but to Keitaro she looked like a goddess.

As she approached him Keitaro’s eyes were glued to her breasts, his entire attention absorbed by the way they bounced and swayed. Placing her hands on his shoulders Haruka looked down at his cock and smiled. “Kei-kun. You got all hard.” She purred. “Let me take care of that before we go to bed.” She smiled as she sank to her knees. Taking a hold of his shaft and cupping his balls Haruka leaned forward and took his head into her mouth once again. Determined to make him last as long as possible Haruka slowly moved her lips down his shaft; engulfing more and more of his length as she went until she reached his base. Holding with her nose buried in his fine pubic hair and the tip of his cock lodged in the back of her throat Haruka swallowed and tightened her gullet around his tip before dragging her lips along his shaft until her lips reached his tip where she lashed out at his leaking slit, tasting his pre-cum.

“A-Aunty...” Keitaro gasped and moaned as she swirled her tongue around his tip.

Gratified to hear his moans Haruka hungrily sucked on his tip as she brought up her free hand and pumped up and down his shaft until he came; filling her mouth with his thick seed. Keeping every drop of sperm in her mouth Haruka pulled off of him and opened her mouth to show him her mouthful. Once she was sure he was staring down at him Haruka swallowed loudly before showing him that her mouth was empty. Licking her lips Haruka kissed her way up his body until she was lightly kissing his neck. “Let’s get to bed Kei-kun.” She said as she gently pushed him back onto the bed and under the covers. Turning him onto his side Haruka pressed her body against his.

“Aunty...” he gasped as she felt her warm body against his.

“Hush now Kei-kun.” She soothed him as she brought his head between her breasts “Let our body’s warm each other.” She murmured into his ear.

Nodding his head, Keitaro wrapped her arms around her body and hugged her tightly, gasping as he felt his cock brush up against her moist quim. ‘This... this is Aunty’s...’ he thought as he nuzzled into Haruka’s breasts, enjoying her smell. ‘If I was to move slightly I would be... we would be having...’ the thought of actually being able to make love to the goddess in his arms was too much for Keitaro and despite Haruka spending the better part of the night draining him Keitaro still had the reserves to cum again, spilling his seed onto her stomach and pubic hair.

Feeling his scolding sperm splash against her belly Haruka looked down at him and said “Again Kei-kun? We didn’t even do anything.”

“S-Sorry Aunty.” He apologised.

“It’s OK Kei-kun.” She smiled and lightly pressed her lips against his. “We won’t be doing anything else tonight apart from sleeping so it doesn’t matter.” She assured him. “If you still need to cum just rub yourself against me until you do OK?”

“I...I’m fine Aunty.” He murmured.

“Really?” she smiled “I think I have to disagree with you Kei-kun.” She said as she rocked her hips back and forth against his still hard cock to make him gasp. “But if you’re sure we can just go to sleep.” She smiled as she pulled his head back to her breast. Kissing the top of his head Haruka whispered to him “Good night Kei-kun.” Before nuzzling into his hair and closed her eyes, a smile widening across her face as she felt Keitaro start to rock his hips and rub against her.

Walking up in the morning Keitaro blinked away the sleep from his eyes and looked up at the unfamiliar ceiling. Sitting up, Keitaro looked around the room and found himself alone. Remembering what he had done last night Keitaro blushed brightly and looked down at the bed and found that the sheets were covered in his sperm. Gathering them around his waist Keitaro stood up and went in search of his aunt. Following his nose to her kitchen Keitaro found Haruka at the stove cooking breakfast with not a stitch of clothes on; giving him an unobstructed view of her perfect rear. Swallowing hard Keitaro stammered out “A-Aunty...”

Looking over her should his aunt gave him one of those small smiles of hers and said “Good morning Kei-kun. Did you sleep alright?”

“Y-Yes thanks.” He nodded his head. In truth it was the best night’s sleep he had had in weeks.

“I’m glad.” She smiled as she turned and approached him. Leaning up to give him a peck on the cheek she grabbed the sheets and pulled it away from her nephew leaving him naked. “Thanks Kei-kun, I’ll put these for washing later.” She smiled as he eyes fell to his erect cock pointing to the ceiling. “You certainly are energetic aren’t you Kei-kun.” She teased making him blush harder and cover his cock and balls with his hands. “Really now Kei-kun. After what we did last night you really had nothing to be shy about.” She told him as she pulled his hands away to reveal his cock to her. “Especially with a beautiful dick like yours.” She complemented him. “Now come and sit down to have some breakfast.” She told him as she grabbed his hand and pulled him to her table.

As she walked away to gather food for him he said “Um, Aunty? A-about last night...” he started only for Haruka to place food in front of him and rest her hand on his shoulder.

“Last night my beloved nephew told me how stressed out he was and I did what I had too to help him release the tension that was building up. It’s no different from me giving you a massage.” She smiled kindly at him. “It doesn’t have to be anymore than that.” She smiled and kissed his cheek.

“O-OK.” He nodded his head.

“Good, now eat your breakfast.” She ordered him.

“Yes Aunty.” He smiled at her, his eyes on her breasts before he tucked into his food. As he took his first bite of his food he was reminded just how good of a cook his aunt was. She was at least as talented as Shinobu and it made him wonder why he didn’t eat down here more often. Turning to Haruka to complement her on her food he found his aunt missing. Looking around the room as he wondered where she went Keitaro felt something warm and wet engulf his cock. Looking down at his crotch Keitaro saw Haruka between his legs with her lips wrapped around his cock. “A-Aunty!” he cried.

“Calm down Kei-kun.” She told him as she pulled her lips from his cock and lightly licked his tip “Like I told you last night, you shouldn’t hold back like this. Just let me take care of you while you eat breakfast.” She said before returning her attention to his cock. As Haruka bobbed her head up and down Keitaro dumbly pecked at his food, his hands shaking as he tried to hold off filling his aunts mouth with his sperm. Knowing that he was trying to stop himself from cumming Haruka took it as a personal challenge and sucked harder; lashing her tongue at his slit to lap up the pre-cum that was spilling out into her mouth as she pumped up and down his shaft and fondled his balls until she felt his testicles throb where she took his whole length into her mouth so that as he came he poured his cock cream down her throat and into her stomach. Gulping down the offering Haruka pulled off his cock and swiped his slit from any remaining cum before slipping up his body to sit on his lap. Smiling at him Haruka looked down at the still full plate and asked “Not hungry Kei-kun?”

“N-Not really.” He mumbled as his eyes flitted between her beautiful lips and her breasts.

“Are you sure?” she asked sweetly while giggling her butt against his still hard cock.

“Y-Yea.” He nodded his head.

“OK then.” She smiled and lightly kissed her lips. “I’ve got some clothes for you to put on before you head up.” She said to him as she stood up from his lap, happy at the wet feeling on her butt. “Come along Kei-kun.” She said as she took his hand and led him over to the sofa where some clothes where draped over the armrest. “Here, try these on.” She told him as she handed him a shirt first. As he slipped it over his shoulders Haruka stepped forward and did the buttons up for him before handing him the trousers. As he slipped them on Haruka pressed her bare breasts against his back and reached around to grasp his cock. “Be careful Kei-kun.” She purred into his ear before slowly pulling up his zipper and deftly doing up the button. Turning him around Haruka smiled at what she saw “You look very handsome Kei-kun.” She told him making him blush.

“T-Thank you Aunty.” He murmured.

“Are you ready to go back up to the dorm?” she asked as she straightened his shirt.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” He smiled grimly.

Frowning at him Haruka said “I think I should have a word with those girls about how they treat my precious nephew.”

“Please don’t.” He asked her as he lightly grasped her wrists. “I don’t want to make a big deal about it.”

Letting out a sigh Haruka nodded her head and said “For you.” She agreed as she pressed her lips against his cheek. “But if you turn up naked at my door during a blizzard again I will be having words with them.” She promised. “Of course, any other time is perfectly acceptable.” She grinned.

“A-Aunty!” he cried.

“Come along Kei-kun.” She smiled and walked him to the door hand in hand.

As she opened it to the snow covered world outside Keitaro stepped forward and said “T-Thanks for letting me stay here last night.”

“Anytime Kei-kun.” She promised as he stepped outside. “Kei-kun.” She called out to stop him.

Turning to face his aunt and once again be captivated by her naked beauty Keitaro stammered out “Y-Yes Aunty?”

Stepping forward barefoot into the snow until she was pressed against his body and wrapped her arms around his neck she said “If you ever want to come down here and.... release some stress you’re more than welcome to do so. Even if you just want to talk about how things are going or just have a bath in peace you can come down here and I’ll do whatever I can to help you.” she promised before bringing her leg between his to rub against his stiffening cock “Or if you want to do the other thing that you keep getting interrupted while trying to do you can come down here to take care of that. I could even lend a hand... or a mouth if you like. Just like last night.” She smiled as she brought a hand down between his legs to stroke the bulge in his trousers.

“A-Aunty.” Keitaro breathed.

“mmm, I really can’t let you go up to the dorm like this can I?” she asked as she knelt in front of him, unzipped his trousers and allowed his cock to emerge from the fly. With one hand on his hips she grasped his cock and ran her tongue around his crown, his pre-cum dripping onto her tongue before running her tongue down his length, coating it in her saliva. Hearing him moan and shudder at her touch Haruka smiled and kissed his leaking slit before parting her lips and taking his entire cock into her mouth. With one hand free Haruka brought it between her legs and lightly stroked her already wet pussy lips. She had wanted to do this since the first moment she had touched his cock but restrained herself from doing so in fear of giving Keitaro a heart attack at the sight of his masturbating aunt but as she knelt in the snow, out in the open Haruka couldn’t help but play with her pussy as she pleasured her beloved nephews cock.

Bobbing her head up and down his shaft with her tongue tickling his cock Haruka felt him run her fingers through her hair as he moaned happily. Smiling at him Haruka pulled back so that only his tip was in her mouth and sucked hard. The contrast between the warmth of her mouth and coldness of the outside air against his wet cock made Keitaro cry out as he came in her mouth filling her with his scolding hot sperm. Swallowing each and every drop she gave him Haruka purred as she felt the last of his cock cream dribble onto her tongue before pulled away from his cock and gave him a loving kiss before gently slipping his cock back into his trousers. “There we go Kei-kun. All better now.” She smiled kindly as she stood up, swiping off the snow that covered her knees. “You should get going now Kei-kun. The girls are probably wondering where you are.” She smiled and lightly kissed his lips. “Come by and visit me soon OK?”

“Y-Yea.” He nodded his head and started to walk away only to stop and turn back to look at his aunt’s naked body; his eyes drawn to her erect nipples and clit, the cold weather making all three nubs stand to attention “T-Thank you Aunty...” he said sincerely, his voice full of love and gratitude.

“No problem.” She smiled kindly at him. “I’m always happy to help my beloved Kei-kun.” She assured him. Watching him leave Haruka couldn’t help but smile as she watched his cute butt disappear up the stairs Haruka shivered despite the warmth that was spreading out from her stomach due to her nephews seed and noticed that snow was falling onto her naked body. Looking between her feet she saw a patch of melted snow where her juices hand dripped from her cunny and smiled. Returning to her home Haruka closed the door behind her with a satisfied smile on her face ‘I think that should boost his confidence a little.’ She thought happily as she brought her hand between her legs to gently stroke her pussy lips. ‘mmm, I think I’m going to have to hope I have enough batteries to see me through until he comes back for another visit.’ She purred before walking back to her room.

Two days Later

Since she had sent him up to the dorm that morning Haruka had not seen hide nor hair of her nephew. She had also officially run out of batteries for her toy that day; the act of giving Keitaro his first blowjob and handjob exciting her more than she thought possible. It had been years since she had gotten this turned on by anything and had gotten overenthusiastic with her vibrator; using it all that day until the last pair of batteries died. The next day all it took was the thought of her nephew’s hard cock or remembering the taste and feeling of his sperm on her tongue and sliding down her throat to bring a flood to her pussy. And so she had to settle for using the vibrator as a simple dildo, the toy fulfilled it’s purpose but didn’t leave her as satisfied as it would have if it was vibrating or if it was a flesh and blood cock for that matter.

So now Haruka lay on her sofa in front of the fire with her hand down her shorts gently stroking her pouting pussy lips and was trying to decide whether or not she should just give up waiting for tonight and go to bed with her worn out vibrator when there was a soft knock at the door. A wide smile lighting her face Haruka jumped up off the sofa and hurried towards the door. Pausing for a moment to collect herself Haruka pulled open the door to reveal Keitaro standing there nervously, fully kitted out in a large, heavy jacket, thick gloves and a scarf around his neck. “Hello Kei-kun. I was beginning to think you were avoiding me.” She smiled at him.

“S-Sorry Aunty.” He hurriedly apologised “It’s just that when I went back up Naru and Motoko scolded me for making everyone worry about where I was and I wasn’t able to get away until now.” He explained.

“Well, you’re here now and that’s all that matters.” She gave him that little smile of hers. “So what is it that you wanted to do?” she teased him.

Blushing deeply, Keitaro looked away from Haruka before mumbling “The...The same thing we did last time.”

Smiling at him Haruka stepped aside to let him in and said “Come on in.”

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